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Was Michael a coffee and tea drinker?

He loved fruit juices and fiji water but did he drink coffee and tea too?

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Hi dear, this is not our Michael. This is another who guy is a beer critic.

Much Love♥

I am off to research the tea and coffee i wonder what kind Michael like????

Thank you Sparkles Smiling I'm actually blushing like a beacon now with all these sweet and kind compliments. Here in the UK we also refer to blushing as 'Got a beam on' lol!

Cassie and Mjwifee thanks for noticing the TII Mikey shirt xx I have to admit it's my prized possession there's only a limited number being sold, I couldn't miss the opportunity. I hug it too, lol, just so I could imagine what our lad felt like in his. My o/h bought one too but he refuses to wear it. He may as well buy a glass cabinet and display it in that! lol. But you know, I will only wear it for very special occassions Eye-wink I just wanted to pose in it for you peeps to see as I wanted to share it with you. I will take care of it and treat it like gold!. I thought Mikey would have been a fruit tea drinker Eye-wink I wonder if he ever tried guiness?

Hey, I'll try the almond milk sometime. Thanks Smiling You guys are so lucky to be able to get fiji water so easy.

Thanks MJwifee also for sharing your unique pics with us. Classy.

Chocolate Nymph....you are adorable in that shirt! Smiling

@wifee - I'm tickled to know that he was a tea drinker.... love it.... my family loves tea also ... especially blueberry and raspberry!!! Yummy....
Love it.. Thanks so much for sharing.

I drink Fiji water too, it is very obtainable here in the U.S. I can find it at my local grocery store. I love that picture of MJ smittenkitten, relaxing with his Fiji water, pretzels and chocolate, those are great snacks! It's amazing how we are all so wrapped up in every little thing Michael did, or liked.... I just think it makes him seem more human and normal, instead of just a supernova celebrity, it makes him even more loveable and touchable with his feet planted firmly on the ground, even though we know he was an angel in disguise! ♥

Michael wasn't a big coffee drinker but tea was definitely him all the way. Mj LOVEd raspberry tea. YUMMY!! Kissesz to all.

Girl I am loving that shirt on you.

Girl I am loving that shirt on you.

May be not same time as KFC Sticking out tongue

@MJs Chocolate Nymph
Holland and Barrettes sell almond milk.

Mj's chocolate I really do love the way you speak. Even here in the U.S. some words are different depending on what part you live at. I think for the most part it's accent that changes. In some places here in the U.S. bars are called pubs. Where I live their called bars unless it's named a pub and usually it's irish. Oh and I just noticed the shirt your wearing it's very cool. I hope you tast the water.

I don't know about specifically coffee, but I read that he did like his caffeinated drinks. Could be coffee, could be tea, soda...Red Bull, etc.

@mjs choc nymph - you're rocking that shirt, girl. Love it Smiling

Aw, don't be sorry. You are not making fun at all, it's our daft british way with names. I much prefer to call a petrol station a gas station. Because it is gas. But where the hell the word petrol came from I have no idea. You guys call a medical place a pharmacy which is correct because it sells pharmacuticals. We call it a chemist. Pretty sad lol!. Another far more appropriate name you call places of entertainment are quite simply 'bars', over here it's pubs (Pubs!. I'll see you later I'm off to the pub! for a pint of ale.

I'll have to think of some more, LOL.

I'm sorry I don't mean to make fun but I love the way you talk mj's Chocolate. You make a gas station sound inteligent. Here where I live I can find it in at a pharmacy or gas station. If you go to the fiji water website it gives you places where it is sold. Your right Harrods is one of them.


HAHAHAHH this thread is freaking funny, wow i never thought about what he likes to drink, i have seen him drinking tea especially in the bad era, (there is a very interesting clip of him giving bubbles a sip from a cup), and i have seen him with cans of pepsi and fanta, (but supposedly these contained wine) and of course the fiji water, the gatorade on stage i can most definitely believe because i have seen his tongue coated orange while performing during the HIStory tours (i love his mouth what can i say) hahahaha.

Almond milk? that sounds nice. I don't think I've seen it but I've seen rice milk.

ilvkuramj - you lucky peeps being able to buy fiji water from a petrol station? Smiling We can't even get it in a supermarket over here in the UK. I think Harrods in London will be the only place we can get it and it'll be something like £30 a bottle, lol! So if I want some I'll have to travel 250 miles which will be another £30 for petrol in the car. Jeeez! mate, that's gonna be an expensive bottle of water. Shocked

Michael was that powerful that we all want to know what he drank lol. Some of you guys are looking for Fiji water. It's good water. I buy it myself. I usually get it at a gas station or a Walgreens or CVS. It's doesn't cost anymore than the other water. It's pretty impressive that Michael drank gatorade on stage. It makes total sense because he moved just as much as an athlete.

Almond milk.... I love it too.... sweet...

now I add almonds to my milk shake.

i seen a pic of Michael drinking from a tea cup once so he must have.

Aw wow! Julie Smiling Love it Smiling Yeah I can just see the fiji label on the side of the bottles, I'm surprised it's in plastic bottles and not glass LOL. But hey... who cares what it's in when it's sat right there next to our guy. Eye-wink Those lucky bottles got a real french kissing from those lips!

Hmmm......I'd say to Michael "coffee, tea, or <em>ME</em>, baby?"

@ButterCupADay: ewwwww.......can you imagine beetroot juice with his KFC?

Well this pic shows Fiji water....so, I guess he did like it! Smiling


Didn't Kay (the chef) says he liked Carrot and Beetroot juice?

Fiji water? wow I've seen one somewhere but I must sample it and see what's it like Smiling

It gets dafter don't it mariaann. Typical of tabloid crap.

wadidt0baby, that's very true about the juice Eye-wink He also loved his chuddy (chewing gum) bless him.

I read in an MJ Fact collum that he liked to drink
Orange Juice, Orange Gatorade and Vitamin Water!

Laughing out loud

MJs Chocolate Nymph: If I remember correctly, I think the rumor was that he requested to bathe in Perrier everytime he stayed in a hotel. So stupid!

I could drink that iced tea and vanilla meself LaQ) it sounds good enough, he probly did drink it.

@Mariaann - I too heard that stupid bath in perrier water tabloid junk rumour years ago. It was as bad as the hyperbaric chamber thing and the elephant man's bones. Like as if Michael would bathe in perrier water, think of how many times he'd have to fill the kettle and boil it all. By the time he'd finished filling the tub with all those kettle trips, it'd be cold again. The daft f***ers. No wonder the tabloids are hated. I'm surprised they didn't make up more claptrap about the bones being boiled for soup.

Hi girls! This is listed on the MJ Fan club site as Michael's favorite things to drink, but no mention of tea or coffee...

Favorite Drink: mineral water (e.g. Evian, Perrier), fruit juice (orange), vegetable juice (carrot), Gatorade (during concerts)

Interesting that Perrier is listed, because years ago, probably in the 80's, there were rumors that he liked taking baths in Perrier. Of course that was alot of tabloid junk! Did anybody ever hear that rumor?

Another thing he liked to drink was wine in diet coke cans during flights on private jets. This fact was brought up at the trial & is in the book Michael Jackson Conspiracy by Aprhodite Jones.