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Sony Sabotaged "Invincible" : Paranoid Conspiracy Theory or The Truth?

I'm not a huge fan of conspiracy theories.

We've all heard some pretty outlandish ones over the years.

For example, did you hear the one that the American Government flew "fake" planes into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001? George Bush wanted an excuse to go to war with Iraq and so empty military jets were flown into the towers. The U.S. government shot down the actual planes in remote locations with missiles.

Okay.... that sounds like something out of "Theatre Of The Absurd", but I actually had a conversation with a dude a few years ago who swears that the above account is the truth....

Needless to say, I doubt few people buy his tale....

For some time now there has been something of a conspiracy theory surrounding Sony and Michael's "Invincible" album.

The story goes that SONY failed to promote the album on purpose so that MJ would be forced to sell his share of the ATV/Beatles catalogue to Sony?

Sound far out?

Certainly it seems odd for Sony to do this. After all, "Invincible" was the most expensive album to produce in recording history - 30 million in production costs to be exact.

However, consider this:

Source: Euroweb-Black Entertainment (April 16, 2002):

" But why would Sony sabotage an album they paid for? And Why would they put down their biggest-selling artist? Simply because they could get Michael Jackson's half of ATV Music Publishing by doing so. If Michael Jackson fails to reimburse his loan, the ownership of his share of the ATV Music Publishing catalog will fall into the hands of Sony Music. Sony/ATV Publishing is currently the third largest music publishing company in the world. The money it generates and represents goes beyond Michael Jackson's loan from Sony or possible revenues generated by the INVINCIBLE album. Besides, a music catalog is easier to deal with than an artist with strong opinions on how his career should be managed. Sony Music is thus trying to sabotage the INVINCIBLE album."

No wonder Michael came to despise SONY.

Also, SONY offered such an insulting low budget for the video "Cry" that Michael flatly refused to appear in it.

Maybe this is all paranoia?

Also, I just hate the way SONY abandoned Michael during the false allegations of 2005.

Then, when he died, SONY couldn't wait to get their hands on his unreleased recordings, including the songs he recorded for his upcoming album.

And here we are, as fans on a SONY MJ site that really has nothing to do with Michael Jackson.

This site exists so SONY can make more money - unlike other MJ sites, it is not run by Michael's fans.

Instead, it is all about corporate profits.

Maybe the whole Sony-Invincible theory is paranoia, but I truly wonder if it is closer to the truth than we would ever like to believe???

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The more I think about it, the more I think Sony is quite capable of doing this to Michael! "Invincible" was a fantastic album - the lack of promotion is what killed it. There were at least 6 singles on that album!

Yes, I agree with you - once the Murray trial begins all kinds of bugs are going to come out of the woodwork!

I believe they had a very rocky relationship for 30 years. I just received Lynton Guest's book, Trials of Micahel Jackson (recommended by a fan) to learn about this relationship. I am very curious about it. I would also guess that when the Doc. Murray trial begins we will be learning that there is more to this case than meets the eye and more folks/companies involved than we know.