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For those of you who have seen but have yet to discover my new book dedicated to Michael Jackson, I’d like to share “The Story Behind The Cover” and give you some insight as to what was on my mind when I prepared it. Some of you might find my interpretation a little far-fetched, yet it’s nothing more but a personal and spiritual recount of my own artistic representation. And that’s just the beauty of Art, i.e. that everyone is free to see, feel, and interpret it any way they choose to. At the end of the day, whatever you choose to see in this drawing and the feelings and emotions it awakens in you is all that really matters. So, let your imagination run wild and channel Michael’s energy any way that brings you joy. And after that if you still want to understand what I was trying to capture, you can always dive into my narrative on the meaning and symbolism of my new book cover for “Have You Seen My Childhood: In Memory of Michael Jackson”, a beautiful tribute to an exceptional soul.

“The Story Behind The Book Cover”

Originally, when I started working on my book cover, I had planned to use Michael’s own drawing of himself as a young child, sheltered in a corner with a microphone in his hand, head down. I’m sure you all know the image from the “History” booklet for the song “Have You Seen My Childhood” I’m referring to. As you can imagine the legal ramifications to get clearance on the use of the original picture made by Michael were complex, and given the urgency of the cause, I felt it was best to keep moving forward and go another way.

Though I very much enjoy painting, especially in the realm of Abstraction, I’m not a trained Artist and my drawing skills are therefore very limited. However in this very instance, I had a beautiful subject and a great incentive to try and come up with the best possible drawing to capture the essence of what I was trying to portray, i.e. L.O.V.E!

Inspired by his self-portrait as a helpless little child, I decided to depict Michael in his early years. I felt that doing so would really capture the qualities of innocence and purity that defined Michael’s child-like personality. After that, I thought I would emphasize on his compassion, love, and kindness by drawing him as an Angel. I then placed the Angel floating over fluffy wave-like and heart-shaped clouds that closely resemble an Ocean. The symbolism being that, from above, on his “dream-like Ocean of L.O.V.E.”, the Angelic man who never quite grew up, is still watching over us, making sure we are all safe and cared for.

I don’t know about you, but, personally, I find it quite fascinating that Michael’s name should mean “one who is like God” in Hebrew, and that in various religious scriptures, Archangel Michael is seen as “one of the chief princes” who comes to Archangel Gabriel’s aid to defeat Evil forces. As the “field commander of the Army of God”, he is also described as the “great Prince who stands up for the children of the People”. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he is also regarded as the patron of many cities, chivalrous positions as well as professions that stand up for defending the weak and powerless. Anyway, to me, if any Michael ever incorporated all the values that traditions and rites first associated with his name, MJ did more than any other, and on so many different levels too…

Now, going back to my book cover, if you look closer at the little Angel representing Michael, you’ll notice that his eyes are closed, as if in a Meditative state where he’d be intensely praying and communing with all other souls, i.e. long gone, yet, still protecting us from the Heavens. The tear of blood rolling down his cheek was added for dramatic effect and to mirror the image of Christ on the cross. It stands as a symbol for all the pain Michael had to bear throughout his life. Of course, the parallel with Christ might be perceived as an exaggeration to some, for while Michael embodied saintly features he was still only human. But that’s beyond the point, because the symbolism of the comparison still perfectly illustrates and captures the essence of Michael’s message. Indeed, while not perfect, Michael always tried to spread a message of LOVE, compassion, and tolerance throughout the world, not unlike another beautiful soul, proclaimed “Son of God” 2,000 years before him. And as Archangel Michael cries tears of blood for the poor, the hungry, the helpless, the misunderstood, the pariah, the one who has yet to develop true love within his heart and find that guiding light that will bring him closer to God, his own wounded heart still radiates the light of love all around…
If you look at the details, you will notice that I purposely placed the number 7 on the left side of his heart center, simply because anything on the left side of the body is connected to the right brain which happens to be the Artistic side of a person. Further, my choice of number 7 isn’t accidental either. 7 happens to be the most spiritual number of all, the one that connects us all to our higher selves... Favorite number of sensitive souls, artists, and geniuses, who, highly in tune with the Universe, perceive its unique inherent qualities and fundamental intrinsic essence, 7 is a “Godly” number of sorts. It’s no coincidence really that the 7th plane of existence is the ultimate plane where individual souls merge back to one with "God", i.e. the universal energy that created the Universe. Still exploring my very personal interpretation of Michael’s heart, you’ll discover a bright heart made of gold, radiating a pure white light that is intended to bring healing to the world. The 7 purple spikes - purple is a color with a very high vibrational frequency, and is also connected to the Heavenly realm – that emerge from all around the heart chakra and go out to the outer world in 7 different directions, are meant to represent the 7 kingdoms a soul must travel through to merge back with God (i.e. from the heart, and once more, back to the heart). Moreover, infinite yellow rays of light are sprouting from the heart center and diffusing golden light all around to illuminate - i.e. guide through the wisdom of L.O.V.E. - the whole world. Of course, Archangel Michael also has wings and a halo like other angels do… And the rest is still just LOVE!

For more information on the book itself, you can read my post entitled, “The story behind the new Michael Jackson book” on various MJ Facebook Groups or visit my website @ under the “In Memory of Michael Jackson” tab. You’ll also find poems, videos, my Exclusive One-hour radio show dedicated to MJ and some other information related to my MJ Sacred Shrine. My new MJ book is currently available on My Page on @
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