The only original Michael Jackson signature and photo from his first european tour 1987

Dear all,

when I used to be with Marcel Avram at Mama Concerts (the promo manger for whole europe), it happened to me 1987, that I was inveited to go to the States with Michael. He honored me to let me be with him at his last concert in the Meadow Lands close by New York.

After the concert, he handed me out a framed, very special photo of his former personal photographer. It is signed by Michael himself with a special thank to Mister John Baptiste Doerr (that's me), who made his first European Tour to a great success. "Your friend Michael Jackson".

Is there anybody out there, who wants to keep this very unique proff of this fantastic human beeing not only in mind but even in his hands. I miss miss these former succesfull times and I just need a little thnak from you, to be able to pay my rent...

Pls. contact me personally at mobile +49 (0) 1578 / 45 18 853

PS besides this, I know some funny stories to tell...