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How many of you believe that Barry Shaw was MJ personal body double for 15 years?On facebook he has pictures of him as michael.Could this be true? I know our Michael used a body double sometimes..BUT,Come on!!,nobody could look so much like Michael. Maybe with sunglasses and surgeon mask,not without that!!

Michael Jackson rocks my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm sure Barry Shaw is just as interesting a man as MJ. It takes a special person to make a career out of being a body double for a famous celebrity. Can you imagine all that they have to give up of themselves and the dangers they could and have encounter for the sake of protecting the celebrity they impersonate. No, I'm not in the line of the business nor do I know Barry Shaw. I welcome the opportunity to speak with him but know that's a slim chance to none. He's MIA just like MJ use to live his life in seclusion. That must be a lonely life. You can't even be sure who your true friends are and the ones you have I'm sure you probably can count them on your hand. I'm sure in the beginning it must of been a wonderful opportunity to take on the role of being MJ's body double but since you can foresee the future you couldn't even imagine it would turn out the way it has. So what do you do? Do you get plastic surgery to not look like MJ anymore? I've seen the videos of interviews and appearance. I even heard audio. I know he's not MJ and maybe his name isn't really Barry Shaw, but whoever Barry Shaw is, I want you to know you may look like someone else on the outside, but it's the person inside I'd like to get to know. Who IS Barry Shaw?

I call bullsh**
"Debunking Barry Shaw"
I think sombody's 'avin a laugh!!!!!

love all the michael jackson imposters. i am a biggest fan of michael jackson if he is alive,and he is well and if he is happy where he is at, that is super. he haves wonderfull good looking kids. i am sure michael sees them when ever he wants. and barry shaw does a good job of being michael jackson, no one else can be michael jackson like barry shaw is. lKeep up the good work mr shaw dont let any one else tell you different you are a amazing person.
best wishes to you and your family,have a safe 2011,Shocked)
Melissa lynn
from ohio

Lordy poor MJ would be laughing up in heaven when even the impersonators are warring with each other. Where's the L.O.V.E. Oh I know its called a bankvault. I still like CASANOVA'S impersonation the best . However whoever did that phone call has got 90% of the voice inflictions down pretty well. Its a pretty difficult thing to do sound like MICHAEL. He is such a one of a kind with many who COPY HIS STYLE. PERHAPS if you rolled Casanova, Barry J Shaw ,NAVI together you might just have MICHAELS LEFT LEG. ....does this guy interview as mj.............hmm..... latoya said he had a double....and sometimes she couldnt even tell who was who

I dont know where is the link/?

This guy is a imposter and a fraud...