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Michael Jackson inspired so many people!

Like all the people on this site, I love Michael Jackson so much. He has been such an inspiration to me as long as I can remember.
I know he has inspired so many other people-millions and billions
But I just brought this up because I was just watching all the music videos that have just been released on TV and all the one's I saw seemed to have a bit of Michael in them.
Especially Usher's new video Smiling
Even the major pop stars of today look up to Michael. No one will ever come close to what this genius created but it is nice to see Michael is still not forgotten by the 'now' pop stars.
I will always be an MJ fan until the very end and I will always be thankful that I had a small part of him in my life.
Thank you Michael for bringing love and light into my life! All of us fans will always have you in our hearts forever and ever.
I love you, Michael
King Of Pop, Music, Dance and Humanitarians forever
L.O.V.E to all

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I am with you 100% Dorita!!
Perfectly said.
Michael was always saying his inspiration came from James Brown, Fred Astaire etc.
I remember in an interview on his 50th birthday, the interviewer asked...
"So Michael, if you could spend your birthday with anyone you wanted who would it be?"
Michael replied, " James Brown, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly." Smiling
He really found them an inspiration because they were the ones who inspired him to become the greatest entertainer of all time!!
He always will and forever shall be the greatest entertainer of all time!!

You're welcome mj lover11 and you've basically stated what everyone has been ascertaining for YEARS.

Michael himself looked up to Fred Astaire and James Brown to name a few but he would NEVER go as far as to usurp nor even plagiarise them as it was the furthest thing from his mind. He would often mention in interviews that he often looks up to them and that's what gave Michael inspiration, desire and determination to make them his own without deliberately ripping them off in not giving them credit, which he often did give them credit.

Same with those like Usher, Chris Brown et al, exactly the same thing - like a chain reaction. They would embellish and incorporate a little Michael into their own routines, and of course, no-one will ever BE Michael as the old saying goes he'll be forever imitated but never EVER duplicated.

His artistry and dance will live on in our hearts through the next generation - be it artists, or just every day people creating Youtube videos of their own unique Michael performances, or children just simply bopping up and down enjoying his music.

Long live The King!!!!!!!!!

It's great to know so many people around the world feel the same way about MJ as I do because most of my friends don't really get him the way you and I do Smiling lol

@NZMJ, yes he is one of a kind and there aren't many people who aren't inspired by Michael Smiling

@ Dorita, Haha thank you Smiling

@ sandra, yes, I hope it isn't people trying to make money either. I mean, I know Usher really looks up to MJ and finds him an inspiration but some others do try to attract record sales. But, as you said, there was a magic about Michael that cannot be found anywhere else. Smiling

@22Luana, Thank you, I know wherever Michael is, he is finally at peace. Smiling

@rentrotts, Your welcome, I really hope he stays alive forever and will never leave this world!! Smiling


Thanks for posting. I love him so much and am greatful to come here and read many posts from so many different people that love him too. It keeps him alive!!!

I love your message and is so beautiful and true!God bless his heart wherever he is!
Much love for all!

i hope its inspiration and not people trying to ride the gravy train. there are millions of mj fans all around the world,so some of these people wanting to be sucessful,might be tapping into some of mjs style to attract more record sales.but make no mistake,there is only one michael jackson,and in the end,none of them could ever measure up.there was a magic with michael,that cant be found no where else,and there is no one else that has his heart.


People need to read this.

So true - it's hard to find a music video with dance in it that Michael hasn't (in some way) inspired. He is one of a kind Smiling.

Like you, I'm always thankful that he's in my life!