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September 28, 2009

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I love ur toe stand Michael

He is not Mj . grgrgrgrgr

thats not mj

this is not mj, i actually met this man, he is awesome. His name is Eddie Moss. sadly he has played very disrespective roles as michael jackson in movies such as Scary movie 3 and 4 and some other movies. but other than that he is a very wonderful human being who can sing like him and dance like him, i love Eddie.

when i first looked at this picture i thought
*dang mj your a sexi beast! that is hott!
and then
* wow that is amazing! look at it look!!!
he is incredible!

hes so hot and sexy! (faint,groan) yummy!

i love michael so much but that doesnt look like him ...idk thats him

awwwwww he is so cute he looks so hot

i wish i could do that it looks so hot!

Hahahahahaha! He really liked grabbing his crotch, huh? Smiling