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Ozzy Osbourne Talks About Jackson

(The Herald Sun) - British rocker Ozzy Osbourne has spoken out about Michael Jackson’s death -- asking why the doctor involved wasn’t “up for murder”, it emerged Thursday.

In an interview with The Herald Sun during a discussion about Jackson -- who died last June at age 50 after overdosing on prescription drugs -- Osbourne was asked “What’s your take on his death?”

He replied: “If you or me had given him that medication, we'd be up for murder. So why isn't the doctor? That stuff they use only anesthetists should use. Doctors get away with anything. It's like a club. I took my kids to see him (Jackson) years ago. He was a phenomenal performer.”

More, here: http://www.myfoxla.com/dpps/entertainment/ozzy-osbourne-talks-about-jack...

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Well done Ozzy! Thats what we wanna hear! Justice for Michael!

Doesn't the whole world agree? So, what the heck is keeping this judicial system from listening to what seems to me like common sense?

I love Ozzy, always have! Thank you Prince of Darkness! And considering this came from a true Rock God, that is really something for Ozzy to say what a great performer Michael was too....awesome!

go ozzy!

Good for Ozzy for speaking out!

I am glad he said this.

I saw Black Sabbath back in the 70's, in San Diego, CA. So, here's Ozzy in all his glory!!!

Black Sabbath Iron Man(Live in Paris 1970)

I love that family. They certainly beat the odds and I'm happy for them. Thanks for the article. Seems the peoples the world has deemed "dysfunctional" have far more common sense than the ones they label as "normal" .


YOU GO OZZY!! I knew I loved ya for a reason!!! Now yell it loud and clear so the world can hear you...and NO mumblin' either!!! XXOO

ALL POSITIVEand good compliments are always welcomed!!
Thanks lyl.

@ Debbi you are absolutely right
Surprised by genuine comment Ozzy
God bless him for that
Thanks for sharing

He needs to educate his mate Gene Simmonds!!!!

@Ali- God bless Ozzy's heart....I was thinking the same thing when I read it. I love his phone commercials where he has to text everyone so they understand what he says:)

you go ozzy! he's just echoing what everyone thinks Smiling

you go ozzy! he's just echoing what everyone thinks Smiling

Only the creme de le creme speak good of Michael. Ozzy is another who happens to have his head srewed on righ,t despite his own problems Nice one John Ozzy you're a good bloke.

I saw Ozzy in concert back in 1990, he was cool.

It seems that he has been following all this. Go Ozzy!

@mjoneofakind, thank you love!

speak LOUDER Ozzy so EVERYONE can hear you, love!!!

That's funny lol

...and it's coherent! You rock Ozzy Osbourne.

Way to go Ozzy!!
You've never been afraid to speak the truth

Ozzy speaks the truth!

And add Ozzy to me list of the good guys. I always liked him; it's good to know he isn't afraid to speak up about MJ. Ozzy just got sexier Sticking out tongue

Well...AMEN Ozzy!!!

What Ozzy said!