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steve harvey sticks up for Michael

You know, the media has been pissing me off with all the crap that they are saying about Michael and finally someone has stepped up and said enough is enough! Steve Harvey rips Bill O'reilly for his disrespectful words after Michael's memorial.

Steve harvey part 1

Steve harvey part 2

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Thanks for posting this. I'm glad Steve spoke up on Michael's behafl! I've been wondering about Chris Tucker too, I can only imagine how broken up he is over Michael's passing. I laugh when I remember Chris "kicking with the wrong leg" on MJ's 30th Anniversary Special! That was too funny!!

I came across that on Youtube earlier today. I had been waiting for Steve to say something. Him and Michael were cool. I can't belive Chris Tucker hasn't said anything about Michael yet, if he has I've missed it. I really wish I could catch Bill O'reilly on the street. I wouldn't be disrepectful; Michael taught me with his actions to be respectble to people, even the people who are rude. I would just love to have a debate with him about how wrong he really is about Michael. Somebody just really needs to set his lies, and accusations straight. God don't like ugly, and he will get his one way or the other.

Finally! Steve is the bravest, next to Keith Olbermann, in the media! If many others would do this, Michael can rest even in more peace!