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Okay so i read Murray's lawyers may ask to dig up michael's remains for further examination and tests... I think this is total disrespect and i'm outraged that they would even think of doing sumthing like this!!!! What do you guys think?

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I think I first saw this story as I was standing in the check-out line at the grocery store. Consequently, I am taking this story with--not a grain, but-- a pillar of salt. The story makes no sense whatsoever after the exhaustive amount of testing that Michael's body was subjected to. It's not like the coroner and others who performed autopsies (there was more than one) weren't looking for something out of the ordinary as a cause of death.

I agree with Timaran. They have already done exhaustive tests on Michael. There is nothing left to gain by exhuming him. Plus the embalming process destroys certain evidence, so again, there would be little to gain either way.

I think they expected this and that is one reason he is in a tomb.

if he thinks he needs to dig up michael to prove that michael dieing wasnt his fault then he must be really worried. y would u need to dig him up? whats tests going to show. murray gave him the drug, left, and michael died, hes guilty... period.

I agree with you Mikki! HUGE grain~

I'm taking this story with a grain of salt.

I think it's another garbage claimed by tabloids..... They have to sell, sell, sell... "Anything for money..."

They better not!! Things like this piss me off to no end. Michael needs to be left alone!!

I don't think it could be
they can't make third autopsy

This better not be true. If it is, I hope that they are denied!

This is sickening, why can't they let him rest? The family should be outraged, because I know I am.

Erin Smith

The thought is making me sick to my stomach. Why can't they leave him alone and let him rest in peace.
poor Michael

This has been discussed. They'd have to prove that the FIRST TWO autopsies performed were mishandled to get any authorization to have Michael exhumed. They can chit chat about this all they want, but doesn't mean its a possibility.


They can't do any such thing. First, they would have to have a court order. In order to get one, they'd have to prove that there was a need. Then, they'd have to prove that there was anything left to learn from another autopsy. Michael's body has already been through two autopsies and has been embalmed.

This is just more tabloid garbage.

I think its disgusting for them to do that. It is so obvious that this guy was grossly negligent. Let this beautiful soul rest in peace. He certainly earned it by all accounts!! And there is certainly enough evidence against "Dr. Oath " that digging up his remains is totally unnecessary!!

I heard that too, there's noway the family will let that happen, I think this poor soul had 2 or 3 autopsy's why in the world they need another........This is so horrible, will they let him finally rest in peace........