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I Wonder What Was Michael's Favorite Books To Read

I have have heard on numerous occassions that Michael was an avid reader. I find that to be a very wonderful and cool thing, because that shows that he was an intelligent man. So me being the literary buff and bookworm that i am, i figure that that i read his favorites. So what was the titles of Michael's favorite books? I know it may sound strange that i would want to read the same books as Michael did.

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Here is a list of some of the books he read. http://rhythmofthetide.com/michael-jacksons-library-favorite-books/

Michael was an extremely intelligent human being. I heard he had a brilliant memory as well. I enjoy reading as well. I love reading biographies about important people in history. I think it's sad that people don't give Michael enough credit. He was capable of many things in his life. Michael loved music but most people don't know he loved classical music. Michael loved to dance but most people don't know he knew how to tap and swing dance. Michael had more intelligence and talent in one finger than most people will ever experience. He should be known as one of the great minds.

Hello jompsl! Glad to share. Your LlNK was to the second artlcle. l couldn't do lt because, as you notlced, there's a problem wlth my "eye" key so l have to get creatlve. l wasn't home when one of my nleces's came by to vlslt along wlth her 2-year old son. She used my laptop but dldn't close lt up and turn lt off when she flnlshed. So of course her LlTTLE MONSTER got on lt and somehow or another he removed the "eye" key from my Sony Valo. l feel that my nlece should replace the key, but so far she hasn't done lt and lt has been a real lnconvenlence because everythlng l type looks strange plus there are a lot of thlngs that l can't do because of the mlsslng key. So l guess l'm golng to have to replace lt myself. Oh well.....

l'm an avld reader myself, and l came across some lnterestlng lnfo regardlng MJ and hls love of books. l read that Mlchael Jackson was "Extremely well-read" and that hls "majestlc" Llbrary at Neverland had 10,000 volumes on lts shelves (the reason they knew how many books there were ls that durlng the 2005 trlal the Santa Barbara DA's offlce had Neverland ralded and searched three tlmes clalmlng that there was evldence hldden ln MJ's home that they needed. The agents went lnto the LlBRARY and took every last one of the books down and went through them all, supposedly searchlng for "CHlLD PORNOGRAPHY." The thlrd tlme they came was unannounced and Mlchael was there wlth hls klds, who wltnessed the rald. lt was after thls unnecessary lntruslon lnto hls PRlVATE LlFE that he sald, "l can't take thls anymore" and he declded to move out of Neverland

l found thls and more ln an artlcle that l had prlnted out and saved qulte some tlme ago. l had come across a reader blog at seattlepl.com entltled "Mlchael Jackson "Extremely Well-Read", Had 10,000 Books". There were also two LlNKS wlthln the blog entry:

1) LA Tlmes artlcle wrltten by staff wrlter Carolyn Kellog dated June 27, 2009 entltled "Mlchael Jackson, the bookworm."

2) LA Weekly artlcle by Randall Roberts dated Thur. June 25, 2009 entltled "Mlchael Jackson's Lawyer, Bob Sanger, Talks to West-Coast Sound About the Pop Star, Hls Llfe---and Hls Readlng Hablts." Durlng a rather lengthy lntervlew Sanger sat ln court wlth MJ every day for four months and got to know hlm and how hls mlnd worked. Mr. Sanger glves the lmpresslon that rather than belng a drugged out zomble as the medla would have us BELlEVE, Mlchael was there and fully engaged. He just gave the appearance that he was not.

Sorry l can't provlde the Llnks due to a problem wlth my laptop, but you can google them. You'll flnd out a lot of lnterestlng and surprlslng facts about Mlchael and you'll come away wlth new found respect and admlratlon for thls wonderful man. l laugh every tlme l thlnk about people who thought they "knew" hlm as "CHlLD-LlKE" and not very brlght. Funny that there ls hardly anythlng wrltten about hls lNTELLlGENCE and how he was able to converse on a wlde varlety of subjects and that more than shopplng for antlques and objects of art, he loved to shop for BOOKS. Probably one reason for hls sadness and LONELlNESS was that lt was dlfflcult to flnd someone (a woman)lntellectually and splrltually equal to hlm. Oh there were many BEAUTlFUL women, but that wasn't what he longed for and needed.

And flnally, he never lost hls CURlOSlTY and THlRST FOR KNOWLEDGE, because hls last home, the one ln HOLMBY HlLLS, had a wood paneled LlBRARY where he no doubt spent lots of tlme.

All book lover will read anything, I ship home 36 book when I was in the USA. A few month ago.
But i am in to ebook too, I just got peter pan ebook and I have a old copie from 1936.
I think MJ would read and collect any and all good books.
And then read them that is what I do.

All book lover will read anything, I ship home 36 book when I was in the USA. A few month ago.
But i am in to ebook too, I just got peter pan ebook and I have a old copie from 1936.
I think MJ would read and collect any and all good books.
And then read them that is what I do.

Michael is a great reader He likes to read a Bible daily , he likes History and interesting people analogy books . I Love to read too specially dancing the dream is my second Bible he is also a good writer . nice thred Tiff thanks so much

tiffany... as i know it was "The Old Man and the Sea a novella by Ernest Hemingway " =)

@MJCUTIEPIE That is a funny pic of Michael reading but am wondering why is he reading that book upside down? LOL

@MJCUTIEPIE That is a funny pic of Michael reading but am wondering why is he reading that book upside down? LOL

He liked reading books on art, poetry, different religions. Here's a few of his favorite books that's listed on the MJ fan club site...

Favorite Books: 'Peter Pan' by James Matthew Barrie, 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull' by Richard Bach, 'The Old Man And The Sea' by Ernest Hemingway

Yes am going to get the book "They Caged The Animals At Night" . That was a very touching interview that Michael did with the auhor of that book. I also read in an interview that he read numerous books on Walt Disney and the Disney empire. Michael was an amazing man indeed.

One book that I know that he liked is called "They Cage the Animals at Night"
by Jennings Michael Burch. Michael interviewed him on one of the special features of the movie "Miss Castaway." The book is about a boy and his only friend in the world, a stuff animal named Doggie. It is a very touching story. I know that you will like it. Here is a synopsis of the book:

One rainy day in Brooklyn, Jennings Michael Burch's mother, too sick to care for him, left him at an orphanage, saying only, "I'll be right back." She never returned. Shuttled through a series of bleak foster homes and institutions, he never remained in any of them long enough to make a friend. Instead, Jennings clung to a tattered stuffed animal, his sole source of warmth in a frightening world. This is the poignant story of his lost childhood. But it is also the triumphant tale of a little boy who finally gained the courage to reach out for love-and found it waiting for him.
He was also seen reading this book, Animal Language by MIchael Bright. Funny pic!!

Michael was very intelligent. Although he did not officially attend college, he was given an honorary PH.D in Humanities by Fiske University in 1988 at a United Negro College Fund ceremony. Whitney Houston was his date but Liz, Liza and Christie Brinkley attend to support him as well. The UNCF dedicated the Michael Jackson Scholarship Fund in his name in 1986 for all his generous donations. He wanted to make sure that others could afford to learn and become educated. That is the kind of wonderful man that he was. I love him so much.

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I would have thought he'd be into reading books about ghosts and haunted places.

I red that Michael was interested in everything;he loved to read and even enjoyed perusing the libraries of people he visited.Michael's favorite subject was literature;he was keen on learning and books were the way for a busy man to gain knowledge.

He said he would read anything he could get his hands on. Can't remember which interview that came from. He is well read and quite the bookworm. That makes him even more hot. He is unbelievably special and precious.

history books , science fiction, the bible

I was thinking it may be the Bible. There were reports that he read his Bible everyday. I am sure he read many, many books but to read one every day. I think it may have been the Bible. Just my thoughts.


Hello Tiffany,

Todd Gray wrote this about Michael......

'He especially loved books on Hollywood glamour from the 1930s, richly illustrated children's books, and coffee-table books on photography'.

"Michael Jackson Before He Was King" by Todd Gray

Wow thats amazing Michael was both artistic and good with words.

He said in Moonwalker (I think, some book anyway) that he would write short stories when he went to school and the teacher liked them so much that she would have him read them to the class Smiling
And I know that he used to get A's in English and Art in school. That's no surprise though, his artwork is amazing and Dancing the Dream is beautiful.

If michael wouldve went to college i reckon that he wouldve gotten all a's

They say he had tons of books, he loved to read anything.

Wow these are some very interesting books by some wonderful authors. I can tell that Michael had great taste in reading materials. I think thats another thing that me and Michael shared. WE both are very intelligent bookworms that love books.

In one ebony interview he said he read the dictionary, I found this very amusing, always awesome MJ!
It is said that one of his fave authors is Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Hello Tiffany,

I think that it would be safe to assume that one of Michael's favourite books would have been

'Peter Pan' by J.M.Barrie

Yeah, I have also read that he loved History books, and the "They Cage The Animals At NIght"....His body guards have talked about how much he read. That his library had 100s and 100s of books and that they had all been read! Such an intelligent man he was Smiling

I remember reading somewhere that his favourite poet was Ralph Waldo Emerson. He wrote a poem called Earth Song which might have inspired Michael's song!


Nice thread Tiffany Smiling