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did you know Michael was in New York September 11 2001?

September 2001 was Michael Mania in New York. It was soo crazy, YOU ROCK MY WORLD had been "leaked" to a radio station, Michael made a surprise appearance at the VMA'S with NSYNC and then the 2 huge concerts friday September 7 and Monday Spentember 10 2001.

The morning of tuesday Spetember 11, about 40 fans were outside the PALACE HOTEL, where Michael and his children were staying, along with his staff and dancers and musicians.
9AM and our world changed forever

That day still haunts me, and all the other MJ fans, who were there for the 2 MSG concerts.
Me and my friends were supposed to fly home to Ireland that day. We had checked out of our hotel early in the morning and dragged our luggage to Michaels hotel, where we had planned to spend the day until going to the airport in the evening for our flight. At about 9 am I decide to go to the deli for breakfast for us and thats when people started screaming and poniting to the sky and our lives changed forever. That day and the days after will haunt me forever.

We are the lost stories of September 11, the MJ fans and all the tourists trapped in a city under attack, cut off from the outside world, scared to stay in our hotels but also scared to go outside, not knowing even when we we could fly home, with no money to sometimes buy food, trying to call home, but not being able to cos the phones where not working, conflicting info about flights from airlines and embassys and all the while hearing the endless emergency services sirens, and looking downtown and seeing the smoke and smelling it in the air.........

Together we got though it, all the MJ fans togther, making sure everyone was ok, sharing flight info, food and making sure everyone had somewhere safe to spend the night.

Those were special times. And one special person made it just a little bit easyier. The knowlege that Michael cared and was making sure we were ok when he didnt have to, made each day we were stranded just that bit easier to get through.


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mom told me that everyone stopped in their tracks that day. i can only imagine how scary it would have been to actually be in new york that day..

Miss Moonstreet, thank you for letting us know. I'm sorry you had to experience such a horrific event. I appreciate your recollections.

@WhenRealitySetsIn - "Good thing I have my boots on." Thanks for sharing that tidbit of information. Are you going clam digging or just pulling a George Costanza and want to look taller?

Aw come on Miss Moonstreet, no need to be mean, no one will be hostile to you why should they be? We just want to share your experience that's all. You got as far as telling us Michael made sure everyone was ok, so why not the rest? Come on, don't be coy Shocked

@MJs Chocolate Nymph:
No, he was safe inside his hotel, which is about 4 miles from Ground Zero. It happened at 9am the day after the concert so he was resting. His room was in the tower part of the hotel, and is soundproof so he wouldnt have heard anything which was happening in the streets

Well, that's really a shame....my apologies for asking. Hard to believe people could respond so negatively to something positive Michael did. I had not seen the initial post but I did see this one, and the statement you wrote understandably spiked my curiousity.

I never knew this about Michael being in NY that dreadful day.

Did he witness the towers being hit?

No it wasnt my first time in America, it was my second time, and I went back just 6 weeks later for the Invincible CD signing. Im not going to say anything more about what Michael did for us during that time on this site. As many of my previous posts about my travels to see Michael have been met with hostility and negativity, I refuse to share any more of my experiences. I only posted this, as it was already here on the forum in a different section

@moon street: Was that your first trip to the states? How awful for you...but how special that, as you said, everyone pulled together like they did. You said Michael was making sure you guys were okay...could you elaborate on that please? I would love to hear more.

Paul McCartney claimed to have also been in NYC that day. He was sitting in a jet, waiting on the tarmac, and witnessed one of the towers being hit.

Yes and that's why I posted this. it's a good day to watch it. A message of love to the 911 victims and the world. The song Sony refused to publish.


Thank you Miss Moonstreet for sharing this. It is stories like these about Michael that people need to know. He could have just up and left, thinking only of himself; but he didn't, he made sure his fans were taken care of during this time. What a man!

Sorry, thought you said JUST the fans were at the Palace Hotel, didn't read it right. Regardless, yes all these stories about MICHAEL must be told. Thanks for posting.

I remember this day all to well. I also remember hearing Michael say that was one of the reasons why he didn't tour for "Invincible".....the day is something different to everyone. May God Bless those who lost love ones and comfort them in this time.
Be Well,

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Wasn't he staying at the Trump Towers in the penhouse next to Donald Trump at the time! (maybe that was at a different time) The Donald adored MICHEAL and supported him a hundred percent.

That may have been a different time. September 2001 he was staying at The Palace Hotel, I was there and we saw him on September 11 as he was taken to safety

@everyone else, your welcome, and yes these stories need to be told or they will be lost

Wasn't he staying at the Trump Towers in the penhouse next to Donald Trump at the time! (maybe that was at a different time) The Donald adored MICHEAL and supported him a hundred percent.

Monnstreet, thank you for sharing your touching memories.

Thank you for sharing your story moon street.

I will never forget that day Sad

These stories need to be remembered forever..

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Love your story so glad you made it through the storm .
God bless you who would forget that day???still feels like yesterday


Thank you for sharing your precious memories of that devastating day.

My thoughts and prayers to those who lost loved ones and those who continue to be haunted by those painful memories - I hope they will continue to heal.