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Someone please tell me what is going on with the Jackson family

I just watched the Oprah interview. I ask this cause I have thought and it was wrong of me I know where was Michael's familly. Nothing could have stopped me from getting to my brother if I knew he was in need. I don't want to question Janet but she said Micheal was in denial. But he knew the symptoms as he went into treatment for prescription drug use before. And if Michael was so bad why would Jermaine make the statement on LKL that they were just waiting for him to finish his tour in London and they were going to tour again as the Jackson 5. That would have been the last thing on my mind if my brother was in as bad of shape to even say on national tv that as Janet responded to Oprah question did you think this day would come and she said yes. If this is true then why wouldn't Michael want propofol if he felt rested which we know it really isn't a sleep agent and he didn't have side effects when he woke up. But we have a doctor who took an oath to protect not enable and proceeded with many unethical choices which lead to Michael death. Nobody should be able to hide behind a degree, badge or political title wrong is wrong.

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I agree with so many comments here if not all of them. I just want to add that Michael definitely had a good reason for leaving his children to Diana Ross, not to any of his siblings if his mother is not able to provide for them. I think this says alot how Michael felt about his family excluding his mother of course. Not a chance that Michael thought that his children would be a burden to any of his siblings (who wouldnt want to care for your own brother children, its like they are your own ) , i think Michael definitely did this on purpose.

why do you think mj run as far as he could from his family, in 93 when michael was going through all the trails all his famaily want from him is to agree to tour again.
if my family member die that is when you try the most to protected them because they are not here to do it and his children are here, i nevere realy like mj family i don't hate them but they have hurt him a lot and still doing so, janet was not anywhere in the news but as michael die she is all over talking , and you know what i don't think mj family know that much about him mj was the only keeper of his secrets and he take alot to the grave with him. that is why he was so lonly there was no one in his corner that truly have his back.
If my brother die i am NOT going to talk about him in a bad light to no one, but read between the lines what do janet have to gain by buting down mj?
Are they saying all eight of them could not kick mj ass to get help? if he was that bad.
What was mj holding over there heads?
For all ten of them to stand by and let this happean to him and then come on tv to say we try to help but he would not listen. they need to shut up and remember his children, don't put anymore wood in the fire,
The estate is trying to clean up mj image all the tabloid crap that help put mj in a early grave and the family is throwing dirt that should tell us how much love they have for him , all we as fans can do is prey for the kids because they are in the lions den there only protector is gone and they are going to do to the kids same as they do to the father.

And yes, I am concerned about justice for Michael. It is very disturbing and upsetting to me that, because Michael did have a drug addiction at one time, people automatically think that drug abuse is what killed him I think it's completed narrow-minded, judgemental, and unfair. I worry that people who assume this is true may be overlooking the significance of what Murray did.

@Junky: I do not dislike any member of the Jackson family. First of all, I don't know of any of them personally so that makes it a little difficult for me to do so. I will say, however, that going strictly on what others say it can be a little confusing....but I try to keep in mind that most of these statements are based on <em>opinion</em>. As for Janet, I am drawn to her more than any other family member. I don't know if it's because of her music, or the fact that she has talked about she and Michael being close, or what it is. In my post, I was mainly reaching out for clarification as I have done in other threads without response. It's confusing to me why anybody would imply Michael currently had a drug problem and/or imply he died from a drug overdose (again, not the Propofol) if there wasn't anything found in his system. I also thought perhaps she was referring to the Propofol but actually I don't think any of the family knew he was even using it. Yet they said they have tried to intervene and even gone to his house and called only to be told he wasn't available. But when exactly did this happen? Was is currently? What would make them think, that since his treatment for addiction years ago, he now again had an addiction? I am simply trying to <em>understand</em> it all. Lastly, I do not look down upon those that do have addictions. People that have addictions are not any less of a person in my eyes....they are simply not well. People don't go out actively seeking to become addicted to something. Usually it starts out with a trip to the doctor for a perfectly good reason......unbearable pain, insomnia, etc. The doctor gives them a prescription for something to help them, and unfortunately some people along the way become addicted to the medications. At one point I was having extensive dental work dentist kept giving me prescriptions for Lortabs. I never even got them filled because my sister and my cousin both were addicted to Lortabs at one time. Other people have told me about addictions to Lortabs as well. Regardless, Michael's life was in Murrays hands that last night and it was Murray that caused his death.

Some people may find the following post from a person with a medical background helpful. This person does claim to be a doctor and has repeatedly taken a lot of time to explain things pertaining to Michael's health and reported physical conditions. Whether Michael had an addiction to prescription medications or not (it's my understanding and belief that he did), that does NOT relinquish Murray from his personal, professional and ethical responsibilities. The doctor whom I'm linking to below goes into this at the end of his/her post. I personally found the post and its medical details very helpful.

Any potential jurors will be chosen carefully and will have to be unbiased towards both Michael and Murray. Having been through the jury selection process repeatedly, I can state for a fact that neutrality is sought, and strong emotions must be absent or set aside. Acknowledgment of Michael's addiction to prescription medications may actually help neutralize potential jurors, who will be chosen carefully and who cannot absolve Murray from his professional and ethical responsibilities. All of this will be dealt with in court, properly, by professionals. I have faith in that.

A second degree murder charge is not likely to be brought forth unless the Prosecution can prove its case BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. This has been posted and explained repeatedly by me here and on the IMDb, using Tom Mesereau's words and YouTube video links showing him being interviewed. Fans are going to have to accept this and try to understand it. We can feel whatever we feel and want whatever we want, but the law is the law, and the attorneys have to deal with FACTS, not feelings. They have to have PROOF. Without the proof, they don't have a case. Speculation won't cut it.


My concern is how this will affect the case. Murray's lawyers will throw Michael under the bus, whatever it takes to get him off. The focus should be on Murray and his actions on June 25 but this Michael is a drug addict doesn't help when people already think that. Then his own sister goes on national tv and said he was an addict in denial. Now more people will believe that because she said so. To me this is worse than her Robin Roberts interview. This was with Oprah of all people who doesn't care for Michael at all. His autopsy said what he died from and that was what Murray gave him and admitted giving him. There is the evidence but yet people are blaming Michael for his own death. I don't understand.

@Suzary, yes I think we all are agreeing in the same manner as Junky.I know I am focused on JUSTICE4MJ more than anything else and I pray that nothing hinders this Justice and that Murray gets charged with 2nd degree murder. Plain and simple is our goal. One goal. JUSTICE4MJ.Murray goes to prison for a very long time for 2nd degree murder and nothing less.I am focused on this and this alone.I do not want any enter this goal for JUSTICE. for The King Of Pop.I love you more Michael.♥

I'm not an Oprah fan, either, so I didn't want to watch the interview, plus I work people, lol! I have to agree with does appear the Jacksons are more concerned with his assets, rather than going all out to save him. I, too have a brother (named Michael) that struggled with drug addiction for years and our family didn't just pray over it; we tried interventions, taking him to meetings and standing our ground against enabling him and now he's been drug-free for over 20 YEARS. Michael had too many yes men and women in his life, including his relatives. There's no way in HELL I'd let my brother sink to the levels of drug abuse and being leeched on like Michael Jackson was. If Jackie, Tito, Janet, etc. had to actually kick his door down or kick some yes-people's asses to get to him, THEY SHOULD HAVE. As for Jermaine, suffering from selective amnesia, (the same as LaToya, who conveniently forgot she and that scum bag ex-husband of her's joined in on the hate train and called Michael a pedophile to make a buck) he's always been jealous over how Michael's career/fan appeal eclipsed his (no surprise that it was one of his kids that had a stun gun around Prince and Blanket). Now Joe Jackson is trying to sue Michael's estate for an allowance when it was very clear that Michael didn't want to provide for any of his siblings or his dad in his will. Michael's a Virgo...I doubt the analytical perfectionist traits our sign is known for would be so soft business-wise he'd be "manipulated" into making Phillips and Branca his executors. You don't outbid your friend to OWN his group's catalog by being WEAK. Michael was far from being weak when it came to his career. It's no surprise that he kept his kids and himself scarce from the rest of the family, too. Ugh, I'm just disgusted by the entire situation! My heartbreak has turned to anger at this point. Michael was killed and for WHAT? Some money-grubbing mofos, both relative and not.

My only comfort is the knowledge that he doesn't have to deal with this bullsh*t anymore. God bless you, Michael and I LOVE YOU....

Ok, I see everyone's point here. I did not watch the interview, mostly because I despise Oprah on principal, and especially where Michael is concerned. Because this wasn't going to be about Janet, she just wanted her on there to dig up s*** about Michael, which she would manipulate in any way to suit her needs.

But I do agree with Junky: Murray's the one who stuck an I.V. in Michael's arm and walked away from him to chat on the phone here. Murray's the one who took that oath that says FIRST DO NO HARM! Murray's the one, supposedly, who was drinking at a strip club the night before, Murray's the one who didn't properly perform cpr, even though he fancies himself such a good cardiologist he can justify $150,000 per month, and Murray's the one who stopped cpr to hide his evidence, then proceeded to call Prince into the room to verify that he was givng cpr to his supposedly already dead father. As I said in another thread, maybe painting Michael as a drug addict is a prosecution strategy, or at least a prosecution benefit, as Murray cannot state that a patient with impaired judgment due to drug addiction is in control and the one responsible for the propoful acquisition or use.

So, I think putting Janet on trial for answering that cow's questions is unfair, I think. I didn't like some of the things she said, and really wish she had not said them because of the public's perception of Michael, but I'm sure Oprah did her cow best to twist pull and squeeze it out to her advantage, which was ratings. Why she would want to hurt someone so badly is beyond me, but maybe that's how she became the billionaire, and I'm a waitress making $2.89 an hour plus tips based on my personality! Smiling

Let's focus on the fact that Murray has been charged, and the trial will begin on Monday. Pray for justice, and keep spreading Michael's message of L.O.V.E.

sorry- "cared"

Im sorry to say this, but i think even Michael´s family cares more about his money than about him. and Jermaine including.

With regard to the statements which have been made by Janet on network television, there is a distinct possibility that she could be called as a "hostile witness" by the defense during the trial if they choose to present Michael as a drug addict and attribute that addiction as fostering his own demise.

Well I know within my heart I have always loved Janet. I was hurt by what I heard and not any dislike felt on her at all. I love the whole family. I was there when the J5 was starting out and I remember the little Mikey.Yes, I remember those days.I just don't want anything to take the focus off Murray and the charge to be 2nd degree murder.

Its all about presentation. You guys must have missed her interview with Robin, because this is NOT the first time Janet has insinuated that Michael was battling an addiction at the time of his death. Perhaps people are becoming OVERLY critical with the approaching court date, but like I said, she mentioned this before and didn't receive such harsh criticism then. So I'm curious, is this truly about the concern that such comments will hinder Justice 4 MJ, OR is this more about having justification to be self-indulgent in one's dislike for particular members of the Jackson family? Please note, that I only ask this as a RHETORICAL question. I do not feel entitled to nor do I really desire an answer because the person who can benefit the most from the answer will be able to hear the answer from within the vicinity of their own individual thought.

We have the coroners report that states fact.

I guess Janet must be referring to the Propofol.....Michael couldn't seem to sleep without it. I don't think he was a drug addict in the general sense of the statement. They did take hair samples and that would yield a more conclusive report on what types of drugs have been in Michaels system over a certain course of time. I am disappointed that Janet is talking this way in public though.......I mean there is going to be a trial and your words may come back to haunt you Janet!

Exactly Kal...

@Junky..I ahve already seen what you are saying hun and that is what we want. For them to focus on murray and murray alone. So prayerfully they will do just that.But Janet's statements will not be ignored by the media.Her statements could not have come at a worse time.

Yes, it's strange Janet acting like Michael was an addict at the time of his death. I don't know how long some medications stay in a person's system - but if nothing was found in Michael's system other than what Murray administered, then tell me - what was it he was supposed to have been addicted to?? Am I wrong, or aren't the medications Murray administered (before the Propofol) ones that are commonly prescribed for depression or anxiety? I don't know - when they talk about Michael being an addict when he died, to me, it just sounds like they're implying narcotics so why wasn't there any found in his system??!

I've already said this countless times. Whether or not Michael was an addict is not what the courts are going to be deciding. The case is about figuring out whether or not Murray's NEGLIGENCE led to Michael's death. The whole addiction argument is INVALID because even if MJ was an addict, the person who took the HIPPOCRATIC OATH to do what's best for his patient was MURRAY. Aiding an addiction is a COMPLETE VIOLATION of that oath and its highly unethical at that!

watch here

it was purely manipulated by Oprah , I am so angry

I am not happy that Janet went to Oprah show while she knows Operah is not a freind of Michael , and she will damage the evidence for sure this is not a good time . I think Oprah air it on purpose at the same time of the hearing . I am so sad that been said / about addiction/ now they will have enough evidence from family member to bring Michael down . I dont watch the show and it s on yahoo first Paige thanks a lot Janet

onemoretime: why exactly Janet said during the interview? Can you share with us? The family gave up on helping Michael and abandoned him? How could they ?

@bna..I am not going to spew out any negative stuff on the family but if there is going to be any damage from the comments that were made by Janet yesterday it will be made known soon enough.Oprah of course had the questions and Janet did answer.I have to say it was not good for Michael.

I have not seen the interview too.. but this morning I read the headline and I didnt like the way the press wrote it.. as if Janet saying Michael was a drug addict.. Perhaps those that watched it should let us know what exactly she said in the interview. Thanks!!

I am very sad after watching that interview. Saying he was in denial is a cop out. If they really wanted to, they could have forced him into rehab. His weight loss was a desperate cry for help when they saw him in May. It appears the family gave up on helping Michael and abandoned him to his fate. Why didn't anyone in MJ's life love him enough to get him the help he needed? How can they look his children in the eye knowing they did not do everything they could to save him?

c'mon... this family is... special Eye-wink they always have been, why do yout think Michael wnated to have a life away from them... Kathrin is a saint, but thats where it ends... the've been raised by Joe, so you know they all wanted a piece of MJ-cake and still do. If there would have been a will they would have intervented before it came to the point of no return, they all knew. But I'm not the one to judge, they are the ones to live with a guilty consience...

I havent seen Oprahs show so I wait what other fans say.