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A new ebook on Michael Jackson by franck vidiella

a new ebook on MJ is now available in english :


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Let's have a look on some reviews of the ebook "Michael Diary of a Fan":

"I just read this book and for those fans still in pain, I HIGHLY recommend it'' Mj-Upbeat.com

''A wonderfull Ibook written by Franck Vidiella a big fan from Michael Jackson is sharring his memories on the day Michael died '' Jacqueline - Mjforeverlove.wordpress.com

"I can highly recommend this ebook. Good to read and it made me realise I was not the only one who found it difficult coming to terms with Michael's death in the first year. Takes you through all the emotions of the grieving process and shows there is 'light at the end of the tunnel' for those who are still in mourning" Soulmum - Mjjuniverse.com

And also.....FULL REVIEW by Kitsune from kingofthedancefloor.com :

"The Book Michael. Diary of a fan is a book about memories, pain of a fan after the death of Michael Jackson.
It starts of with the date June 25tb 2009 and the writer has written down his thoughts he had on that day. It is written in a way that enables the reader to get deep into the feelings.All the things that happened that day are described in a way that brings tears into my eyes. It´s like feeling all that again. The hope, the fear and the pain after it was clear that Michael is dead.
This Book is filled with emotions, all the depression and problems a fan was going through and the hurt. How can someone bear an Idol´s death and all that sadness afterwards. All the questions we all had in mind … why does it hurt that much or are we normal, and how to manage to make the first move to recover?
In short I really enjoyed reading it as it was not a book over Michael – it was a very personal book and I think very many of us where going through exactly what is described in it. Some did talk about that some did not.
I can only thank Franck for that great opportunity he gave to me and Kotdf. It is a great book and It definitly should be read!!! THANK you!!" KITSUNE, Source : http://kingofthedancefloor.com/topic/6879156/1/#new

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I found this :

Michael, Diary of a fan

Author: Franck Vidiella
Illustration: Onesimo Colavidas
Gender: novel
ISBN: 978-2-919248-34-6
Format: ebook pdf and ePub DRM free
Price: $US 9,99
Publication: November 10, 2010

«On june 29th of 2009, a fan of Michael Jackson learns of the death of his idol,
live on CNN. The shock is appalling. Two weeks later, despite the deep
sadness that tortures him, he decides to fly to London where a
commemoration is going to be held by the English fan-club, the day Michael
was supposed to make his long-waited come-back. He hopes this event can
be the first step in the mourning process, that will permit him to begin a new
life without MJ. Unfortunately, the London experience becomes a nightmare :
the pain and the emotions are too intense. Now, he will have overcome a long
and exhausting depressive phase, that will force him to travel around the
world in the hope of overcoming his sorrow. Wherever he goes, from London
to Tokyo, Moscow to Bilbao, he is still possessed by the memory of

About the author
33 years old and married, Franck Vidiella is an ethnologist, living in the
south of France. A Michael Jackson fan since the age of ten, this is his
first novel.

We know almost everything about the death of Michael Jackson. Some good
things have been written, but above all some of the worst. Some well-known
publishers saw there the opportunity of making a quick buck. Most of them
quickly published their version of the last investigation into the dark side of
MJ, regardless of whether it was the truth or not. Their only aim was to
publish a best-seller. This is the reality of the publishing industry.
When Franck Vidiellaʼs draft fell onto our virtual desk, we were surprised. Our
first reaction wasnʼt too positive – another MJ book but at the same time, we
wanted to find out more about the author. In fact, we werenʼt looking for the
last strange secret about Michael, but for another point of view and this is
exactly what we found. There was something unique about Franck Vidiellaʼs
work and it immediately became clear that we had to share it with you. The
writer, fan of Michael Jackson since he was a child, has succeed in shining a
new light on the violent end of the mega-star: the fans point of view.
His writing is strong, authentic, no holds barred and above all moving.