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A tour of beautiful Neverland...


I came across this page whilst on Twitter. It's part of a site dedicated to re-opening Neverland for children.

I thought the video was just beautiful.

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I agree with you all - it's an amazing place. It was lovely to watch this again Smiling

You're welcome sky Smiling

Hi etk Laughing out loud Glad you got to see the video Smiling (sorry I disagreed with you in the other thread *runs away to hide* Smiling )

Thanks for bumping the thread 2M



In reference to people telling MJ to avoid Neverland....II don't understand anyone believing that it was Neverland itself he was to avoid because IT was believed to have brought allegations, that it was because it was a perceived tool....this makes absolutely no sense. Neverland didn't do a thing to him.

It's like saying that the personal choices he made in placing too much trust in certain children and their families (and figuring out who was a friend and who was not) (which was what really brought on the problems) would be okay, as long as he didn't do so at Neverland? That nobody would mind, as long as it wasn't accompanied by cotton candy, mountains, rides, or animals? Just seems a little "off" to me.

How can I not to see this thread 32weeks ago . Thanks Jenny very nice Love it
Great to see you . Hi Cosash great to see you

wow wow wow that place is beautiful

Beautiful video.....love seeing Michael running around and smiling w/ the sun shining on him...also some interesting commentary.....thank you Jenny for posting this clip.


Thanks for the link, jenny. I bookmarked it so I can look at it again....and again. Smiling I sure hope they re-open Neverland. Michael would sooo love that!

I would love to visit. But turning it into a hospice or something similar sounds like a good idea.

Oh open for the children and the adults...like ME!

Thanks for your interesting comments Alicat - I never knew all that stuff about the Osmonds - wow! How did you find out about it all?

Barbie - I totally agree - society can be very spiteful and cynical -Michael rose above it all.

Venice - Yes I agree with you and Kalaspuffen - I would love to visit and take my family

Luanna - You are soooo funny - always the romantic - love it

Thriller - I think Michael would like it too - I hope so anyway Smiling

I hope that Neverland will re-open. I think Michael would love that very much! Smiling

Aww...Jenny omg...such wonderful the video,i wish i was there on one of the banks, to stay with Michael at midnight, to talk, to laugh like crazy .. only us to kiss, and watch the stars!
hmmmmm..too beautiful Smiling

Kalaspuffen: True. Neverland will never be what it was once.. That's the sad thing.. Sad But i also believe people go there to FEEL what Neverland once was.. It was once brought so much happiness and joy to Michael.. Neverland was the home that he created for himself and the children that he loved... and very sad to say Neverland was not a home anymore for Michael after the police raided Neverland.. He never lived there since that.. It was a house rather than a home for him.. It breaks my heart when I heard him said so.. The police raided Neverland and made Michael felt that his privacy intruded and he left Neverland, the home that once brought so much joy and happiness to him...

No matter how, if i was given a chance , i will visit Neverland as i wanted to see the home that he created and spent his most of his happy times in his life...

I cant stop loving you, Michael..




Thanks Jenny Ann for the video, Neverland was so magical, just like it's owner was, what a terrible shame that it was all destoyed by the hateful greed of others. Michaels dream was forever runined by the hate in this world. God bless you Michael for what you tried to do for this ungrateful world.

Larry King is good friends with both the Jackson's and the Osmond's, maybe Larry King could have Donny Osmond and Joseph Jackson on at the same time and just get it over with, the feud of why Michael helped Donny and the Osmond family so much.

Larry King is married to Marie Osmond's Manager's daughter. Marie and Shaun King are best friends since childhood.

Donny Osmond and Larry King live practically next door to each other in Provo, Utah.

Shaun King was the opening act for Donny and Marie's boss at the Wynn Hotel, except he died.

Now we know why Michael was spending so much time in Las Vegas, he was busy financing Donny and Marie Osmond and Larry King's wife, Shaun. I've never met a more beautiful human being than Michael Jackson. Michael is thee most romantic guy I've ever known. What lengths Michael Jackson would go to to get the girl of his dreams. Yep, Larry King needs to bring on Joseph Jackson and Donny Osmond and just bury the hatchet!

Michael didn't want to help his family, the Jackson's, he only wanted to help Donny and the Osmond family. If anyone is going to Vegas to see Donny and Marie at the Flamingo Hotel anytime soon, ask them to speak to Larry King about doing this Interview. It would definitely increase ratings. Isn't that what being in Show Business is anyways, making money, revenue.

That was so very nice of Larry King to be there for Michael during the 2005 Trial and then supporting Michael at the Reverand Jesse Jackson's birthday bash in 2007.

Now you know why we have seen so much of the Jackson family on Larry King Live and why Larry King did so much coverage of when Michael died. I'd really like to see Donny Osmond and Joseph Jackson on Larry King Live. Then Joseph Jackson can say what he did in the tv movie about the Jackson family, how Donny Osmond can't hold a candle to Michael.

Okay, okay, Marie can be on there to, since she is performing with her brother right now in Vegas. She can talk about how the Jackson 5 can dance and the Osmond Brothers can't. Maybe Donny and Marie can bring the black dancer they had one night, in November of 2008 and how much she looked just like the black girl at the end of the "Black or White" Video, just before Michael did the Panther Dance, the extended version of "Black or White." This same black dancer, who danced just one night in November of 2008 during Donny and Marie's Show even resembled the black dancer during Michael's "You Rock My World," which music critics said sounded just like 1979's "Rock With You." It was Michael's 30th Anniversary Special that was on CBS tv back in 2001, they he did in New York City just before 9/11.

So thank you Donny and Marie for playing Matchmaker for Michael and me. I am eternally grateful and yes Michael got the girl in the end, just like in the song, "The Girl Is Mine!"

Reunited and it feels so good!

Wow - lots of interesting points and information here!

I'm not sure what to make of it all!

I think if Neverland could be opened for children (maybe for children who are terminally ill - a little like a hospice), then Michael would be very happy.

I know, as a parent, I would be delighted to visit Neverland with my children. Just look at all the people who visited when Michael was alive and how happy they were -I'm sure many more would love to visit and pay their respects.

Having said that, Neverland to me, is more than just a place -it's a vision. It's what it stood for that means so much. Children were always Michael's priority and if we can learn anything at all from Michael's legacy it's that we should always make children our priority and never abandon or neglect them.

Neverland is about making this world a better place for them.

If it could be opened to the public -with that in mind -I'm sure Michael would approve.


I did not know Michael had moved back to Hayvenhurst, it always sounds like he had very little contact with his family. Also, Michael only owns 25% of the ATV Catalog? Michaels life was very complicated indeed!

Even Donny Osmond, Michael's close friend and business partner, leaned towards Michael being a child molester. So that's why the stigma would not go away, amongst the polite Society of mostly white, upper-middle class of Santa Barbara County. Donny Osmond is a part of the upper-Middle class Society of mainstream America. Donny Osmond is always bragging about how close he and Michael Jackson were, talking on the phone and Donny even invited Mike to his home in Provo, Utah to go swimming in his backyard swimming pool, when Michael was hiding out in Arizona in his RV, in 2008. Donny said Michael was hiding from the Paps.

Back in 2005, Donny Osmond was asked whether he believed Michael Jackson was innocent of molesting children. Donny Osmond actually cast doubt on Michael's innocence, Donny Osmond questioned Michael's motives towards children and if Michael had been inappropriate. If Donny Osmond had been such good friends, why would he even question Michael's innocence? So Donny is saying he wouldn't trust his own children with being alone with Michael Jackson and this was after Michael rehabilitated Donny Osmond's career. In 1998, Michael backed Donny Osmond and his sister, Marie Osmond to do a Talk Show, at Culver Studios on the SONY lot, same place we see in the movie, "ThIS IS IT." When the Donny and Marie Talk Show got cancelled in 2000, Michael then helped Donny Osmond find a record label with Universal, the same record label that one of the co-Executor's, John McClain, of Michael's Estate is associated with, and Donny recorded 3 CD's.

In 2002, Michael backed Donny Osmond again at Culver Studios, on the SONY lot for the game show Pyramid, which Donny Osmond was the guest host.

In 2006, Michael backed Donny Osmond to play Gaston in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway in New York City. At the time I wondered why Donny Osmond didn't play the Beast and why he played Gaston instead. Donny's image is that of a romantic leading man, singing romantic ballads, as a teen idol. Michael sings on his Invincible album about being a Beast on the song, Threatened, and we see Michael perform this in the movie, "THIS IS IT." Michael also backed Marie Osmond, when he had Marie Osmond, Little Richard and David Foster do a Fox Talent Show. Then Marie went on to do Dancing With The Stars. In the meantime, the Osmond Family did 2 sold-out performances at the 02 Arena in 2007, in the UK. It was an Osmond Family Reunion. No wonder Joseph Jackson wanted his son, Michael, to do the same for the Jackson Family and why Allgood Entertainment is still trying to sue Michael and now Michael's Estate. All because of how much Michael Jackson helped Donny Osmond and Donny Osmond's family. So why couldn't Michael do the same for the Jackson Family. Why did Michael invest so much money to help Donny Osmond and the Osmond Family to reunite and Michael didn't do the same for the Jackson Family. No wonder Joseph Jackson is still mad as a hornet, because Michael isn't here to support him, so Joseph Jackson can sit on his lazy butt. Maybe Joseph Jackson ought to sue Donny Osmond for wearing Michael Jackson out and helping Michael Jackson to get into $500 M debt!

That's where Michael's business acumen once again came into play. Michael also helped Donny Osmond get a week's engagement at the NYNY Hotel in Las Vegas, July/2001. Michael had been there, months before. Now Donny and Marie are in Vegas, thanks again to Michael Jackson's business acumen. And now we can all wonder why Michael's debt was $500 M. Michael was investing in Donny Osmond's career.

Only problem is Donny Osmond really turned out to be a BACKSTABBER!

Donny Osmond originally endorsed Michael's death as being a pill popper and this with the Ceasar's Hotel sign behind him. Donny Osmond said in that interview that Michael could have owned Las Vegas and Michael would have done well working at the HILTON HOTEL. Thomas Barrack owns the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. AEG owns the arena at Ceasar's Hotel. Michael would have performed at the arena at Ceasar's Hotel in Las Vegas, not the Hilton.

It really went to Donny Osmond's head how much Michael Jackson invested in him financially to the point that Michael Jackson was $500 M in debt. That's a half a BILLION DOLLARS. With friends' like Donny Osmond, who needs enemies.

The backstabbers really do want to take your place, just ask Donny Osmond! I was a fan of both the Jackson 5 and the Osmond Brother's and then later on, Donny and Marie, their act.

The song, "The Girl Is Mine" is about Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson. Even LaToya Jackson said to Donny Osmond, that her brother, Michael snaked him and Donny Osmond replied "Ya think."

I think Michael borrowed Arnie Klein's green jacket because it looked like the one that John Travolta wore in "Liberian Girl," the video that featured Michael's song. John Travolta and Olivia Newton John had played Sandy and Danny in the musical blockbuster movie, "Grease," which the "Thriller" Video is based on. Michael never forgot his black roots. He just wanted to cross the color line and be a pretty boy, partly because of his archrival, Donny Osmond.

Well now you know what we talked about, Michael and I, at the District Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses, back in 1976. I wanted Michael to go and Witness to Donny Osmond. I had that big a crush on pretty boy, Donny Osmond.

Instead, Michael recorded biblically themed songs and went through plastic surgery to become a pretty boy. Did Michael find true happiness through his life experience? I don't think so. God does discipline the one's he loves. Michael can look forward to the Resurrection that God promises in the near future, no more pain and every tear will be wiped out forever. And we will see what will become of Michael and me, when God's Kingdom rules once again, here on earth. You guy's keep praying that Model prayer that Jesus taught his follower's to pray, Let Your Kingdom come!

I love the video aswell, I signed the petition Smiling (so happy the smileys are working again.) L.O.V.E. Laurenx.

After Neverland had gone to Public Auction, Hayvenhurst would have gone next, if Thomas Barrack had not stepped in. Then where would Katherine have lived in Las Vegas with Joseph and JohVonnie, Joseph's out of wedlock child? Eventually the remaining 25% that Michael still owned in the Sony/ATV catalog would most likely been sold to Sony to shore up Michael's finances. In 2007, Michael lived with other's for the most part, including Frank Cascio. When Michael left New Jersey, he moved back home to Hayvenhurst.

Michael was paying $4.5 M a month towards his loan of $500 M. It was necessary for him to go back to work. Thomas Barrack was not the typical parasite that Michael usually dealt with in business dealings.

Thomas Messearu, Michael's lawyer, advised Michael to never live at Neverland again, the District Attorney's office would try again to prosecute Michael.

Gordon Auchincloss, one of the 3 DA's who prosecuted Michael in 2005, had a father-in-law who worked for Bank of America. Michael did have a loan with them for several million dollars. This was brought into the trial, Michael's finances.

In other words, Thomas Messerau was saying Michael had a target on his back living at Neverland.

Just before Michael died, Thomas Barrack had invested $4 M to fix Neverland up to sell it for a better profit. He next wanted to sponser having charitable events on the property to take away the stigma of Neverland being a place that a pedophile lured children to to be molested. This was the stigma before Michael died amongst the neighbor's of Santa Barbara County.

Ofc Neverland will never be what it once was, regardless of how much money they spend to make it look that way again. But I don't think ppl want to go there to see Neverland for what it once was, but to FEEL Neverland for what it once was. To feel Michael, to feel the joy, laughter, love and happyness that once filled the place. To know that this is the place Michael once spended his probably most happy times in his life, would be a big comfort for A LOT of ppl in this world.

Michael had and still has, thousands, perhaps millions of fans. I don't see how we would be in minority among the visitors.

I would go. Without a doubt I would go.

I remember Michael once saying that Neverland was the totality of himself and that he would never sell it. That was before all the police went there to raid and pollute his home. After that Neverland was never the same.
What I want to say is this...without Michael there is no Neverland.

You know Moonstreet REGARDLESS of how many damn times you've SUPPOSEDLY visited Neverland, you do NOT have the final say as to what would be correct or respectful in regards to Michael or anything pertaining to him, including Neverland. I'm sorry, BUT NO, not everybody that would visit would be there to say "oh look at me I'm visiting the pedo's house" Where the fluff do you get off saying something like THAT and to your fellow MJ fans at that?!! If I didn't know any better, I'd say that perhaps you don't want Neverland to be revived because you think yourself something superior because you've already visited it. I mean, who would want to read your stories anymore if they got to experience Neverland themselves, RIGHT?!!

*rolls eyes*

This petition is totally pointless.

Neverland is not Neverland any more. The name has officially been changed back to the propertys original name, Sycamore Valley Ranch, which is what it was called before Michael bought the property.

The property is now in the control of Colony Capital, with the Estate owning a percentage of the rights to the property.

The rides have been taken down and sold, the animals have been give to rescue centres, All of Michaels possessions have been moved out, including the Golden Gates of Neverland. No one lives there any more, and there is probally only a skelaton staff, security, farm hands etc who have acess to the property now.

it was MICHAEL himself, who was behind selling Neverland to COLONY CAPITAL. Neverland was in danger of being repossed by the bank due to missed mortgage payments. Michael agreed for Colony Capital to buy out the mortage from the bank. This ment that the mortage payments were owed to Colony Capital, instead of the bank. Michael was a directer of Colony Capital, and retained a percentage of the rights to Neverland, Colony Capital dont own it out right. It was a very smart move. He retained control of the property, yet had no interest in living there any more. This way he made sure that he would never actaully have to sell the property to a private buyer or risk the bank forcloseing. He didnt want it to be turned into a Graceland type museum because he could just soo easiy have put it onto a public auction, but he instead he chose to sell the mortage Colony Capital

Remember Neverland for what it was, the happyness and sunshine place where dreams came true. That place exists now only in the memories of those of us who were privilaged to be invited there and in the photos and videos.

Dont expect the Neverland of the past to come back to life, its gone and not coming back
I dont think Neverland should be turned into a Graceland type tourist attraction. It was Michaels home, his sanctuary aware from the prying eyes of the media and public. People were invited by Michael to visit Neverland, it makes me sick and disgusted to think of people paying and making money out of something soo private.

The majority of people who would go would be general public, poking about, wanting to say "ooh look at me, Im at the peodos house", stealing flowers and whatever else they could get thier hands on.

The grieving fans, wanting to be there to say goodbye to Michael would only be a very small number of the people.

I forgot to say yesterday that I did sign the petition and leave a comment.

i also signed as the 98th person... wow.. now already 323th.. Keep it up!!

I signed the petition!

I also signed the petition...