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Well people. You forced me to create also an Invincible Forum. This is my favourite album and it was so mistrated...
Here you can post all the things you loved about that period.

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Liv, I had to bring this one as it's for a special reason Eye-wink Something very special with Michael here

Nice to see you've pulled back the Invinci thread Liv. Thanks for that beutiful link don't you just adore Michael in blue? he's a jewel. I'll find some pics later now I've got my laptop back from the fixers.

So true Liv, Michael's music never dates ♥

11 years old but still an evergreen masterpiece!

"Whatever happens, don't let go of my hand......."


Released October 30th 2001.

Welcome back! As you can see now the layout is a total mess! Too many thing changed in worse...
Thanks for that beautiful picture!

Haven't been on in forever! I've missed it here... Anyway, I just love this pic. Michael's smile is just beautiful <3

Welcome to nikkorlf...I suppose you're a new member as now we can't even see when we joined the site...

I wish there was a way to redo this album without changing a thing and release it again... this is an awesome CD love you Michael

It is indeed very underated. This is why poor Michael hated the certain named establishment who failed to get the album out there and recognised (so to speak) "Go To Hell Mattola" rings so true!

i love the Invincible album so much. I adore every track in it. so UNDERRATED Sad

Oh lord. Is he coming out of the screen to us here or what!? Get hypnotised into his eyes ladies... BEAUTIFUL Jawdropping!

The conections have been crap Liv, mine have been as sluggish don't worry. It's a pain in the @rse. But we get them eventually Smiling

Welcome to JNluvsMJ: it's so nice to see new Invinciblettes!
...I'm still waiting to see the pic posted by connection is sooooooooooooo sloooooooooooow today Sad ...and my head too...

NJLovesMJ good to see you here with our Invinciblettes Smiling

Enjoy our Michael loveliness x anytime.

Those eye lashes are so unfair....I need them. gorgeous in every way

I love these Liv, I have the one with Michael and LaToya together, Michael looks so yummylish on it bare chested and all.

More to follow Smiling

Yes isn't it great to see our Era threads still thriving with pure Michael loveliness Smiling and dispite our busy moments we keep making sure they are always up front. Liv, what a shame with the pic you couldn't save but WOW! this one has made up for it's loss, it's beautiful!

joms that is sweet just able to see his little face squeezed inside that disgise. We know it's Mikey inside it lol.

I'll be back soon with some pics, I've got some work to do besides emails and PM's that I need to answer. Smiling

What a big surprise: so many new posts in a few hours! Hugs to all my Invinciblettes and thanks for all the wonderful pictures you've posted Smiling
Unluckily the picture's link I had posted was removed and I hadn't even saved it Sad It's a pity because it was amazing Sad
I'll post this one:

Well the thing is for sure, one could always tell it was Michael from the back with that very unique, fine but strapping physique that only the MJ admirer could identify. I love! this shot.

Haven't you any pics to show then, Joms?

It doesn't matter really MissMJ Smiling we appreciate any pics of Michael because all are 'Invincible' to us Eye-wink

Love that with his children too. Thanks Smiling

More on the way later x