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Michael LOVED to Fish ;)

Fish: code word for attractive women in Michael Jackson’s vicinity.
Fishing: the act of catching fish in your vicinity.
Angel: seemingly a very attractive type of fish

LaToya’s Autiobiography on Mike as a teen,

Back then, Michael was extremely outgoing, and a flirt too, probably from always being around older mucicians. We’d pass a pretty girl, and my brother would remark, “Boy, did you see the pair of cakes on her!” Or he’d steal peeks under dresses, then ask me with a giggle, “Guess what color panties she has on?”

“Michael!” I was hardly shocked, we’d come to expect that kind of thing from him.

Michael Lovesmith, former fellow Motown recording artist, 70s

“Don’t believe the nonsense about Michael being gay and stuff. When there were girls around he’d talk about them to the guys and run around pinching their asses and then run away. He was a real funky street dude, know what I mean?”

Pete Bennett, Promoter, 1974/5

“He had an eye for pretty girls. Often when I would be in his company, Michael would point a girl out and admire her looks or figure.”

Interview with the Michael and the Jacksons, 19th February 1979,

Q: What do you like most, things you like?

MJ: I like fish. (brothers laugh)

Tim Whitehead 80s,

“He’s not gay; I really feel certain of that.” said his first cousin Tim whitehead, who has toured with Michael as a roadie, ” Many times a good-looking girl would walk by and Mike would whisper, ‘ Hey, what do you think of her? She’s somethin else, isn’t she?”

Dr Hoefflin, 1984

“We would also spend time together over the years going through books and magazines. Michael would always look at magazines of pretty girls, never boys.

Dr Hoefflin, 63, said: “Michael loved beautiful women.

“After Thriller came out he asked me to take him to the Playboy mansion to see the stunning girls.

“I was friends with Hugh Heffner, made those arrangments and was with him when he decribed how beautiful and desirable all the women were.

“All the time I was ever with him – whether it was on tour or off tour – he would always comment to me and others about pretty girls he would see.”

Bad Tour Security Guard 1987-9,

When we were riding around in a car in Berlin, Michael would look at the women in miniskirts and high heels …”Look at her hips!” and “Look at her ass!” Michael would say.

However, when we passed the girl in question he realized she was a 50 year old woman.

It is needless to say that Michael and I had a good laugh about that. It goes without saying that Michael is pro ass?

WAMO Pittsburg Radio Station, January 16 1998

“You know something? Mike done changed after he started gettin’ some…” Then he went into a story of how he met MJ once during the Victory Tour in D.C. and he was shy and timid. Then he met him just recently at a gathering with Teddy Riley or someone and MJ was completely different. Open, funny, not shy and most of all checking out the women with Teddy and this DJ and some more guys. Someone asked him what he found most attractive in a lady and he said light eyes and long legs and then pointed out some chick that fit that description and all the guys agreed she was “da bomb.” In the words of this DJ, “Mike is a true brother who has gotten a bad rap and as long as he was in radio he would support the brother.”

Mark Lester, 2000

‘We’d go out for dinner or a coffee and he would notice women walking past and say, ‘She’s so cute, she’s got a nice tush,’ but then he would be very apologetic.

Rabbi Schmuley on Howard Stern, 6th April 2001

Howard: “We’re here with Rabbi Shmulock. Is Michael gay?”
Rabbi: “Michael is firmly heterosexual.”
Howard: “How do you know?”
Rabbi: “Because he’s always saying to me that there are beautiful woman.”
Schmuley Tapes, 2000/1

SB: If a woman walks round with all her cleavage showing….
MJ:Frank loves it.
(Michael gestured to Frank Cascio, who was sitting right next to us. We all laughed.)
MJ: Of course you want to look.

@9:30 Invincible Signing Part 1 November 2001,

An older woman approaches the table to have her CD signed and MJ says “hi” to her than as she leaves he says, “elderly fish.”


(girl wearing a crop top and wearing a navel ring approaches Michael, Michael gestures and asks to bring her closer, he studies her belly button)
MJ: How does that work? Does it hurt?
After Michael gives the girl a hug, the man wearing grey next to Michael says: Do I see something sticking out?
MJ: You naaasty!


The “Angel” in the tight white top approaches the table to have her CD signed and the security guard grins at MJ and raises his eyebrows at him and says “I’ll say no more.”
The girl says “Hi” then after she’s had her CD signed she leaves and MJ starts laughing and one of the security guards says “You dirty dog!”


Cross talk, security guards: “Angel”
Security Guard 1: “Got an angel *inaudible* a little away”
Security Guard 2: “The one with the white top, oh yeah *inaudible*.”
Michael: “Is she hot?”
Guy having his CD signed by MJ swivels his head to look around for the same girl
Security Guard 1: “Oh yeah, she looks amazing.”


Security guard: “Angel?” (having spotted another one)
Other security guard: “Yeah!”

Michael visiting Gary Indiana, June 11 2003

Fans follow the limo and a female fan with large breasts presses up against the glass of the limo as it leaves
MJ: “There’s some GOOD fish!”

MJ: (looking back at the crowd) “There’s some gooooood fish back there! Ooh! That one right there!”
Karen Faye: (laughing) “Oh look at that one right there! Look at her! Look!”
MJ: “Look at her titties! (laughing) Her titties are going… (makes bouncing motion)”

Furthur along,

MJ: (watching people still following the limo) “Tell the police to be gentle with those girls, do not be mean – (points at girl) I like that one right there.”
Cousin: “Me too.”

Aaron Carter, 2003

However, Carter insisted that he thought Jackson liked women.
“He’ll see a girl and comment on her,” Carter said, “or want to touch her [bottom]. He likes girls.”

MJ’s Bodyguards, 2007-2009

MJ admired the way women styled their hair and the way they dressed. He commented about diffent women just walking by. He would ask us what did we think about sertain women, he liked talking.

Make Up Artists and Costume Designers that have worked with him since the early 80s (Karen Faye since 82):

ABC: Was Michael Jackson gay?
KF: Absolutely not.
ABC: I mean, you say that with conviction
KF: He would always, like, wherever we were, he would always kind of (mimicking him, slyly eyes around herself) – he called it fishing. He looked around for all the hot girls. And he’d – “Turkle, Turkle, that ones really hot. Ooh, look how -ugh- look how her hair just swirls!”
ABC: So you don’t think that was an act?
Bush: (shaking head) No.
KF: What? That he was doing it for me?
ABC: Yes
KF: No (shaking head) no, absolutely not.
ABC: Did he ever comment on young men?
KF & Bush: No, no.
ABC: So you don’t think he was just in hiding by his sexuality?
KF: No (all shake heads)

Michael’s Armenian Driver Gokor (you can see a license plate for “Gok” in Who Is It), July 2010

He said that when they were in London and a hot woman would pass by them Michael would use some Armenian words to talk about the woman with Gokor so that if his children were near him they couldn’t understand what they were talking about. He would say “lavna che Gokor,” which in English means “isn’t she hot Gokor” or he would call those hot women “pretty fish.” They spoke about the fact that Michael had a woman he loved very much and had been near him for many years. It wasn’t a secret but her identity was kept a secret.
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I can't see the 2nd & 3rd videos.It says "this video is private".Has anyone see that videos.What is in it?

This isn't right,is it?Cuz if it is then i am seriously offended.How can you not get offended if someone calls you a "fish"?I know he was just kidding around but that doesn't make it ok.There are billion ways to have fun so why go dirty?Some of you are saying that boys are like this only then what's the point in choosing Michael over all the other guys in the world?I saw a gentleman in Michael that's why I loved him n if I or any other girl just like me feels offended or heartbroken on reading this then we are not at fault.But by the way,I highly doubt the relevancy of this article.People are always making up stuff about MJ that makes the news spicy and enjoyable.

wow, all i got to say is, boys will be boys...

Why are some of you getting so upset about this? So he called girls "fish." Does it really matter? I know what it CAN mean, but the saying "there's always more fish in the sea" doesn't mean what you guys are thinking. It's just a phrase. Michael wasn't putting anyone down. And besides, HE WAS HUMAN. I mean, you all have this perfect image of him, and then you find out he's just as human as everyone else, and you freak out? There's no need to be upset. He's a guy, and this is what guys do. You will never find a man that doesn't act like this. I personally found this article amusing, and I wasn't at all offended. He's still a nice, sweet, and funny guy, whether this story changed your mind about him or not. I'm not writing this to make anybody mad, or start an argument. I just wanted to state how I feel about this subject. You may feel that he's rude, or dirty minded after reading this, but come on. Cut the guy a little slack? It's not like us girls don't do the same thing! Stare at guys, and their butts, rave about how hot some of them are, have little "code names" for them... I've done it, and I don't know anyone that hasn't. Seriously, if Michael Jackson called you hot, would you turn away in disgust, or give him a hug? I would be flattered, honestly!

Thank you so much for posting this article. Loved it Smiling

I'm sitting here in tears because I SO don't want to think badly of Michael. And I truly believe that he would be appalled to know that referring to women as 'fish' can have this distasteful connotation.
I don't mind so much the word 'titties'... it's kind of child-like.
I think putting together the (edited!) bits and pieces of this original post presents an impression of Michael as thinking of women as a commodity. Maybe in it;s own way, as playfully as it may have been intended, this kind of thing (again, editing!) does a disservice to his memory.

Helen I couldn't agree more I couldn't look at him that way he is to precious and means not more than fish in the sea to me .

No wonder, with a 'bait' like his LOL!! Michael, baby tell me where you fishing now, coz i become a mermaid in one second only for your fishing rod Laughing out loud

At everyone i found this i did not make it and ikr it was funny to me and i don't get how some of you are offended it was all in fun so are me and my friends mean when we refer to men a draft picks or we say we like to recruit i mean he was a man and he liked women it's just really a big metaphor no offense but i think some of y'all have the wrong image of Michael as a person because this is just stuff that regular guys do

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ha this is funny because im having fish tonight.. Smiling

alrighty. thanks incognito.

@original - The "watcher" part comes from Michael too. He used the term in the essay as the name of the person (I would say "guide") who tells him how to find the angel (of light) within himself. I just picked it up instead of the title (which I also did consider for a user-name). Glad you like it. Now you have proved how important it is to consider that the same words can have different interpretations--just like "fish". LOOL!


@incognito: but why the "-watcher"? your name could have been angel-of-light. anyway, i loved angel-watcher whether or not it was derived from that concept Smiling love to you Smiling

i read the other comments and got a kick out of it, hahahaha! oooh i'd love to be that fish he "eats"!!!! honestly! i don't why others seemingly do not enjoy being "eaten" but...if i were a fish and michael would "eat" me ... hello mayonnaise!

I just wanted to mention that I had explored the alternative meanings of "fish" when I first saw the Japanese fish. Many times a word takes an additional meaning from the way the person speaks it. When I saw how funny and playful Michael was in that video, that he was actually admiring the women that he saw, I felt that he was not using the word in a derogatory manner. Believe me, it does not sound nice when it is used that way. I've heard that one too. I took the connotation as "fish in the sea".

Along that line, I just thought I would mention that there is a very popular dating website called Plentyoffish,com.

@original_billie_jean - Haaa-Haaa-Haaa. Hello, my friend. Good to see you around again. And no, I did not take that username because Michael would think I looked like an angel with a belly button piercing. I took it because I so loved his beautiful allegorical essay, "Angel of Light."


To MJs Chocolate Nymph: ... thank you, what you wrote for me will help me to get past this... forcing myself to think of the term 'fish' as meaning nothing more than 'more than one fish in the sea'.

I'm sitting here in tears because I SO don't want to think badly of Michael. And I truly believe that he would be appalled to know that referring to women as 'fish' can have this distasteful connotation.
I don't mind so much the word 'titties'... it's kind of child-like.
I think putting together the (edited!) bits and pieces of this original post presents an impression of Michael as thinking of women as a commodity. Maybe in it;s own way, as playfully as it may have been intended, this kind of thing (again, editing!) does a disservice to his memory.

But thank you again MJs Choc.Nymph... I'm feeling better now.

@chocolate:i understand...but i really liked him for being the decent gentleman...which i say he is...maybe this was a one off instance...*sigh*..here in India too...boys are like that...i think just as much as mike said in this video....uuuuggghhh boys can be so cheap!
to all boys(any?)-respect women respect women!
love you and no offense taken..

Ok, I rest my case. But i really don't feel it's fair to say you feel shocked by some of his playful gestures. Michael was one of the men. Most men are like that otherwise they wouldn't be men if you see what I mean. They say stuff like that when they see attractive women around. If you lived in the UK you would be truely appalled because there are some really vulgar minded characters. Michael was just playful and one of the normal (what we'd call) party type banter. Nothing more.

No offense inteded.

and and and...coz i love him i have every right to criticize him in what i thing is bad....dont you critisize the people you love....?????i am not afraid to say he was wrong...hes human...he can be wrong...but i find that comment bad....thats me...

@chocolate:my profile???/whats wrong with that???Laughing out loud..really??
oh...i cant say its bad coz i should fear an outlash from people...i think its bad and immoral...so?????but i think he was the best a person could be...the most beautiful..in and out...

So why call yourself a Fan then, dog? I've just read your profile and I'm disturbingly shocked. Make your mind up, you either love the man or you don't!.

helen....yeah disappointed!!like...but i am angry and i understand at the same time!!!!it was the 'titties' comment that just ...appalled me so hard!

Helen, please don't see Michael in that poor light I'm sure he'd be hurt you thought of him as a dirty minded man Eye-wink It might make you look at it differently when I can tell you that the saying here in the UK like when a couple have got heartbroken in a relationship and one has split from the other, that person will get sympathy for having got dumped on. The person comforting the dumped person will quite often say 'Hey, don't be upset, that person may be gone, but there's plenty more fish in the sea.

Hence 'There's good fish back there' Smiling

HTH Smiling

Me too DogGoneLover.... see my comment below.

Not so much shocking as very disappointing. Doesn't fit the impression I had of a shy Michael who would never disrespect his fans. I'm trying to reconcile this in my mind and having a very difficult time with it. Trying to convince myself that he didn't really know what the term 'fish' really refers to... but more than that... it just doesn't fit the person I thought he was.

This is probably a problem of TMI (too much information). We should be content with the music Michael gave us, and not go after all the details about the person behind the performances.

am i the only one who finds this disturbingly shocking?

@xincognito: ohhhh, that's where you got your name, angel-watcher! i thought it was somewhat spiritual lol hahahaha! miss you!

angel watcher, fish...eater? Sticking out tongue

what is the "pair of cakes"?

oh, i thought this thread was really about fishing i was gonna reply with "i love fishing too! we could have gone fishign together lol" Sticking out tongue

wow, you really took time compiling this stuff! thanks for sharing.

I guess the purpose of this thread was to present evidence that Micahel wasn't gay.
I think we already knew that.

This is very timely. since I'm currently struggling with the discomfort of hearing him say 'Good fish back there' on the Michael Jackson Commemorated DVD. I'm probably making myself rather unpopular here by saying this, but I can't get past the original meaning behind refering to women as 'fish'... that is a reference to the aroma of the genitals of a sexually excited woman. Not being able to get past that, I feel it is very disrespectful to refer to women that way. But I do realize that language changes with time... look how common ir is now to say something or someone 'sucks'...I've even heard a teacher say it in front of an elementary classroom.. I guess people have forgotten that to say someone 'sucks' is essentially calling them a cock-sucker? I too have become de-sensitized to the vulgar connotation of 'sucks'.... maybe with time I'll also become desensitized to referring to women as 'fish'... but I'm not there yet.

I do want to believe that Michael probably never even knew that this is what the term 'fish' refers to in calling women that. But ...maybe he did know. This is a hard one for me to swallow.

He loved his fish of all kinds, lol! A fine bit of rainbow trout to a good all round piece of breaded haddock. There was plenty in the oceans for Michael Eye-wink

Michael appreciated beauty in all its forms, and that included women. He had a very high aesthetic sense, not just in music and art, but also in human form and beauty. I think it's safe to say the majority of his fans and supporters would agree on this observation.

I strongly doubt he used certain forms of colorful language, as that doesn't strike me as his personal style, but then again, maybe he did when he was around people he felt comfortable with. But I doubt it.

phoebe- nice one!!!! XD

i would love to have been hooked on his rod Eye-wink