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Michael Jackson Story - Who Is It - Part 4 The "Breaking" Point


Now i see, that you've been doin wrong
played me all along and made a fool of me baby ah

I got home I was so Mad I couldn't think straight I grabbed everything that I could Manage My mind was being assaulted with Images from our Marriage, the wedding the conversations the sex the diners the flowers and the thought of him giving all that to her and I was infuriated

u got it all wrong to think that i wouldnt find out
that u were cheatin on me baby how could u do it to me mmm babe

I packed everything that i could get May hands on that was Mine went into the kids rooms and grabbed there stuff anything that he gave them and gave me was left behind then I was making calls to hotels and places to go

since you're not around for me to tell u baby face to face mmmm
i'm writing you this letter and this is what i have to say

I went into the drawer and I got the letters I wrote to him he was never meant to see because i was only writting them out of anger but now I saw them as being very fitting for the situation I took them nd I tossed them on the bed.

All i really wanted was some of your time
instead u told me lies when someone else was on your mind oh you was lien to me
what'd u do to me
look what u did to me

I looked at my wedding ring and burst into tears I had trusted him and he lied to me he lied to me I would have given him what he wanted but I always knew it was going to end like this that when I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned to find him standing over me I crawled away from him as fast as I could getting up "don't you touch me... don't you EVER touch me"
He said "Lisa please"
I said "no I'm done hearing you plead... I gave you a chance... I gave you two, you betrayed my trust twice...I'm done"
Michael said "Lisa please"

i thought that u were someone who would do me right
until u played with my emotions and u made me cry
what'd u do to me (why'd ya do it)
cant take what u did to me (ya didn't have to do it to me)

I shook my head "no no My heart has been broken too many times... I can't do it again... as Much as I love you I have to let you go" I was gone.

Michael went to see th e rabi "she's gone"
Rabi said "what did I tell you would happen"
he said "I love Lisa I do...but"
Rabi said "well now that she's gone what to stop you... my only question is is this what you wanted"
he said "no... I don't know I know I didn't want it to be like this"
Rabi said "what did your Marriage counselor say"
he said "for us to separate and for me to explore what ever it is I have with this woman and it is that deep I know what I have to do"
Rabi said "but it doesn't sound like such a great Idea now that she's left you does it"
he said "no"
Rabi said "having your cake and eating to always sounds good but you can only have one" Michael understood that.

Sher'ise came into town and texted Michael he got it and he sent flowers to her hotel room she loved them. he arived at 8pm she opened the door he was standing ther he always looke great tonight he had on a white silk button down his hair was curled and black pants he really did look good as hell she had been pining fro him snes she first saw him but she let it go because he was married but he had informed her in there chats his wife left and he had freedom to explore and she wanted to explore with him.
she said "hello Mr Jackson"
he said "hello Mademoiselle Sher'ise" she had on a red dress black corset belt and high heals her long hair was down and curly Michael was yet again captivated he said "you... look... fantastic" looking her over again.
she said "thank you... and thank you for the flowers"
he said "shall we go"
she said "we shall"

they took the car Michael said "back to flirty I see"
she said "yup... because I know you like it when I flirt"
he said "I do"
she said "so where are we headed"
he said "that for me to know... and you to find out"
she said "oh that's cold"e restuant that was
he said "as Ice"

Michael and Sher'ise got to the restaunt that was shut down for them they sat in a privet area floor was already ther for them on a tray cart they too there plats were supper heated with burners Sher'ise said "what on your Mind Mr Jackson"
Michael said "can i be frank"
Sher'ise said "role play I didn't think you had it in you"
he laughed "not funny... but good"
she said "but you laughed so it was funny"
he smiled "seriously" he took her hand "I like you Sher'ise and I how you like me
she said "I do"
he said "good, I was wondering if you would be willing to explore what we have here... date see how it goes"
she said "your still married"
he said "and our counseler said it would be a good idea if i feel so strongly about you to test the waters and if i truely feel something strong for you...file for Divorce"
she said "and if you don't but I do then what happens"
he smirks "if you do...I don't think your going to have to worry about me not"
she said "but you know Michael you don't know me right your falling for the alure of what I apear to be what if you got to know me and didn't like me"
he said "we'll first have to see won't we"
she smiled "let's explore"

over the next two weeks they went out every day to lunch and dinner she would come over his house or he would go to her hotel. they would watche TV movies games she spent a few night in his bed when she had her nightmares but the one thing she knew for sure she was in deep for Michael Joesph Jackson. It was their last night together
Michael said "what time do you leave in the morning"
she said "6am"
he said "I can have my jet take you if you wish"
she said "that sweet but no"
he said "okay"
she said "I really have enjoyed my time with you"
he kissed her hand "me too"
she said "you think this could work"
he said "I don't know but i'm all wrapped up in you now"
she said "so are you going to file for Divorce"
he said "I really don't know yet... we've only been at this for two weeks lest see how it goes... I do know I like how it's going"
she said "I do to" she got close enough to kiss him they looked at each other intently he got closer erging her on she teased his bottom lip and he teased her the kiss slowly intensified she had never tasted something so wonder she wanted more he ran his fingers though her hair that has a high centered half ponytail that he simply took put with his fingers she crawled on top of him and suddenly she stoped looking at him like she was spooked and he said breathlesly "what... is something wrong" she moved back to her side of the bed sat away from him
she said "I shouldn't have done that your still married that was wrong of me"
he sat up and said "hey it's okay... I'm sorry I scared you, but you are a good kisser...I got carried away sorry" she shakely came back and restted on him she was still shaking slightly he held her he knew something was wrong with her something deep then what she was say but he let it go

Rabi said "so haw are things"
Micheal smiled "great really...great"
Rabi said "so things are working out well with Sher'ise
Michael said "she is perfect... but theres somthing bothering me"
Rabi said "what"
Michael said "we kissed lat night and she freaked out"
Rabi said "how"
he said "she was kissing me it got intense she crawled on top of me which across me and when she felt that she jumped off of me and turned away like I spooked the hell out of her"
Rabi said "and you say she's been having nightmares and panic attacks"
he nodded "yeah"
Rabi said "you may be right this could be deeper then you thought" Michael was concern

Everybody's like, 'He's no item. Please don't like him.
He don't wife 'em, he one nights 'em!'
Now she don't like him, she never met him.

Sher'ise was in her office with her girlfriends when a bouquet came they were in aw she got uo and smelled them placing them on her side table one of her girls said "Sher... who's the guy, one of your"
she said "no...they don't do those things"
Gabby said "you going to the club tonight"
She said "of course it's my night isn't it"
Sandi said "don't see who you do it"
She said "practice"
the first friend said "who's he guy"
She just said "the king of gentlemen"
Gabby said "then he must not know"
She said "he doesn't"
Sandi said "is it serious"
She smirked "getting there"
The first said "you should"
She sighed she knew but didn't know if he would understand.

Groupies try to take advantage of him, he won't let 'em.
He don't need 'em, so he treats 'em like he treats 'em.
Better them than me, she don't agree with him.
She's mad at that, he's not havin that,
so those opposites attract like mag-a-nets.
She sees more than the Benz wagon, the friends taggin along
with a flashy nigga braggin on the song.

Michael had board meetings and was just as bored in them he was sitting there texting her

What are you doing

she said [working]

he said [to busy to chat]

she said [with you... never...what you doing]

he said [in a board meeting and i'm bored... perfect name Smiling ]

she said [you know you should be paying attention... not talking to me...text me after...bye Smiling ]

he wrote back [it after]

she said [very funny... bye:) ]

She gets a glimpse of Shawn and she likes that.
He 2 ways her, so she writes back.
Smiley faces after all of her phrases

he just smiled one of the figure heads said "something funny Mr Jackson"
Michael just said "no... when you could set this up a lot better if you..." he explained his theory and they were floored which here by ended the meeting.

Michael had to go to New York because he had a Special he was doing there in a month and he was figuring out what he was going to do. he was getting into town and called her "hello Mademoiselle Sheri'se"
she said "you know how I love the way you say my name"
he said "I know you do... I'm in town I was wondering if you wanted to have a night on the town"
she said "only if you do"
he said "okay I'll pick you up at the hotel"
she said "It's a date...be there at 9pm"
he said "see you then"

she was at the club she was standing back stage with her girl friends gabby was getting ready "to bad you not working tonight"
she said "I have other plans"
Gabby said "you meeting one of them tonight"
she said "no I'm meeting my mystery man"
Sandy said getting ready as well "have you told him"
she said "i'm getting to it"
they said "SHERISE"
she said "i know I know I just don't wanna ruin it"
Gabby said "you can't have your cake and eat it too"
she said "sure I gotta go have fun up there"
they said "YOU TOO"

Michael got to her room he had gotten a few hours of rest and dresed for a night out he knocked she came to the door she had on a wonderful navy blue baby doll dress clevage pushed up by the aqua belt under her breast bedazled in stones and crystals her hair was curled she looked gorgeous and he kissed her hello and she said "Hi" out of breathe
he held her "you ready"
she said "yeah... but how about I show you a night out on in my town"
he said "good deal... i'm game" he licked his lips she admired he had on all black and he curly hair pulled back in a pony tale and one curl to the side.
she said "ler's go then"

they went to dinner first at a place she choose but she had it set up so they were in private he said "this is great"
she said "best food"
he said "I see" they got a fancy version of chessestakes with fries "this is excellent... I'm glad to break my diet for this this is great"
she laughed "your silly"
he said "so tell me about your dreams my dear Sher'ise"
she said "well I love the hotel but my reall passion is writing I love to cook, and bake...I love design of clothing.... I'm working on my masters in all three actually, I want have a two four bouquet and the top the clothing and books the bottom the restaurant... then have a chain, just so i can end up owning a big ass house like yours."
he said "sounds ambious"
she said "I've been striving for it for years I run the restaurant in the hotel were revamping the menu next year for all my specialties"
he said "hum good for you...I'm sure you can do anything you put your mind to"
she said "I'm already in the process now...by the time I graduate I should be set"
he was impressed "nice to know...if you ever do guys cloths I would love to stop by"
she said "ask and you shale receive"
he smiled "I just might do that" they finshed there meal "where we headed next"
she said "for me to know and you to find out and sadly we have to separate to do so... " she pouted
he said "why"
she said "it's a club"
he said "okay then...lets go" no one knew he was separated from his wife but if they worked it out correctly they still won't know

he arrived at the club she had just gotten there he got in he whispered something to the bouncer after he was passing after a monmnt the bouncer waved for her to come on past he had a VIP section some of his friendly music counter parts were there he ingaged in conversation but kept his eyes on her drink was brought to his table and the man said it was from her she nodded for him to come over.
he went to the bar she sat nxt to him "enjoying yourself Mr Jackson"
he said "I actually am"
she smiled "I thought you would"
he said "so we going to play the cat and mouse game all night"
she said "we kinda have to because your not single"
he said "true... but what are you going to so about it"
she took the cherry in her mouth doing the same thing she did before and put it down saying "Dance"

Excuse me miss, what's your name? <U-huh>
Can you come <wow>, hang with me? <Hov>
Possibly. Can I take you out, to-night

Excuse me miss, what's your name?

and walked away from the bar he tuned with his drink in hand she stood ten feet from him and began to dance and he watch her body move and she was incredible it was a turn on to see he didn't know how he missed it before she had a body of a dancer and boy did she down how to use it he watched her entranced by her how she touched her self and looked at him and he realized just how bad he wanted her

Either she the one or I'm caught in the matrix.
f*** it, let the Fish-burn
Red or green pill, you live and you learn. C'mon!

they got back to his hotel room that night and he pored them some wine and they sat and talked he said "I had a really nice time with you"
She sipped her wine "and I... you"
he said "do you dance"
she said a bit started and confused "hum... excuse me, what do you mean"
he said "are you... or have you ever been a dancer"
she said "in high school... early college years" she cleared her throat swirling her drink "don't do it any more"
he said intriged "what kind of dancer"
she looked a bit uncomfortable "well you know.... I did it all"
he said "it's just shocking to me if you danced in your early college years your still so fit now"
she smirked "just take care of my body"
he said looking her up and down "I can see that" he licked his lips, he took her wine glass placing them on the table he gestured for her to come to him "come here...I wanna kiss you" she leaned over to him he pulled her closer and kissed and licked a trail up her neck to her mouth he was talented to say the least with his mouth they kissed she moved her hair to one side and as it got more intense it may have been the wine or the alcohol but she really wanted him bad and she moved positions to his lap straddling him he possessive laid his hand on the side of her neck and pulled her closer running his hands through her hair she did the same to him and she subconsciously ground against him she felt him getting turned on and his hand went from her neck to her thigh stopping at her skirt she pulled away looking at him and he was looking at her as if to ask permission to go further. she looked at him she wanted him to then touched his face running her fingers over it "I can't" she got off his lap and looked away from him.

he asked "okay... but xan you tell me something"
she looked at him "what"
he touched her hand "why"
she said "your married Michael"
he said "I do know that... and you've known that sense February, I'm not asking for sex... yet, but I do wanna know what it is that's scaring you"
she looked frightened tears in her eyes as if thinking about something she looked at him "I... I can't"
he said "come here" she came kaying her head on his chest he ran his fingers through her hair "I like you and I know you like me the way that i like you... that obvious in the way you kiss me but" he moved her so he could look her in the eyes "I need to know you can trust me... I trust you" he touched her face "I can see something in your eyes...you have been hurt before, and what ever it was hurt you badly...I wanna help you...but I can't do that if you won't tell me what happened to you so I can help you in what ever way I can" he moved her hair out of her face "I wanna help you...I need you to trust me to do that...I'm not going to hurt you"
she said "I know that Michael...I just... I'm afraid of what you'll think of me"
he said "my mother use to have this saying... what ever it is no matter how bad dark or what ever, I wanna know... just don't lie to me, only then" he took her hand kissing it looking her in her eyes "...can we together fix it" she nodded and burst into tears he just pulled her to him and held her close.

they spent time together the remainder of his trip there and he left he got back home and went to the Rabi he sat in his office with his arms crossed "I want a divorce"
Rabi said "are you certain"
Michael said "I have been away fem my wife for a while now and I don't feel bad about it one bit, this woman is important to me I want to help her I wanna nurture her I wanna be with her and she has dreams gols and she working towards them" he sat up looking at the Rabi and said "Lisa had all those things when I married her the problem with that was she gave it all up after she married me I always asked her about those things and she said "not now I'm not inspired" she never went to temple with me she never did any of those things, but she said it all when we talked about Marriage and gave none of it after but this woman I see something different in her she wants it she's driven by he spirituality, she has ambitions and when she talks about them she is almost fantisising about it she's a loving woman she wants children all the things I want and couldn't get from Lisa"
Rabi said "but how to you know she's not just doing what Lisa did"
Michael said "I feel it, it's different it's magical it's true she's shown me a side of her that is pure and I just wanna help her...I wanna cleanse her soul and help her achieve her dreams... and I can tell by kissing her she wants me, but in the same way i can tell shes scared"
Rabi said "are you going to file for the divorce"
Michael said "yeah... I just need time I would like to Talk to Lisa again and at least end it on good terms if that's possible"
Rabi said "I suggest you do that"

One week before show in New York he was Tired run down they had him excersizing and on a diet and rehearsing and in meeting and making calls he would go to the hotel and crash and she would join him in his room because she had a master key and just lay with him and on night she had dreams or night mares he would be dired but her would hold her and comfort her and go back to sleep one morning he was up early he was tired as hell. she was laying in bed she said "you don't look so great you should sleep"
he said "I can't the show is in three days I gotta go rehears but first I have to excercise with my trainer"
she said "there running you ragged"
he said "I know and this si just a one night show"
she said "okay"
he said but I would like to talk to you if I can once this is over"
she nodded "okay"
he said with out thinking "you know I love you right"
she said "yes" she was shocked he said it but it was something in his even though they were ever so tired she knew he was telling the truth
he said "have lunch with me today"
she smiled "at our favorite place"
he smiled "at our favorite place" he showered got dressed drank some tea and was out the door

Michel met her for lunch and he felt like hell ran over twice they were working him like a dog and he felt like hell he felt sick and he want nothing to eat his stomach hurt and he didn't want to really eat he order some salad and bread he barely ate Sher'ise said "you okay you don't look well."
he said "just tired run down"
she said "you barely touched your food"
he said "not that hungry"
she said "you should go lay down"
he said "can't... got go back to rehearsal"
she said "but you need to take care of yourself" she touched his face he rested his face in her hand and if she let he might have fallen asleep she felt for him "I hate this but, you need your rest... your going to get sick... and i don't think your fans would be so happy if you were in the hospital because you weren't taking care of yourself babe"
he said "I know" he rubbed his tempel he was getting a severe head ache and felt a bit dizzy the nawing feeling in his stomach wasn't helping but he had to go he was so tired he kissed her goodbye and left.

she was working on stuff in the office when her girlfriend came in she said "hey Gabby"
Gabby said "what's up"
she said "working on the books for both sides of the hotel"
Gabbi said "did you here"
Sher'ise said "here what"
Gabby said "I heard Michael Jackson was in town right"e smile off her face
she was still worried about him and said "yeah"
Gabby said "he has a show here right"
she said "I know it's in three days"
Gabbi said "he's not going to make it"
she imediatly got concerned "why did you say that"
Gabby said "you haven't heard"
Sher'ise said "NO what"
Gabby said "he was rushed to the hospital and hour ago... he passed out or something the rumor has it he had a heart attack or something"
she had stopped listeing after hearing 'rushed to the hospital' "what hospital"
Gabbis said "the BIMC" she grabbed her coat and was out the door.

Michael came too he was in a hospital bed and had a tube up his nose and he felt alot better he sat
up and saw Sher'ise sitting in the chair next to him she had her head in her hands he said "Sher'ise"
she looked up her eyes were red from crying she had on a little black conservitive business suite no blouse under neath the jacket and astring of pearled looped over twice she said "I told you not to over do it"
he said "I'm sorry... they were just pushing me and i told them I wasn't felling great but they kept asking me to do it one more time so I did and I don't knwo what happened I woke up here"
she just got up and kissed his face and said real worry in her voice "I'm really just glad your okay"
she kissed his face again and said "I love you"
he said "I love you too...I do wanna talk to you though"
she said "not now not here"
he said "okay... can you stay"
she said "as long as you need me" he looked at her and she kissed him restting her head against his and ran her fingers though his hair she knew she loved him and he loved her but could she tell him the whole truth.

This is the Heart Break Hotel
This is the Heart Break Hotel

I was in LA I had rented out a condo there after the blow up I had gotten some of my stuff from the hosue when he was on his business trip I had the place furnished for myself and the kids he had been calling me for the past three weeks I didn't wanna talk to him because i had a feeling my feeling were coming to light that he was calling about filling for a Divorce and I just was not ready to talk about that because knowing him he wanted to talk first and I was to much of a coward to do it first so I was dodging him. until one night I was sitting up watching the news and it came acrossed the TV that he had been rushed to the hospital and some other stuff about him supose to be going to accept and award at a galla show and dinner I stopped listening and was out the door lie a fool head for the first flight to be near my husband.

This is the Heart Break Hotel
This is the Heart Break Hotel

when i got there i checked into the hotel and Imediately went ot the hospital first thing in the morning
when I got there to the floor I nearly bumped into Janet coming down the hall she said "Oh hey Lisa" she looked a bit uncomfortable and her eyes were shifty
I said "Oh hey janet"
she said "hey"
I said "where is he"
she didn't look at me and pointed "down there two doors down to your left"
I said "what's wrong" she said nothing "she's hear isn't she"
she said "please don't make a scene... and don't upset him"
I said "don't upset him"
she said "Lisa... we all know what your going though... but Michael is happy... let him go so you can be happy"
I said "yeah well until one of us get the balls to call a divorce lawyer I guess we're stuck then... and since the public still thinks were happily Married...I'm gnna go see my husband" I walked right passed her she turned and said walking away "Oh boy"

This is the Heart Break Hotel
This is the Heart Break Hotel

I got to the door and I saw the woman back turned to me she had on a business suit her hair was a bit me messy like she slept here all night I knew that should have been me sitting next to him all night I sucked it up I was not going to be the coward in this situation and walk away i was going to stand my ground. I confidently walked in the room they looked up when they heard my heals click coming into the door.

All i really wanted was some of your time
instead u told me lies when someone else was on your mind oh you was lien to me
what'd u do to me
look what u did to me

Michael said "Lisa"
the other woman said "I'm gonna go get you some Ice" and walked out
I said "that her"
he said "yes"
I said "have you slept with her yet"
he said "for one if I had that would be none of your business... two you know you wouldn't to know the answer if i did... three I am not in the mood for this, I'm in a damn hospital bed with tubes up my nose could we not do this right now"
I said "far enough... I would ask you how you are but I can see that"
he said "what are you doing here Lisa"
I said "last i checked, I'm the one with the wedding ring on" I held up my hand "and your little glory parade of fans and press don't know that were... unhapply married and verging on a divorce... so I'm here to keep up appearnaces... because I know you don't want a scandal right now...unless you do... cause I can go down there right now and tell them the whole story"
he laughed shaking his head trying to keep calm because the machine beeped twice and he was trying to calm his heart rate because he was getting mad and he didn't need it right now "what happen to you Lisa"
I said "YOU... I got wrapped up in your magic Michaelness and was blind sided because for some bazare reason I thought you would NEVER cheat on me because I don't know... you weren't the guy, it wasn't in you... when all along it was... so what hum was me and you a game you just married me to say 'hey I bedded the King of Rock and rolls Daughter' to walk in his shoes for a while to live the life"

i thought that u were someone who would do me right
until u played with my emotions and u made me cry
what'd u do to me (why'd ya do it)
cant take what u did to me (ya didn't have to do it to me)

He said "oh god... you are pathetic"
I said "me... pathetic, your the one running around here with your trolup and calling me pathetic"
he said "Lisa get out"
I said after a moment "fine... but this ain't over... you divorce me if you want but know this... when we go to court your going to have hell to pay buddy... and that's a fact" I stormed out.
He ran his hand through he hair "Oh god we never should have worn all black to our wedding we were cursed from the start"

This is the Heart Break Hotel
This is the Heart Break Hotel

Michael got out the hospital and Lisa put on a poster face for the camera's and they left together they did not speak he was dropped off at the hotel and she went to the air port. when he got home after recovering in German he was shocked the house was quoet almost too quiet he went up stairs to his bed room and was going to take a shower and rest when he got into the room her heard glass it the floor he turned to find Lisa standing there "Lisa... What the hell are you doing here"
I said furious tone "I came to collect the rest of my stuff"
he said "I could have had it sent to you... you didn't have to do that"
I said "oh no i wanted to"
he said "Lisa what are you doiing" she picked up something off the dresser and threw it at his head he ducked "WHAT THE HELL"

All i really wanted was some of your time
instead u told me lies when someone else was on your mind oh you was lien to me
what'd u do to me
look what u did to me

she said "2 GOD DAMN YEAR... 2 we've been married, you promised me you would be different" she started throwing things "I LOVED YOU... you lied to me" she had taken out every thing he packed that he had given her and was now throwing it towards his head he was ducking "LISA STOP" he ducked out the door and she just grabbed something else and threw it at him "you f***ED ME and you lied... you made promised to me AND YOU LIED" he ran down the steps she grabbed a piece of art off the wall he said "THAT A ONE OF A KIND" she smashed the frame and grabbed each one off the wall doing the same he ran and grabbed his phone and opened it hitting security spread dial he "he said "LISA STOP"

i thought that u were someone who would do me right
until u played with my emotions and u made me cry
what'd u do to me (why'd ya do it)
cant take what u did to me (ya didn't have to do it to me)

she said "WHY huh... you didn't... you MADE A FOOL OF ME"
he said trying to reason with her "Lisa please"
she said coming to him "you broke my heart... worst then any man ever could because I thought you NEVER would... not this not what you did... good bye Michael" the security got there bragged in they went to get her Michael waved them off she just turned around and left.


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part five is up

What a mess.
But tell me: Sheri'se is a call girl? What is her secret?


She went to the hospital and make him feel even worst while he is on his bed. She is throwing stuff at him, she is very wild... I don't like to judge this kind of situation it is very sad .Both suffered and nobody should be suffering. I am sorry for both.




Anyone care to guess what three things Sher'ise

1 is a hotel manager

what are the other two take what you know about her already

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