Jackson 5 Medley Live Mega Video Mix by DJ_OXyGeNe_8

Hi guys Smiling My new surprise; watch in HD or 480p

Michael Jackson - Jackson 5 Medley Live Mega Video Mix High Definition by DJ_OXyGeNe_8

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Hi DJ! Laughing out loud
♫ ♫ Smiling AMAZING! Smiling ♫ ♫
Beautiful tribute to our Michael!
Thank you very much, you are real good making video's! Laughing out loud
With LOVE ♥

bump Smiling

Hi DJ, Smiling
oh Wow DJ, that was so beautiful, I thank you so very much for this video. It's filled with so many wonderful memories and I couldn't hold the tears back. You did an amazing job on this one and it means a lot to me. Thankx so much for an AWESOME tribute.....♥
I will always treasure this one.!!!!
Love ya, Carmen ☼

Michael ♥ Forever the KING ♪

As always AWESOME!!!!!! Laughing out loud