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Beautiful, Sexy !

February 7, 2009

Beautiful, Sexy !

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OH YES!! THIS ONE IS THE SEXIEST EVER!!! Even I always like Michael in White(Black or White outfit), he looks extra sexy, sweet, charming in those, but somehow in Give In To Me outfit is sexiest. Yeah, given the song's title meaning! aaaww!!

I gave into him!

oh michael i would give into u in heart beat,i would be friend u allways wanted,and a lover,that u was missing in your life,my heart fells so emtpy with out u here,with us,but i know u r in heaven,looking down and all the love that been shown for u,mostly by me because i love u more.

Beauty at its purest.....

RIP Michael, you are missed, and loved, and you will be a legend forever. YOu are timeless and a superstar, and are most definitely earths only angel, you are the best entertainer ever in existance, you reached your goal. WE MISS YOU INFINETLEY.

" Music has been my outlet, my gift to all the lovers in this world. Through it, my music, I know I will live forever."
- Michael Jackson

You will live forever.

a very beautiful picture.Eye-wink

so beautiful!!

I'd give into him in a second! lol

One of the best shots, and one of the best songs!

i luv him

Give in to me is a perfect song!!!!! I like it!