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Michael Jackson - Thriller - Red Leather Coat

Michael Jackson wearing red leather coat in Thriller
January 14, 2008

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Just Beautiful
Just Michael Jackson King of pop for all time
I love them

look sweet

Love you forever. King of Pop!

You're so perfect,baby...
Your smile,your eyes,your face,your look make me melt.....<3

Omg...those eyes...so beautiful. I look at that same picture on the back of my Thriller 25 CD everyday.
I <3 you, Michael! Even though I may cry on Saturday, June 25th, I do rejoice when I hear your music.

oh michaël j'ai pleuré le jour de ta dispartition j'avais du mal à le croire mais tu resteras toujours notre idole.

You changed MY world. I miss you Michael Jackson, R.I.P.


Beautiful!!! Love from Brazil!!!

I was looking at those magnificent eyes... I was surprised to see sadness, pain, and hurt...
I could see in his eyes that he was screaming for help... For someone to care, to forget about the lies, and the hatred.
We, your fans are always here for you Michael Jackson
We love and miss you forever KING OF POP...