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Johnny Cash On First Meeting Michael

I came across my book on my 3rd favorite artist - Johnny Cash. I had forgotten all about this little story and wanted to share it with you all. Its taken from an unpublished interview from 1988. Enjoy!

Do you still want to meet other artists?
JC: I sure do. I get a kick out of meeting an artist I admire. I had always wanted to meet Michael Jackson. And I did meet him. June and I had recorded a song called "Jackson," and there's a line in the song that says, "We got married in a fever/ Hotter than a pepper sprout." I walked up and said, "Hi, Michael. I'm Johnny Cash," and he said, "Johnny Cash! Hotter than a pepper sprout!"

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That is so like Michael to recognize and appreciate other artists by their music. He just knows how to honor people who he's just met and make them feel so at ease.That is what a gentleman does.

aww what a beautiful story Smiling Michael was so funny and sweet..!!! thanks for sharing Laughing out loud

It's good to hear MJ had a great sense of humor like myself Smiling
And I looove Johnny Cash, the man in black, he's amazing!

Thank you. I always wonder how others reacted or felt towards Michael.

Michael always had a way that drew people to him anyone would have done anything for him he never forgot about people he met.

aww thats soo sweet!! x) bless him! Michaels soo cute! Smiling
Julia x

What a cute story! Thanks for sharing.

Awww,antother reason to love JC.

Cute story....thanks for sharing.

Tink thaks for sharing that it put a smile on my face. Michael so funny, hahaha

Don't know why I missed this thread... thanks a lot for this sweet story. Smiling

That is so cute! The title "Jackson" couldn't help but get his attention. Thanks for sharing the story.

What a precious story. I remember reading that Frank Sinatra once said that Michael was the only singer that could sing better than he could and that was remarkable praise from the man that is considered to be the best singer of them all by many. Fred Astaire said that he felt comfort in knowing that when he passed away that Michael was the one that could fill his shoes. It amazes me that Michael admired and looked up to many of the same people that admired and looked up to him. That is a characteristic of a true legend I believe.

cute story! I missed this one. Thanks for bumping this Jeadora. Smiling

Reason i ended up here, is because i saw an old film "Walk the Line" about Johnny Cash and his wife June this evening. Thank you for sharing this history. Smiling

Thank you for this really cute, amazing little story!

That was a cute story. Bet Johnny was happy to learn that Michael listened to him music, and so am I. It's good to be well-rounded.

That was a cute story! Thanks for sharing.

@Joy, Yeah, I remember the house burning. So sad......

@ Sparkles, I didn't know that one!!
I'm gonna have to look for that. Thanks Smiling

Danica Cool

Joy...I happened to know that because one of my friends is a HUGE JC fan. In fact we were just talking about that the other day because they filmed parts of Walk The Line in the home. She also told me that Annie Leibowitz had done a photo shoot for Vogue there with Joaquin, Reese, Dolly Parton and a male singer but I can't remember the singer (although I have seen the pictures).

@IloveDanica...he also covered Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode (it's pretty good too).

Another rather sad piece of info about Johnny. I thought most of you wouldn't know this....I live in the I remembered the news.

Barry Gibb had bought Johnny and June Cash's home after their deaths. He was having the home renovated and it burned to the ground. He was apparently going to build another home on the property...don't know if he's done it yet. I just thought it was interesting since Barry and Michael were such good friends.

Johnny Cash was the man!! That story is so cool. It always amazes me how many people Michael knew. And how many people truly wanted to meet Michael.

I mean, you got to be cool if Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, Diana Ross and a long, long list of other famous people call you their friend.

And hey, don't forget.......
Weird Al Yankovich did 2 spoofs of Michaels songs. Beat It and Bad.
And you gotta be somebody for Weird Al to spoof one of your songs Smiling
Michael was truly loved.......
Side note:

Does anybody know the song Nine Inch Nails did called "Hurt"?
I thought Nine Inch Nails covered the song because Johnny wrote it.
But, turns out Johnny covered the Nine Inch Nails song.

Awesome. Just another reason Johnny Cash had so many fans too.

Danica Cool

I think Michael knew everything about all the recording artists. Their songs...all of it. I love that his taste had a wide range, and that Katherine is said to be a big country & western fan. Imagine all those influences?

But I love the song Jackson. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon perform it in Walk The Line.

One thing...I love that Johnny Cash always wore black to make a statement about how he felt for the poor, the falsely accused, the innocent man serving time, the downtrodden. Much like Michael's armband for the children and the sick and suffering. JC sings a song called The Man In Black.

your welcome everyone! glad you liked it!

aww that is just too cute and funny...hehe i can imagine mike saying that..smiling..thank you for sharing!

Cool story! Thanks for sharing.

He did actually dance to his and Janet's music in his home studios. There's video of him and Travis Payne working out moves to Michael's "2 Bad" song (which i love...). He once mentioned that he listened to all types of music, including country and classical as you mentioned.

he didn't listen to his own?? poor man didn't know his own talent! lmao! i heard him say that he loved the beatles (obviously) and the mamas and the papas...

That's a great story Tink. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Since Michael knew the lyrics to this really makes me start thinking about what music he listened to. I know he didn't listen to his own music...he did listen to Janet's and classical, but what else? I'd like to know wouldn't you?

oh man! that was too funny! i never put Michael and Johnny Cash together. i do love Johnny though! may he r.i.p.