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WOW WICKED. It looks to good to cut into.

WOWIIIIIE thats so coooooool!!!!! Laughing out loud

OMG! that's a cake? for real? that's too freakin awesome! lol! i think we should all send our ideas to "Cake Boss" and see if he's good enough to make something! then we could have it shipped to a location that some of us would come to, and just stare at it! lol!

with L.O.V.E.


Woooow!!! That cake is FAB!!! i wouldnt want to eat it!

Holy moly that's an awesome cake! I want one like that for my birthday Laughing out loud

Wow...what a beautiful cake,salivating like a dog here lol!
Thank you for sharing with us..muahhhss!

Strewth! Jawdropping! Crikey! That's some cake! Jawdropping! There's <em>no bloody WAY</em> I'm going to devour it. I'd take it and seal it in the fridge PERMANENTLY! The jacket looks so real enough to wear it instead.

Hey Sizzzz!
Happy Birthday first of all, with a little delay Smiling
And second I wanted to ask you if I can share the picture with your bday cake with some friends, all MJ lovers on a photography site where I am a member. I'll wait for your response....thx!
Oh, and by the way, I love your story. It's great.

That is really cool! Sizzz, Was that your birthday cake?

Hi Imsizzling,
That's the most awesome cake I've ever seen.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You wouldn't want to destroy it by eating it....!!!

Sort of makes me want to make marzipan zombies. lol

@imsizziling: smooth criminal hat cake? wow! The most awsomest MJ cake would be to recreate the entire dangerous album cover in complete detail. Hey, maybe we should send these ideas to the foodnetwork for that cake show called aces of cakes.

That cake is the chit!!! Laughing out loud I love it!!

The only other 'coolest cakes ever' I have seen were a Twilight themed 3-tier cake for a 'vamp' b-day party, and a Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake! But yowza, that is a cool cake! I might attempt to copy that sometime!

*saves picture*


they do have the smooth criminal hat cake!

I wouldn't be able to cake. Wait a minute, I can put the beauty aside and eat the jacket, but i'd at least save the glove for decoration. Lol. Cool cake. Hopefully, they'll invent the smooth criminal cake.

oh wow, lol...

Thrillercake Yums! lol that's like the best cake I've ever seen, just because it's related to MJ. lol
its crazy.

what an awesome cake.

Looks to good to eat


WOW, WOW, WOW - This MJ CAKE IS BEYOND AMAZING!! Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Birthday - I'm Sizzling!!


Hey that really is a cool cake Smiling.

Here's your soda! Smiling

lolol you owe me a soda

That is mad tight I could put that in the freezer and never touch it!

hehe...i wouldn't wanna eat it either

that's amazing!!! i just would'nt want to cut it!


lol Sticking out tongue * just eat it * thats funny... but who ever made or got that made for someone is so awesome and loving &hearts; .... its just amazing &hearts;

Speechless101 - Snap! LOL Smiling

That looks too good to eat.

That cake looks almost too good to eat!