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Place With No Name

All over the internet, is the snippet of Michael's "Place With No Name."
I'm wondering, is there ever going to be a completion of that, or will we all have to wonder forever what that song could have been?

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Finally released, 2014.

it will be on Michael's next album coming June 2011

My question is still...did he ever even finish the song?
Or should I just stop searching for it. Cause I think it'd be a great song.

i forgot about aplace with no name
this snippet got leaked in june 26 2009
a few hours after michael died
i know michael did a full version so i hope it gets release as a full song one day?
this song sould have been a hiden track on this is it album
but it was cut and left for a different album?
im email SONYBMGpersons and find out more
what they want to do with a place with no name-song