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MICHAEL AND ANDREA STORY!!!!!! Brand new chapter ADDED....chapter 49 everyone...enjoy!!!

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Chapter 26
Hungry Eyes

“Je t’aime Paris!” I shout out loud laughing and holding Michael’s hand tight in mine while we walk down a small, dark but wonderful street in France’s capital. Everything is history here, at every corner you see a building or a monument or even a pavement that is centuries old. This city exhales culture, sophistication, beauty.
I was so excited after seeing art crafts like The Mona Lisa at The Louvre or the enchanting gardens of The Versailles and never mention Le Tour Eiffel that I couldn’t stay still and just walk the streets, I was almost running. Michael was trying to keep up with me, smiling and humming a song to my thrill. “What song is this Michael?” I looked up to him but I got no answer, Michael just winked at me and then he started to whistle that same song. “You’re so bad!” I put my tongue out at him and let go of his hand taking a few steps before him. I was now walking backwards facing Michael and making silly faces in the desperate try to make him say something. But he was not giving in, he was now walking slowly, whistling softly and keeping his eyes almost closed. I was charmed by that view. “My God, he is so beautiful!” I thought to myself but not letting out the words this time. Michael was wearing black pants with deep green army boots and a green army jacket. He had his blue lenses on and his lovely hair folded all up under a black cap but his walk, his moves, his aura would give him away if someone who loved him would pass by. Michael has a certain vibration, energy that always draws all attention, all looks on him, he is like a magnet.
“Come back, I miss you.” He finally says and I clap my hands “Well done Andrea!” I applaud myself “I knew you will not resist my charm baby, but now is too late, you will go thru the torture of not touching me for the next moments.” Then I turned around towards the dark street and I started to run, Michael ran after me but I was faster “Come on, stop, I miss you, I really do!” he said making that baby face that always gets me but not this time, I was determined to have some fun “You’ll have to catch me!” Michael hurried and he was now just behind me, I turned around and smiled “God Andrea, who could believe that someday Michael Jackson will run, I mean actually run, after you.” I thought to myself and I laughed and blushed so bad at that thought. “Stop!” a voice startled me as I bumped on a tall silhouette in the dark. “Miss, is everything okay?” that voice asked me with a French accent. “Oh, is that you Francois? You scared me!” Francois smiled kindly and excused himself “Mademoiselle, I am sorry but I was just waiting for you here and I didn’t know what happened. Why are you running like this?” “Oh, we were just playing, I was running from Mich… Oh my God, where is Michael?” I screamed realizing that Michael is not behind me anymore. “We have to find him Francois, help me.” I said not facing the driver while hurrying back on the street again. “Michael, Michael, where are you baby?” I was shouting and looking around desperate. Francois was following me “Miss, we should take the car, we will find him quicker this way.” “No, no, these streets have a lot of dark corners, we would not see him from the car. You’d better go and get a flash-light from the car.” “But miss…I can’t leave you here all alone.” He tried to argue but I stopped him “I will be just fine, I’ll wait for you here, now go.” The man walked back to the car but I didn’t keep my word in waiting for him, I went on running down the street looking around “Michael, please Michael what happened with you?” At one moment I saw like a little alley on my right, it was even smaller and darker than the street but I decided to go that way. I took a few steps and then all of a sudden I heard a noise behind me, I turned around but it was nothing, I took a few more steps and then that noise again, I stopped “Michael is that you baby?” By now I had tears in my eyes, I was frightened and alone because poor Francois couldn’t find me anymore and I was also tired from all that running “Michael!” I cried silently and I leaned myself on a wall.
“Got ya’!” a voice pierced my ears and I felt tight arms around my waist. I wanted to scream but a palm came over my mouth quickly and stopped me “Shhh…I’d like a moment alone with you miss and if you scream people will come out.” I recognized Michael’s voice now and for a moment I was angry at him for this prank but then I followed his game and I stayed still. “Now, if I take my hand away you promise to be a good girl and not scream?” I nodded my head and he released my mouth, I gasped for air. “Now that’s the way I like you.” He said caressing my hair with his right hand while his left hand was still tight around my waist. “Who are you, what do you want from me?” I played along asking but I got no answer, all I got was Michael’s cold hand moving down my neck and his hot lips kissing the trace the hand left. Shivers were running down my spine now so I trembled “Are you scared?” he asked softly. I nodded no. “Oh, then you are cold?” “No” I whispered and I turned around in a move to face Michael. He took his disguise off and he looked different now, even more beautiful than he is usually, his features were more masculine, more defined, his eyes were fixing me and the look was more confidant, more captivating. In the moon light his skin seemed to be icy and his lips a sparkling rose. I traced his jaw with my fingers and Michael’s lower lip trembled a little but his eyes never shied away like before, he stood there and measured me closely. “Why did you run away from me Michael?” I asked. “I thought you wanted to play so I pleased you.” He answered me in a deep voice tone, not his usual high pitched voice. I love Michael’s regular tone but for the moment this one was better, he sounded more secure and not intimidated. “So, now you want to play with me?” I said and Michael smiled “Take care with the words, I might consider your offer.” He joked but I felt my heart speeding up and blood rushing thru my veins. “I want you so bad Michael!” I said to myself and I got closer to him and kissed his lips. I intended this kiss to be a gentle and soft one but when Michael felt my lips he became like a thirsty vampire and he started to suck hard on my lips and tongue, pain combined with pleasure in my body and I moaned but Michael didn’t stop, in a blink of an eye he turned around and backed me to the wall covering me with his body now. I felt him tensing up under my touch as he continued devouring my mouth. I moaned harder when he bit on my lips and I closed my eyes “No, don’t do that, open your eyes, look at me.” Michael said in that same deep tone that made it sound like almost a demand and I obeyed. I opened my eyes and stared back at Michael, he was breathing hard and steam was coming out from his mouth because it was very cold outside. He started to kiss me again, licking and sucking on my lips again playing with my hair in the meanwhile. Then I suddenly felt him wrapping my hair around his hand and pulling my head back, I startled and for a second I tried to release myself but Michael started to lick down my neck sending shivers and electricity thru my whole body. I couldn’t bare anymore so I closed my eyes abandoning myself to that burning fire that was now inside of me. I didn’t have control over my hands now, they were touching Michael’s body on their own, exploring, sensing, feeling. Michael was lost in the temptation too, he was thirsty, hungry sucking and biting on my neck now, pressing his body against mine making mine to press to the brick wall. I squirmed and gasped hardly for air trying to catch my breath but every time he would go lower and lower down my neck I would lose it again in a slight moan. I still had my eyes closed when the rustle noise of my jacket falling down on the grey ground made me flinch and flush my face so red, I looked back at Michael and although it was freezing outside I felt invaded with a strange warmth that increased when he started to run his hands down over my sweater, over my breasts looking me straight in the eyes. I looked back, we were both transformed tonight, not a trace of shyness was standing between us, we were burning, wanting each other right there and then, on a little cold dark alley in Paris. “I want you Andrea!” Michael’s words wrapped around me expressing my exact feelings. I wanted to say “Me too Michael, I want you too so bad!” but when words failed me my actions came to confirm my thoughts so with shaky hands I unbuttoned Michael’s military jacket and got him out of it. The jacket fell on the ground and now I could see Michael’s heart pounding hard his chest thru the sleazy white t-shirt he was wearing. We stayed like that, looking at each others bodies for a few moments as if we saw one another for the first time and in a way it was true. It was the first time we saw one another so secure, so free of past’s ghosts, so free of insecurities and inhibitions, so full of passion and craving, so sexy.
I still don’t know what would have happened there, that cold night in January if a blinding light wouldn’t have stopped us. “Oh Mon Dieu, I finally found you, mademoiselle, mister are you alright?” Francois was almost yelling running towards us. “Take that flash-light out of our eyes Francois, please!” Michael said when the man approached us. I was like just awaken from a dream, it took me a few seconds to recall what happened and to realize that me and Michael were wearing just some shirts and our jackets were laying down on the floor next to us, our faces were still blushed and my hands were still trembling. Michael was breathing hard and his eyes were hazed. Francois was looking at us with curious eyes but not saying anything, he was a very professional man. I coughed shyly “Hmm, we are fine Francois, we were just trying to find you but we got lost on these damn streets, they all look the same.” “Oh yeah, it’s dark and I don’t really know this part of the town…” Michael joined me in my poor trying to invent an excuse. “Yes, yes it was awful, but thanks God that you found us, it’s freezing out here…” I was getting hyper but my words trailed off when I realized that I am drawing his attention on the fact that we are half naked and our clothes are down on the floor. I blushed and looked away. The driver didn’t say a thing again. “Okay, let’s just go back home, lead the way Francois.” Michael managed to say with abrupt words. “Oui, biensur.” Said the man and turned around starting to walk in small footsteps. Michael bent down and took the jackets off the floor, he helped me to put mine on and then he dressed too and we started to walk in silence after Francois holding hands but not looking at each other.
The road back to the villa was very silent also, Francois drove fast and me and Michael were sitting still on the back seats of the limousine. “My God, what was that?” I was thinking “What gotten into me? What gotten into Michael? How will I look at him again, I’m so embarrassed.” I tried to steal a glance but Michael was looking towards me and I looked away, avoiding eye contact. I felt his soft hand on my right hand that was resting on the seat next to me, “I am sorry!” Michael whispered. I didn’t make a move “Sorry…” I thought “…what for? It felt so good, so good…” I repeated in my mind and felt my cheeks flush again. I took a deep breath and turned my head around to look at Michael, he looked worried and I smiled “Come closer.” I said and he did, he moved closer to me and put one arm around my shoulders snuggling me to his chest. All kind of thoughts were rushing thru both our minds, but we remained silent the rest of the road.

Chapter 27

It was almost midnight when we arrived in front of the big gates of the villa “It’s okay Francois, we’ll walk our way to the entrance. Thank you and good night!” Michael said and we both got out of the limo. The air was very cold but the sky was clear and full of stars. Michael took my hand and we started to walk down the alley to the main gate of the villa. The alley was long and we were walking slowly “You know?” Michael tried to break that awkward silence between us. “What?” I asked quietly. ”They say that some of the stars that you see overhead aren’t really there. Their light…” My laugh cut off Michael. He stopped and he looked very surprised at me “What? What’s so funny?” “Their light takes millions of years to reach us, and all we are doing is looking into the past, into a bygone moment when those stars could still shine, no?” I said between laughs. “Oh, so I told you this story before, huh?” Michael blushed and covered his eyes with his hand. “Hahaha…yeah, you did, I can’t believe how short is your memory.” I continued laughing “Hmmm…I’m an old man, I can’t help it.” He laughed too as he opened the door to the villa for me. I stepped in still smiling and Michael followed me “I can’t believe you forgot the moment when you told me this story first, it is important Michael.” I whined and Michael made his sad doggy face at me. “You’ll pay for this!” I threatened him and before I could add anything else he ran up the stairs. I followed him and when I caught him I started to tickle him, Michael is so ticklish, he laughs so hard and he loses his breath every time I do this to him “Stop! Please have mercy!” he was screaming and begging so I took pity on him and I stopped. We walked to our bedroom and Michael pushed open the door for me “Please miss!” I got in and he followed. Thanks God, that embarrassing moment from earlier passed, we were our old-selves again.
I crashed down on the bed “Uhh, I’m beaten.” Michael was standing in the middle of the room “Then I’ll go first to take a shower, okay?” “Yeah, sure, I’ll rest a little.” I muttered. Michael opened some drawers, took out his pajamas and some other stuff and he went to the bathroom “Hey, turn on the CD-player on your way, please. I need some noise or I’ll fall asleep.” I shouted after Michael and he did just as I asked him. The music echoed in the room giving me a little energy “I love music.” I smiled and I got up and turned the volume up. Michael was fast with his shower this time “I’m done!” He giggled and kissed my forehead “It’s your turn sleepy head.” I dropped down my clothes after I closed the door and I stepped into the shower, the water was a little too cold for my taste so I trembled a bit and I yelled back at Michael “Aha, now I understand why you finished so quickly.” I heard him laughing from the room. After I washed my teeth and put some moisturizing cream on my face I gathered all my wet hair up in a bun and put on my short black nightgown. I looked in the mirror “Hmmm…you look a little too sexy in this.” I raised one eyebrow at myself and I pulled down the brim of the dress trying to make it longer but with no success.

“Like a flower bending in the breeze
Bend with me, sway with ease
When we dance you have a way with me
Stay with me, sway with me…”

“Oh, Pussycat Dolls, Sway! I love this song!” I exclaimed entering the room and going straight to the CD-player to turn it even louder. “Other dancers may be on the floor
Dear, but my eyes will see only
Only you have that magic technique
When we sway I go weak…” I started to hum along and move a little to the rhythm. Michael stood up from the side of the bed where he was standing and came to me, he took my right hand in his right hand and he spun me around “This is such a nice song to dance on.” He said pulling me to his chest “Oh no Michael, I can’t dance, I’m not good at this.” “Come on, it’s not that hard.” “Not for you maybe, you’re a natural born dancer but I have like bricks tied on to my legs.” I continued to argue. “Let me teach you, okay? It is very easy. Just free your mind and follow what you hear, let your body dance without your brain thinking about every move. You have to feel the music, love the music, become one with the music.” I smiled and we started to move slowly on that sensual beat, hand in hand, looking at each other and our bodies rubbing on to one another. Michael extended his arm still holding my hand in his making me take a few steps back. He spun me around again and then when the drums in the song were beating faster he pulled me back to his chest strongly and then he bent me on my back, his body leaning above mine. When he pulled me back all my hair unfolded from the bun and fell down softly on my shoulders, water dripping down my neck. Michael held me tight at his chest and now we were spinning around the room together, my wet hair waving around my head splashing little drops of cold water on Michael’s body.

“…Make me thrill as only you know how
Sway me smooth, sway me now
Sway me
Sway me
Sway me now!”

The song finished but we were still moving slowly locked in a tight hug. Michael kissed my lips tender and then he played with my lower lip a little licking it with his tongue “It was that night when we first met, we were out on the porch and the sky was starry. That’s when I first told you that story. <Michael, how did I end up here in this dream?> you asked me after I finished and I said that I suppose you don’t know how to swim.” “Oh, you remembered baby!” I rested my head on his shoulder smiling. “I never forgot but I just didn’t know what to say to loosen up the atmosphere between us earlier. I wanted to speak but I didn’t know what to say so I saw the sky was starry like that night back on the porch and that story was all I could think of. I thought that maybe you will not remember.” I looked up at Michael’s blushing face and I caressed his cheek “How can I not remember Michael? That was the first night of the rest of my life.” He took my hand to his mouth and kissed it with his soft, warm lips “I love you!”

Chapter 28
Back Home

You know how every time someone stares, you can feel even though you are not looking? Well, that’s what happened to me that day in the plane, although I was almost asleep, keeping my eyes closed I felt someone looking down at me and I opened my eyes quickly “What happened?” I asked the young flight attendant that shied away her look when she realized I caught her staring. “Umm...I...I was just…mmm…do u need something, miss?” she mumbled blushing. “No, I am okay.” I answered puzzled still not knowing why she was looking that way at me. She was relieved that she can go and in a second she spun around and walked to the crew cabin. “Oh, miss, do u know where my…” I yelled after her wanting to ask her about Michael but she stopped me “Ahhh, your fiancé is with the pilot miss.” I smiled and repeated more for myself than for her “Fiancé…” I liked the sound of that word, I realized almost for the first time that I am really engaged with Michael. The young girl turned around and came back next to me, she was blonde, with blue eyes and light skin, very beautiful “I was admiring your ring earlier, that was why I was staring, I am so sorry I bothered you.” “Oh, no, it’s okay. You didn’t bother me, I am so happy about this.” I said looking down on my ring. “You are a very lucky woman, the ring is wonderful, your fiancé must love you a lot.” She finished and her words made my heart flutter and my cheeks blush “Yeah, I am lucky indeed, so lucky…” I whispered as the girl walked away.
I closed my eyes and I saw myself in a wonderful white dress walking down a flower bordered aisle and I also saw Michael waiting for me at the end of that aisle. His beauty was stunning wearing white suite with a white shirt and vest underneath, yet he put his touch on this all white outfit wearing a golden band on his right arm and golden shoes. His long curly hair was now long but sheer and soft, waving in the hot blow of the summer wind. As I approached him he took off his black shades and reached his hand for me, I grabbed it and he helped me up the few stairs. He stared at me so I looked back at him and I saw my own reflection in his dark eyes. I was beautiful, glowing with happiness and love, my dark hair was not as curly as usual, I had soft waves cascading down my shoulders and my dress had also golden sparkles on it making me shine under the rays of sun. When a tear dropped down from my eye it seemed that Michael is crying too and actually he was. Tears of happiness were falling down our eyes as the minister was asking first Michael “Do you Michael Joseph take Andrea to be your lawfully wedded wife, for good and for worse till dead do you part?” “I do.” He said with his high pitched voice tone that was hiding all the emotions in his heart. Then the minister asked me “Do you Andrea take Michael Joseph to be your lawfully wedded husband, for good and for worse till dead do you part?” I gasped for air because I couldn’t catch my breath anymore, then I looked at Michael which eyes were wide open not knowing why I don’t answer, I smiled and I said loudly “I do, yes, I do…I do!”
A hand grabbed my shoulder and brought me back to reality “You do what?” Michael asked me laughing. I jumped up in my feet and I hugged Michael so tight leaving little kisses all over his face and neck “Where were you? Don’t you ever leave me alone like this again, okay?” I acted angry but Michael knows when I am really upset and when I am only playing so he smiled and spun me around the airplane “Okay, I won’t but now let’s sit down and buckle up ‘cause the captain said we will be entering in a little storm soon.” We sat down and Michael put his arm around my shoulders “Is it bad?” I asked scared. “Nope, just a little bumpy but everything is under control, we will be landing in an hour, we will be soon at home baby.” “It was a wonderful month Michael, you made me so happy.” Michael grinned “And there is more to come.” I smiled thinking that he is referring to our whole life together but still, it was something strange in his voice and that grin “What are you up to this time Michael?” I asked intrigued but all I got was a big kiss which was just enough for me.
An hour later we landed with no problems and we were on our way home “Are we collecting Baby from mom’s house today or we’ll get him tomorrow?” I asked while driving. “Let’s give them one more night together, okay?” Michael winked at me giving me that strange look again but I approved because I was kind of tired and I couldn’t wait to get home.
It was already dark outside when I pulled the car in front of the little cottage house. We got off and got out all the luggage from the trunk “Oh is so good to be home baby.” I said while entering the patio and walking to the front door “Michael, come on, what are you still doing over there?” I asked but I got no answer again so I unlocked the door and pushed it open “Ohhh my God!” I yelled.

Chapter 29
Valentine’s Day

Mountains of white roses, red tulips, yellow freesias, bluebells and a lot of other wild unknown by me flowers were invading our home hanged on the ceiling crawling on the walls and flowing down carpeting the floors. Many little birdies were flying around playing and filling the room with happy chirpings. It was all so amazing, magical, bathed in a sheer light, I felt like Alice in Wonderland. I stepped carefully inside, not wanting to spoil that grass and flowers carpet and I took a deep breath, it was smelling sweet, like the spring, like the forest, like Heaven. I walked around speechless caressing those little colorful miracles that were surrounding me, nothing resembled to our old home, all the furniture was clothed in flowers and other plants, even the white woolen sofa was now a white lily sofa. From one corner of the room it was coming the sound of a light babble, like a two little children playing, I made my way over there and what I found brought tears to my eyes, two white doves were sitting on a little tree branch snuggling each other, covering each other with love, pure love. I stayed there admiring them for I don’t know how long, not wanting to disturb the peaceful world they were living in. After a while I made myself get closer to them and I could see one of them had a little golden piece of paper tied on to his leg. I smiled and put out slowly my hand afraid not to scare the little angels but for my surprise they didn’t get scared, they looked at me with those little black sparkling eyes and almost smiled at me, I took carefully the little paper and unfolded it “Love is a funny thing to describe. It’s so easy to feel and yet so slippery to talk about. It’s like a bar of soap in the bathtub - you have it in your hand until you hold on too tight.” It was written with curvy red letters. “You will always have your freedom and liberty to grow and evolve by my side. I will always be there, my little bar of soap, for you to land and rest in my palm but I will never close the palm and let you slip away because I love you more than words can describe and I never want to lose you.” Michael whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my body. I couldn’t say a word, I was just crying and kept touching Michael’s face to make myself sure that he is real. “And Happy Valentine’s Andrea!” he added. “Oh Lord, how could I forgot such a day?” I asked myself “What am I going to do? I didn’t get him anything.” I started to panic. “Hey baby, are you still there?” Michael asked joking. “Oh Michael! Is it Valentine’s already?” Michael lifted the sleeve of his jacket a little, looked at the watch at his wrist and said “Hmmm…yeah, it’s been Valentine’s for exactly 11 minutes now.” I must’ve blushed so bad because I felt my face burning in such a way “Michael, you are amazing. I love you so much, I adore you!” Michael pulled me down and we both sat on the floor, letting all the flowers and green grass to wrap around us, he moved a few wisps of hair off my face and put them behind my ears and then he caressed my cheeks with the tip of his fingers “Can I kiss you?” he asked me softly. I nodded so he took me into his arms and he pressed his lips to mines holding me in a tight hug. I smiled. “What?” he stopped kissing me and he asked puzzled. “I am going to slip from your tight hug.” I teased him and we both started to laugh and we stretched our bodies on the floor “Let’s just sleep here, in the grass, okay.” Michael said excited. “Michael, you really moved the forest inside our house.” I said looking around the room. “You don’t like it?” “Are you kidding me? I love it.” “So, you want to sleep here in the middle of the woods with the big bad wolf?” “I guess I will take my chances, yeah!” “But no pillows, no blankets, no nothing, just us and mother nature.” “Fine, I will use your chest as a pillow and your arms for keeping me warm.” “Oh, that will be horrible!” “Come on Mike, don’t be bad.” “Oups, I guess you just called me Mike.” “Yeah, so what?” “I thought you don’t like calling me that.” “I call you whatever I want.” We continued teasing each other and playing and tickling each other until eventually we fell asleep cuddled under the curious looks of all the small birds surrounding us.
I might’ve been laughing and kidding around with Michael but the fact that I didn’t get him anything for Valentine’s Day didn’t let me sleep tight. “I have to do something.” Was the first thought that came in my mind when I opened up my eyes in the middle of the night. I looked at Michael, he was sleeping so I got up real slow not wanting to wake him up and I went upstairs in our bedroom. I searched in a few drawers and finally I found Michael’s electronic agenda, got quickly to the phone and dialed the number of Michael’s best friend John Branca. “Hello Mr.Branca.” I said so quietly that sounded like almost a whisper. “Hello, who’s there?” a deep voice tone inquired me from the other side of the phone. “Ummm...My name is Andrea, I am ...ummm…I am from...” I was mumbling but the man stopped me “Oh, I know who you are, I heard a lot about you. Nice to meet you miss.” I felt relieved by the friendly voice “I am so sorry to wake you up like this in the middle of the night…” I started but again the kind man stopped me “Oh, but it’s not the middle of the night, here is the middle of the day, so don’t worry.” “Oh yeah, silly me, I forgot.” I continued “Listen Mr. Branca, I need your help, urgent.” The guy got scared “What is happening, is he alright? Tell me, what is wrong?” he got overexcited. “No, no, I am so sorry I scared you, everything is alright. I just need a favor, a big big favor but I know you will help me.” I tried to sound sweet so I could convince the man. “Okay, anything for you dear.” He obliged me and I felt on top of the world “Hmm...okay. Look, it’s about…” I started and after talking like for 15 minutes I finally finished “And don’t forget, I need it like yesterday.” John smiled “Okay, we’ll do our best. Good bye for now.”
The early twitter of the birds awoke us. We looked around and in the morning light everything seemed even more beautiful than last night. The day went by like in a fairytale, instead of breakfast we had a little picnic on the grass, then we took a nap cuddled on the flowery sofa, then another picnic for lunch, then Michael picked some little mauve flowers from the walls and made me a tiara and then he braided my hair with some other little pale rose flowers “A flower among other flowers!” he exclaimed and then we took some pictures and later, just before dinner the phone rang “I will take it.” I jumped up and went straight to the phone in the kitchen and closed the door behind me “Mhmmm, yeah, mhmmm, okay, yes…yes…he will be out, yeah...okay. Thank you so much. God bless all of you.” I said to John because he was the one calling and then I came out of the kitchen. “What’s with all this mystery?” Michael asked being slightly annoyed. “Hmmm, well, it was mom, you have to go and take Baby.” “Right now?” Michael was puzzled. “Yeah, right now, just go and get him because mom…well…hmmm…she is has to go away first thing in the morning, okay?” I quickly invented something. “Okay, okay, let’s go.” Michael gave in not asking for more details. “Oh no, I can’t go.” I said stressed. “Why not? You know I hate to drive and what if some cop stops me, I can’t go alone.” God will not let anything happen to Michael now I said to myself and then I started to act bratty to make him go only for the sake of not hearing me anymore “Come on, don’t be bad, I have a head ache and I am not in a mood to dress up, oh…and look, just look at my hair, I have to do something about this hair and I have to unpack the bags and clean the house and it’s all on me, you can do just this one thing…” and I went on and on until poor Michael rushed out the door “Okay, okay, I’ll go, just stop whining.”
As soon as I heard the engine starting on the car I picked-up the phone and called mom to let her know what is happening and to ask her to play along “Mmmm…okay Andrea, okay.” She mumbled and I hanged up on her before she had the chance to say anything else. I rushed up stairs and into Michael’s studio down the hall and started to move things around in order to make some place. Just when I was almost finishing the bell rang at the door, I got downstairs and a big red haired guy entered the room followed by some other smaller boys and some boxes “Good evening, we are sent by Mr. Browning, friend of Mr. Branca and Mr. Ortega.” The big guy said looking surprised around our improvised garden inside the house. “Oh, yeah, thanks for coming so quickly, we have to hurry. Follow me.” And I hurried up the stairs and into the studio again. The three guys moved very fast, they really knew what they are doing, in about half an hour they finished the job “So, you just have to press one button here and this one here and then all begins.” The red tall guy added and after I nodded letting him know I got it I walked them to the door waving Goodbye.
By the time Michael got back with Baby it was all set up and I was sitting on the floor in the middle of the living room like nothing was happening. “So, your PMS is gone?” Michael laughed when he saw I was quiet and smiling nicely. I put my tongue out at him “Come, come with me.” I took his hand and dragged him up the stairs, Baby barking after us “You didn’t even say hello to the poor doggy.” “I have no time, later…Sorry Baby.” I shouted turning my head to the spotted dog that was still following us “Oh, here we go again.” Michael said smacking his forehead with his palm. I didn’t pay attention to him, just continued my way down to the little music studio. We entered there and Michael could see that I moved things around and that some strange equipment was set in a corner “What’s happening?” he asked but he got no answer. I sat him down a chair in the middle of the room, kissed his lips softly, whispered that I love him more and disappeared in a dark corner. “Okay, please God, make it work!” I said in my mind and then I pressed the two buttons the guy showed me earlier and…BAM…magic was made.
Michael was now sitting in the middle of this little dark room, thousands of kilometers away from his family yet surrounded by his kids, laughing, waving at him, talking to him, almost hugging and kissing him. Michael stood up and started to walk around amazed, with his mouth hanging open and with tears in his eyes and trying to touch his three young children that were saying him how much they love him and miss him. “I love you so much more daddy!” said little Blanket wearing a blue pajama with little white clouds all over it and extending his arms to hold his father’s hand. Michael extended his hand too and even for me that I knew this is just the magic of technology, just a hologram, for just a moment it seemed that they are really touching, that they are really holding hands. I stayed quiet in the back of the room crying, tears of happiness and sadness in the same time. I knew how much Michael misses his kids and I knew that this was the closest he has been to them in the past 7 months. I could just imagine what is happening in this moment in his soul, how happy and sad he is in the same time. I opened the little letter that was in the box that came with the equipment and read it “Michael and Andrea, we wish you a lot of love and blessings from God. Michael, we will always love you more. Be strong, it won’t be long before you will hold your three special kids in your arms for real. Andrea, we love you too for loving Michael. L.O.V.E! John Branca and Kenny Ortega”
Unfortunately the moment didn’t last too long, it was a miracle they could pull this thru at all so quickly “Kenny Ortega must be like the best director that ever existed on this planet.” I thought to myself and smiled as Michael was getting closer to me, wiping his tears away with the sleeve of his shirt “Thank you!” he said. “Happy Valentine’s Day Michael!” I smiled and kissed his tears away “You don’t know what this means to me.” “I am sorry I was so late Michael.” He was still sobbing “Oh Andrea, you, next to my children, are the best things that ever happened in my life.” I reached in my pocket for the letter and I gave it to Michael “Look!” He took and read and tears started to ran down from his eyes again wetting the little piece of white paper “Oh, my good friends, my brothers. I love you both more. Thank you all for this wonderful present.”

Chapter 30
One More Gift

“Thank you again Andrea.” Michael said taking my hand “Now let’s go rest, we had some full days and my pains are back.” He added and now was my time to grin strangely at him. “What? You don’t wanna go to bed?” Michael asked not knowing what my grin means. I nodded lifting up one of my eyebrows “Mhm, let’s go to bed.” So we got out of the little studio and we started to walk down the corridor to our bedroom, Michael turned his head around and looked one more time inside the room where just a few minutes ago he was surrounded by his children and he sighed. I held stronger to his hand and smiled kindly at him this time, Michael smiled back, a bittersweet smile.
But all the bitterness erased from his smile when he pushed open the wooden door of the bedroom “Wow, another present!” he exclaimed and walked inside excited to see the room filled in candle light. A black satin sheet was set on the floor surrounded by little colored, flavored candles and red roses petals. A bottle of red wine was waiting for us in a cooler near the sheet and also two transparent glasses. Slow music was whispering and aromatic massage oil was heating itself in a bowl near the candle fire. “This is classic.” Michael said turning to me and taking me into his arms. We kissed gently. “Now get off your clothes and let me make all that pain go away.” I said trying to act cool and relaxed although I was so nervous inside. Michael smiled shyly at me and biting his lower lip he blushed so bad but to my surprise he didn’t argue with me. He turned around and took his shirt off and then he got off his black jeans, remaining just in his underwear. It was my turn again, but this time, my turn to blush more than ever. It was the first time I’d see Michael almost naked and I was trembling inside and outside too. My hands were shaking and my palms were sweating, my heart was beating so hard that made me breathe fast and hastily. Michael was just standing there, in the middle of the room bathed in that warm but shady light that made his skin to seem silky and his eyes sending flames my way. He was so beautiful, his body was slim but well fitted, his translucent skin revealing every single muscle in that worked out dancer body. “Lay down.” I could finally articulate and he obeyed me without a sound. “I’ll be right back.” I said sneaking inside of the bathroom quickly. When I got back out after a few minutes I was wearing just a black lacy nightgown and a few drops of my favorite perfume. Michael was laying down on the satin sheet on the floor, with his back up, resting his head on his crossed arms. I sat down next to him and I put aside his black curly hair that was caressing his shoulders down his back. When I touched his skin with the tip of my fingers he shivered and let out a slight sigh. I bent down and kissed the back of his neck and his left ear, then I pulled the oil bowl next to me and I bathed my hands in it. I sighed too when I felt the hot oil warming up my hands and I smiled for myself. Then I got out my hands and I started to oil Michael’s back, he squirmed in pleasure when the warm soft oil touched first his skin and he let out a moan. I moved slowly my hands lower till I reached his waist and then up again to his shoulders and his neck. Under my caring touch and the warmth of the oil Michael’s tense body started to loosen up, his muscles relaxed and he pulled out his hands from under his head, stretching them alongside his body. I put my hands again in the bowl to get some more oil and then I started to massage his arms too, first his right one, form the shoulder down to the elbow and all the way to the palm. I took his palm in between my oily hands and started to pressure slowly every finger and the bridge of his palm, Michael moaned, and then I did the same thing to his left arm. Michael was now calm and relaxed, breathing slowly and sighing from time to time when I drew little circles with my hands on his back. His skin was so soft and warm, it felt like it was caressing my palms, so I closed my eyes for a few moments and I let my hands run free on Michael’s body. His soft movement under my palms made me come back to reality and open up my eyes “Are you feeling better baby?” I asked him quietly. Michael nodded without making a sound so I continued with my massage. I wanted to make all his pains disappear so I started to put some more pressure in my touch, I massaged his back first and then moved to his shoulders and his neck. The neck was hurting him a lot so I massaged it harder, squeezing between my fingers every small muscle. Michael twitched a little but eventually the pain was all gone and his body relaxed again, making Michael moan again to my delight. “Your hands are magic baby.” He said trying to turn around but I stopped him “Now let me spoil you a little more.” And putting some more oil on his back I started to tickle his back slowly with my fingertips and nails. Michael purred like a cat under my touch enjoying. “I am done” I said after a few more moments and Michael rolled over to face me. He kissed me softly on my lips and then he kissed my hands “I will pour some wine” he winked at me and he got the bottle out of the cooler and poured into the glasses. We took a few gulps and then we put the glasses down and we kissed with so much passion and desire, like if we were kissing for the first time.
“Let me give you a little pleasure too.” Said Michael parting the kiss and for one moment my heart stopped beating and my eyes became larger not knowing what Michael meant with those words. He saw the confused look on my face and he laughed “I mean, let me give you a massage too.” “Oh” I sighed relieved but I blushed so bad thinking that for the massage I’ll have to get out of my clothes too. Michael read my mind and he laughed again “Come on, just put a bathing suit on or something.” I laughed too “Aahhh, okay.” And I got up and went back to the bathroom to slip in my bathing suit.
When I got out of the bathroom again Michael was waiting for me in the dark “I thought you will feel more comfortable if I would put out all the candles.” “Thank you.” I said shyly and feeling indeed better and more comfortable. But now I could hardly make my way in that darkness so I stumbled on something on the floor and made a loud noise, Michael laughed and extended his arm to catch me, I grabbed his hand and he guided me slowly to the satin sheet and he helped me lay down on the floor. He did the same thing I did earlier, he bathed his hands in the bowl and then he oiled my neck, my shoulders and down my arms. He moved then to my back, the upper part of my back, he skipped the bra and went lower to my hips. As he pressured up my spine I moaned stretching my body. I was now so relaxed, so peaceful, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be invaded by all sort of dreams. I was at the border of being awake or asleep when I felt Michael’s hands undoing my bra. I flinched widening up my eyes “Shhh, just relax and trust me.” I heard Michael calming me down. His voice was so soft and tender and comforting, I knew I can trust him completely so I closed my eyes again and I abandoned myself under his touch. He moved his palms slowly up and down my back making my skin burn “I never felt such a pleasure in all my life” I said with trembling, low voice and Michael went on offering me waves after waves of pleasure and delight caressing, massaging, and playing with my skin.
After he finished he bent down and kissed my back softly and then he tied my bra back on and he laid himself next to me, cuddling me “Thank you for trusting me.” He whispered in my ear. I didn’t say a thing, I turned around and I kissed his lips.

Chapter 31
Give In To Me!

I turned around and I kissed his lips…and kissed his lips again and again until our soft kiss turned into a passionate alluring kiss. Our tongues played with one another as our slippery oily bodies rubbed each other in the dark. As Michael moved away from my mouth licking down my neck his long hair tickled my skin making me shiver and squirm and deepen my nails into his arms. Michael moaned feeling my grip and went even lower with his tongue, brushing it over my breasts, wetting the fabric of my bathing suit bra. I stayed very still and in silence trying to understand all the sensations that were building up inside of me. I felt a fire burning all my skin, I felt my heart beating so fast that I could hear it, I felt I couldn’t catch my breath but most of all I felt something I never felt before and that was scaring me…I felt I didn’t want him to stop. And as if he would have listened to my thoughts Michael didn’t stop, he went on playing with his tongue down my body, drawing little circles around my navel, then up again passing his tongue over my other breast too making me let out a hold up sigh. Rested on his elbow right beside me, Michael returned to kiss my mouth but a strand of my hair was sitting in his way. So with his long fingers Michael moved away slowly that oily wisp of my hair that was sticking on to the corner of my mouth, staring me in the eyes. I stared back and as my eyes were starting to adapt to the darkness I could see my lover’s face shadowed in the moonlight. His eyes were glowing, his features were so well defined and his lips were swollen and red from me licking and sucking them. Michael looked sexy and I was still consumed by that wish for him not to stop so I pulled him over me kissing him with thirst. I could now feel his body on top of mine, every muscle was tense making his body stiff, all of his body stiff and hard. “Oh, sorry.” Michael pulled quickly back from the kiss and from my body. “I-I...Ummm…God.” He covered his eyes with his hands obviously embarrassed by that moment. I blushed very bad and when Michael took my hand in his my heart skip a beat. “Are you upset on me?” Michael asked me with a shaky voice. I caressed his face “What for?” “Umm...well…I am not like this, you know it… I don’t want to take advantage of you or...Hmmm…you know…I mean...you trusted me and…I –I…it’s just that you make me feel…ummm…you make me feel whole again and…I…and…” I thought Michael could mumble like this forever so I stopped him “I want you too.” I whispered and then I blushed so bad and I covered my eyes with my hands too not knowing how in the world I could let out such words. Michael came closer to me and he tried to kiss me but I slipped out of his hands jumping up in my feet in a second “I’ll just go and take a bath.” Was my turn to mumble as I got in the bathroom quickly and closed the door behind me.
For a few moments I stayed there leaned on the wooden door with my eyes closed trying to get a grip on myself. Then I got into the bathtub and I sat down leaving the hot water to flow over my body. I closed my eyes and I let myself dream away as the tub was starting to fill up.
I guess deep inside of me I hoped and wished for Michael to follow me in the bathroom that’s why when the lights turned off, the water stopped running and his soft hand started to caress my wet body I didn’t even flinch or startle. I just half-opened my eyes to steal a glimpse at Michael. He was bent over the side of the tub, still wearing nothing but his underwear and staring down on my completely naked body under the water. I felt my cheeks flush at the thought that my body was so revealed and I felt that strange heat taking over me again. I couldn’t stare into Michael’s craving eyes anymore so I closed my eyes abandoning myself under his touch, trusting him with my body, with my soul, with my all.
Michael’s right hand went straight to my left breast and started to caress it slowly, then down to my belly and up again to caress my other breast. Then he went back to my left breast and he brushed his long fingers over my nipple, rubbing it slowly and making circles around it. I felt both of my nipples getting hard and a weird feeling crawled inside of me, into my stomach and down there, like a void that needed to be filled. When Michael took my nipple between his fingertips and started to squeeze it gently my body pulsed uncontrollable making the water to hit the bathtub’s sides making a splashing sound. I moaned but right away I bit my lip to make myself silent. Michael traced slowly his finger to my mouth caressing my lips, making them wet “Don’t stop your self. I want to hear you.” He whispered with that deep confident voice tone and he pushed his finger inside my mouth. I sucked on his finger making Michael to moan louder than I ever heard him before. That sound made me squirm and suck harder on his forefinger. Slowly I felt the finger getting out of my mouth and moving down to my right nipple this time. As soon as my nipple felt the wetness of Michael’s finger it got so hard that it almost ached me when Michael bent over and took it in his mouth sucking it hard and tickling it with the tip of his tongue. Pain combined with pleasure, with shyness, with desire and lust inside of me and made me moan “Michael, please.” And Michael went on pleasing me, sucking and licking my nipples while his hand was moving down slowly on my body, crossing over my stomach to my thighs and down caressing my legs. Michael’s lips sucking on my sensitive nipples sent a sort of electricity thru my body, all the way down, making my body want to curl up and my legs to tighten up. “Just relax.” Michael whispered in my ear as he was nibbling it slowly now, licking and biting my ear lobe. Then his hand moved slowly to my crossed legs as his mouth moved slowly to my mouth and he pushed open my legs, licking my lips with his tongue, making me open my mouth and my legs in the same time. Then he slowly pushed his tongue inside my mouth and his finger inside me. I moaned loudly as I felt my body invaded by that heat again and by a strange wetness down there. Michael followed me moaning as he started to move his finger slowly inside of me, parting from the kiss, just watching me from above now. I stayed still at first, not moving a muscle, not even blinking. I stayed still as Michael’s finger was caressing me on the inside slow, very gentle and slow sending shivers down my spine, making me tremble even though the water was still hot. When Michael took out his finger that feeling of void came over me again and again I felt the need to gather my legs but Michael didn’t let me, he made me keep my legs opened and so he started to rub me slowly down there, making my body to flinch and pulse again when he touched a little sensitive spot, then grabbed it between his fingertips and started to squeeze it. I moaned and I opened my eyes not knowing what these feelings and sensations coming over me mean. Michael’s eyes were shady and fixing me, his lips were half opened and he was breathing hard and hastily. “Mich…Michael, I – I...what is …ummm…Micha…” I tried to talk but words trailed off when Michael shoved his finger inside of me again, deeper and harder this time. I wanted to close my eyes but Michael didn’t let me “Look at me.” He almost demanded me and I obeyed. I kept looking straight into his eyes as he pushed his finger back and forth inside of me and I don’t know when or how my body started to move in the same rhythm as his finger, my hips following his thrusts. As his finger was filling me his other hand started to play with my nipples again and after they got hard and very sensitive the hand moved to my mouth and Michael pushed a finger inside making me suck it hard. I tried to close my eyes again and this time he let me, he let me close my eyes as I was sucking his finger and moving into his other finger down there. He was now pushing faster and faster when a wave of electricity that went thru me almost stopped my heart for a moment and made me bit on his finger moaning loud and pushing my hips strong into his finger. Michael took out of my mouth his finger and put it down there between my spread legs and searching for that little sensitive spot he founded and he started to rub it fast. Even though I was under water I still felt that strange different wetness invading me, wetting Michael’s finger making it slide so easily inside of me.
I opened my eyes again searching for Michael’s look “Michael…hmmmm…I, I …Michael, I feel strange, what …ummm…Michael, what is this?” I asked him almost desperate and scared when I felt all my body tensing up, my muscles tighten up around Michael’s finger, my head spinning and my view blurring. I felt all that wetness gathering up inside of me making me want to explode as Michael was still thrusting his finger deep inside of me, then out, then all the way in again. “Shhh, look at me and don’t think. Just feel, let go and give in to me Andrea.” Michael said quietly with trailing words.
A single tear dropped down my cheek as I felt all that tension gathered in my body releasing, making all my body to pulse and pant strongly then calming down slowly. I gasped for air and I could catch my breath again, my eyes became heavy and they closed on their own, my hands relaxed releasing the sides of the bathtub from their grip and my heart started to beat regular and silent.
One single quiet and short moan slipped my lips when Michael pulled slowly his finger from inside of me without saying a word. The next thing I heard was the sound of his light footsteps walking away. I was alone again.

Chapter 32

I closed my eyes and I took a deep breath. Questions like “What should I do now?”, “How will I ever face him again?” or “Is he waiting for me?” were spinning around in my mind. I shook my head in an attempt to make them go away but with no success. So, I remained there in the bathtub consumed by all kind of worries but in the same time caressed by the bliss the mere recalling of Michael’s touch on my wet skin gave me. I stayed there until the water became cold and I started to shiver. I got out and I rested a few more moments on the side of the tub. I rose my head up and I saw my own reflection in the mirror hanged on the wall in front of me. I stood up and went near the mirror, drops of water were rolling down my body, my wet hair was caressing my shoulders and neck while my black eyes were staring back at me. I reached my hand and I caressed the woman in front of me, I was still the same but somehow changed.
“You are so beautiful.” Michael whispered in my ear and covering me with a robe he cuddled me from behind and he also caressed the woman in the mirror. I wanted to say a million things but I couldn’t, my lips were trembling and a single tear dropped down my cheek. I hurried to wipe it away but Michael saw it even though the lights were off, only the moon sending a dim light on us. He brushed the tear away from my face with his fingers “I love you.” Michael whispered again and again I remained in silence.
Moments later he took me by the hand and guided me back into our bedroom where he sat me down on the edge of the bed, he kneeled in front of me and taking my hands in his he kissed my fingers softly looking me straight in the eyes. I looked back at him and when I saw my own reflection in his black eyes all my fears and doubts went away. I knew that I don’t have to do anything, that I have nothing to be ashamed of and that whatever I feel is right to do it will be just right for him too. So I smiled and I pulled Michael up on the bed next to me. I laid down letting my head sink in the soft pillows and Michael followed me, stretching down his body next to mine. He caressed my face and I brushed away from his face a black curl then we kissed. A small and innocent kiss then we parted and remained like that, face to face, eye to eye, not saying a thing.
The room was warm and bathed in the moon light, a smell of that scented oil was still floating around us and some music was playing so low somewhere in the background that it almost seemed it is not real, that is playing only in our hearts. It resembled so much with a fairytale that I think that is the reason why we didn’t say a word, we didn’t want to spoil the magic that was surrounding us so we held hands letting just our eyes to talk and express the love, the joy, the giving.

Little Michael was sound asleep in his cradle while I was laying on the couch reading a book with golden covers and the kids were playing outside. Paris was sitting on the porch watching over her brothers as she always does while Prince and Blanket were running happy in the garden teasing poor Baby. I raised my head up taking my eyes away from the book a few minutes just to admire my four children. “Mom, when is daddy coming back home?” Paris came into the living room and asked me. “Daddy is rehearsing till 6 o’clock so he’ll be home by dinner.” I assured her so she got back out and I got back to my book. But I couldn’t read more than a few lines because the phone started to ring and it startled me. “Hello” I said lazy but what I heard at the other end of the line made me drop the phone down on the floor. Paris saw my frightened look and came quickly next to me. Little Michael started to cry and then the phone started to ring again. Paris took it up from the floor and she looked at me not knowing if she should answer or not. I stared at her not knowing what to do either. And the phone kept on ringing and ringing and ringing…

I opened up my eyes just to realize that Michael’s cell was indeed ringing. I was still scared by the dream I had so I couldn’t react at all, I just stared at the cell on the table. The phone stopped and I sighed in relief but after a few moments it started again only this time Michael heard the buzz so he woke up and wanted to answer. “No, no, don’t get it.” I caught his arm and begged him. Michael looked puzzled at me “What is wrong baby?” he was still sleepy and confused. “Just don’t answer the phone, okay?” I said but Michael smiled at me and he didn’t listen “It could be important.” He said moving to the table where the phone was and picked it up “Hello! Oh, John, hi brother.” He smiled happy to hear his friend’s voice and I was relieved again knowing that John Branca could never give Michael bad news. So I laid back on my pillow laughing at how stupid I was, to be frightened by only a dream. But, wait, something is indeed wrong. Michael’s face turned very pale and his hands were shaking “John, but how is this possible?” He screamed. I jumped up in an instant and went next to him “Baby, what’s happening?” I whispered. Michael looked strange at me and then he turned around and got out of the room. I heard him descending the stairs and then pacing the living room still talking but I couldn’t hear what he was saying anymore. I was terrified, something was really wrong. I sat down on the bed, then up again, then down on a chair, up again. Eventually I decided I have to know what is this about so I got out on the hallway and from there I could hear Michael’s voice again “Okay, okay, I will do that John. We’ll talk later, give me a few hours. Goodbye.” I ran back in the bedroom because I didn’t want Michael to see I’ve been sneaking on him and I sat down on the chair again trying to seem calm but I wasn’t. That awful dream and this weird phone call and Michael’s voice when he hanged up on John was so worried and scared, all these things are just not right.
Minutes were passing like hours and Michael was not coming up to tell me what the matter is. My heart was pounding so badly and I couldn’t breathe right so I decided I have to know. I stood up and when I wanted to get out of the room I stumbled on Michael. I looked up at him and he looked like a ghost, his eyes were red, he has been crying. “Baby, what is wrong? What John wanted? Why are you so upset? Why…” I had so many questions but Michael put his finger at my lips and he shushed me. “I love you so much Andrea, do you believe me? Don’t you ever doubt my love, no matter what will happen, okay?” I started to cry “Michael, please tell me...” But he stopped me again “No, you tell me first that you trust me and that you believe in me.” “Of course Michael, I know you love me, I trust you more than I trust myself, I would trust you with my life anytime.” Michael hugged me so tight and I felt his tears dropping from his eyes and wetting my shoulders.
I don’t really know for how long we stayed hugged like that, crying and saying “I love you” again and again. And I don’t know how I managed not to faint when Michael parted from the hug, looked me in the eye and told me “Andrea, I have to go, I have to go tonight and I don’t know for how long.”
All I know is that I felt all my world crumbling down, I felt my dreams and hopes shuttered, I felt my heart stopped.

Chapter 33
The Truth

I couldn’t say a word, I wanted to know why he has to go, where he has to go, what happened but I just couldn’t speak. I was suddenly numb and silent, very silent. I looked up at Michael and he was still crying but I couldn’t even cry anymore. It was a strange feeling, like I parted from my body and I was now looking at me and Michael from outside, like I was watching a movie. I stared at Michael for a moment then I turned around and went to sit on the bed. I sat down carefully on the edge and I started to play absent with the ring on my finger. Michael came next to me and he lifted up my chin, I stared at his bewildered face, he didn’t know what is happening, he was expecting some sort of reaction from my side but I couldn’t, I wasn’t there anymore. I got so scared when I heard he is leaving that I wanted to leave first and I did it. Now only my body was still there, my mind and soul were wandering around sunken in pain and despair.
“Baby, talk to me, please.” Michael asked me, his voice drowned in tears. I smiled mechanic “I will help you pack your bags.” I said then and standing up I went to the closet and started to throw his clothes on the bed “You have to take this jacket, oh and this one here too. Mhm, and these jeans and the black t-shirt too. Oh, yeah, we don’t want to forget about the…” “Andrea, stop with this circus right now.” Michael sat down on the floor crying “I have to go away in a few hours and all you care are my clothes? Stop pretending you don’t care, I know you suffer as much as I do.” But I didn’t listen to him, I didn’t want to hear what he is saying so I shut my ears and I went on with the clothes. After a few more minutes a big pile of shirts and jeans and jackets were on top of the bed. Michael tried one more time “Now that you finished with the damn clothes do you want to talk?” It was the first time ever to hear Michael curse so I got it that he was getting very angry but I just couldn’t make myself to react, I was too scared. “Help me get the suitcase, okay?” I said at last pretending I didn’t hear his question. Michael stood up and he rushed out of the room not even looking at me.

“What is wrong with her?” Michael whispered going down stairs. He sat down on the couch in the living room “Is she too afraid or she just simply doesn’t care?” he put his head in his palms sobbing. A sharp sound coming from his pocket made Michael flinch “This damn phone.” He cursed again but answered it “Yes”. Then a long pause and then “You know, I guess I won’t be able to leave tonight, I need more time, maybe tomorrow morning.” Michael said with a shy voice. Branca’s voice got so loud now that you could hear it thru the phone “No, no and no Michael. It has to be tonight. Bill will be there in a few hours, get ready.” He demanded but Michael didn’t let John intimidate him anymore “Shut up and listen to me very carefully Branca. I need more time, tell Bill to come over here tomorrow morning, after 10 o’clock and that is the last I will say regarding to this matter. There are two more months till April so one more night will not make such a big difference. Now please don’t you dare call me again. I will get in touch with you when I’ll arrive in California.” After hanging up, Michael threw the cell on the floor and mumbling something he got up and went back upstairs.

I was slowly folding those clothes and putting them in the suitcase when Michael entered the room and he came by my side. I turned around to face him, he smiled gently and took my hand pulling me out on the balcony “I guess we both need some fresh air.” He said and I nodded following him. The cool air hit my face and made me shiver so Michael wrapped his arms around me and kissed me gently on the cheek. He inhaled the cold February air and spoke softly to me “Andrea, you don’t have to shut me out. I am not abandoning you, I am not leaving you, I just have to leave this country. I know it hurts, I am hurting too, I can’t imagine myself being away from you not even a day but I have to do it, I have to. It’s my chance to be redeemed. It’s my chance to clear my name, to go back, to explain to the world why I did what I did. It’s my opportunity to get back my life, my kids, to get back my fans and their love, my chance to get back on stage, to shine again. Now I am healthy and strong and I could go on with the shows and then I could fulfill my dream and become a film director. I have so many ideas, so many plans, my moment is approaching. I will be the King again Andrea, I want you to be proud of me.”
Michael’s words pierced my ears and they also brought me back to reality, I was back in my body and I was feeling the pain more intense than I ever felt it in my life. I was happy for Michael but turning around and seeing how his eyes were sparkling when he talked about his fans and about his shows and about his fame made me realize that I have no more room in his life. He is a star and he belongs there in the constellation not beside a lame mortal like me. I felt tears taking over me but I didn’t want to cry “You have to stay strong for him Andrea, love is not selfish, his happiness is more important than yours, let him go, release him.” I kept on repeating in my mind trying to chase away those tears but with no success. As much as I tried not to eventually I started to cry and Michael cried with me. He held me tight and he cried and he caressed my hair and he kissed my cheeks and I closed my eyes enjoying what I believed were the last moments I have with him. “I am so glad for you.” I finally managed to speak. “No, no, don’t be happy for me, be happy for us.” Michael said smiling although tears were still rolling down his cheeks. “Yes, yes.” I nodded and went along not wanting to spoil his excitement. “Andrea, you heard about Dr. Murray, the one that supposedly killed me. Well, he is the key. He got convicted with murder a few days ago and his trial will start in April. Till then my lawyers and good friends will solve everything and he will be able to say in Court what really happened so the whole world will know and I will be free. Free to show myself to the people, free to tell the whole story. My enemies will finally get what they deserve. It will be a shock for everybody, such a change of situation. Instead of the murderer Murray will be my savior.” Now I was puzzled, I didn’t get of what truth is Michael talking about, what story, what enemies “But I thought that you faked your death just because you were sick and your son was worried and you decided to do it for your children and your lawyer helped you. Now, what story, what trial, what are you talking about Michael, I don’t understand anything anymore.” Michael took my hands in his and kissed them softly “Oh baby, will you ever forgive me?” “Forgive you for what? You lied to me Michael?” “No, no, no…” Michael said quickly and loud and then he lowered his voice “….ummm, well…hmmm…not totally.” “Oh God, who is this man?” I thought to myself “The Michael I know would never lie to me.” I was getting so upset but Michael cut in my thoughts “I mean, what I told you about that talk with Blanket that night is true, he made me want to go along with this. But after I accepted John Branca finally told me what he found out and why he insisted so many times for me to do this, to fake my own death and get away.” My eyes were getting bigger and bigger “And what was the reason Michael?” “Well, you see, Murray was hired to really kill me and at first he followed instructions that is why I got so ill and weak but then we got friends, he started to care about me and he went and told every thing to John, he told John he doesn’t want to go on with this anymore but if he doesn’t his life will be in danger too and he has kids and family.” I was overwhelmed by what I was hearing “Michael, but who wanted you dead?” “Well, it’s complicated, I have some enemies.” I laughed nervously “You, enemies? Come on, be serious. You are the kindest man that ever lived. Who would hate you?” Michael smiled too but a bitter smile “If only that would be so easy baby, if only. But you see, I am a black man doing history, you know what I mean? And there were some influent man that didn’t want me to come back on stage again. They thought they could get a lot of money out of my death. So, they planned it very carefully but thanks God I have some loyal and influent friends and they fought for me. And soon will be safe for me and my family to reveal the truth. The right persons will get to jail and I will have my life back, my name, my family.” For a few minutes I forgot about us and I was captivated by the story but now I realized again that Michael’s plans don’t include me and I got sad again and again my eyes filled with tears. “What is wrong baby?” Michael saw my teary eyes and asked me. “No, no, nothing baby.” I lied caressing his face. “But you are almost crying.” “I am happy for you Michael, I see now how much you want your old life back, you are an artist, you are a star and this was no place for you to live. You belong there, on stage, in the limelight, shining, receiving love from millions of people not here hidden in this God forsaken country. You will have your children back and Neverland back and your career back and now you are healthy as you said and you are more confidant in yourself, all the ghosts from the past are gone. You can love now and be loved back, you deserve it.” I wanted to continue but I couldn’t hold back anymore and I started to cry so bad that I couldn’t speak. Michael was staring at me puzzled but I couldn’t bare his look so I got up and ran back into the bedroom. I got out from the bedroom too and I went into my old bedroom across the hall. I slammed the door closed and I trashed myself on the bed. Michael followed me and he rushed into the room without knocking on the door “You are so silly.” He said taking me into his arms. “How could you even think that I am going to leave you? Andrea, look at me.” He lifted my chin up with his fingers “I love you, more than anything in this world. God, I am so stupid, that is why you were so upset. You thought I will not come back for you. God!” Michael slapped his forehead with his palm and hugged me so tight. “Will you come back?” I asked very naive. Michael smiled “Oh baby, I don’t even want to go. Here, at your side, I found out what living a normal life means, I walked the streets without being mobbed, I went shopping without the paparazzi following me, I did everything I wanted to do all my life and I couldn’t. That’s why I cried when John called because I realized that I don’t know what I really want anymore. I want to go back to my old life, imagine, it will be even crazier now than it was before, or I want to stay here with you forever? I dreamt for this moment to come for so long and now that it’s so near I am not completely happy and at peace. But I have to go because otherwise, an innocent man will go to prison and the real murderers will be free. And I need to stop being dead because I want my kids back and most of all because I want to make you my wife as I promised you.” “Oh Michael, I love you so much!” I exclaimed after he stopped talking and I bathed him in kisses. “Forgive me please for doubting you. I am so silly.” “Yeah, you are.” He laughed and hugged me even tighter this time. “Oh Michael, but it still hurts so bad that you are leaving, I will miss you so much.” “I know, I know baby.” He nodded and the smile disappeared from his lips “I will call you every day and we will chat on the Internet and I will get back soon, very soon.” “In a few hours you have to go, let’s really finish those bags.” I said. “Forget the bags, I don’t need anything and I talked some sense into John, I am not going till tomorrow morning, so we still have this night to ourselves.” Michael smiled at me. “Oh really? God, I am so happy, so happy. Thank you God!” I burst into laughs and I pulled Michael up in bed and started to tickle him just to make him laugh because his laugh is a miracle, so beautiful, so amazing. I had to see that laugh once more before he goes.

Chapter 34
Not goodbye

“Come on, let’s go upstairs.” Michael said while pushing me gently to the hallway. “But I don’t want to sleep, I don’t want to miss a moment from this night.” I whined. “I don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleep, Cause I’d miss you babe, And I don’t wanna miss a thing…” Michael started to hum Aerosmith’s song and that made me smile. “I always liked this song but I never thought it will ever fit me so well.” I said as we entered the bedroom. “Michael, I really don’t want to sleep tonight.” “Me neither baby.” Michael caressed my face “But let’s just lay down in bed, I need to rest a little, we both do. It was such a hard day for us.” “And the hardest part is still to come Michael.”
Words trailed off my mouth as I curled up in bed. Michael followed me in silence and cuddled me from behind burying his nose in my hair “Did I ever tell you that you smell like Heaven?” he asked with a low voice like almost talking to himself. I turned around to see him. Michael was so beautiful tonight, wearing a loose yellow shirt that made his black eyes and black hair look even darker. His eyes were mysterious, they always are but tonight the mixed feelings gathered inside of him made his eyes look like a book you could never read. I looked carefully at his features, he wanted to speak at some moment but I put one finger on his lips and he understood that words are not important right now and he remained silent and still. He looked like a statue now and I looked at every single detail on that piece of art that was his face. I wanted to be able to recall every single eyelash on his eyes, every single pore on his skin, I wanted to engrave in my memory every single muscle twitching as I ran my finger on his forehead down to his cheeks and lower to his chin. “You know, I regret so much doing this.” He broke the silence as I brushed one of my fingers over his chin cleft. I widened my eyes and taking my hand in his Michael passed my fingers over his nose “And this too.” And then he moved my arms down his skin on the neck and chest “And all this.” “Why Michael?” I asked after a few moments of being quiet. He lifted his shoulders up “I don’t know, it’s just that sometimes I wonder if I didn’t make a huge mistake interfering in God’s work.” I wanted to ask Michael this question a lot of times but I never found the right moment until that night “Why did you do it Michael?” He sighed and frowned, looking like he is searching the answer for the first time “I wanted to chase away Joseph.” I didn’t really understand what he means but as always Michael saw I am puzzled before I asked the question and answered me “I mean, I looked so much like Joseph, my father and I didn’t want to see his face staring back at me from the mirror every morning. Can you understand me?”
Over the years I saw a lot of interviews with Michael where he talked about his father and there was no secret for nobody that Joseph Jackson mistreated Michael and scared him for life. I recall seeing a 43 years old Michael crying over the remembrance of his father behavior in an interview some years ago and I recall I cried too witnessing that deep pain and that torment in his eyes. So, now, I didn’t want to open that wound, I didn’t want to go there asking more questions, all I wanted is to make all that go away somehow. I caressed Michael’s face and I kissed his chin first and then the tip of his nose “I love this and this.” I said then pointing his cleft and his nose with my finger “And I love all this” I went on showing towards his whole body “But really, what counts the most is what you have inside, and your heart is so big that she can overcome Joseph’s ignorance any given time.” For a few moments Michael just looked at me without making a sound, then he just burst into laughs “I don’t know how but you always make me laugh even about the worse parts of my life.” I laughed too and put my tongue out at him. “Joseph is really ignorant, huh?” He then asked amused. I nodded “Mhm…and please don’t mind me saying so.” “Oh no, not at all.” He continued joking and we laughed a lot.
After a few more laughs we suddenly remained quiet again staring at each other, I guess we just realized again how hard it will be to let go in the morning. Michael put his head in my lap and I started playing with his hair, he loves it so much and always makes him relax and I like it too because I adore the way his wisps of hair curl around my fingers and tickle me softly making me smile. So, letting my hand being caressed by his hair locks I slowly closed my eyes and eventually I fell asleep although I didn’t want that to happen.
Last time I glanced at the little clock on the night stand it was almost 5 hours after midnight and when I opened my eyes again the clock was ticking his last minutes until reaching 11 p.m. I stretched my body and yawned, then I brushed my eyes with my hands in order to chase away the sleep and then I realized “Oh my God, it’s 11 o’clock and Michael said that Bill is coming after him at 10 o’clock.” I stood up in a second and rushed to the hallway “Michael, Michael???” I shouted but I got no answer. I went downstairs in a breath and looked around. No sign of Michael, just Baby waving his tail and trailing me now. “Not now Baby, please.” I said and hurried back upstairs and right down Michael’s studio “Michael are you in here?” I looked around but got no answer “Oh no, you didn’t Michael, you didn’t!!!” I sat down on the floor crying gripping strong on a golden envelope I found on the piano in the studio which was saying “For Andrea”
I was angry and frustrated and most if all sad in the time opening that envelop and unfolding the little paper that was inside “Why didn’t you want to say a proper goodbye Michael? Why didn’t you?” I kept on repeating in my mind. And once more Michael knew what was on my mind…

“My dear sweet angel,
I know that you are very upset and mad and angry at me in this very instant and I know that you don’t understand why I didn’t say goodbye the right way. Well, I didn’t because this is not goodbye, this is not us parting, this is not the end but it’s the start. So, please Andrea, forgive me for going like this but I could have not stand to let go of your hand, I could have not go anymore and we would’ve lost our chance to a new beginning, the beginning of a life without disguises and hidings and fears but a free and happy life. Just imagine Andrea, no more pictures with blue eyed strangers beside you, no more French teenagers chasing us on the streets of Paris, no more hiding ourselves and our love. Oh Andrea, how I want to go out on the streets and shout to the world that I love you and that you love me. I want to show you to the whole planet, I want to sing and dance my love for you, I want to be alive again and this time to really live my life. And I know that you will be right there next to me.
It is so hard now my love, so hard to get out of that door, so hard to get into that car and leave, it’s so hard to know that I won’t be here when you will wake up in the morning and cry with this piece of paper clenched tight in your hands. Last night, after you fell asleep I stayed awake and I watched you lost in your dreams. You were so beautiful, so peaceful, like a baby. I used to always see God in little children faces but now I see the face of God in you too. And for that I will be strong and I will face whatever it is in store for me the next days, knowing that at the end of all that I will no longer be the loneliest guy on the planet again. I will not be Michael Jackson, the King of Pop on stage but a walking ghost off stage, I will not be a stranger in my own life anymore. Now, I am Michael, the luckiest guy that ever lived because I found Andrea, the most wonderful girl in the world and she loves me.
Now I really have to go my love, I have to end this letter but first I beg you to listen only to your heart for she won’t deceive you. She knows I love you and I would never forget you, your heart will beat faster every time I will be thinking of you, your heart will let you know I am there only for you. So, whatever you will hear or read these months please, trust only your heart and nothing else.
I love you more Andrea, every day more. Don’t you dare forget that. And please, take care of yourself as I would do it.
Forever yours,

“Oh Michael!” I let out a sigh thru my tears and indeed I held strong to that piece of paper like it was Michael’s hand, like it was our last connection, like it was all that I had in this world. And in a way, that was true…

Chapter 35

I really don’t know how many hours I stayed there on the floor crying, I really don’t know how many memories came back in my mind and played before my eyes like a movie, I don’t even know how many times the phone rang before I was able to wake up from that numbness and answer it “Michael, I can’t do this, please come back.” I cried into the phone. “Andrea, what is wrong baby?” mother’s voice pierced my ears and stabbed my heart. I was sure it was Michael ringing but I was wrong. “Hey, Andrea, answer me, why are you crying? Where is Mike?” mom insisted but I couldn’t speak, I was drowned in tears. “Okay, I am coming over there.” I heard mother saying and then she hung up the phone. “Oh no, no, this isn’t happening.” I thought to myself “Having to tell the entire story to mom now, I am not able to do it.” I sat down on the floor again and put my head in my palms.
But, nevertheless, in some two hours mom was knocking at the front door and then rushing inside as she saw no one is answering. I heard her footsteps on the stairs but I didn’t mind going to welcome her. I was now sitting on top of the bed in the bedroom still holding on to that letter as if it was a life saving gift and still sobbing. “Hello, hello! Are you guys in there?” mom didn’t want to barge into the room but when she saw the door open and me crying, she did. “Oh my God, what is happening baby? I knew something is wrong. I could feel it.” She held me tight in her arms and caressed my hair. I was happy that mom was there, it was comforting but still, I couldn’t talk, I was lost in my thoughts “Why isn’t he calling? Is he okay? Am I going to see you again Michael? Will you forget me?” And every time these thoughts were coming to my mind I was quickly unfolding the letter and reading it once again “I love you more Andrea, every day more. And don’t you dare forget that.” These lines were like a balm to my bleeding heart.
Mother saw me reading a little piece of paper, wetted by a million tears and she asked me again “What is happening my child? What is that?”
For the first time I raised my head up and I looked at my mother, she was worried sick, I could see that but she was trying to keep her calm for me. I took another glimpse at the letter and then I handed it to mom without saying a word. She took it quickly and started to read it. “Oh baby, he will be back, he will, trust me. Trust him. Trust your heart.” Mom burst after she finished reading the letter. “Do you really believe that mom?” I could finally talk. “Remember when you met Michael and you were afraid not to get hurt I told you to trust the man that your heart loves because your heart knows better. And I was not wrong, your heart was not wrong, you and Michael were so happy, you made each other live again. Now listen to your heart again, Michael told you that and I am telling you that too. Listen for she always knows better.” Mother’s words gave me a little hope so I smiled and hugged her, I hugged her very tight “Oh mom, I love you so much.” “I love you too my child.” But still, I was so cold inside.

California, 17.02.2010

“Daddy, daddy, you’re back!!!” Paris, Prince and little Blanket threw themselves in Michael’s arms as he entered the house where he will be living for the next months. It’s a nice guest house situated on his friend’s John property outside the city. “You will be safe here.” Branca reassured Michael as they were driving up there and Michael nodded trusting him completely.
Michael opened his arms and hugged all his three kids, kissing them and holding them tight “Look at you, how big you are now.” He said tears rolling down his face. “I am the biggest daddy, I will be 8 in just a few days.” Blanket laughed and he kissed his father again on the cheek. Out of the three kids, Blanket is the one that resembles Michael most. His dark eyes are so deep and so meaningful and his smile is so contagious. Blanket is the one that is most interested in dancing and singing and Michael is sure that someday they will take the stage together and they will own it. “Thank you God for letting me be with my children again.” He praised God for his mercy. “Daddy, didn’t you hear me? Did you forget about my birthday?” Blanket was upset now. “Oh God, no my baby, of course not. We will have the biggest party ever. You are a big boy now. Now tell me, what presents do you want?” Michael put his youngest son on his knees as he sat down on the couch, Paris and Prince following them.
They made plans for the party all evening and lists with gifts for Blanket and for the other two children also because every time it’s the birthday of one of the kids Michael considers it has to be a day of joy for everybody so he gives away gifts to all three kids and to the guests and even to himself. Eventually, the emotions of the day and the late hour took over the kids and Blanket fell asleep in Michael’s arms and the other two cuddled on the couch next to their father. Michael stood up carefully and carried Blanket in his room and tucked him in. Then he returned and did the same thing with Paris and then with Prince.
After they were all set to bed, Michael went to his bedroom across the hall. The room was big and very nicely furnitured, it was warm and very welcoming but as Michael sat down on the edge of the huge bed he felt alone, so alone. He felt such a big pain in his chest that he had to put his hand over his heart in order to calm down. Michael gasped for air and then he stood up dizzy, he went to the round wooden table and pored himself a glass of water. The cold water flowing slowly down his throat made Michael shiver. He got back into bed and laid on the pale pink satin sheets, they were also cold and Michael shivered once more. “Oh Andrea, everything is cold and empty without you.” Michael whispered as he cuddled the pillow and closed his eyes.

Chapter 36
Two Weeks

Mother insisted to go back at her house while Michael is missing, but I didn’t want to. “This is my home now, mom.” I said looking around and smiling.
Every corner of that house has it’s memory, every single room it’s still filled with Michael’s smell and I can feel his presence everywhere. Last night while I was laying in bed I could almost hear Michael’s voice practicing in his studio down the hall. I woke up quickly and went in there but of course, the room was empty. I went back to the bedroom and I put on one of Michael’s shirts, the fabric felt so soft that I could easily imagine Michael is caressing my skin. So I closed my eyes and I let myself be fooled by that thought. The t-shirt and the sheets on the bed were still carrying Michael’s perfume so it was a pleasure to close my eyes and just imagine he is still there, by my side, sleeping tight.
But these were the good moments, moments when I could convince myself that everything will be just fine and that this is just a period we have to live in order to be happy later. The worse parts were when I was drowning in despair waiting and waiting for a call or a letter or a message or anything from Michael’s part. I kept on expecting but in vain. The call failed to come for days, for nights…
It was a week now since Michael went away, a week since he left me here all alone and scared. The newspapers were all quiet about the subject. Just a little fuss at first announcing that Dr. Murray was arrested and then bailed out to be trialed starting April, a few interviews with Michael’s family and then nothing. Only quiet, so quiet that sometimes I could hear my heart. She would beat very slow and then all of a sudden faster, so fast that I could sense her skip a beat. That’s when I would smile for a second, remembering Michael told me that every time he will be thinking of me my heart will do just that, will skip a beat.
I wanted to keep faith, I wanted to trust Michael, I really did but it was so hard with the days passing on and still no sign. I first thought he is too excited with seeing the kids again and that’s why he is not calling, then I thought he is very busy with his lawyers and the forthcoming trial, then I thought that something bad happened with him and I was devastated but after the second week passed too I started to think that he simply forgot about me. And that was an awful thought to live with. That’s when my mother came visit me she got scared of the view. I had my eyes all puffed from all that crying, my hair was messy because I wasn’t in the mood to comb it, the house was messy too and I was laying on the couch still wearing Michael’s clothes.
“My God, Andrea, what is this? I knew something wrong is happening when you didn’t answer my phone calls.” She said sitting down next to me on the couch. After some good hours she finally convinced me to get out of the house to visit the dog shelter together. I took a bath, put on some jeans and a jacket but I didn’t let go of Michael’s shirt, I left it under my jacket. We must’ve hurried out and probably that’s the reason why I forgot my cell phone back at home.
The day went on nice at the shelter, the little dogs comforted me and made me smile and Baby was so happy too meeting again with his friends. And mother was so positive and she kept on telling me that everything is going to be alright that by the time I was driving back home after dropping off mom by her house I got in a really good mood, I turned the radio louder and I just started singing. Needless to say that my good mood didn’t last long. As I entered the living room I saw my cell on the table and I felt the room spinning around “What if he called me?” I asked myself hurrying to grab the phone. With shaky hands I took the cell but no missed calls. I dropped it on the floor and I followed it throwing myself on the floor too “I guess this was the end Michael.”

Chapter 37
Friends Will Be Friends

“NO, NO, NO and NO Michael!!!” yelled David one of Michael’s lawyers and John Branca jumped in also “Michael, you have to understand, you can’t make calls right now, we can’t let you contact her or anybody else, that would put you in danger right now.” “But I need to talk with her, I promised her I will, don’t you get it?” Michael cried like a baby without carrying that the room was full of people. Attorneys, some doctors, even a judge, all trying to make the pieces fit for the events coming soon. “Michael, imagine, we can’t let anyone know you are alive before all the facts are out. The press would eat you alive.” David insisted. “You know what? I don’t care, I simply don’t.” Michael argued. “Now please, you are acting like a spoiled child Mr. Jackson.” One of the doctors spoke. Michael turned around to face the man that said that and he looked at him with burning eyes “You all will have to deal with all that is coming alone, because I am leaving.” He shouted and he rushed out of the room. “Branca, I don’t know how but I need a plane in the morning to take me back to Andrea.” They all heard Michael’s voice shouting from the hallway and they froze looking at John Branca. “You have to calm him down or else…” the judge spoke with low voice and then he got out of the room too.
Later that evening Michael was sitting all alone in his room tapping nervously his cell phone on the table. “Can I come in?” John asked from the other side of the door. “Yes” was Michael’s answer and John entered the room. His face turned pale in an instant seeing Michael with the phone in his hand “Tell me you didn’t.” John sat down on a chair next to Michael. “I didn’t John, I didn’t. I didn’t because I thought about my kids, they would suffer if all this would come out now. But I don’t know for how long I will be able to contain myself.” His eyes filled with tears again but he tried to fight them away this time. “John, you have a wife, you know how it feels when you are in love, I don’t want to lose her, please understand me, help me somehow, I am begging you.”
John stood up, he paced the room for a few minutes, he looked out the window, he sighed a few times and then he sat down next to his life long friend again “I will help you my friend. It’s not much but it’s all that I can do for the time being.” Michael dropped a tear “God bless you my friend.”

Chapter 38
Fate Games

I cried myself to sleep that night again although I did not want to fall asleep because I knew that when over here is the middle of the night in California is the middle of the day and I was so afraid that I will somehow not hear the phone and miss Michael’s call.
I guess that is why I was only half asleep and the other half awake so I could easily hear a weird noise coming from the back yard. I got up and hurried to the window but it was dark so I couldn’t see a thing. For a few moments the noise stopped so I tried to ignore it thinking that maybe it was just in my dreams. I went back to bed and cuddled Michael’s pillow, the one that still smelled like his skin. I closed my eyes and just when tears were invading my eyes I heard that noise again. It was louder this time and closer. I got so scared, I realized for the first time that I am all alone in the middle of the woods and I didn’t even recall if I locked the doors in the evening. I froze for a moment but then I jumped off the bed, turned on the lights and taking a deep breath I decided to go downstairs to check the doors. As I was descending the stairs that sound was turning more into a whine, like a child was crying or something like that. I got quickly in the living room and straight on to the main door, it was locked, thanks God. As I sat down on the couch trying to calm myself down I heard that sound approaching to the porch and I realized that I have to check that door too. But I was so scared, I didn’t know what to expect going there but I had to see if the door is closed so I stood up and moved over there fast. The door was indeed opened. I closed it and just when I was about to turn the key into the knob and lock it a shadow got close to the door and made me drop the key on the floor. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” I kept on repeating kneeling down and searching for the key. “OH MY GOD!” I yelled again when the door opened slowly and Baby came inside the room all covered in blood and making that awful sound that woke me up.
“My poor Baby. What happened with you boy?” I took him into my arms and he stopped crying. I started to search him to see where the injuries are but as soon as I touched him Baby cried again, he was in pain. “I have to take him to the doctor and fast cause he’s losing a lot of blood.” I said to myself and in a breath I took the car keys and my wallet and I carried Baby to the car. I drove fast back into the town and I stopped to the first Vet but the practice was closed because it was way passed midnight. That is when I remembered Dr. Dan, the vet that always comes when there are problems at the shelter. I wanted to get my phone to call him but searching my pockets I realized that in my rush I left the cell back home on the night stand. “No, no, no!” I cried looking at little Baby that was almost unconscious by now. “What am I to do? Michael please help me.” I said to myself and then froze for a second realizing that I was praying to Michael instead of praying to God. But I did not have time to lose right now so I snapped out of that thought quickly and I remembered that I know where Dr. Dan lives. “I’ll go over to his house, I don’t care if he will mind. He is a doctor, he has to save my dog.” I decided and drove even faster.
An hour later Baby was getting his leg put in a cast and his other wounds cleaned and I was drinking a cup of hot tea in Dr. Dan’s living room. “It seems he got into a fight with another dog or another animal.” The doctor said petting Baby’s head. “Yes, we live near the woods and he was out tonight, I guess he could’ve encountered a wild animal or something like that.” I nodded. “That is very dangerous Andrea, you should keep him inside at nights.” “Yes doctor, I know, I usually do that but I guess I forgot to lock the door to the porch last evening and he got out on it’s own.” I put my head down crying, feeling guilty that I was so selfish, carrying only about myself and my problems, neglecting poor Baby. “Now come on, stop crying, he is going to be fine. He’ll wear this cast a few days and you have to bring him to my practice daily to change the bandages but he will be as good as new in no time.” The doctor’s words calmed me down so I could finally stop crying and get on my way back home. “Thank you so much doctor, so much.” I said for the 10th time I guess and carrying Baby back to the car I went away.
The dawn was breaking when I pulled the car in front of the house. I took the dog carefully out of the back seat of the car and into the cottage. The doctor recommended me to keep Baby warm and to make him a soft and comfortable place to rest. But what place was warmer and softer than my bed? So I carried him up to the bedroom and into the bed. I laid him down and I wanted to go take a shower but when Baby saw me leaving he started whine again. I smiled kindly “Okay, I’ll stay with you my angel. I guess you’re afraid to stay alone right now.” So I laid myself on the bed too and cuddling Baby I sighed “Oh Michael how we need you, how alone and scared we are without you.” And for a few seconds I remained still, staring in vain. But all of a sudden I came around and I saw my cell phone on the night stand and again I started shaking and thinking “What if he called?” I reached my hand and grabbed the phone, I slide it open and started crying. This time he did call, I had three missed calls from an unknown number “Dear God, why do you play like this with us? Why? You don’t want us to be together anymore, is this wrong?” I cried throwing the phone on the floor.

“She did not answer? John don’t lie to me, I bet you didn’t even call.” Michael yelled at his friend. “But Michael, I am not lying.” John Branca said motioning to the phone in his hands “Look, see for yourself, I called her three times but she didn’t answer.”
Michael got so pale in just one second “I don’t get all this fuss about one phone call John. All the time I lived over there I could contact you whenever I’d like, you could call me every day, you and even Kenny talked with Andrea, my mom called and it was no problem. And now I can’t make a damn call John, you had to do it for me. Why? Why John? Something is really strange here. Who is trying to stop me from contacting her John, who? You have to tell me, you are my employee, I pay you so I demand you to answer me.” Michael was now pulling Branca’s shirt and screaming at him. “Michael, my friend, calm down please.” John said with soft voice “Nobody wants to harm your relationship. Is just that now with the trial business all your family and friends and attorneys are watched closely, the phones are listened, it’s dangerous.” “My friend…” Michael repeated John’s words and turned red in an instant realizing what he said, realizing that he offended his friend badly. He let go of Branca’s shirt and sat down on a chair in silence. “Michael, are you okay?” John asked but he didn’t get an answer. Michael just made an absent sign with his hand to be left alone.
As soon as John got out of the room, Michael started to cry like a child “Oh Andrea, my love, please, please don’t tell me that you forgot me. I could not live without you anymore. I could not bare the thought that you don’t love me anymore.”

Chapter 39

For hours and hours I stared at the phone praying for it to ring again but it was in vain, the phone never rang. But as much as I was craving to hear Michael’s sweet voice I wasn’t upset at that moment that he didn’t call one more time. I wasn’t upset because now I had hope again, he called, that means that he didn’t forget about me, that he still loves me and he will be back.
Driven by this hope the next days I finally made myself to pick up my life from where it remained when Michael left. I cleaned around the house, I cooked, I visited my mom, I went shopping and even got a new haircut.
Baby was recovering very fast so as soon as he got rid of the cast we started visiting the shelter daily. It was spring now so vaccination time for all the puppies over there. That’s why Dr. Dan had to come almost every day over at the shelter and Baby was treated as well. Soon, the three of us, me, Baby and Dan, the doctor became very good friends.
Dan is a very positive and funny guy and he shares my love for animals. He is friendly and so open up that his presence made me feel very well. It’s been a long time since I had a friend, a person that could make me laugh and forget a little about my troubles so I was very grateful for this new friendly face in my life.
I, Baby and Dan spent many days at the shelter taking care of the dogs there and me learning a lot of things from Dan. He is young, just 35 but he accomplished so much by only his will. Although his parents wanted him to be a surgeon he followed his dreams and became a veterinarian. He saved hundreds of animals, he has his own practice now and he still finds time for volunteer work in various shelters including mine. Now his parents are very proud of him and indeed Dan deserves people to look up at him.
One day I got a flat tire at my car just before leaving the shelter so Dan offered to give me and Baby a ride back home. “You know what’s funny?” Dan asked laughing. “What?” I was puzzled by his sudden giggles. “Your shelter has no name. Every single one where I go has a name, yours is just the dog shelter. Every time people ask me where I go next I rise up my shoulders and I just say <Ohhh, at that shelter up North.>” “Oh my God, you know you’re right?” I was really overwhelmed and Dan laughed louder now “Yeah, I know!” He exclaimed and I joined him laughing out loud.
These kind of moments where the ones that helped me forget about my doubts and fears for a few minutes and feel happy again.
“You should choose a name.” Dan snapped me out of my thoughts. “Yeah, sure, I will think of one later.” I said. “No, no, think now. I am curious.” He insisted. “Oh, come on, I can’t now.” I whined but Dan was very persuasive when he wanted something and Baby gave him a hand when he started barking and waving his tale in my face. “Okay, okay you guys. Shut up now, I will think of something.” I gave in finally. I thought for a few minutes scratching the top of my head and biting the inside of my jaw as I always do when I am concentrating on something and then I burst happy “I know, I know. I will call it Bubbles. Bubbles’ Home for Dogs.” I hoped Dan will be as excited as I was about the name but he was just puzzled “Bubbles like soap bubbles or bubble gum or what?” he asked, him being the one scratching his head now. I smiled but did not answer, I thought it’s better to keep the answer to myself but after a couple of minutes of silence Dan started to laugh happy again “Ohhhh, I get it now. It’s Bubbles, Michael Jackson’s pet chimp, isn’t it?” “Yeah, you guessed right.” I nodded and tried to smile but it was a bitter smile on my lips. Dan noticed my sadness “I guess you are a Michael Jackson fan huh?” “I am more than a fan.” Words slipped my mouth. “I love him with all my heart and I miss him every single moment of my life Dan. My world is dark and cold without him, I am scared and in constant pain. It hurts too bad, too bad.” I was crying now. Dan took out some napkins out of his glove compartment and put them on my lap “Here, wipe away your tears. I understand you, I admire his work and talent too but even though he is dead now we still have his music, his legacy. And just think he is in a much better place now.” He tried to comfort me. Seeing Dan’s amazed look I realized that I said too much but his words made me cry even harder, I just couldn’t stop now. That’s why I was relieved to see that we were already in front of my house so I could rush out of the car “Goodbye and thanks for everything Dan.” I said pulling Baby out of the back seat. “Hey, will you be alright?” Dan yelled after me as I was entering the patio. I didn’t turn around, I just made a sign with my hand motioning that everything is fine.
I got inside the house quickly and went straight on to the bedroom, took the phone out of my bag and dialed John Branca’s number, it was out of service. Then I dialed Kenny Ortega’s number, I had to contact Michael somehow, I just had to, but Kenny’s number was also unavailable. Tears started to flow down my cheeks.
I sat down on the floor on my knees that evening and I prayed God. I asked Him to give Michael a gift, I asked God to give Michael immortality because only hearing the words “he is dead now” and “ he is in a better place” made me shiver and realize that Michael has to live forever because he is too special, too amazing. Michael is the light of this world, he is love and love lives forever.

Chapter 40
“It’s Over!”

I spent the next few days secluded inside the house again, falling in and out of doubts “He will not call again, he will not. Oh, come on, don’t be stupid Andrea, he loves you, he will call.” I was lost in my thoughts, that’s why the phone startled me when it ringed so I dropped it on the floor. “Hello! Hello! Can you hear me? Hellooo???” Anyone there?” I could hear Dan’s voice coming from the phone on the floor and that made me smile. “Oh yeah, sorry. I’m here, I just dropped the phone.” I excused myself. “I didn’t know I have this effect on you.” Dan joked and I pretended to get upset “That’s why you called? To make fun of me?” I said grumpy. Dan didn’t know how to react to that so he remained quiet a few seconds but then he managed to mumble “No, no, I’m sorry. I was…hmmm…I…I mean ….I was just wanting to ask you to come to the shelter. I am already here. Can you come quick?” I got scared “Is everything alright?” “Oh, don’t worry, drive safely, but come okay?”
In about half an hour I was already dressed up and on my way there “Dan tried to calm me down but something is not right.” I thought while driving fast. After another half an hour I was crying in front of the main entrance of the shelter, but there were tears of happiness this time. Above the gateway a big banner was hanging. In the left corner it was a picture with Michael holding Bubbles wearing matching outfits and with big black letters it was written “Bubbles’ Home for Dogs”
“I hope you like it and I really hope you can forgive me for whatever I said the other day that made you so sad.” Dan said smiling kindly at me. “I have nothing to forgive, you are a great friend.” I smiled back and then hugged Dan tight.
The next days I felt better and confidant again, the weather was warm and sunny so I spent a lot of time with Dan at my second home by now, Bubbles’ Home. But soon April came and the newspapers started to write again about Michael and his family because Dr. Murray’s trial was due to start in just a few days. I didn’t want to read the papers or watch the news because Michael told me so many times about how much they lie about him and how much they hurt him over the years. That is the reason I started to stay indoors more and just try to overcome my curiosity by reading books or listening to music. It was the first time since Michael went away that I could finally listen to his songs. So I was out on the porch enjoying the spring sun listening to my Ipod when mom rushed inside the house waving a newspaper in my face “Andrea look, look.” “Mom, I really don’t want to read anything, they just go on and on about Michael being dead now and I can’t stand that.” “But is not that, please look baby.” Mother insisted. I took the paper with shaky hands, I was still afraid but my mother’s smile assured me I can read it. “MICHAEL JACKSON ALIVE” was the main title. “Oh mom, it’s over now. The torment is over. He is free, we are free mom. It’s over, it’s over.” I kept on repeating and crying and mom took me into her arms “Everything will be alright now angel.” She said with soft voice.

Chapter 41
One More for the Pain

After calming down a little I started to read on the article in the newspaper. They were telling step by step how Michael showed up in Court shocking everyone and how he testified bringing light to this case. Amazingly the paper was talking nice about Michael and that made me want to read more.

“Michael Jackson came out of his black limo guarded by a dozen of bodyguards. He was followed shortly by a black SUV that brought his parents Katherine and Joe Jackson and sister Janet to back him up in Court.
Michael was wearing a brown and golden suit and he was looking fantastic. Not hiding under shades or masks or umbrellas as he usually did, he was just sparkling in the sun light today.”

I stopped after this phrase and hugged the paper at my chest like I would hug Michael himself. “Go on.” Mother was curious to find out more. I turned the page just to realize that there were some pictures attached to the article, pictures of Michael arriving in front of the Court House and the entering the building. He was indeed looking wonderful, healthy, beautiful and full of hope. Staring at those pictures I realized once more how much I really miss him and it hurt so bad looking into his eyes and not seeing my own reflection in there. “Let me see him too.” My mom pulled the paper out of my hands and I frowned. She stared quiet for moments and then she burst, her eyes wetting “He loves you my child, I knew it, he still loves you.” “How can you tell mom? By just looking at a picture?” I asked absent lost in my thoughts. “Look Andrea!” she put the page in front of my eyes. “What mom?” “Just look carefully around his neck. He wears the necklace with your initial. The one that I bought for your birthday last year.” I truly believe that my heart stopped beating for a few seconds when I realized that mom was right. I started to cry so mother had to go on reading the article out loud.

“Jackson and his three attorneys brought solid evidences against the people that hired Murray to kill the pop star. Due to these evidences is expected the suspects to be arrested in the next hours and charged with attempt of murder and even more.”

These last lines of the article reassured me that everything is going to be alright. I got very hyper after my mom left, crying and laughing in the same time, pacing the room not knowing what to do. I was happy, very happy and so anxious to be with Michael again.
But my happiness didn’t last long. Later that day I turned on the TV to watch the news, I wanted to see if those awful men were being arrested already. I froze when the young lady on the news channel, visibly affected herself, announced:

“One hour after the two first suspects in Michael Jackson’s case were taken into police custody, Michael himself was arrested too for faking his own death, a fact that is forbidden by the laws of the state of California.”

The room started to spin around with me and I couldn’t hear nor speak, I was having problems breathing and tears rushing down my cheeks made it so hard for me to see clear. “No, no, this can’t be true.” I thought “It has to be a lie, journalists lie, they always do. Oh, or maybe it’s a stupid joke. Yes, yes, it has to be a joke.” I took the remote quickly and changed the channel but everywhere was the same. I still didn’t want to accept, I turned on the radio as well. It was every minute worse. Special editions were starting all over to debate the subject and people were starting to trash Michael, calling him a liar, a cheater, a fraud. Claiming he was after money and didn’t care about people suffering all over the world, saying that he deserves the worse. The people were turning against him once more and this time they seemed so determined to put him down for good.
An hour later, or maybe two, I don’t really know, the young lady was on again announcing that “Michael Jackson’s personal doctor was allowed to go see his patient in County Jail a few moments ago. It seems that Jackson is feeling very sick and this time for real.”
This was too much for me “NO, NO, NO!!!” I yelled “You are going to kill him.” Grabbing the car keys I ran out of the house crying.

Chapter 42

I drove fast, too fast, I drove like crazy not caring about other cars, red lights or even police. The phone kept ringing, first it was my mom that probably found out too about what happened, then it was Dan wanting to tell me about the news too I guess, but I didn’t answer, I couldn’t be stopped or delayed by anything or anyone. I had to get to the airport and I had to get there fast, that was my only goal now. In the craziness of the moment I thought that somehow they will put me in a plane to America right that night. Of course, it was not possible. “I am so sorry miss but it can’t be done. We have no cancelled tickets.” The girl at the ticketing point said. “But you don’t understand, I have to be there, I have to. I am begging you, I’ll give you all that I have, just help me miss. Please, please!” I insisted crying and begging over and over again but with no use. They sent me back home with a ticket for next week, 7 days later. That was too much for me. I wanted to be with Michael now, he was alone and probably scared, he needed me, he needed my love.
Those damn people were after him again. They want to put him thru Hell again, smash his soul and destroy his life all over again. They want to steal his smile and bring that bitterness and emptiness in his eyes back. But Michael has me now, he is not alone anymore, he has me and I won’t let anyone hurt him this time.
I drove back and stopped at my mother’s house “Mom, I won’t let them harm him, I promised mom, I promised him I will always be there to hold his hand and now I can’t keep my promise. They won’t let me get to him.” I collapsed into my mom’s arms and we cried together, holding each other.

“It was just a panic attack Michael, you are going to be alright but please stay strong, you have to be healthy and have the power to fight. John and the others say that everything will be fixed soon, it’s just the procedure. They will get you out on bail. You just have to be patient and strong, okay? For your kids and for yourself too.” Michael nodded and the doctor went away leaving him all alone in the prison cell.
The bars closed and locked automatically making a loud noise that startled Michael. He flinched and looked around scared, the room was tiny, cold and dark. Michael was staying on the side of the small bed still feeling dizzy and breathing heavily. He gasped for air a few times and then put his head down and started to cry silently holding on tight to the necklace around his neck.
Some minutes later a guardian approached the cell to check up on him. When he heard the man coming Michael jumped on his feet “Hey, please, I need to make a phone call. Please, it will only take 2 minutes. It’s so important, please.” The tall, strong man sniffed and frowned “I can’t, sorry. You had your one phone call allowed by law.” “Yes, yes, but you see, I couldn’t get thru, the line was busy. Please, I am begging you.” “No sir, I am sorry, we would both get in trouble.” The man spoke and turned around wanting to walk away. Michael grabbed his arm “Please, in the name of love, please.” He said with his gentle soft voice almost whispering looking straight into the guard’s eyes. The man sighed deep and loud and opened his mouth in order to speak…

Chapter 43
The Call

“You really are lucky that my daughter is crazy about you. She would never forgive me if she’d find out I didn’t help her idol.” The guard said and pulled out of his jacket a mobile phone and handed it to Michael. He grabbed the phone quickly and started dialing a number with shaking hands. Then he stopped for a moment and looked at the man that was helping him “God bless you. You are a good man. Thank you.” Michael mumbled with his soft voice. The tall man made a grimace that resembled with a smile and then turned around speaking “I’ll let you make your call now. But you have just a few minutes. This is really serious if we get caught.”
As the man moved away and his silhouette was lost in the dark Michael finished dialing the number and put the phone up to his ear. It was so silent in that police basement that the ring in the call echoed around the whole space. The phone rang once, twice, three times. Michael’s hands started to shake harder, his entire body started to tremble actually and his eyes were wide open, glowing in the dark. The phone rang again and again and still no answer.
“Hey man, hurry up.” The guard’s deep voice pierced Michael’s ears and made him startle and drop the phone on the floor. He took it up in an instant and dialed the number again fast. Luckily the guard didn’t hear the drop and gave Michael a few more minutes. The phone started to ring again. Michael tightened his grip on that cell and closed his eyes muttering a prayer “Please, please…pick it up…please!”

I was just entering the house as the phone was ringing like crazy in my purse. Actually it didn’t stop ringing for the last hours. Dan was going crazy trying to get a hold of me and share the news but I was not in the mood to talk with him about this. I wanted to be alone right now that’s why I even left mom’s house and got back to the cottage.
“Oh great! It finally stopped.” I sighed in relieve and closing the door behind me I wanted to turn on the light but surprise, the electricity was off “Oh fantastic!” I cried and threw the bag on the floor. Hearing me Baby came running and started to jump on me, he was happy I came back, he hates dark but I was angry and annoyed. I wanted to be there with Michael but it seemed that the entire Universe is moving against me. “And the damn phone is ringing again.” I thought as the loud noise was coming out from my bag again. All I wanted was to go and trash myself on the couch and forget about everything but Baby didn’t let me, he started to pull me by the sleeve of my jacket and bark loudly “What? What now Baby? I am not in the mood to play now.” I whined but soon I understood that he doesn’t want to play. Baby was running to the bag and bark and then back at me waving happily his tail and again to the bag on the floor. “You want me to answer the phone?” I asked and Baby barked even louder now. A shiver went thru my body and I kneeled on the floor looking for the phone, for some reason I was now very anxious to get that call. It wasn’t hard to find the cell, when I threw the bag on the floor it got out and it was now the only source of light in the room. I took it up and put it to my ear in a hurry “Hello” I said curious and still anxious for the same unknown reason. But I got no answer although someone was on the line, I could hear the person breathing “Hello” I said again, louder this time.
“Oh God, Andrea, is you my love, it is you.” I could hear Michael’s voice at the other end of the line. I felt a wave of heat taking over me and tears started to flow from my eyes immediately “Michael, baby, it’s you, you are okay, oh my love, I was so scared.” “I am okay, don’t worry, don’t believe the news, everything will be fine, okay? John is handling everything.” “But Michael where are you? You got out? How are you feeling? They said on the news you are sick and I wanted to come over there but at the airport they didn’t let me and I begged them Michael, I told them I have to be with you but they didn’t listen and I had to…I had…I mean…hmmm…they gave me a late ticket for next week and …and I tried to…Michael I…umm…” I was getting all hyper but Michael stopped me “Hey baby, please…please listen to me. We don’t have much time now. I am fine, don’t worry, but please, I am begging you, don’t listen to the media no matter what. I am still in jail but everything will work out, have faith just in me okay?” “Yes baby, yes, I have faith Michael but I want to be with you. I love you Michael, I miss you, you don’t know how I missed you.” I was now crying so badly and he burst into tears too “I love you more my angel, I love you more Andrea. But now listen to me okay?” He tried to make me pay attention but I couldn’t focus, there were so many emotions gathered inside of me in the last months that were now exploding “Michael I love you, I can not live without you, I will come over there, next week I’ll be there, I promise you I’ll come.” “No, no, no…Andrea don’t come…” “What? Why Michael?”
“Come on man, just a couple more minutes…” I heard Michael’s voice fading away and another’s man voice mumbling something about someone that was coming, then some commotion. “Hello, hello…Michael are you there? Helloooo???” I was yelling but the connection was lost.
I remained there in the dark staring at the phone waiting for it to ring again but no use. A million emotions were racing thru my heart and mind. I was worried not knowing what happened, why the call ended all of a sudden, I was happy because I heard my lover’s sweet voice and I finally got to tell him how much I love him and I was puzzled because the last thing Michael got to tell me was not to go over there “Why doesn’t he want me to go there? What was that all about?”

“It was so close to get in big troubles.” The guardian whispered to Michael as the two officers that came to make the rounds were walking away. “Yes, I know, I am so sorry.” Michael whispered back “Hmmm…but can I call her back now, one more minute, please.” “Call her???” The guard repeated loudly Michael’s words “Mr. Jackson are you crazy? You risked so much for just chatting with your girlfriend. God and I thought this was really important. We both almost got in huge troubles for a lady?” The tall, dark man was muttering as he was moving away into the dark leaving Michael talking by himself “Oh but you don’t understand, it is important.” He banged his head against the cold bars “I was trying to tell her not to come until I’m out, the press will eat her alive and she is not used to it and I won’t be able to protect her. Oh my poor poor baby, I don’t want all those sharks all over her.”

Chapter 44
Till Death Do Us Part?

Michael’s name was everywhere the next days, all over the news, the media, on everybody’s lips. Things were moving on quickly and amazingly they were moving in the right direction. Witnesses were starting to talk and the whole plot against Michael was slowly revealing.
Michael’s lawyers were saying that the guilty ones will be charged for sure and that Michael’s name will be cleared once and for all and that he will be out of jail very soon.
I was excited and happy. People were already starting to talk more nicely about Michael as evidences about his innocence in the molestation trials were unfolding in front of their eyes too. Michael’s plan was very well brought together and I understood now that him being in jail for the last three days is probably just procedure. Soon his name will be indeed cleared as John Branca stated and Michael will be free, finally free to love and be loved, free to raise up his children, free to create art and share it with the people, with his fans that he so much loves.
It was a pleasure for me to see that legions of fans were gathering to fight for him, to support him, to love and help him. People from all over the world were flying to California to be there for Michael, they were camping out in front of the Court House holding up day and night banners that were saying “We love you Michael! We never stopped.”
Michael’s words “No, no, no…Andrea, don’t come!” made me wonder if I should go, thinking that maybe he had a good reason to ask me that but I forgot it quickly “He just said it but he didn’t mean it.” I thought. “I love him and he loves me and it’s only normal to be together. These are happy times. Just imagine, all those fans being there and me, his girlfriend, his lover, his fiancé missing. No way!” It was decided, I will go no matter what.
The next three days rushed and so finally the departure day arrived. I was due to board at 6 o’clock in the morning so I asked Dan to take me to the airport. Of course I didn’t tell him where I was going, I told him I’m just visiting some relatives I have in Canada. Dan was nicely enough to drive me to the airport and help me with the bags inside. I couldn’t sleep that night; I mean I couldn’t sleep for the past six nights so I was very very tired. Dan noticed and as I had half more hour till boarding time he offered to stay with me and have a cup of coffee. I sat down at a table and Dan went to get the coffee. On the table it was the morning newspaper so waiting for Dan to come back I unfolded the paper in order to read it.
The room started to spin around with me, I couldn’t breathe right and everything around me got dark. I gasped for air a few times but no use, I felt I will suffocate; I gasped again and then…blank.

Dan saw Andrea collapsing on the floor of the airport and ran to catch her. She landed in his arms luckily and the newspaper followed her dropping on the marbled floor revealing it’s flash news:
“After just being released from jail late in the evening, Michael Jackson eloped to Las Vegas and got married with his life long love Diana Ross.”

Chapter 45

I woke up annoyed by a prickly smell up my nose. Opening my eyes I saw Dan waving a piece of fabric in front of me carrying a scared look on his face. I felt dizzy and a little disoriented and that damn smell made me want to throw up. I pushed Dan aside and rushed to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. All the time I was in there I could hear Dan pacing back and forth the door “Hey, I am sorry if the alcohol made you feel sick but I just wanted to wake you up.” He sounded worried. “Oh, so that was the horrible smell in my nose.” I thought washing my face with cold water. Looking up I saw myself in the mirror, I had puffy eyes and a ruined make-up.
So, Dan was worried, I was sick and looking like Hell and most of all I wasn’t remembering much. “What the Hell happened?” I thought “And why am I cursing? I never do that.” A strange feeling of anxiety was bothering me, I wanted to cry without knowing the reason, I was sad and angry in the same time.
Opening the door slowly I made my way to the bed again ignoring Dan. It was strange, I couldn’t recall much but I didn’t have the urge to ask Dan what happened either. It seemed I couldn’t make myself to speak, I wanted so bad to be alone. I guess Dan was puzzled by my behavior because he kept staring at me and around the room without saying a thing.
As I laid myself in bed he came next to me and took my hand in his. He finally spoke “Are you feeling better?” “Yes” I nodded absent trying hard to remember something, anything about what happened. But my mind was blank, I mean I knew who I was, I knew my name and things but I could not manage to recall the last period of my life. I knew Dan’s name and that he was a friend but honestly I didn’t know how we got to know each other and what was I doing in his house. Or was it my house?
And I had one more problem, as much as I was trying to focus my eyes were getting blurry and heavy and a deep sleep was taking over me “I am so sleepy Dan.” I muttered and I was out before he had the time to say anything.

“My God, did she loose her memory?” Dan was asking himself pacing quietly the room and looking around at pictures hanged on the walls, pictures of Michael and Andrea together. “So this was your secret, huh? Just imagine all this time she was living with Michael Jackson, THE Michael Jackson. Unbelievable.” Dan was still talking alone amazed by Andrea’s secret. Amazed and worried in the same time. “And now he got married. Poor Andrea, that is why she fainted, because of the shock.”
Dan sat down on a chair next to the bed and he remained lost in his thoughts as Andrea was sleeping “Now your mind is pushing away the pain, making you forget everything that happened just to protect you. I wonder if you’ll ever get back the memory of this man. I wonder what would be better for you, to remember or not?”

A weird dream came to me after I fell asleep.
I was at work writing some papers at my desk when all of a sudden a big commotion started around the office. A lot of noise and a lot of strange people coming in, people looking like bodyguards and journalists with microphones and cameras. All of my colleagues went to see what is the matter and I could hear them screaming and venting over something or someone but I couldn’t care less, I remained at my desk working. Then the commotion approached and there it was Michael Jackson standing next to me. I was so surprised seeing him there but I actually froze when out of the blues he kneeled in front of me and putting a ring on my finger he asked me to marry him. I accepted and I was so happy, so so happy. All the people started to clap and scream for a kiss “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!” they chanted and we obeyed. Michael and I kissed and it was such a sweet and wonderful kiss, I closed my eyes letting myself embraced by that warm feeling of love. But people started to laugh like crazy so I opened my eyes just to realize that I was standing alone in the middle of the crowd, kissing the thin air. I looked desperate at my finger and the ring was gone and so was Michael. All those men and women were now making fun of me, calling me names. I kneeled on the floor and cried “Michael, Michael…” I kept mumbling thru my tears.
“Michael…Michael…” I woke up still calling his name, covered in cold sweat, crying and searching for the ring on my finger. But like in the dream the ring and Michael were both gone.
Dan jumped off the chair and came right to me. He took me in his arms and caressed my hair “Everything will be fine.” He whispered softly in my ear.
It all came back to me in a flash, all that happened in the last months and what happened in the morning too. I remembered Michael betrayed me and got married with another woman, I remembered I was at the airport when I read the news in the paper, I remembered I felt sick and that I probably passed out.
At first I felt sad, then deeply hurt, then I felt physical pain in my chest and head, then fear, panic, cold, emptiness. All these in just a few seconds. I parted from Dan’s embrace and I looked around the room, a million memories came into my mind, promises Michael made me, love that he vowed to me, kisses, hugs, laughs. I got so angry, so mad, so thirsty for revenge. I wished I could harm him, I wished I could harm myself.
Dan sat quiet for moments but then he spoke “I am here for whatever you need Andrea, I will never go.” I raised my head up and stared into his eyes, he moved closer and reaching his hand he wiped my tears away and smiled at me. I leaned over and we kissed.

Chapter 46
The Quiet Before the Storm

The kiss didn’t last for long. I parted quickly feeling so guilty and ashamed of what I just did. Dan’s lips were not as sweet and soft as Michael’s, his kiss didn’t send shivers thru all of my body like Michael’s kiss used to do, the hug seemed cold to me and tears gathered in my eyes in the moment that I realized how wrong I was in kissing Dan looking just for revenge. He is a good guy and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, I had to find a way to apologias for what I did, I had to figure out a way to explain him I am sorry without making him feel bad. But I didn’t have time to do all that because Dan took me by surprise kissing me again, more intense and more passionate this time.
“I fell in love with you since you knocked on my door that night, holding Baby in your arms and asking me to help you.” Dan started to talk as he let me go of his arms. “Andrea, I know it will be hard for me to compete with Michael but I also know that you can’t go thru this alone, that you need me by your side, loving and supporting you. Together we can do it, you will forget him completely, I promise you.”
“This is so wrong!” a voice was screaming inside my head “You don’t love Dan, you love Michael with all your heart. Don’t use this guy, it’s so wrong.” But for some reason I choused to ignore the voice. I was scared and I knew that Dan was right, alone I could never forget Michael and that was all that I wanted in that moment. I was a coward that night, I was so wrong. But at that time I didn’t realize. So I put my arms around Dan’s neck and crying I begged him to help me. Dan promised again and we kissed again.
The next days went on very awkward. Dan took away all the remotes from the TV’s and radios and I even gave him my mobile. I didn’t want to hear more news about Michael and his new wife and I didn’t even want to talk with my mother. Dan called mom and told her that I am taken care of and that was all. Then I put away all of Michael’s things and even our pictures together, I locked his studio down the hall and covered the piano in the living room. Dan insisted to go stay at his house but for some reason I didn’t want to go away. I didn’t want to see anything that reminded me of Michael and our life together but deep down my soul I loved the fact that the whole house was still carrying Michael’s scent.
At days Dan and I were trying to act normally. We would talk about thousands of nonsense and eat out on the porch. We would play with Baby and sometimes Dan would even manage to make me smile for a brief moment.
At nights Dan would fall asleep trying to make me fall asleep. But with no gain, I couldn’t close my eyes, not even for an hour. I would just stay and stare at the ceiling or I would look out the window all night long, remembering the past months over and over again. Sometimes I would just go downstairs and cry till dawn and then sneak back into the bed just before Dan would awake. He always saw me with my puffy eyes and with black bags under them and he knew I can’t sleep but he would not ask me a thing. I made him promise me that he will never make me tell him how I met Michael or anything else regarding our relationship and Dan was a man that knew how to keep a promise.
“Where is my ring Dan? I asked him one day caressing the place where not long ago Michael put on our engagement ring. “I don’t know. I think it dropped down when you fainted at the airport and I didn’t notice. I am sorry.” That was all we ever talked about the subject.
But I cried so badly that night. I went down in the living room and I took out of a drawer a little piece of paper. It was Michael’s goodbye letter for me. I needed to read that one more time. Michael’s words stabbed my heart like a sharp knife and closing my eyes I saw everything that happened unfolding like a movie on a screen. I saw Michael’s scared look when I first woke up right on that couch after he saved me from drowning at the lake, I saw our first kiss in the patio, I saw his tears when he told me about his pains, I saw the look in his eyes when he first made me feel like a woman.
“What are you doing here?” Dan’s voice startled me and I dropped the letter on the floor. He picked it up and read it in silence. I was crying. “You have to let go Andrea, please. You are hurting yourself too much. I hear you crying and not sleeping every night. I know I promised I will just be here for you without saying a word but this is too much. You are going to get sick.” “I want to but it’s so hard Dan. I love him too much. I love him more than myself, more than my life. If I don’t have his love I don’t want to live anymore. Nothing else matters.” As words were coming out of my mouth I saw Dan’s eyes filling up with tears too, I was hurting him and I had no right to do it “I am so sorry Dan. You deserve more and I can’t offer you anything. I am empty, I am just a shell now. Go away, you don’t have to stay with me. Run as fast as you can, away from this mess my life is. I’m going to pull you down with me,”
Dan took a deep breath that helped him chase away those tears and he kissed me “I am not going anywhere. I love you with all my heart.”
That night Dan took me into his arms and carried me up in the bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and I sunk into the soft sheets and pillows and he followed me laying right beside of me. I was exhausted and hollow, I wanted to forget and to let go… I needed to forget. Dan took me into his arms and I closed my eyes. That night I finally fell asleep.

Chapter 47
Coming Back

“What the f*** is going on in here?” A loud voice thundered around the room awaking me from my sleep. I actually froze when I saw Michael standing in the doorway surrounded by two big bodyguards and carrying an angry look on his face, a look I never saw in his eyes before. I couldn’t say a word or move a muscle, I was in shock. Dan was staying still too under the covers of the bed.
“Would you please at least get the HELL out of that f***ING bed and away from that man?” Michael yelled again and the anger in his tone and the words he used made me start shiver. I instantly got out of the bed still not saying a word. I was now sitting in the middle of the room not knowing what to do, what to say. Looking back into Michael’s eyes I saw beyond the anger, I saw pain and disappointment and right there and then I realized what I did. I realized I let myself fooled by the media, I realized I believed what the papers said without even trying to contact Michael and ask him what is going on. I knew in that instant that I failed Michael and that he will probably never forgive me. Tears started to flow down my cheeks as I felt my heart being stabbed by a million knives.
“How could you do this to me Andrea, how could you?” Michael started to talk again, a little less loud this time but still sending flames from his eyes in my way. I put my head in my hands and started to cry harder. That’s when Michael saw the ring is missing from my finger and he got mad again “Where is the DAMN ring Andrea, where is it? He yelled and taking a few steps quickly he got next to me and he started to pull my hands away from my face motioning to the finger where the ring was supposed to be “Where is it, tell me where it is.” He demanded but I still couldn’t speak.
That is when Dan got out of the bed and came fast to me and Michael “Leave her alone. You have no right to do this.” Michael’s two bodyguards jumped on Dan and they immobilized him dragging him in one corner of the room. I knew that Dan was getting hurt because of me and that Michael’s heart is torn into little pieces because of me and I didn’t want to watch this, I couldn’t watch this. So I was fighting to keep my face covered with my palms while Michael was trying to pull them away “Let me see you Andrea, let me see your face. I need to know what is going on in here.”
From the corner of the room Dan screamed at Michael “Leave her alone, can’t you see you’re hurting her?” In some way, Dan’s words shook Michael out of his anger. He let go of my hands and backed off a few steps. I took the hands away from my eyes and I could see Michael getting very pale and tears starting to gather in his eyes. He motioned to the bodyguards to let Dan go and get out of the room. After the two men got out Dan ran to me and took me into his arms “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” After staring right into my eyes for a few moments Michael turned around and got out of the room too. I could hear him talking with his bodyguards on the hallway “Let’s go boys, there is nothing for me here anymore.”
I remained there in the middle of the room in Dan’s arms still like a statue and empty like one too. I wanted so bad to go after Michael, to hug him tight and never let him go again, I wanted so bad to tell him how much I love him and how much I missed him these months. I wanted so bad to try to explain to him what happened but what was there to say? That I was so stupid and ignorant to trust the papers, that I was so weak and coward to face all this and I jumped in Dan’s arms for revenge and then because I was scared of being alone? That I cheated on him? No, I had no excuse and all that I could do is to hurt him even more. I realized as I heard the front door slamming that it is all my fault, that I am not worthy of Michael’s love, that everything was lost forever.

Chapter 48

Dan held me tight in his arms, so tight that I almost couldn’t breathe. He was afraid not to loose me but his strong grip only reminded me of how wise and wonderful Michael is. ““Love is a funny thing to describe. It’s so easy to feel and yet so slippery to talk about. It’s like a bar of soap in the bathtub - you have it in your hand until you hold on too tight.” He once wrote to me on a piece of paper and had his little friends to deliver the message for me. “You will always have your freedom and liberty to grow and evolve by my side. I will always be there, my little bar of soap, for you to land and rest in my palm but I will never close the palm and let you slip away because I love you more than words can describe and I never want to lose you.” Michael then whispered in my ear that magic Valentine’s night when he brought the forest inside the house for me. The remembrance of that night came to me so clear, so vivid that I almost felt Michael’s hot breath on my neck and his graceful hands caressing my hair. In a second all that night flashed in front of my eyes and then all the other nights we spent together talking or just holding each other watching an old movie or maybe just staying outside on the porch admiring the stars and naming them.
Tears drowned my eyes and sweet memories drowned my mind. “…listen only to your heart for she won’t deceive you.” The last line in Michael’s letter kept echoing inside my head over and over again till it made me snap out of my numbness. I parted from Dan’s arms and went quickly to the bedroom across the hall, the one that had a view to the front entrance of the house. I ran to the window, Michael’s limousine was still parked outside the gates, the two bodyguards were talking next to the car but there was no sight of Michael. “Thanks God he didn’t leave.” I thought and turned around fast in order to go find Michael “I have to listen to my heart, I have to.” I kept repeating to myself. I rushed outside the room and to the stairs but Dan stopped me grabbing my arm “What are you doing?” He asked me, his face frowned with worry. “I need to speak with Michael, he has to listen to me. I can’t loose him Dan, I can’t. I love him too much. Please understand me and forgive me.” I said and tried to escape from Dan’s grip but he didn’t let me. “He is not worthy, really. Let him go. You’ll be better off without him. He is married now.” I widened my eyes and tried to pull my hand again “Are you crazy or stupid? He is not married, it was all tabloid junk, lies, he loves me, he came after me. He is not married. Now let me go.” I screamed getting very angry but Dan was now transformed. He was no longer that sweet, calm man I knew, his eyes were almost red and his face dark, he pulled me towards him and caught me into a tight grip again and yelled into my face “I won’t let you go after him. Let him go, you will be mine. I love you, don’t you get it. You will be just mine.”
All of a sudden I heard Baby bark in front of the house and I thought I heard Michael’s voice too. Now he was really leaving, I had to do something. So I started to fight Dan, I pushed him and kicked him and tried to pull myself out of his arms. Somehow in that commotion I grabbed Dan’s shirt and something feel down on the floor. I looked down and there was my engagement ring shining on the dark brown wood. “What is this??” I screamed and Dan froze letting me out of his clutch. “No Dan, you didn’t!” I cried kneeling down and taking my ring off the floor. “You told me I’ve lost it and all this time you had it. What kind of a man are you? You know how much it hurt me knowing I lost my ring?” Dan looked at me with empty and scared eyes, not saying a thing. I think he just realized how wrong he was and how I will never be able to forgive him. “I want you out of here NOW!” I said with a calm but firm tone and putting my ring back where it belonged I ran down the stairs.
When I got out of the house Michael was just getting in his limousine. “Michael, don’t go.” I yelled and my heart almost stopped beating when he turned around to face me. His eyes were cold and his look send shivers down my spine. He just stood there looking at me without saying anything, he expected me to talk but my words were failing me. A few seconds later he turned around and got into the car slowly, he was determined to go away. “Please, listen to me Michael. If only for just one minute.” I managed to speak moving slowly to the car and grasping strong to the door that was still opened.
Michael and I locked eyes for a moment, I could see he was still angry and upset but most of all hurt. I feared he won’t listen to me but he did. He got out of the car and closed the door. The two bodyguards wanted to get off the car too but Michael signaled them to stay put and they obeyed. Then he started to walk to the side of the fence, away from the car. I followed him in silence and when he stopped and leaned against a big tree with his arms crossed on his chest I stopped too. “Okay, I will listen to you.” He spoke with his usual soft and warm voice.
I felt I have only one chance and I didn’t want to ruin it, I wanted to make Michael understand but I didn’t know how, I didn’t know what to tell him. I measured him from head to toe, he was beautiful, glowing in the sun light. His hair was flowing down his shoulders framing his perfect face, his eyes were glossy from the tears and his lips red like a strawberry. “I love you so much.” I let out the only thing that was in my mind and in my heart in that moment. For a second I thought I saw him smile but then he got serious again “Half an hour ago when you were laying in bed with that guy you were not loving me so much.” Michael said those words to make me feel bad, to make me suffer and he reached his goal because I felt a pain in my chest like I never felt before. “I need an explanation Andrea not a love declaration.” His words trailed off as he was trying to fight away the tears gathering in his eyes.
“Michael, I met Dan right after you left…” I started to talk wanting to tell Michael the whole story from the beginning so he would understand but I was cut off “What? You mean you’ve been with this guy from day one? You mean he was with you when we talked on the phone? When you told me that you love me and miss me? God, what kind of a woman are you?” Michael yelled at me again and his eyes filled with anger again. “Michael, no…please, let me talk…please Michael listen to me…I will explain to you…I…I will Michael…please…” I stuttered and started to cry. “No…no…no…it was a mistake, I don’t want to listen to you, you let me down completely, it was a big big mistake. I should’ve never come back in this damn country.”
These were Michael’s last words before he moved away from the tree and hurried back to the car, I tried to stop him this time, I reached my hand and tried to grab his arm but he pulled back in an instant “Don’t you touch me, you make me sick.” He yelled at me and ran to the car.
The driver drove away fast leaving just a thick trail of dust behind. “Look Michael, I found the ring…” I cried kneeling down to the ground and looking after the limousine that disappeared so fast like it never was.

Chapter 49
Claire de Lune

I remained there on the ground I don’t know for how long. It might have been minutes, hours or even days, I don’t know. I just stayed there drowned in a deep despair and pain and I cried in silence.
I remember Baby coming to me at some point barking, waving his tail in my face and licking my hands. The poor thing wanted to play, he had no idea of what was going on inside my head and my heart.
Then I remember Dan rushing out of the house holding a little bag with his belongings. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t even look at me, he just threw the bag in the back seat of his car and drove away fast. I felt relieved.
Then I remember I heard my phone ringing inside the house. Dan had my phone for the last weeks but he probably left it on the entrance table before going away. It kept ringing and ringing and ringing but I recall I couldn’t care less. All I wanted and thought about was dying.
And then I remember that it started to rain. Warm drops of summer rain fell upon me but still I didn’t move. I was soaked to my skin when a loud thunder startled me and brought me back to reality. I stood up and walked to the house, my bones aching from all that time spent on the hard ground. Like a robot I went inside, closed the front door behind me, looked at the phone, it was my mom, opened the door to the porch, got out on the porch, then closed that door too behind me. I sat on a chair putting my feet up and wrapping my hands around the knees. Again I was lost in my thoughts, staring away at the pouring rain.

“Are you okay sir? Do you need anything else?” One of the two bodyguards asked Michael just before exiting the hotel room. Michael didn’t speak, he just made a sign with his hand to be left alone.
It was dusking outside and the hotel room where Michael was staying had a wonderful view over the city. Michael pulled the curtains away and got out on the balcony, he wanted to watch the sunset in silence. But as soon as he took the first step out the crowd in front of the building started to scream and shout and chant his name. He was not dead anymore, Michael Jackson, The King of Pop was back and so was everything else, the mobs, the paparazzi, the reporters, the cameras and flashes, every single thing that came with the package.
Michael took a deep breath and went out on the balcony, he waved and smiled to the people downstairs even tough tears were running down his cheeks. Michael always loved his fans truly and didn’t want to disappoint them. Once more he sacrificed himself for the ones he always loved more.
Mingled between tens of “I love you” banners one drawn Michael’s attention. It was a big white piece of paper saying “Welcome back Michael! It’s so great to have you back.” Waving goodbye and blowing away one last kiss for his fans Michael went back inside the hotel room. It was a big beautifully decorated room, full of expensive furniture and paintings, exquisite fruits were set on crystal plates and refined drinks in the bar. Flowers, letters and teddy bears from the fans were filling one corner of the room. Michael took some red roses off the floor and smelled them, then he looked around him and smiled sadly. The people outside were still calling his name. All those riches, all those people loving him, all those caring gifts and yet Michael felt empty and trapped and again a stranger in his own life.
“Welcome back Michael!” He muttered the words written on the banner and then sat down on the side of the bed and watched the sky thru the big windows “I wanted my fame back. This is why you punish me so badly God? Now I know how wrong I was, I should’ve never gone back, I should’ve never leave Andrea alone. Now I am paying and the price is so big God, so big. Again, I am the loneliest person on Earth.”
A hard knock on the door made Michael flinch. “Come in” He said after wiping the tears away. “Mister Jackson, excuse me sir but little Blanket called us, he says he’s been trying to talk to you but your phone is out of service, he is worried.” The big bodyguard said with a loud voice. “Oh God, yeah…ohhh…hmmm…how could I forgot? I…I…ummm…I’ll just call them back in a second, okay? Thanks Tom.” Michael stuttered and got up quickly to search his pockets for the mobile. He turned on the phone and before dialing his home number a loud beep made him flinch again. It was a text message, a text message from Andrea. Michael’s heart skipped a beat when he saw her name written on the phone’s screen but he didn’t read the message. He called home and talked with his children. For the few minutes of the conversation Michael’s eyes enlightened and he even smiled. His kids were his life and they were able to make him forget about all his troubles with only their voices.
But as soon as Michael hanged up and saw the little envelope icon on the phone’s screen that signaled he had an unread message his eyes turned dark again and the smile disappeared from his lips in a blink of an eye. He looked at that phone for minutes, he wanted to delete the message thinking that erasing the message will erase Andrea too, from his heart and mind forever. And so he did, he erased the message without even reading a word. He felt relieved for a few moments and happy with himself for being able not to give in but as soon as he laid in bed in order to try to get some rest the torment came back and even worse this time. Michael felt sorry for not reading the message at first, he was curious, then he started to worry wondering how is she feeling and what is she capable of doing, then he remembered what he said to Andrea and how he offended her and he felt so ashamed. He started to toss and turn on all sides of the bed, flashes of their few months together playing in front of his eyes like a movie, Michael felt his heart warming up and filling with love, he felt safe and happy and free. But when he blinked his eyes and the memories disappeared, the strange sensation of void and loneliness and cold took over him again.
Michael burst out of the bed and out of the room’s door in a moment. He knocked on the bodyguard’s door “Tom, I need to get out of here now, find a way to get me out of here without the crowd outside noticing. And do it fast.” Ten minutes later Michael and Tom were getting out the hotel thru the kitchen exit and heading to the limousine that was already awaiting for them. “I’ll go alone.” Michael said to the two men. “But…but sir, it’s dangerous…it’s…” “Don’t argue with me, I’ll be fine. I’ll keep my cell turned on, okay? We’ll stay in contact. Now I have to go.” The driver stepped out and Michael took his place behind the wheel and drove away.

Some time later Michael was rushing thru the front door of the cottage, into the living room and straight to the porch, like he almost knew or felt where Andrea was. He stopped for a moment and looked at her thru the closed glass door. She was staying still like a statue in the same place and position as a few hours ago, the only difference was that now instead of the sky she was staring at her cell phone on the table.
Michael sighed in relief when he saw she is okay and reached his hand to open the door, then he stopped, for a second he wanted to turn around and leave so he took a step back but looking one more time at the woman he loved he knew that this time he won’t be able to walk away again. So, he opened the door slowly and stepped out on the porch. Andrea jumped up on her feet in a second when she saw Michael and rubbed her eyes like she wanted to make sure that he is not just the product of her imagination. He was not, Michael was there in flesh and blood. “Michael, you came. You got my message and you came.” Andrea said with excited voice. Michael smiled a bitter smile and nodded his head. For a few minutes they both remained quiet staring in each others eyes.
“Michael, it was all a misunderstanding. I will explain to you everything, you will understand, you’ll see.” Andrea broke the silence and Michael frowned, his look becoming dark again “No, I don’t want to hear anything. I didn’t come here for that. I just came to tell you that tomorrow I am flying back to the states and I want you to come with me.” His words pierced Andrea’s ears, she felt happy inside but still she could sense that Michael still didn’t forgive her. “If you want to, of course.” Michael spoke again. “Hmmmm….ummm…yeah, of course Michael…yes, yes.” Andrea stuttered being intimidated by his attitude. “Okay, now go and pack a few things and then get some rest. It’s going to be a long flight tomorrow.” Michael mumbled absent and sat down on the same chair Andrea was sitting earlier. The woman looked at him one more time and stepped inside the house, then she turned around again “Michael, what time are we leaving tomorrow, do I have time to go say goodbye to my mother?” After a long pause Michael spoke, in the same cold and absent manner “The flight is in the evening, we’ll go together at your mom’s house.”

By the time I finished packing it was way pass midnight. I went back to the living room to see what Michael was doing; he was still out on the porch. I wanted so badly to go and hug him and tell him that I love him but I knew it was not the right moment, I knew Michael wanted to be alone. So I turned around in silence and went to the hallway, all the emotions from that day made me feel weak and tired. I wanted to just lay down in bed and so I climbed up the stairs and into the bedroom. I threw myself on the bed and before closing my eyes I looked around me. The bedroom that was once the warmest and most loving place in the world for me and Michael now was just a cold space, a constant reminder of my mistake. I could still see Michael’s hurt look when he entered the room and found me with Dan, I could still hear his full of anger words, I could still feel three hearts being broke into little pieces earlier in that same room. I couldn’t breathe, I felt that room getting smaller and smaller and suffocating me. I stood up and ran outside, I was tired but I could not sleep there so I decided to go and lay down in the little bedroom downstairs. I threw myself over the covers of the bed and I fell into a deep sleep.

Classical piano notes awoke Andrea from her sleep. She got off the bed and walked slowly to the living room not knowing for sure if she is still sleeping and dreaming or not. All the lights were turned off around the house but it was a full moon night and so the room was bathed in shining light. Michael was sitting at the big white piano playing his favorite song heavenly and gazing away to the starry sky. “Claire de Lune” Andrea smiled to herself. Michael’s hair and skin were almost sparkling in that wonderful light and the piano seemed made of silver. The spotted dog was sleeping lazy at Michael’s feet. They looked like they were part of a painting.
Andrea walked in light steps to Michael and he didn’t hear her or he pretended not to hear her. She reached her hand and rested it on his shoulder. The man closed his eyes and one single tear dropped down on the piano’s keyboard. Andrea wiped away the wet trail the tear left on her lover’s cheek. It was the first time in months when their skins were finally meeting again and it felt so good. Michael continued playing the song and Andrea stayed there with him in silence.

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Hi Andrea,
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I just had to make Dan the bad character....I couldn't refrain myself from that....lol I can't like any other man than Michael....hehehe
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Poor Michael, his heart is broken, finding her with another man after all he has gone through is terrible. She should have trusted Michael and waited for him to explain. How will she ever find him now? I'm sure you will find a way for the lovebirds to find each other again. Soon Please!

oh that is frustrating! Michael is a good listener he should have at least gave her the chance to talk and justify . I feel always bad when there is a misunderstand and the people go on their own being hurt. I wish Michael could just listen. Poor Michael he is hurt, I feel so bad.

Hi Andrea,
Great update, really she now discovered that Dan is a bad guy. It has to be able to explain everything to Michel, as will that be? Do not leave us in suspense for too long ok?
I love this story more e more.

So, now, I'm in deep despair.... How will Andrea can find Michael and explain to him all this stuff???
Bad Dan.... Hope she understood she cannot trust the first one who comes towards her, neither if he seems a good guy.....
Oh, please my dear, give me soon a little bit of hope......
Love you

I just put up 1 new chapter, I wrote this last night. Hope u like it Laughing out loud Hugs!!!!!


Hello girls! I want to apologise for keeping you waiting for so long. The thing is that I have been so busy with work and with some guests back at home and I didn't have time to write some new chapters. But I will soon, I promise...I myself am dying to write some more. I feel I miss Michael more when I am not writing, the pain grows bigger.
So, girls...I missed u all too and I promise I will update sooooon.
Love you all!
Oh, thanks loveyoumost for your words. I am very happy that my story corrupted you into fanfictions Laughing out loud They are not so bad afterall Sticking out tongue

You paint amazing picutres. I love the way you write. I was totally against reading fan fictions BUT YOU TURNED ME AROUND. You thought of some amazing sub plots that only a long term fan would know. The fiction part feels like reality. Thats great writing. Update whenever you have the time .IF THAT COULD BE SOON that would be great. Thanks for taking the time. It raised my heart.