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New [Official] MJ video for "Unbreakable"?

This is the [Official] Tribute Dance to Michael Jackson's song "Unbreakable". It's a Thriller. It includes all 12 Moonwalks and dance moves from 20 of MJ's biggest hits. I sent a copy of this performance to MJ and was expecting Michael to perform an Unbreakable dance performance during his upcoming O2 Concerts in London. Anyone know of any other material MJ produced for "Unbreakable"

Worldwide release of "Unbreakable"
Worldwide release of "Dangerous"

(A 20-minute video, the most expensive ever made, to include posthumously the rap with "Notorious BIG" in "Unbreakable" was planned in 2002' to further the Invicible Album. However in 2002' Sony Music and their CEO never released it to video or radio airplay, and cancelled further promotion of the Invincible album.)

Origional video's and Chris Edwards's attempt to become the oldest rookie in the NFL as a 38 year old Punter/Quarterback/Sprinter/Moonwalker is at The Quadruple Threat!