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If you join, hope you guys use the same names so I know who you are.

LYM or Love you more,


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Ok i was just wondering because i ordered from there and its been 2 months since i sent and i still haven't recieved it, plus i've emailed them twice plus i 've tied the hotline but i always get a voicemail.


Yes I've ordered from Jacksons Secret Vault and they are a legit website Katherine is in charge of it but it takes FOREVER I waited 6 weeks for a MJ shirt from there I had to email them twice and they said that it was backordered I did finally get it When you log in check to see where you can email they usually answer you within 24 hours with the holiday it may take them longer to get back to you

Hello, has anyone ordered from jacksonsecretvault and recieved orders beacuse i've ordered from there two months ago and haven't recived my order and my mom is questioning if it was a legit website someone please help me!!!!!!!

this is nacole , please help me join email is tiys freedom@yahoo.com I love michael and i always will

I tryed to join ,but I cant , someone tell me why . Please @ tiysfreedom@ yahoo.com I used the name nacole. I have and always will love michel .I want to be a part of this . thank you nacole

Hi Nana..miss you girl.. I know I have not been on here in a while, but I found my way back home!

thank you wendee, how are you my love i miss you sooooo much

Much love


Thank you so much for the link
Happy holidays and do not forget to stay in touch


Ill be happy to check it out and join.

Hi BX, Dry Clean, that's nice it should help to preserve it's quality. Sounds really nice. That's OK about the delay we all are busy, but coming to this site is in my schedule as part of daily routine, so when I miss a day or two I have to make sure to make sure I stop by early in my day, otherwise, i will miss another day.

Enjoy your T-Shirt!!!!



Sorry Wendee I just now saw this Yes! I got my shirt! Love it love it love it Dry Clean only which is a bit strange since its a T Shirt but the pattern MJs pic from Victory Tour has red glitter on it and the pic looks hand painted so the dry clean only makes sense such high quality it is soooooooooooooo cool . The only thing i didnt like was its a guys shirt kinda big but thats all I am so impressed with this shirt

Hi BX!

Did you get your T-Shirt?


Hi Wendee
According to Fed EX tracking number on their website the shirt arrived in Denver ( L.A. isnt that far maybe 1 hr plane ride) today I am hoping it will be delivered tomorrow I already plan on wearing it for casual Friday next week LOL I know Katherine is so busy wish I could hug her saw a youtube of her saying she wasnt doing so well still hurting so bad losing Michael . I didnt know you could preorder Michaels new CD I just heard about it when I got home from work today. Thank you for telling me

Hi BX, GREAT! your t-shirt is on the way.

The book is exculsive, but I have seen links on Amazon and Best Buy which take you to the secret vault, this is a way for Ms. Katherine have a lower over head cost and it helps keep control of inventory for distribution.

Ms. Katherine is so busy, Michaels kids getting moved into their new place, she have her hands full.

It's better for her to have the shirt sent from LA.

Please let me know when you get your shirt.

Did you preorder MJ new CD coming out in November?


Hi Wendee,
I finally got a tracking number for Fed Ex it was sent from Los Angeles today they are giving me a delivery date of Aug 3rd but thats been 6 weeks. I'll let you know when it arrives. I still want Katherines book but I am still apprehensive of this website and wondering why is this website the only place selling the book? Why isnt it at Borders or Barnes and Noble . I do realize however: they are a brand new website and have some things that need to be worked out. The shirt was sent from Los Angeles is that where you got Katherines book from also?

Hello, for those who place an order, Ethemer gave me a wonder code for a discount, let me know when you order and i will give you the code

LYM or Love You More


Hi BX..Gosh I'm so sorry you are having trouble getting your T-Shirt. You have every right to request a refund if you dont get it. I'm not sure if they were prepared for the response, no matter, I'm really, really hoping you get your shirt. Hang in there BX, sorry for the nickname, I like to make it personal.

For me it does not matter how long it takes to get all things Michael, he spent most of his life in public service, I can take time for the remainder of my life to perserve a part of history that belongs to a Legend. The day will come when even the things from Katherine will be "one of a kind".

Solonoy, let me know when you get your copy!

LYM or Love you more


I'm not sure about this website either still waiting for a shirt I bought from there on June 30th I got an email confirming my order then 2 weeks ago I emailed them again saying where is my shirt? IT says Vintage Neverland really cool shirt Genevieve ,Randys daughter; was wearing it in the FB pics from Gary on the anniv of MJ's death when she sang there and I really wanted one its the only website I've seen to be able to order it they emailed me that Katherines book and alot of shirts sold out and back ordered ok thats understandable but I am still waiting for my shirt , they told me they would email a UPS tracking number 2-3 days after the order usually takes 7-10 biz days for U.S. orders I got another email today repeating the same info that I got when I first bought the shirt and still no UPS tracking number, there is a toll free number for customer service I called it but think they were closed. I want Katherines book but not until I see when ( if) I get my shirt, I'm going to wait until Friday that'll be an entire mo since I first ordered the shirt and then I'll ask for my money back at this point dont trust that site.

Hi Solonoy and Clo...Well Clo, I'm sorry that you had a bad experience and sad that Ms. Katherine publishers are not representing her book the way she desire.

I'm certain she wants the best for MJ and she's doing the best she can.


Clo, thank you for your comment.
Who is the publisher? Katherine has to have the best one. Hope to find it on e-books. Katherine said "this is my chance to share the stories that are near to my heart. For his fans, and his children."

I am not such a fan of this new site.I had problems with my order for NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE,as well as problems with the quality of the book itself.
The photos are all vintage photos and the editors did a poor job by allowing misspellings and grammatical errors to be published.The job of an editor is to make the author look good;Katherine's memories are sweet memories and they were tarnished by poor editing.

Hi, Deb. I just signed, with the same screen name. OMG There is Katherine's book about Michael for purchase "Never Can Say Goodbye " I gonna buy it, now I'm highly motivated to work more hahahaha, so I'll be able to buy it.
Love you, thank you for the link.