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I'm just curious of what type of education did Michael have (college graduate?)???

I mean I know myself that Mike was extremely intelligent!! But did he graduate college, university or something?? What standard of education did he leave with?

I love you more Mikey!!

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Thank you this has answer my question and will always rest in my heart!

yes, Michael was very intelligent, although he didnt go to college. i think it was either quincy jones or berry gordy who said that Michael was like a sponge....he just soaked up everything and loved to learn and was very inquisitive about everything. i believe this is why he was so intelligent. i also believe as someone else said earlier on here, that Michael was about to do some big things with the rest of his life aside from TII. and whatever it was, he was sure to have huge support from those who love him. WITH LOVE, L.O.V.E.


I have read this thread about Michaels studies in hight school here, at forum.

@KeepinTheFaith: Yes I read that too! I actually posted it here Sticking out tongue Paris convinced him to go to college to study art! (he was one hell of an artist huh?) ......it really breaks my heart, he had that chance taken away from him like that. Sad

I wish I could remember where I read this, but I recall reading after he died that he had wanted to go college, or at least take some college courses over the years, and that in the last year of his life, Paris had convinced him that he should follow his dream. I read that while he was going to be in residence in England during his O2 shows, he was planning on taking some college courses at Oxford or something like that. I wish he would have had the chance to do that. He may not have had a lot of formal education, but Mike was very intelligent and very well read, in addition to all that he learned travelling the world as he did.

Hmm....interesting......yeah, he did go to college with the other starts (at that time). Thank you so much for the info guys, Clo! Smiling

MJ WAS A CUTIE PIE: Is that what it was about? I always wondered about that, cause he was dressed like he was graduating or something, but I didnt know what it was for! Sticking out tongue So thank you so much!! Smiling Hmm...humanities.....he was a very intelligent man indeed.

Although Michael did not attend college, he was given an honorary PH.D in Humanities by Fisk University in 1988. Whitney Houston attended the ceremony as his date and sang as well.

Michael was very intelligent and well read in many subject matters.

I'm not completely sure,but I think Michael's High School wasn't a regular one,but one for Hollywood stars or off-spring of stars...I read this a few months' ago in a magazine.I also remember the article saying that he wasn't voted as the most likely to be successful---but Michael was already successful and only took off from there to become the most successful popular star of all time.

HI Clo, thank you for your comments, I didn't know he was voted as the Best dressed. Another good thing about him. Smiling

Michael was privately tutored most of the time,very rarely going into a regular classroom because he was working.He was a High School Graduate. He was voted Best-Dressed by classmates.He was well-read and it has been rumored that he was interested in going to college or taking college courses.

Michael didnt go to Highschool or collage. The only school he attended was Elementry School when the Jacksons still lived in Gary, in the very early days of J5, when they were still doing the rounds of talent shows etc.

As soon as J5 were signed to Motown and moved to LA, they were schooled by tutors employed by Motown.

As an adult Michael used his free time to educate himself, learning about all sorts of things which interested him. Travelling the world gave him an opportunity to visit all types of cultures and histories

Well he did read many, many books............hmmm, hot & smart.........Eye-wink

OK, I didnt know that, but did expect him to have been to some collage. I wonder where did hi find the time to educate himself the way he did? Apparently he possessed a high level of general education, didnt he? I mean the way he managed to write, and he knew so much about other cultures and religions. He must have been some kind of caterpillar (dutch expression for someone who is able to do many things at the same time).

Yes he was, but he did also go to a private high school.....and he did graduate! Right?

Good question, I have been wondering about this too. I did read that Michael was tutored at home.
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