we are the world remake look at 5.00-5.01 and 7.28 on the video | The Official Michael Jackson Site

we are the world remake look at 5.00-5.01 and 7.28 on the video


whos the green man at 7.28? Kinda like peter pan green no?

look at the back at the screen behind the lady with red hair left of the screen theres a green thing and a huge glove OMG RANDOM! 5.00-5.01

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There has been detailed analysis on this on my blog:

seeingclues . blogspot. com.

The green guy is there so that people can put themselves in the video. I think they are going to make website or something where you can do it. It's like a green screen kinda thing. Pretty cool idea i think!

And that big hand waving ... really weird

But looks like a real body! It's even moving I think!
Oh I don't know...

I think the green body was there because they were going to put michael's body there in the video. Its a green screen body. Michael's body would be mixed in with everybody elses. I don't know why they didnt do it!

MJ or not, the green man is weird anyway!
Why sould they put a green man in the video?!

remember film in 2002 peter pan returns to neverland whole cover of dvd was green obviously he wears green stating some sort of return to neverland? If this person mj or not they are dressed to represent peter pan? look at janets outfit at AMAS shes was! Brothers on larry king said they have some ideas to bring neverland back to life keep the faith if some say no they have to admit this is still strange as no green screen was used!!xxx

First time I thought it's a joke, a fake, but no, it's in the official version too!!!
And look at the face that woman in the first row! She's in shock! Like seeing a ghost !

Steffiii I saw it dear, first thing this morning.
What could this possibly mean ?!

Could this mean... OMG I am n tears, forgive me... maybe we are wrong but... I still hope, I still do