Hi everybody! I recieved this message on Facebook and believed its important to spread, even if it hadn't being writen by them...
All for l.o.v.e.

MAY 10, 2010

It has recently come to our attention that Conrad Murray supporters will be demonstrating at the preliminary hearing, June 14th at the Superior Court of Los Angeles, much like Michael’s supporters have always done. This is their right just as it is ours.

We would like to urge fans that are planning to attend to please do so in peace, unity, and love for Michael. There should be NO violence, NO slander, NO yelling, and NO bad-mouthing or name-calling of Murray or his supporters. This reflects negatively on Michael. He would not support this type of behavior. The press called Michael names that were undeserved and hurtful. By acting out and creating chaos, our message can not be heard or is overshadowed by our behavior. By calling names, we are lowering ourselves to their level. That would only contribute to the filthy tabloid gossip. Michael deserved better than that. We must honor him, his wishes, and his message of peace and compassion, even in the face of opposition. Both sides can peacefully co-exist and let the justice be served inside the courtroom, just as it has been before.

Please ignore their signs, actions and words. DO NOT acknowledge their presence, IGNORE them completely, and certainly do not respond to anything they have to say. DO NOT let them bait you into an argument or lashing out to defend Michael. That is what they want. Our protest should be silent. We do not want to draw any attention to them at all. The world needs to see Michael’s light shining through all of you instead.

Our message is much bigger, better, and more dignified by not using slanderous or vulgar words. Your respect will make a much larger statement that will be revered instead of criticized. Their behavior toward a silent prayer vigil will only make them look bad. They cannot fight if there is no one to fight with. Do not give them the fuel for their fire.

Please do not even acknowledge their banners. Our banners will stay the same: “Justice for Michael”. We all have a common, unifying mission, which is JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL. We do not have to respond to them at all, because Conrad Murray supporters are not on the side of righteousness or justice, they are wrong, and right will prevail.

This is much deeper than just a demonstration. This will go down in history. Whatever your actions are that day, will be part of Michael’s legacy. When people look back on this day we want them to remember Michael, not Conrad Murray. Michael Jackson supporters are not to be looked down on as crazed fanatics, but as crusaders for peace and love. This is what Michael Jackson is, was, and always will be. It is what he believed in and stood for. We are HIS voice, representing HIM.

Martin Luther King Jr. said,
“A riot is the language of the unheard. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity. Importance should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. We must love our enemies - or else? The chain reaction of evil - hate begetting hate”

MICHAEL IS LOVE AND PEACE, NOT HATE! This is the message we must unite to send to the world.

You have caught the attention of the entire world; you represent their conscience and inspiration. This is your chance to impact Michael’s legacy and reputation for generations to come. We must stand together to honor him. We can shut them out completely and let our message speak for itself. The most powerful impact you can have in carrying on his legacy, is spreading his peace and love. Our silent protest and prayer vigil will be seen and felt the world over. Make Michael proud!


Mr. Joseph Jackson, and Mr. Majestik Magnificent

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I don't think Murray had any supporters at the court last time. Obviously, Michael's fans made the news and Murray's "supporters' (WHO??? Are they being paid???) have decided to try to grab equal headlines for their (employer?) guy.

This message seems to be unusually classy and wise, coming from Joe and this Majestik person, but regardless, it is excellent advice. Emotions will certainly run high and it is certain that our people will be baited with some really ugly taunts for the purpose of illiciting a response that can then be broadcast around the world ("See the wacko fans of Wacko Jacko?").

May I offer a suggestion for those who will be attending? When the taunts come, very pointedly TURN YOUR BACK ON THE TAUNTERS AND HOLD UP SIGNS THAT SAY "ALL FOR L.O.V.E." Bite your tongue, grit your teeth, whatever--but don't let them drag you into a shouting match. If you surrender, they win. And we all--and Michael--get tarred with the brush they want to tar us with.

Would anyone planning to be there be so kind as to forward this message to any other fans who don't frequent this site?

Thoughts? (Better ideas are welcome!)

Shamone, y'all. We'll all be there in spirit, but those physically present will be representing us all.

With the L.O.V.E.

We could be pleasantly surprised to see a Murray-No-Mates absence of supporters. Does anyone know if he had a supporters club last time he showed up at court? If not, then it's likely to be a repeat situation. I assume this next meeting is only a pre-trial? In my experience of demos it doesn't quite work like this [Being quiet]]] Once someone shouts out it will turn into a free-for -all.

Any of you guys heard of a Rent'a'Crowd?


this would totally spite TMZ's efforts to create drama. it will be too positive for them to even bother to report

bump got THAT right sistah! Cool

Blind leading the blind! Murray being the leader in this instance and being completely IGNORANT and BLIND as to what the fluff his job was as MJ's physician!

But, we can call them whatever we want to here, RIGHT!

thank you so much

The Power of Michael's Love
............... ♥ ♥ 4 ♥ ♥ ..................

Thanks for sharing Micahel is Love so we are must be
God blesss you

luvumj_: that was exactly what I understood. If there will be people gathering for Murray, probably will be a tense situation...I don't think they are coming to be quiet. its time to represent Michael just like he was, spreading love and respect. Fight for justice in peace, because our behaviour will be associated to MJ. I really thought this message very usefull.
Love u Michael, and u all.

I think it's meant as a reminder for that day. If people gather for Murray's side, there is potential for emotions to run high and words to be said. Not generated at anyone in particular just everyone as a reminder..that's it..

Haven't we been peaceful thus far? Or is this message due to the opposing rally? I think we are peaceful where it counts. We only raise hell in our own house. However sentiments well taken Smiling

Well said..I hope all who attend will listen. Michael is all about love.


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This is truely first class advice. Absolutely faultless. Thank you Mr Joseph Jackson and Mr Majestik Magnificent. You can trust me as a long time, true loving admirer of your dear son that this advice will be strongly followed. I believe 100% in never allowing myself to "Rise To It's Bait" in these tough situations. Some of my favourite sayings in life has always been "What Goes Around, Comes Around" and "They Reap What They Sow".

My love is with Michael and your family Mr Jackson x
Thank you very much for your great words.

ChocoM UK xxxx

i agree with this , he fans focus on mj and showing their love matter what the others say... i dont even know what they might say but i hope that everyone sees mjs fans as respectful and their to show thier love for mj and his right for justice ♥ ♥

Thank you, Mr. Jackson and Mr. Magnificent, for posting this message. Hopefully, those at the courthouse will abide by these wishes and help spread justice for Michael.

I hope that everyone will follow these instructions, because they are so important. if we are to truly seek justice for our beloved Michael, this is indeed how we must behave, at least in public. In private we can scream and call Murray and his supporters anything we want, but in public we must reflect the L.O.V.E. that Michael was sent here to spread. Michael will be there with everyone, so don't let go of his hand and Be God's Glow! Your MJ family will be with you also, always.

Its all with the LO.V.E. we need to show that. That's whats going to be edited around the world.

Well written
Hopefully they will carry some defibrillators , atropine , adrenaline to keep their hearts going.

Anyway every human being deserves some respect . MJ supporters have been around for sometime. It's their duty to show the newcomers how things are done with LOVE
I'm also sorry but I also have seen this video. You have to. Its the facts. Be careful who you follow in this path. MR MAJESTIC IS A ......MICHAEL HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS....$20,000 US DOLLARS. For this interview. At least one thing was made BIG. MICHAEL WAS NOT GAY. Here endeth the story. Majestic got money for that. BE CAREFUL.

Dude theyb would have to be CARDIAC PATIENTS. That's my job, thats what I do. THEY will probably have their state asserted O2 there chanting while gasping. Im sorry but thats just the facts. DONT LOOK AT THEM. DONT PARTICIPATE WITH ANY intearction. They will blame their exacerbations on you, REALLY.