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His life in Bahrain

still so few information from his Bahrain period. And why he actually wear woman dress when walking in streets of Middle east?

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yes he deserve it
and I think he enjoyed it

Maybe it's a good thing we all don't know what he was doing or how he was spending his time in Bahrain. It means there were no paparazzi's after him Smiling He deserved to get away from it all, including us.. He deserved his privacy.

Salam dear Hend,
thank you for your mail with nice pics
I hope you are doing well, specially today. Do you celebrate?

Your sis Jana

bumb for my dear sister Jana
I missed you girl

you are very welcome my sister
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Hend, thank you dear sister.

79Zackary: you have good point that it is good that we do not know much about his Bahrain stay, otherwise tabloid would good its usual job and bring also this part of his life to misery.

Yes he could escape whenever he could but in my opinion only in such countries as Bahrain where western medias do have their tenctacle.

Zackary - I suggest you read Hends comment about woman dress.

Michael had just gone through a living nightmare with the accusations and the molestation trial of 2003-05....so little is known about his life in Bahrain because Michael wanted it that way.....As for the woman's dress he was wearing - that was a very clever way for MJ to escape into his own world....away from the cold world where people had backstabbed him for his generous nature.... We will probably never know much about Michael Jackson's life in Behrain - GOOD FOR YOU MICHAEL! I'm glad this misunderstood and abused artist has at least one part of his life that cannot be put under the miscroscope! And frankly, I don't think think it matters if Michael had escaped to Bahrain, the Canary Islands or some remote island off New Zealand.... clearly, Michael Jackson needed to escape to some remote part of the globe to maintain his sanity - Good on you MJ!

you are very welcome dear

I just hate this picture cause it proves how the media treated him badly

honestly i dunno anything about this

but looks like my darling hend is here to explain everything and be informed

thanks hend

I think if Michael lived in another place his life could be different
but that is the way that ALLAH choose
so I'm sure it was the best for him

It is so good, that you can explain form many aspects that the photo must be fake.

Somebody tried to make from him completely crazy man. And it was alwasy like that. I still understand deeper and deeper that the tabloid did not considered he is human being. I wonder how this ill power could so much spread in US society. And how is it possible that Michael could not get from the circle. Was it also his mistake?
How it is possible that so many sick people have such a power to destroy good and beutiful man.
Tell me, what was wrong with his life that he was aim for hate, dirt and evil deeds, destructing him completely?

Dear Jana
I really don't believe that he wear a woman dress
Michael never wear a woman dress b4
why he would wear it now
espicially in middle east
it is not acceptable at all here

and like I said in this post
he could wear a men Glebab with men Abaya and Oukal
he didn't have to wear woman dress

and if you noticed one thing about this picture
the liitle girl that holds his hand
she is in the same age as Paris showed in lIving with Michael Jackson
which shoot long time before this picture
and you know that the kids grow fast and change fast
she couldn't be Paris
and that man couldn't be Michael

Hend, dear sister, thank you, and love you very much too!
Yo are so right that people in these countries, live in freedom their lives and leave to live the other people too.
About that picture I was also thinking it was fake, but then I have read that couple of people mentioned that he was wearing traditional abaya, which is woman dress.
If he would really take abaya, may be only for us woman to show that it is OK to wear it LOL

Jana dear
his life was away from the media in this time
we here in middle east don't interest too much about famous people
they just live their life as any other normal human
may be that is why Michael liked being there

about the woman picture
I think it is fake one
this is another man wearing this dress and take a picture as Michael
I have many pictures of Michael from that period and he was dressing just like any other normal man
simple shirt with Kofia and he was very cute in those pictures
I love them very much

I think it is just crazy man wearing woman dress and holding little girl and take that picture as Michael

but if he wanted to disguise there is men wear like Gelbab to cover his body and Oukal in his head and he can cover his face with it too
to protect his skin from the sun there
cause the sun is very hot

I missed you my dear sister
love you

Hi Jana,

I have always been curious about this period of Michael's life too. Like you say, there is not much know about it, but perhaps Michael wanted it this way. Did the press know where he was? About the women's dress, | guess it was his way of a disguise.