Absolutely NOBODY on thls planet dld better concerts then our MAN Mlchael...that's an undlsputed fact. But what lf Mlchael declded that he wanted to do somethlng DlFFERENT?

What lf he had a contest and asked hls fans to descrlbe the MlCHAEL JACKSON CONCERT OF THElR DREAMS, and they had ONE HOUR to submlt thelr entrles to a speclal webslte, and the GRAND PRlZE WlNNER would be featured ln the concert!!!

So what would make YOUR fantasy concert so SPEClAL that Mlchael would choose lt? Come on now, let your CREATlVE JUlCES FLOW People!

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Hang on until help arrives VIDEO

Mine would be michael in a white t-shirt ripped open his white button up shirt open and gold pants. He sings all my fav songs. Even down the the sexy dancing onstage. Then when he does YANA he grabs me onstage and we have the biggest make out session. Then we leave together.

In the meantime enjoy this video

Lions work together , communicate , change strategies , positions and roles when needed.
When it comes to buffalos , offense is the best defense , they will sneak on sleeping lions ,scattering the surprised lions and then hunting their cubs , making a buffalo a dangerous dinner for a pride of lions.

Don't mind me , I like watching nature videos . I'm still coming up with the concert.

Heya M8J, thanks for loving my dream concert and have to say I had a lot of fun thinking about it. It's a lovely, well thought of topic btw and I wish we had more of these Smiling It kind of lightens you up in the saddest of times you know.

I made that song title up LOL! That "My Girl Burns Rubber" one. I really don't know what came over me. With Mike in his black and red rubber suit and whip. I think he might of been trying to tell me something Smiling
Sorry, lol! no I don't have any lyrics. I suppose I could think really hard and come back with something? But I won't promise just incase..

Julia and alwaysinmyheart, yours are cool too.

Anyone else? Smiling we all want to see your ideas too Smiling

I haven't forgetten about my fantasy concert . I don't have time at the moment .
I will tell you what happens in between
Think about two big egos on stage , they are all in the big five , the lion is a predator , the buffalo kills lion cubs to protect themselves from any future threat .

I will come back soon

BlKER MlKE ln TlGHT red and black leathers- ohhhhhhhhh yum:)
sounds good to me!!!
this is a hard one.........................

the michael jackson concert of my dreams would never end.............
just him dancing, and it would be brill if everybody there did like a mass thriller dance.........
during black and white, the concert would be similar to that of the movie, when the plain indian part comes on (with horses), but the winner (in this case me) would be a riding a horse with michael
(ahhhh how i'd love to ride a horse with michael), yeah well, anyway then we would just stare into each others eyes and then fly back onstage on a romantic style rollercoaster to the stage,..........

this is more like a fantasy love story........... sorry guys. i'll think about it tomorrow

Chocolate NYMPH: There you are! Thought l wasn't golng to flnd you for a mlnute there.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lT! The "lNNOCENT, WlLLlNG, AND WlLD" Concert...l thlnk Mlchael would have found your ldeas enchantlng and he would have had FUN plannlng thls concert and maklng lt a REALlTY. l also thlnk that lots of glrls/women out there would glve anythlng to be the wlnner. BlKER MlKE ln TlGHT red and black leathers slnglng "My Glrl Burns Rubber" (l'm BURNlNG UP!) you have the words for lt?

Surely CHOCOLATE NYMPH lsn't the only one here who has dreamed of a fantasy concert wlth Mlchael. lt's all for fun, and we'd love to hear from you.


Heya my good lady friends, I have thought of the ideal song for the hovvering carousel horse that floats up and out over the crowd that Michael is mounted on. The song has to be 'Skywriter' and he's singing this with the backing vocals in the distance. The backing vocals will sound like a gospel choir while Michael thrashes his vocals similar to that of Black or White. He will wear a purple silk cloak over red silk jeans and silver top. The purple silk cloak will have extra layers inside it to carry the fragranced feathers and butterflies. Mounted on the horse with Michael he will have a golden saddlebag for the miniature cardboard fedora's.

The ferris wheel ride with the female winner, the song for that will have to be 'Rock With You' Michael will sit holding her close and he will gently rock the chair as the wheel goes round. For the moment the pair will both wear baseball hats with their names on the front in gold glitter stitching lol. His will read Michael Loves (and the winner's name?) And the winner's name will read ....... Loves Michael. He will be dressed in denims and cuban heel boots for this one. At the end of the dream ride Michael hands the winner a rose and his baseball hat!... My god, I'm gonna have to get off cloud 50 soon LOL!

The final song will be where Mikey rides a Harley! he's dressed in black and red leathers and a whip which he will thrash the seat before he rides off the stage. The security will pick a guy (male) from the crowd to be Michael's pillion at the end of the song. The lucky male fan will be handed the whip as a souvinir after the show. The song that Michael performs will be a heavy rock theme and will be called 'My Girl Burns Rubber" The female dancers will be dressed in biker gear and the male dancers act as their partners trying to stop them flirting with Biker Michael. The show than ends with hot air balloons with the name of the show "The Innocent, Willing, & Wild Tour"

Hope you've had a good time reading folks Laughing out loud xxx

Not a problem Chocolate Nymph! l know you're golng to show up and show out wlth somethlng totally amazlng. See you tomorrow!

Hi M8J29J58, please bare with me for a while, I'll have to think on these. Smiling

I'll be back later tomorrow >>>>>>>>> xx

Chocolate Nymph--lt's YOUR fantasy sweetheat, so choose whatever muslc sults YOUR dream. You're very creatlve and have palnted a lovely word plcture thusfar, now close your eyes and let your lMAGlNATlON flow. You've mentloned Mlchael slnglng "hls"songs...WHlCH songs do you hear? ls he slnglng "CAROUSEL" as the horse floats through the alr? As he and the wlnner take the dream rlde on the ferrls wheel and he has hls arm around her starlng lnto her eyes, what song ls he slnglng to her that has her TREMBLlNG, HEART POUNDlNG, at thls ONCE-lN-A-LlFETlME experlence? ls lt a speclal song that YOU have wrltten? What muslc ls playlng, ls he slnglng as he roars off on the Harley? l can't walt to hear what you come up wlth!

Hello JULlA SMlTH!---Your ldea ls lnterestlng. You've descrlbed the beglnnlng and the end, but what happens ln the mlddle? There must be somethlng about lt that's so UNlQUE that Mlchael would choose lt out of ALL the other entrles. Let your CREATlVE JUlCES flow, use your lMAGlNATlON to add SOUNDS and EXClTEMENT, and please don't forget to descrlbe the part ln the show where the wlnner ls treated to a "Speclal Moment" wlth Mlchael!!!

SHAMONE now people! As Chocolate Nymph sald, we'd LOVE to read about YOUR FANTASY CONCERT ldea!!!!

My fantasy concert will be Michael singing with the Lion and a Buffalo on stage , acting as a peacemaker .The lion roaring , Michael handdrumming , the buffalo dancing . The last song being Heal the world with little buffalos, little lions , Michael blowing the wind instrument like the buffalo horn , making thunderous noises .

Would you like me to choose songs from his previous albums or just think up titles ? Smiling

Thank you for liking my ideas btw Smiling

Anyone else have any interesting fantasy concert ideas? We'd all love to read them Smiling

MJ's Chocolate Nymph:

What a LOVELY ldea!!! Especlally love the part about the scented feathers and BUTTERFLlES floatlng down to hls female fans and the cardboard hats for the males. And the wlnner's dream rlde wlth Mlchael on the ferrls wheel. That's deflnltely DlFFERENT. Mlchael dressed ln red & black leather roarlng off the stage on a HARLEY!!! Too HOT for words!

So what songs would he perform?

Oh lordy this is a real gem of a topic!, I've been wracking my brain at this one. I would like to create a gig with a hint of theatrical in it or where he could use some fairground themes as props. I'd love to have Michael use the different themes that could be made to hover over the entire crowd at differnt angles as he's singing his songs. And just so each and every fan could take home a minute piece of that show with them would be their dream come true. So for that, I'd have Michael dropping tiny particles from above on the props. But the dropped particles would be doused first with his fragrances. The particles would be feathers and plastic butterflies for the females in the crowd. For the guys he'd drop miniature cardboard fedora hats all signed 'Love & Peace MJ' knowing that the guy's would pass those to the ladies anyhow, lol!. For the firground props I'd have him use a carousel horse floating above the area, as well as a dodgem car. The stage's main prop would have a ferris wheel (a smaller version of the original sized fw) for the winner to sit and take the dream ride with Michael for the entire length of the final song But before the all important dream ride, she would be handed a carton of pink jelly love hearts with MJ's initials on each jelly and Michael would be handed a huge red loveheart cushion with the winner's name on it . The song would be dedicated to that winner and away they go. He will sit for the entire song ride with his arm around her. At the end of the ride she will be escorted off by security and given a pink rose from Michael.

Michael would then ride off the stage in full black and red leathers on a harley davidson motorbike with a male fan picked from the crowd as his pillion. Smiling Laughing out loud