Robert Alexander Giles WOW now this is what a sound alike should sound like plus some others

Man this guys voice is just about as close as I have heard to the MJ magic. OF COURSE no-one will ever reproduce the real magic but this guy does come close. Poor dude doesn't have much production support but its the VOICE that knocks you out.

This guy isnt too bad either.

This PARISIAN guy done in Feb 2010 knocks me out everytime. MJ would have loved this ijn front of thr Eiffel TOWER
His name is James B Legend

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Robert is still working in the UK and has a brand new show!

I have heard that Robert Alexander is no longer working in the UK????.......... I got to see a theatre show with a guy named BEN you should check him out, he is now supposed to be the No.1 Michael Jackson Tribute in the UK and I couldn't believe how amazing the show was! Even down to the costumes and dancers it was incredible check him out.........

Take a l(. )(. )k at this guy, I came across his Smooth Criminal video, extremely good! Watch out for the lean at 2:55.

The guy you are on about is Mitchell Joseph Thompson, he is one of the best Michael Jackson tribute artists in the world along with a few others. I can't wait for him to come to Vegas. Thanks for sharing!