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Did Michael play any instruments? If so, what did he play and when did he learn?

I had read somewhere that Michael didn't play any instruments and couldn't read music. He used a taperecorder to sing all the musical parts. Lately I have heard that he did play instruments. Now I am confused and wonder when and how that happened.

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@Nadea, Thank you for pulling up that vid. In my favs. I get emotional when I see it.


Count me in on the tears when watching the Pepsi commercial. Michael is so gorgeous sitting there at the piano with little Michael in the background singing and dancing to I'll Be There. It is only less than a minute long, but it stabs at my heart and makes me cry everytime I see it. ♥

Wow, Thanks so much, I saved this to my favorites, but now I am also crying. That was an emotional video. How could I have missed that. (Shaking my head in disbelief) That was really beautiful.

Michael could play the piano by ear;he had something quite close to perfect pitch which helped him do this.Madea gave a link showing him play and he can be seen playing "I'll Be There" on one of the HISTORY DVDs.

Like Madea already mentioned, you can hear and see him play in the Pepsi Commericial everybody is always crying over, including me Eye-wink


@ MJ-lover - Nice to see you back here too. Thanks for the compliment. The more I read the more I realize I don't know him well enough yet. But I want to thank everyone for their informative comments and I have to find me that Pepsi commercial everyone is talking about. I think I saw it posted here some time ago. I'll have to back track.... That should be fun..... Many times I get lost.

Hi M M. how are you doing today....long time no see..Smiling
This post does indeed remember me of that Pepsi commercial.......It makes me cry everytime again.....it is so beautiful.........A lot of emotions in that one.......
This is an informative post btw.....always good to learn more about our angel.........

yes Michael played instruments (piano, guitar, percussion, drums) check on dangerous album song credits and you will find them there..but he cannot read music, thats true..search on you tube "dangerous deposition" where he was asked by a lawyer about writing music and everything during a trial. Michael is multi talented, he beatbox also...cool huh. I wonder if his kids play any instruments too, i hope they do...

he did. he played percusssions/drums, piano, guitar. he did a lot of the percussion arrangments on a lot of his stuff.

I guess I should do more research... I can't believe I haven't heard him play. Thanks for the info.

Piano, guitar, drums, bongos. He also played instruments on the HIStory album. I think he played some of the instruments on Invincible too.

Madea it was beautiful wasnt it...*sighs*...i love that commericial..somehow it makes me sad though...with the little mike next to big mike..he always had his innerchild..oh gee let me not start crying now!!!!

i would LOVE to know for sure if he was the one playing the bridge of "Beautiful girl"..i LOVE it....
maybe we will find out soon enough..
but like i said i heard he played all the instruments in history album..so thats incredible!!!! Laughing out loud

Only "chords" in the Pepsi commercial with the younger Michael in the background. It was just beautiful and, of course, brought on the tears. I've seen in photos Michael holding a guitar but I have no knowledge of just how skillful he was with this.

there are so many pictures of michael holding a guitar from the acoustic one when he was a child..theres a pic where hes in a room looking like hes concentrating playing a red electric guitar..this was during thriller era.he received a guitar i forget which show but it was during dangerous era the lady gave him an acoustic guitar.....theres another pic on the set of scream..several pics where hes playing a black les paul electric guitar smiling at the camera..

i heard he also played the instruments in history album...
and there are several pictures of him in front of a piano.

what a genius...multitalented..is there anything he could not do!?!?! Laughing out loud

@Madea - Thanks. Did you or anyone ever hear him play any of these instruments? I'd love to hear him play something.

I recall him playing the piano at some point and if memory serves, I THINK the guitar just a little.

Ooooh I know, learning knew MJ facts is always a thrill Sticking out tongue

Happy to help Smiling

I have also seen pics of him sitting at the piano.....Smiling

@make that change - thanks so much. I guess as much as I know and have read about Michael I will always learn more. Every day I read and learn things on this forum. Thanks.

He never played instruments on stage because THATS WHAT A BAND IS FOR, and he wanted to DANCE and entertain the crowd! Freddie Mercury stopped playing piano/quitar at Queen concerts too because he wanted to flounce around and entertain. Personally, I think its much bettre that way... Sticking out tongue

And he learned piano drums and guitar when he was a child, and there's heaps of magazing covers/pictures where he's at a piano. Also, hes holding a gutiar on the cover of Music And Me I'm pretty sure Smiling

Hope that helped.

Thanks. I didn't know that. I don't recall ever seeing him play an instrument on stage.... I could be wrong.

I heard that he played...Drums...Guitar.....and piano!......