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Could it be I stayed away too long...

Did I leave your mind when I was gone? (I LOVE this song so much Smiling)

Stopping by for a moment, been far too long since i was here... Sending much love to the mjfam

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About those flowered pants.............ROFL!! Mikey! Laughing out loud

Peace, love, light, and flowers,

hey anne and venay! ((hugs)) gosh i know, it's one of my favourite songs and this is awesome.. gotta love his flower pants Smiling i wish i could have seen them back then.. love the J5 Smiling

hej Therese, so good to see you back (((((hugs))))) and thanks for sharing that sweet video Smiling
I love that song!!!

Therese, it's so good to hear from you and oh....thank you so much for the vid. Awww....he was only 14 and wow, what were we thinkin' with the clothes in the 70's? Shocked LMBO. Ahhh but the J5 and most of all Mikey..GOOD, good stuff!! Loved it. (hugs)

of course not.. that's why we're all here Smiling for the love of michael..

heh heh i though u were doing the same as me. i made my acount but lef becus this site is to much people who like to ly. i want to find friends who just want to talk about king michael. is this so wrong. Smiling