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The passing of our angel - by Erin Jacobs

The passing of our angel

June 25, 2009, seems like the day the music died along with so much more. Since the age of 12, I remember that beautiful face, that angelic voice that made you just want to dance. Just one glance and you were hooked. The sweetest smile and those eyes that could draw you in like a full moon above the ocean. His heart, that was too big to fit into that divine body. Your kind sweet nature and humility made us fall in love forever.

Here we are a year later, Michael is gone and all of our dreams are shattered. Each night before I fall asleep I think about how much I miss him and each morning when I wake, I still can't believe he is gone. They say that time heals all wounds but time has forgotten this one. I wish everyday this pain would subside just a bit and the tears would stop. I walk around in a daze wondering why? “Why, did it happen this way, why did you have to leave so early and so tragically? “

If I could tell Michael, one thing it would be, “I 'm sorry." I 'm sorry for all the people who hurt and disappointed you. I am sorry for those that you trusted who betrayed you. I 'm sorry for the media who misunderstood and used you. I'm sorry for the loneliness your genius created. I am sorry you died at the hands of someone who cared only for himself and never thought of you, or your children. Michael, I'm sorry for the Justice system that has completely failed you.
Please forgive us.

I would also tell you that we love you and miss you everyday. I pray that you found the solace peace and love you deserve. I pray you know about all the hearts that were broken when you left. Do you see the rivers of tears and hear the cries of those that grieve? Do you hear the prayers sent to heaven and see the flowers left for you on earth? Do you see the pain on our faces? Do you know how many want nothing more than to have you back?

As we approach the one year anniversary, of your passing we will join together, hand in hand, broken heart next to broken heart. We will honor your life and your legacy. From around the world they will come, to stand before the greatest that lived amongst us and who will live within our hearts for eternity. We will fight for the injustice and look out for your children. They to will always be a part of us.

Michael, you are our family and we are yours. I hope we will make you proud and live our lives with our hands extended to those who need them. Your message will be passed to generations to come. We will remember the things that were important to you and they will be important to us. We will set the record straight and one person at a time we will vindicate you. Thank you for loving us but we really did love you more.
R.I.P our angel, your darkness is over and ours is just beginning.

Please help us honor a man who gave us so much. On June 25, 2010 join us at Forest Lawn, Glendale CA. As we remember and mourn, our King Of Pop and King Of Hearts. We are hoping to provide a ceremony worthy of your grace.

Please if you can donate to the one rose project and the love for doves. We want this day to be as special as he was.!/group.php?gid=112633555419436&ref=ts

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Dear Erin,

Thank God for people such as you.

As the Jackson fued grows, here is what I found on CNN which YOU may want to address:

this is a comment from Bradley Jacobs of US MAGAZINE, that rag:

"Money always brings out the worst in people," said Bradley Jacobs, a senior editor for Us Weekly magazine. "Michael Jackson was a hot mess in life, and things are still really messy in death."
Jacobs noted the great lengths to which the late pop star went to shield his children from just the type of publicity and notoriety that they are now immersed in. Jackson would often employ disguises for his children when they were younger, and very few details of their lives were shared. Paris, Prince Michael and "Blanket" (as the youngest is known) are now much more visible, and Jacobs pointed out that Paris' reported aspirations to be an actress mean she plans to stay that way.

"It's ironic given how Michael protected those children and kept them from the spotlight and now Paris is wanting that spotlight," he said. "Paris is tweeting and people are learning from Paris."

This is what Michael had to contend with his entire life. A hot mess? My God, they didn't even know the man or ever met him. Had they met him and looked into those eyes, he would have been changed (as many who met him said). His aura, his presence. He was flawed but he handled it with grace, dignity and passion. I became a fan after his death. I never listened to his music or cared about him. After he died and saw the outpouring of grief globally, I researched his life, the allegations and was astounded at the garbage I was fed and became a fan so much so that the anger and grief I feel makes no sense as I personally do not care for celebrities. I feel that he was betrayed beyond belief and never said a bad word about anyone.

This family fued, quite frankly has me dismayed. I don't trust the Jackson family. They should have informed Paris where her grandmother was and that would have ended it. They want Michael's money and will do anthing they can to get a piece of the billion dollar pie.

Erin, please address the media such as Jacobs above. This has got to stop. Michael's legacy deserves better. And Diane Dimond is at it again. Sometimes I lose my belief in humanity. I don't know how Michael held on for so long. Most wouldn't.


This is interesting Karenm. Thank you for the info.

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OMG Girlfriend - How are you too? It's so good to see and chat with - It's been a little while! Doesn't it still just garb at your heart string with the reality of MJ being GONE WAY TOO SOON! I so wished that Michael was still here with US to enjoy all of this Comeback that he so deserved! I'm so glad that I got to make so many MJ Friends in LA and you were such a Blessing and Kind Spirit! MJ has the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!



Just doesnt seem that long ago when Thriller was released *sigh* , still cant believe he's gone!

Hi Irene, how are you girl?

with much MJ L.O.V.E. in our hearts and soul

HI Girlfirend Erin - Reading this thread again today (on the Anniversary of the THRILLER ALBUM - 28th Anniversary) my heart is broken once AGAIN and MISSING MJ never ceases!



I really can't believe that he passed away
love you MJ Smiling

The words of "The Passing of Our Angel" was like a warm "Blanket" that I wrapped around me. Thank you Erin Jacobs


Such wonderful words for a wonderful man.

Our own tribute to Michael Jackson 'MJ Timeless' took place this summer in England. The show will tour and we work to honour Michael in loving memory.

June 23 today... sad! Missing you Michael and Loving you most.
Nobody will ever fill your shoes! ♥♥♥

Bump for Love.

where are you Miss Erin? I need my tshirt if there are any left...

Bump with tears.

wow these words hit home with Mj being passed away for nearly a year now. This is a beautiful idea. Thanks Erin for caring so much. Makes me proud to know you as a fellow supporter & fan....

love & light