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Hi everyone,

After watching the TII DVD a few times now and particularly "Earth Song" I now have no doudt that it's not MJ who sings the song on the DVD. It's a much higher pitched voice (maybe Dolan?) singing it. And the lack of the emotion put into one of his most emotional and close to the heart songs only comes to show that it is not him singing.

Maybe Ortega was trying to show what was planned for the song - as far as scenarios and latest technology are concerned i.e. 3D for the 1st time ever - and did not have a rehearsed version sung by MJ but the one he uses on the TII documentary is certainly not MJ. ...

Before any judgements or any criticism , please take a minute, put on the DVD and listen carefully to the song. The voice is high-pitched, monotonous, non-emotional.

Let me know what you think.

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I have watched the TII DVD several times now and never got that impression. I am certainly willing to watch again and have a very careful listen to ES when I get the chance.


Sorry people,
It's indeed my opinion and I am trying to find out if you feel the same or may be MJ was saving his voice.
Thanks for the suggestion KingofPop411.


KinGofPoP411Junkie, I agree with you!

Just to clarify...perhaps you should make it known in your thread title that you're stating an OPINION. I was thrown off by the manner in which you titled your thread...I assumed you had something CONCRETE to PROVE this statement...however...I'm glad to see I was mistaken and this is STRICTLY an opinion.

Well, Gosh, I heard the difference in the pitch, I thought maybe MJ was saving his voice.

Sorry ... spelling error
Not Dolan but Dorian Haley ...