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Thriller Promo Shot

Thriller Promo Shot
March 05, 2009

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he's sooo hot in that pic!!!!!

He's so $exy in that pic!!!!!

michael is cute talent and awsome i LOVE him

I love you Michael! You're so hot! The best dancer, best singer of all! Your fans still love you! XOXOXO! R.I.P! We miss you!

So cute1i

Hot Hot Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG...I love mjs pic hes so adorable and i love his song thriller.I LOVE YOU MIKE!!!AHHHHHH.YOUR SO CUTE I WOULD MARRY YOU

I never, ever get tired or bored of gazing at photos of Michael Jackson. I love 'em all. I love him! Happy New Year to all the innumberable lovers who seek this man daily, like me.

Don't you wish you had him? He is too cute. If I were you, I would choose Mr. Cute Sparkles. Everywhere I go, I listen to Michael because he inspired me to be creative and have fun. Thanks to Michael, he made me be creative in my artwork and get rhythm into my own body. I love you a lot Michael Joseph Jackson from Gary, Indiana.