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Channelling MJ

Just wondering if anybody on these forums has
actually gotten any messages from MJ?.

There are some people who claim to have gotten
messages from him, from the other side.

There are some good mediums and some fakes.
Some people are now saying that Bonnie Vent is a
fake. I don' t know. I was keeping an open mind
on that one.

I've read somewhere on the internet that some
lady chanels MJ. She has even said that he has
fallen in love with her.

Just thought i'd bring this subject up as i am curious.

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I'm curious too, andrea. When I watched Bonnie Vent videos for the first time I kept myself in doubt about it. I'm not spiritualist, but I keep my mind opened also. I need to confess I was praying for the authenticity, I was looking for some comfort. Anyway, she didn't give any proof so, the doubt still continuing ...
Angie, I don't know if anyone could have contact with the deads. Maybe it needs someone with special flair to make it happen...
MJsmittenkitten, interesting point!
With l.o.v.e.

I tend to agree with Angiebree that, if Michael contacted anyone, it would be his family members. I've noticed that many in the world have had contacts and signs with, and from, Michael since his passing, and have slowly come to the conclusion that what everyone was experiencing was a type of "world spirit" of Michael; an egregore.

I came to this conclusion because, when Michael was in the forefront of everyone's psyche, these occurrences seemed to flourish. As more people began to accept Michael's passing, they died down; only to flare up again at the anniversary of his death. The Philip Experiment is a good example of this.

Isis, PM Eye-wink

Well, I can't say that I have ever channeled Michael because I haven't. But I can say that I BELIEVE I have gotten some small "signs" from him. Nothing major, just small signs to tell me he's around and I've felt him around me before. I will share a couple stories if any of you would like me to. I talk to him and pray to him a lot so I think it's kind of plausible that he'd acknowledge me, does that make sense? But I truly think he is aware of who his real fans are and who loves him. I definitely think he comes around to each of us, regardless of how much we talk to him.

@Isis: You brought up Bonnie Vent and I have to say that I agree that she is not channeling Michael. At first, I did believe her and I followed her every video posted because I needed comfort, but now I do not believe it. I don't believe she is a fraud because I think she really believes she's channeling Michael. I think, in the first two videos she posted, that was Michael. Anything after that, I'm not sure of it. I don't think we should discredit her though or bash her because in truth, we really do not know. I've been to other websites where people trashed all over her, calling her a fraud and a fake. I admit, her posts on her message board have me questioning her (she says that Michael is concerned for her safety and she only reveals the messages he tells her to. She hasn't sent out a message in months) but again, I won't judge her. I don't think she's scamming the fans, but I don't think she's very accurate either.

Have any of you heard of Julianna Suranyi? She is one the most accurate psychic/mediums from Australia. She claims to have channeled Michael last year, around the time of his death. Now there's something about her that makes me believe her and I really do. She makes some interesting points about Michael's children and she goes into detail about an oval shape on Michael's back. She also reveals that behind his left ear, is a scar. This is almost her way of "confirming" that it may be him. But the way she speaks about him, it sounds like him and I've never felt that confident about Bonnie's channelings. Watch the videos for yourself and make your own decision though. - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

If you want to know more about Julianna here's her official website:

She hasn't posted anything more about channeling Michael, I think that was the only time and for some reason, I think that makes her more creditable. I think Michael is trying to get around to many different people, not just one.

a PM back to you Smiling

*Love, Light and Peace*

Isis check PM pls

Isis: Hi & thx for your response.

Yes i understand what you mean about his spirtual name.
When we return to our real home (spirit world), we are no longer
who we were on the earth plane.

I agree completely with Isis. Wow seems like you were reading my mind, I think we have something in common, maybe someone....

Namstè Andrea!

You can believe me when I say that Bonnie Vent channels a nature but that one is NOT Michael! It is a lower nature who is using Michaels name.

Michael is a very high spirit and I didn´t meet any person who has channeled the "right" Michael.
When he wants to "send" messages then only under his "right" name (his spiritually name). He doesn´t use anymore his earthly name because all the "earthly" experiences are far away from him.

There are many people who claim they would be the only ones who are able to channel "MJ" and that he said he would has falling in love with them. That "LOVE" is the divine LOVE and not that LOVE which we are experience on Earth.

The most intense love (more then the divine love) he feels about his soul mate. They are connected very intense and that is a love which started long before the times have begun, before the Earth was born.

*Love, Light and Peace*

This person who i came across on the internet
was saying allsorts, saying she has messages
for his family etc. She wants them to believe that
MJ talks thru' her. MJ was a private person
wasn't he?. I don't think this lady should be
talking about his personal life. She says she
is a MJ fan, well she is some fan then if she's
not respecting his private life imo.

Andrea, PM

Yeah I posted a thread on Bonnie Vent cause I was asked by a friend to view her videos and give my point of view. I just don't know about any of them in order to give my view. I believe that if he was to contact anyone it would be his close family and friends not some unknown.