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How many songs does Michael Jackson have?

Let's count MJ's songs Eye-wink

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Good question, I have no idea!!

Good question. iTunes has 890 songs under his name. Of course that does not include his songs with the Jackson 5/ the Jacksons, but it does include a lot of remakes/remixes. After counting different songs from the albums (Ben, Off the Wall, Thriller(Deluxe), Bad(Deluxe), Dangerous, History, Invincible, and Michael) I came up with 106. This doesn't include songs with the Jackson 5, or singles that were released(such as Ghost, We are the World, Somebody's Watching Me, We are here to Change the World, and This is it), and of course that does not include remixes. And I'm sure there were songs that still have not been released that he recorded, so I would estimate about 500 with the Jackson 5, not including the remixes.

Well over 200, plus he was featured on some songs such as Ride With Me, or Somebody's Watching Me....I don't think there's a solid number of how many just yet....

well i have over 500 songs by michael jackson and i know for a fact that there are at least about another 100 more, if not more

on my phone (i use as an ipod) i hav 80 mj songs and i hav heard of heaps more so i would sy at least 150

He had a lot of songs. More than 200 I' sure. Because there are many songs that we don't know, songs like...uhhm... The way you love me, or hold my hand( featuring with Akon) And an other songs that he didn't make public.

I have a mixture of Jackson 5 and Michael in my ipod and have over 60 I think he has a few up there. Plus, he did 33 songs for the BAD album(if I'm not mistaken) and some weren't released, so think of the odds ;p