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Did Prince Show Disrespect for Michael?

1. On Prince's 2004 album "Musicology" he sang: "My voice is getting higer, And Eye ain't never had my nose done/That's the other guy?"

Personally, I thought this was not very classy of Prince. It is one thing to make an off-hand comment and another to include a personal shot at MJ on an album....

2. Prince did say he would show up for the "We Are The World" recording sessions, then pulled a "no show" - the second part that MJ sings (not the first chorus) is the part Prince was supposed to sing...

3. It has been reported in numerous publications that Michael intended "Bad" to be a duet between himself and Prince. I think "Bad" would have been a better song with both musicians, since a sense of humour would have been present (who is Badder - MJ or Prince??)....but, Prince made the excuse to MJ that the song would be a hit without him (but, secretly, Prince admitted he didn't like the song so he made a polite excuse)

I think the rivalry between the two musicians existed more in the 1980's and then died down after that...

For the record, MJ never said one negative word about Prince - in fact, he never said a negative word about anyone....

My questions for MJ fans:

1. Were Prince's lyrics on "Musicology" disrespectful to MJ?

2. Was is disrespectful of Prince to pull a "no show" for the recording of "We Are The World"?

3. If Prince didn't like "Bad" then I think this is a non-issue... he didn't want to be involved with the project and he made a polite excuse. Period.

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Oh Dorita! I'm sorry was not really concentrate!

Debbie, this is Prince the artist we're talking about, not Michael's Prince.

Prince is a boy and Paris is a girl. Blanked(t) is a nativ Smiling

I don't like prince I like michael better he is the king prince is jealous that people like michael better and it's true we do like michael better Smiling

I agree with most of your comment except for<cite> the Michael being jealous of Prince portion.</cite>Since Michael started performing he ruled but if you had to minimize a decade where he ruled the most it would be the 80’s. If anything, the jealousy might have been one sided, because Michael would never stoop to publicly bashing another artist.

I like Prince though and I’ve seen footage of him defending Michael. At the same time Prince was a different person in the 80's. At that point he hadn’t been out as long as Michael so maybe he didn’t corroborate with Michael because like Michael’s own sister, Janet- he didn’t want to use Michael as a stepping stone for his career.

Yes, unfortunately it was disrespectful for Prince to have taken a public jab at MJ on his record, but the story behind that is actually quite interesting. However, they've always had a competitive friendship. MJ was somewhat jealous of prince in the 80's. James Brown was very impressed by prince's talent and presence. While MJ held back often when on stage with his idol because he didn't want to ''steal the show''. Prince was jealous of MJ because of the high accolades he'd been garnering. The jealousy wasn't personal they both just wanted to be the best at what they did. Infact, Prince and MJ have hung out together on quite a few occasions. They played ping pong together when MJ visited Prince at Paisley Park. They went to dinner together, they've even spoken on the phone. They are two people who never had any personal problems with one another...just two guys with strong competitive natures. It's sort of like when you're at school and there's a boy you like and another really pretty girl comes into the picture. You may not have any personal problems with her, but you'll try to out do her or compete becaue you like the boy and so does she. The girl that MJ and Prince competed over was their music. As far as Prince bailing on his part of We Are The World, the reason behind it was actually completely different then one might have expected. Eventhough, he said he'd do it, he thought about it and later had a change of heart. In all honesty, it was actually out of respect.

why must this always happen.....click

you know what this whole imangenry beef between michael and prince has been going sense they started thier careers. i dont think prince and michael didnt have any bad feelings toward each other i think the fans kind of started the whole mj vs prince thing.

I love prince now. He's a changed man, and he's turned his life around. Smiling

Prince is a tough cookie to figure out, but I love his music and have followed his career for a while.

As for his whole bizness with MJ, I think he has a lot of respect for Michael, but doesn't want to align himself too much because of the whole media being so against MJ - kind of like Obama did when he commented on Michael's death, by first saying that he liked his music but then adding that he thought Michael had ''problems''. They don't want to come across as defending Michael because they're afraid the media would attack them too.

However I think Prince's music speaks for itself, as he has recently been including a cover of 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough' in his live concerts as a kind of tribute to his old rival in the 80's.

Also I've heard him defend Michael in interviews, when an interviewer was asking him what he thought of Michael's eccentricities, Prince replied by saying he thought Michael got a lot of flack by the media, and they should just 'let the guy be'.
Honestly look it up, he's actually stuck up for Michael a few times in interviews over the years.

So I don't think he means any disrespect, I just think Prince is an eccentric character who is pretty hard to figure out most of the time.

For the record, in a 1993 interview, Prince said EXACTLY the following about not wanting to do "Bad" with MJ:

“The first line of that song is, 'You're BUTT is Mine', and I did NOT want to be on the giving or receiving end of that!”

Again, that is an EXACT quote.. 100% Verbatim. I can't remember the entertainment show that did the interview, but it wasn't Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood. But it was in 1993, and that was Princes' excuse. I should also point out that Prince said it in a very arrogant & homophobic mannor; Which is kind of interesting coming from a man who prefers to wear pink, purple, lace and high heel stelleto boots.

To address the question that was asked; did Prince disrespect Michael with that lyric? Yes.
Were Prince and Michael enemies? No.

Michael's own nephew Austin Brown confirmed that - he's collaborating with Prince. The reason why Prince did not want to do Bad is probably the same reason Janet didn’t want to sing with Michael. Maybe he was reluctant because he didn't want Michael's assistance in his fame.

I love me some Prince, and its a funny story to a degree but he sounds very arrogant turning down a song with a genius because of 4 words. Prince has obviously changed over the years, mostly because of becoming a JW, but I think at that time, he was a bit jealous.

Yes, fred, you are correct on both points.

This post is nonsense as are many of the other threads in this forum.

I agree with SheilaMJFan4EVER:

What is the point of this post? I try from time to time to come to this site and see what fans are talking about & it's the same BS over & over, Gold Pants, I dream of MJ, and so on. This site has the worst forum I have ever seen.

" (who is Badder - MJ or Prince??)...." I dunno but I know who is BADDEST, that would be me dude!!!!!
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prince and michael jackson had respect for each other . and prince has mentoned michaels name in interviews. i cant think of but it was on youtube were the press was asking prince in a jokeing manner who would win in a fight between you two ? he smiled and played along. than i remeber prince saying that he never really spoke publicly about michael but he said people should just chill and wait it out regarding to (michael's personal problems) cause micheal might know something we all dont know and eventually we all have make a home for everybody. no one really knows if thier were really riverys, friends, friennimes , except for prince and micheal themselves.

This Prince vs Michael pseudo "fight" is played out, old and not true. They are both musical geniuses in their own right and I love them BOTH. People that keep dredging this up need to find something worthwhile to do with their time.

I agree with u on the part where u said if he didnt want to show up to the "We Are The World" he didnt have to. but the negative side is that he said he was and ended up not showing up. He even had a part set up for him and was a no show. He could atleast have said no right up front or have a notice of it.o

I've heard Prince show his respect to Michael loads of times... he even sings a couple of his songs on tour before AND after he died as a tribute. I love Prince and I think he's too professional to show "hate" that way. Plus, in an interview once someone asked him who would win a fight out of him and Michael, and his response was "I'm a lover, not a fighter"

they were friends even outside of business...

but prince was the more quiet one

I don't think Prince hated Michael...

I think they were on "friendly terms", but I don't see any evidence that they were close "friends"...

I guess it depends on your definition of "friends"...

I think a "friend" is someone I can share all my thoughts with...

According to my definition, I don't think Michael and Prince were that close...

just because prince turned down michael for that song doesn't mean prince hated michael...they were friends....

@ powerflower:

I agree with you that they were on friendly terms, but I don't think they were "friends"...

Prince didn't like the first few lines of BAD, but I'm sure Michael never forget that Prince turned him down for that song....

The story behind all of this is michael and prince had a great private friendship they agreed to rivials for the press but behind close doors they were friend, those lyrics are a joke that they both got a hoot out of. . . prince is privately morning Micheal's death greatly. I rather enjoy their childish relationship.

Prince and Michael were friends....just because Prince never wanted to sing bad with Michael doesn't mean he hated michael...off course he didn't! they were actually friends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHaFj7gOWh4

prince said michael was real nice

Apparently Prince didn't like the first line of BAD:
"Your butt is mine!"


Oh wow, I'd totally forgotten I'd started this thread! lol!


Also, i dont think Prince likes commenting on MJ, cos it would give people soething to talk about,

i saw in an interview with one of MJs people, forgot who that the 2 had dinner to discuss Bad, and something about the first line... like who would sing it, thats where they knew it wouldnt work with the 2 of them on the song. =D

^ dunno how right this is, but it was 1 of MJs peoples saying it so i think its true.

Michael Jackson and Prince Never hated each other...they were friends. I'm glad that prince avioded the media a lot, he hardly ever speaks.