The Jackson 5 have a clothing line
Friday November 5, 2010 4:14 PM By Risa Dixon
Photo credit: David H.

Michael Jackson has been in the news a lot recently, from his music going on the road with Cirque Du Soleil to a new album next month. But, this new Jackson 5 clothing line may be the most disturbing of them all.

His family is releasing a clothing line that will feature the faces of the different members of the Jackson 5.

Why are they doing this? If your name is not Michael Jackson I don't want your face on me. I cant imagine who will want to walk around with a Jermaine Jackson shirt or wear pajamas with Tito's face on it. The only acceptable Jackson 5 clothing is the shirt from the '70s with their group picture on it. That is when they were young and cute.

First, it was their reality show, "The Jacksons, A Family Dynasty," and now a clothing line? Michael Jackson was not even dead for a full month before his brothers started to promote their reality show, and now they are further capitalizing on their brothers' passing with J5 clothing.

The actual clothes are nice and trendy, but the pictures of Jermaine's huge face plastered on them is what will keep me from giving this line any of my money. Maybe there are some die-hard Jackson 5 fans who will purchase clothing from J5, but this entire business gets the side eye from me.

I just wonder if this is really a way to pay homage to the legacy of the Jackson's or just a quick way to generate some income. You be the judge at j5collection.com.


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I agree AsISeeIt...'I don't think Michael's fans have a right to judge his family for trying to make a living on the fame they helped create themselves.'

I myself would love pajamas with the Jackson5 on them!

They were a collective talent . Michael had a good foundation with his brothers .

Anything Jackson is in demand these days , I hope they do well .

Alseet , well said

I agree with you AsISeeIt.

I agree with AsIseeit when it comes to the show from the brothers. At first I was outraged by it, but then I found out that they had been shooting before Michael died and they were obligated to do the rest of the shows. I loved the first episode, as I love seeing 3T there and all the guys and other family members. I didn't see the others, as I couldn't handle their grieve and the images of Michael's funeral and so on. But I can't blame them for doing the show.

I think they have used Michael in many ways and I don't agree with many things that the family are doing. But then again....as was said....the Jackson 5 were huge and they are allowed to make money of their own faces. I like it more than them using Michael for it. And I see t-shirts with many stars on them that have passed or haven't done anything spectacular in like 10-20 years, but the shirts are cool, cause they bring back who these people used to be. I think a lot of people will love the shirts and buy them for sure. Not everybody was a fan of Michael. Some were way more into Tito or one of the other boys. So I think they might love a t-shirt like that.

AsISeeIt you make a very good point. they are all famous in their own right and definitely have a right to work and make money off of their image.
you have to admit that they've done some very questionable things regarding MJ and his legacy before AND after he passed. there's a reason MJ didn't associate with his family too often...i'm just saying.

and i can even recall an interview in which MJ said himself that he wishes he wasn't the most famous of them b/c his family made him feel obligated to them all the time when MJ just wanted to do his own thing sometimes. even tho they'll never admit it i know for a fact that on some level they were jealous of MJ's extreme success, how could they not be they're only human.

with that said anyone who can't see how they often use MJ as a "cash cow" is just fooling themselves. name one jackson event since the 80's that didn't use MJ's name as a crowd getter. yes they have a certain right to do this but i just don't like when ppl act as if this is not the case. whether it be right or wrong they use MJ's name a lot to peddle their own projects and i suspect MJ didn't exactly like this.
i wish them a lot of success though, they are a very talented ppl at the end of the day Smiling

Very well stated...and I'm glad you said it first. Eye-wink
I remember the days of the J5...It was their baby too!

I guess I have an opposing opinion. First, The Jackson Family dynasty was already in the works and had contracts signed before Michael passed. The brothers were contractually bound to do the show. They were also contractually bound to promote the new show. I think it's unfair to judge them for fulfilling a contract made while Michael was still here. Would you rather they didn't do anything at all and end up in court being sued for everything they might ever earn? Would you rather them try to live off of Michael's estate?

Second, if they want to make a clothing line, that is their right. J5 were big in their own right before Michael broke out on his own. They worked their butts off, along with Michael, to make a name for themselves. They were on the ride that took J5 to the top....the same ride that let Michael break out on his own. They shouldn't have to walk away from their own past accomplishments to please Michael's fans. They do have a right to work in the business that they know. They do have a right to capitalize on their own fame. I think Michael would have been the first one to congratulate them. They are family and backed each other most of the time.

Does everyone expect them to shut themselves into the house and never work again? At some point, lives have to go on even if someone has suffered a devastating loss. I lost my partner and was expected back to work after the customary three day absence. I would hate to think people expected me to withdraw from work because he had worked with me. I would also hate to think people would judge me for living my life the only way I have ever known simply because he passed away nine years ago. How would I live if I didn't work?

That is the same dilemma the Jacksons have. The family is damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they make money, everyone is mad. If they aren't working and making money, everyone is mad. I'm sorry if this offends people, but it is my opinion. I don't think Michael's fans have a right to judge his family for trying to make a living on the fame they helped create themselves.

I agree with Ms. Dixon and all of you. Guess I'm not alone after all. I don't know about you all, but with everything that has gone on lately with regard to anything pertaining to Michael, I feel like I have taken 2 giant steps backward in even attempting to heal. My head and heart feel as though they are ready to explode.

They will do anything to try to make money off of Michael's name, even though it's J5. They know people will go for it, because of Michael.

Like I said in another thread....all of them better be careful not to bite the hand that feeds them. We the fans of Michael are not stupid but lately I think we are being taken advantage of.

oh c'mon, i really hope this isn't happening...their tireless hunt for more money by using their names and work done in the past just continuously comes off as shameful and tacky, therefore i will not be purchasing such products advertised like this one.
they really should take a break and focus on correcting their self control and respect.