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New Michael Jackson Album in November 2010

TMZ has confirmed the Michael Jackson estate has signed the biggest deal ever in music -- worth up to $250 million with a guarantee of $200 million.

The estate made the deal with Sony Music Entertainment. According to the Associated Press, the contract is for 10 projects over seven years.

One album will debut in November, which contains never-before released recordings. We're told Jackson left enough material for at least three albums of fresh material.

A source tells TMZ the royalty rate on foreign sales is the key to the deal -- and 2/3 of the sales of MJ records traditionally have been outside the U.S.

And we're told Sony gets a two-year extension for the right to distribute the Michael Jackson catalog -- to 2017.

The deal was brokered by John Branca and John McClain, executors of the MJ estate.

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M. I. C. H. ­A. E. L.: M­ y I mmortal­ C omeback H­ as A ll E x­periencing L­ OVE!

Michael Jackson....U are the best singer ever.....i hated when people said that u were a child molester but all of us....we knew the truth and the truth was that u never were and u are the KING OF POP!!!!!


I saw the clip!AWESOME!!!!!
can't wait to get it! after death he is still tha best.
MJ forever!!!!

it is an amazing album he gets better everytime and i will never forget about him he is the best thing ever

I got my album ..............Simply WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the King is back ! Michael is still here with his beautiful music ! Thank you so so soooooo much !

I finally got the Michael album 2 daysa ago! WOW!! it made me my heart....The King is back and never left footstep behind but the air is filled with MUSIC AGAIN.............loved it so much! Miss you Mike...God bless your heart and soul....Michael's album is my treasure:-)))and will have the best place at home.....I am taking care of it..crazy.....???no wayyyyy........l.o.v.e.

Please check out my man in the mirror cover song i did in loving memory of Michael Jackson i miss him so much

I am sooooo excited for the new CD!!!! Im so getting it!!!!! Im sure its great like everything else of his!!!

Hi all from Russia!!
We also love Michael with all my heart, there is no limit to the fans, Michael has the best and Beavers fans, thanks to him I had a lot of new friends, we became much better, thanks to our Michael! To cope with the grief, I began to sing his songs, do not misunderstand me I am not a singer and did not want her to be, burn houses are not professionally,but I want you to hear me, too, do not judge strictly, it is all for the love! I wish you peace and cheerful, El.

Послушайте её пожалуйста!!!

*Cinderella_Stay_Awhile* (Эля)

Michael encourages us to work my friends write poetry, write songs, paint and all thanks to him! Michael thank you that you are!!

Я уже слышала пять песен из нового альбома. Не смотря на все разговоры про то, что в этих песнях поет не Майкл, то, что я услышала, мне понравилось. Зачем спорить о том, что невозможно доказать. Думаю, что все альбомы, которые будут выходить, будут сопровождаться скандалами, но все равно будут продаваться. В большем количестве материала голос Джексона звучит очень отчетливо. А скандалы полезны для объемов продаж.

Yeah.... Smiling

Number one for Michael...

This would be great.... !!!!! Smiling

Everybody should buy his new album.. . Smiling

Looking forward to the album and I hope it does well in the charts. We've got to get it to NO 1 for Michael Smiling

I can't wait to get this album. I'm sure many more songs can be made from so many recordings we don't know about yet.

I hope i will get the album for xmas because i just want it Smiling

I am SOOO excited...hope i get the new album for xmas! : ) we miss u mj.

Have any of you listened to the new songs on youtube it's great

Isn't there an album coming out this month before 'Michael' titled 'The Future'?

I can't wait till it comes out looks good love you MJ

Michael, I love you.

Michael, you took a piece of me with you, I miss you, LOVE YOU

The album title is 'MICHAEL' and will be released 14th December 2010

I heard some of the songs and they are awsome!!! =) <3

im excited i LOVEEEEEEE the song called "Work That Body" its been in my head allll day:) I love you mikey jay:)

@ DontStop_tilyou...:

According to an article on MJFC, there will be no new cd this year.

Does anyone know what the new CD will be titled? Or when it will be coming out? I know Sony is doing the box set of all the short films MJ has done, but are they still going to release a new CD?

I can´t wait it for this treasure!, I heard such a lot of bad things about Sony, but I don´t care, this new album is a peace of him, I really want to have it with me, Michael es the most wonderful artist of all time!
God Bless you Michael and God Bless your children!, I´ll love you forever my angel!

good music a lot
but we listen to the best of all
We listen to you
you're a guru

OMGEEZ I cannot wait to get my hands on those cds. I am very excited.

I can't wait. I'm sure it will be big THING!! All the best for fans!