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William Wagener supporting MJ trying to put Sneddon in jail

We have to help this guy bring out the truth. He covered the 2005 trial


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Here is my take on Mr. Wagener. I understand what he is trying to do. I have always believed this and it is true What is done in the dark will come to light. It is true. People can cover their tracks but for so long. When a person does wrong do not think that the Creator and many others aren't watching because they are.

What goes around comes around. See, now we know that Evan Chandler killed himself and then his son decides conveniently to tell the truth. Though he should have done it when Michael was with us, people have to face up to their wrongdoings. It will come out either way. It will shock alot of people. Oh, I'm not shocked because Sneddon would be hurt alot. People need to think before they do such hideous things. Shameful on them. Right on William Wagener.

Thanks a lot!

Olga, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will certainly keep my eye on this producer to see what and if he does regarding seeking real justice for Michael. In the mean time, I think my money is better spent supporting the charities and causes that were dear to Michael's heart, fighting for justice for the environment, especially in light of the horrendous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and fighting for MJ on the grassroots level throught MJIL. (www.mjil.net)

I think SmoovArt's comment was eloquent and well-thought-out. I echo her sentiments.

HOW can you people be so easily lead under the guise of seeking Justice for MJ .
ONLY few I have seeing so far asking the tough question,
I saw this a while back , but guess what In 2005 MJ got a fair trail with those same evil judge , so if all those evidence is there then as Smoovart says take it to the revenant person,
my fellow fans do not allowed our self to be used like this we need to think thing through before we get on the boat.
I am sorry BUT I too am tired of hearing about all of who are bad with nothing to back it up get a layer and give him the evidence.
its been a now fact that evidence tampering happen in MJ case, what change oh Mj is in style again

Thank you SmoovArt, got the message, you are right.

SmoovArt, you are absolutely correct. Be very careful of ANYONE who solicits cash from ordinary folks, regardless of how sincerely they tell us what we desperately want to hear.

SmoovArt is right: if he does have evidence of real wrong-doing, he should be taking it to the Attorney General's office--or perhaps the State of California's AG office--and asking them to launch an investigation. Making a documentary--however positive--does not cause anything to happen. Except possibly for money to roll into the pockets of the producers.


With the L.O.V.E.

Well-said, SmoovArt.

<strong>Questions</strong> we have to ask is: why are you trying to make a documentary off the fans stash, and not taking your evidence to the U.S. Attorney General's office. There's a whole new administration on the federal level. If the information this man claim to have is taken to the US Attorney Generals office, an investigation will be launched. First, they will vet this guy out and make sure he's not being shady and taking advantage of Michael's fans. Then they will investigate his claims. If all pans out. Sneddon and his co- conspirators will be charged and convicted.

<strong>Question</strong> What main-stream media outlet ever wanted Michael to be really vindicated and redeemed and how will this documentary be any different? Without action, it will be business as usual, and IGNORED! But get this man convicted, the media and general public will be force to pay attention. Because a action was taken that actually resulted in a public official being convicted, for crimes against a son, a brother, a father, a humanitarian, and the biggest ICON the world will ever know. The media will be force to go back and revisit the trial and all the mistakes they made in covering it. They will be forced to call themselves out. Because they were wrong and now the top law enforcement official in the country, the U.S. Attorney General , said so. Now, that's justice and that would make a much better documentary. This Wagener dude, won't need to solicit cash from Michael's fans. Wagener being on the ground floor with this, will be the first person with the resources responsible media can turn to.

<strong>Question</strong> What would Michael do? For me, this is yet another crab in a bucket who has found a way to make big money off of Michael, by climbing on the heads and hearts of his fans.... Not only journalists, fake friends, and grand standing lawyers ..... but, also fans who claim to love Michael the most, have found a way to turn their many causes into cash. We have to wise up, on how we choose to fight for Michael's justice and who we choose the lead in these battles. There is and will be many more schemes from people preying on our pain for justice. They are all aware , Michael has very passionate and loyal fans. They will challenge the fans loyality and question what more are you willing to do.(example: Of the millions of fans worldwide, is there at least a 100,000 of you willing to pay $50 to get this documentary done) If you don't meet their challege, then you weren't really a fan to begin with. <strong>Question</strong> How many times have we heard that?

People need to stop trying to jump on every band wagon that claims to be seeking justice, and ask yourselves, what have they done in all sincerity, besides line their pockets with your cash. The only justice in this situation will be Sneddon and all his co- conspirators, behind bars. Not some documentary that we're being asked to pay for, that only tells us what we already know.

I quote HIS:
"Michael's JUSTICE is only in the PRISON SENTENCES of those people who did him so wrong. Anyone who has evidence enough to launch an investigation better be high-tailing it down to the US Attorney General, finally getting something done, not stopping off at some local newspaper or trying to launch some media documentary. Show me some action that is finally going to charge and convict somebody before you ask me for a single dime. And that goes for anybody who thinks that just exposing things in the media is going to accomplish much of anything. I ask everyone who reads this "Has it YET"? Has ANYTHING truly significant happened for Michael's JUSTICE in the past 11+ months? Has anyone actually tried to figure out why, instead of just sitting back and complaining? And is there anyone who wants a $5 mill fan investment <strong>"stonewalled"</strong> by the press, just like anything else that gives Michael a positive reflection?"

Take the action to get this man convicted! Then the world will have no other choice but to listen. Then we can talk about producing another documentary.

I really like this guy!

I want to join your team SmoovArt, I'd rather send YOU the money!! I totally agree with what you have said here. Mr. Wagener seems to be on Michaels side, but he also seems to be a bit of a grandstander too!

Thanks smove for bring this to light
We appreciate your words of wisdom God bless you

I'll give him the 5 million, when and if Sneddon is brought up on charges. What has this man done in terms of filing a compliant and presenting the evidence to the correct people, to get Sneddon charged? I don't want to see another documentary with no action and I'm certainly not going to pay for it. If this is not just another money grab, then this man should be in Washington DC on capital hill, with his complaints and evidence. He don't need to have a documentary out there for justice, to prevail. If he has the evidence to prove Sneddon's guilt, then why hasn't he taken it any further. Instead of trying to get Michael's passionate , but vulnerable fans to front him the cash.

People there is money to be made in defending Michael Jackson and journalists know it, now. But, all these books and documentaries do is make the producers money. Not one of them have brought the perpetrators to justice. Although, I appreciate this being brought to the light, I'm tired of hearing about it. Show me some action. Because so far, he's gotten away with it. I would appreciate a documentary done of him actually taking this evidence through the proper channels, and fighting for justice, more.

The U.S. Attorney General's office http://www.justice.gov/ag/ would be very interested in wrong doing of an elected official. If this guy is serious, he can start by lobbying there with his evidence.

Excellent video, Olga TH! We need more info like this.

I saw this the other day and thought this is great but as I listened to him I not sure.......
I think we have to be very careful of things like this, remember people jump on the band wagon and use Michael's name and this man seems very pushy about getting this other man out of jail.
It could be true but I think more investigation needs to be done.
I would advise caution.................Michael always said don't believe everything you hear!!!

Thanks Olga for sharing can you plese change the title to a call to the fans
because some one posted it a while ago I almost ignore it . Change it
William W call to MJJ fans new 06-04-10 thanks Olga
Love and hugs

Yes would love to support Mr. Wagner. I would hope the documentary made it to Belgium too. I really wish that people are forced to see this. I hope everybody on the MJ.com would support this.
And this documentary should also show what how magnificent Mr. Jackson was, showing about his humanitarian work, his values and the extremely kind and helping person he was.
Plse to all the fans, let's go for this.

Thanks for the link Olgath, Mr.Wagener has my vote and I would be glad to send him $50 to make a truthful documentary of what really happened at Michaels 2005 trial. Tom Sneddon needs to go down in flames on these charges:
1. Felony Abuse of Office
2. Evidence Tampering
3. Conspiracy