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Press Shot

Michael Jackson in Yellow Vest and Bow-tie Press Shot
January 14, 2008

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I love MJ!!! Forever

He looks so sexy in this photo, it drives me crazy.

nice picture of you MJ

So has deist,indies little brother. To 8 months. Developing very quickly. Destinys real name vd venereal disease confirmed Mary .6 months. So far I have g oven her ab dowry of $1m

Can you include that picture with the suitcase large thirst package? Love clancy

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

I would LOVE to have that poster! I would hang it up right beside my bed and every morning when I wake up,I will see his face.Smiling

L.O.V.E you,Michael!Smiling

HE IS JUST A HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!

We love this man! Not right?