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I Think About Michael's Children Almost on A Daily Basis

I find it a little "tricky" to get myself to believe that they are doing ".....just fine....." as per reports by various family members -- but you always hear the same thing...."they are playing with their cousins."

I know children can be very resilient. And I hope to God they are.

Part of my just thinks.......it can't be all that simple -- it can't be all that smooth......and it can't be all that 'fast' -- that they would "be doing great."

Then I say to myself ---- "Stop it. Why are you thinking about this. Why do you spend so much time thinking about Michael Jackson almost a whole year after his passing.

My father would have said to me, if he was still here "He's not part of your family. It's not right." I KNOW -- because that's what my father said to me when I grieved for 6 months after one of my Olympic figure-skating idols died suddenly -- Sergei Grinkov -- leaving his young wife/pairs partner and their little daughter. I couldn't get over it -- and my father basically told me "you have no business getting so emotionally worked up about people who are not in your family. It's not right."

SORRY DAD. I can't seem to just turn it off. I haven't found the faucets that go ON and OFF yet, that control my emotions.

I guess I don't find the world so overflowing with LOVE. And when someone like Michael comes along -- and he gives his love -- from such depths -- to all those who were his fans --- I experience such feelings of LOVE coming from him -- from HIS HEART --- that's some of the most genuine-feeling LOVE I've ever experienced in my life in this world.

And that's also why I can't imagine how his children can be coping with the loss of that kind of LOVE. I think about them and I just wonder. One thing I hope is that they stay very close to each other. Maybe that will help them.

Grieving for Michael's Kids,


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I do too, Fiddler

I think partly we do due to us being females and naturally we are nuturers.
And we love Michael, and have seen him crucified, and we are extra protective of his children.

Yes, I pray every day for Michael and his children. Sometimes I think, "Dear God, I hope you are holding Michael, cradling him in your LOVE, comforting him........as we have seen him holding and comforting some of his "fans" when they were overwhelmed just to have the chance to be near him.

One thing that's missing from this Earth --- a direct dial number for GOD. Why can't we call some heavenly switchboard and say, "God, please tell me Michael is alright. Please, please PLEASE."

Thank you all.

I'm glad to know I am not the only one who thinks the "Michael's children are playing with their counsins" line is not very satisfying.

Of course, they are trying to shield the chldren from scrutiny and keep them as safe and secure as possible now. It's just painful to even think about -- yet it won't stay out of my mind.


I think of them too. I don't think they are just fine but I think they are coping with it. They are the ones hurt the most here. They lived with Michael everyday of their lives. He was their dad and they were very close. I think the 3 of them will stay close because Michael taught them that. Michael would want them to grow up and be happy but this loss will stay with them forever.

I pray for them all the time, I ask God to give them strength and courage to go on, but to never forget what they learned from their father. They need prayer--God knows what they will have to deal with as they grow into young adults, especially being the kids of Michael Jackson. They may have to deal with the same issues he dealt with all his life, media scrutiny, money hungry liars, unsavory jokes and comments about Michael etc,etc. Pray that they can handle this and still keep level headed.

with L.O.V.E.

NZMJ i agree with u.We can't stop thinking about him just because he's gone.I will always remember him the way he was sweet,kind,loving..AMAZING human being.I love Michael more each day.For me he still lives on !
I think about his children all the time and i hope from the bottom of my heart they are OK .They are so sweet and beautiful.

Fiddler- " YOU ARE NOT ALONE" with these feelings. I too loved Sergei Grinkov and was deeply saddened by his tragic death, but not like I am about Michael, this is on a whole new level for me. As for his family, I think the statement they make, "They are doing fine, they play with their cousins" is just that....a line the whole family uses for the media. They are very private and are not going to give details about their grieving process. I am sure that the kids are having a hard time coping, especially given the close relationship they had with Michael. They probably have grief counselors on hand to help them at a moments notice to deal with whatever stage of grieving the kids are going through. I too think of Ms. Katherine and the kids on a daily basis.... as if they were part of my family... I even pray for them on a regular basis.... I don't know what it is, I never met them.... I just find myself thinking of them..... (((hugs)))) I hope we can all feel better soon.

Bless you, NZMJ, for your answer. I feel comforted by your answer. Thank you so much.

Lots of love,


Hi Fiddler

I think there are lots of people on this forum who feel similarly to you. Even though we didn't know Michael personally, he exuded so much love, and I guess it's natural to grieve the loss of such a loving person.

But Michael's love doesn't need to go just because he is not with us - there are so many loving fans all over the world remembering Michael and trying to spread his love Laughing out loud. As it says at the end of TII, "love lives forever", and Michael's love will live on!