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Hope you all have some great plans for Easter tomorrow. I am going to mow the lawn and James is doing some burgers on the grill. I kind if miss hunting eggs with the kids but no one wants to do it this year. That is a little depressing.

I love you all

Happy Easter goldies be back later hopefully
One easter gift wrapped in gold.

Oh no Trolls! *sprays troll B gone and installs troll zapper* Go away now!

Goodness nothing really going on here for once. I took Dalton to the (brace) dentist yesterday. This was the first time they did not complain about needing to brush better. So that was like the best news ever. in 6 more weeks they will take that bracket (spreader thingy) off of his top teeth. That boy is so excited about it, he thinks it makes him talk funny.

I love you all, have a great evening.

Ladies, it appears we need more of that troll B gone spray. GO AWAY, TROLLS.

No computer yet. I'll keep you posted.

Hugs and love.

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Suz did you figure out the computer thing?

GTG and take James to work love you all

So far, so good with the dog. Only thing I don't like is that he's a bit of a humper if you let him. NOT gonna let that happen.

Hope everyone is well.

Hugs and love.

For the love of God,

STOP FLOODING, FAKING AND SPAMMING pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssse! Sad

Hi ladies. So my computer is idea why, just got up today and it was dead. So I'll be back tomorrow at some point, but if not, you know why.

Hugs and love.

Hi girls,
Birthdays I could see it on FB that was really beautiful. I was thinking maybe you were going with the whole "here's looking at you kid" theme. I guess that would work too lol.

Suz I hope this foster doggie works out for you all. It sounds cute I like bulldogs. Well I like them all cause I am a dog person. Hopefully this one will stay out of the trash and off the counter and behave a little better.

Dorothy my grandfather was a preacher so I believe in another plain of spiritual being. So I like your idea of it. I have found as an adult I am open to more interpretations of life after death than I was when I was younger.

Well James like me was raised without his father around. The uncle that died was James' dad's brother. Who James knew very well but many of that side of the family do not know him. So we went there and his father made it a point to stand near James and his sister as they were talking to the aunt they did know. Can you believe this man had hardly any words to say to them? He only asked how they were doing. He left their side quickly and did not even take the time to come meet Dalton (his grandson) for the first time. I was shocked and James was so upset by the whole thing. He has been dwelling on this since we left. We decided this side of the family was better left alone. However, I am wondering why he came over to them in the first place. Why jump up there and ask how they were if he did not want to see them? Maybe he does not know how to reach out and get to know them now that they are older, or he is scared to. I feel like there is something here I am missing in this family dynamic. One good thing to come of it was James is now going to cut his hair, he feels he kept it long because getting a hair cut was always the first thing his father did to him when he did spend time with him. I had to giggle that this was all my husband took from their meeting and I am all like analyzing it pieces.

I love you all. See you in the morning.

Afternoon ladies no I get what I wanted you to see but you get "casablanca" lol I'm not really fond of fanpop and since they changed it is worse but was the only way I know to bring it here. If anyone can give me a better route would be grateful. Will post on our site on fb. Lonnie stay safe girl hope to be back later.

Hello, there, ladies.

Lonnie, be safe in those storms, hon. Yes, I loved her words there. But I can't take full credit. It was reading back through posts, and that was one Venay shared with us of Vandy right after her death, I believe. No matter how many years go by, her spunky spirit will always be here with us.

Birthdays, I got Casablanca, too. Was that what you were trying to share? I am not a fan of fanpop, because it's always causing my computer to slow down and such.

Dorothy, I'm not sure what I think about spirits, mediums, etc., but I have a dear friend who agrees with you wholeheartedly.

So....I'm fostering a dog this Wednesday. His name is Gunner, and he's a bulldog who has decided he doesn't really like young kids anymore. Which is okay, since we don't have any. Fingers crossed this one goes well.

Off to do some chores, etc. I'll try to be back later. If not, hope you're all well.

Hugs and love.

Lonnie, I'm sorry for all of you, to have lost a friend, according to the books of mediums that I've read, they say that it is very good to pray for those who are pass the other side. I believe in life after death because for me, we are a peace of the light, a sparkle of the great whole, which has always been and always will be. We are immortal, then I send to them my love. Often, unfortunately, we take for granted the presence of the others until it came a memory, i am not talking about you or your friends here but it's a fact. i appreciate you ♥ I hope the new album BRING many new fans here and that they will brighten your forum as before because many fans here miss your good times... Good night all, Dorothy♥

HI girls! We got some storms in the area so I do not want to be on long. Just wanted to stop in and say hi. Birthdays was that supposed to be Casablanca? It would not load and when it finally did I got that (I had to load it like 3 times). Just making sure I got to the right spot.

Took forever to get this stuff done in Missouri today. All went well I guess. I love you all Be back tomorrow

Afternoon goldies well for me lol am making a promise to come here more if I can made this pic for our Angels have a good sunday sister's.
Love You ♥

You know Suz our sweet sister crossed my mind today as well. Then I come here and read her words, it was touching. I thank you for putting them up. I cannot believe two years have pasted. It doesn't seem that long ago. I sure do miss getting those phone calls from her.

James' uncle died and we have to go to Missouri tomorrow for his wake. His funeral is Monday and with his work schedule it is not possible for James to go. It hit me that it was this time one year I headed to OKC to say good bye to Vandy as well. I admit that made me so depressed, and like always I can come here and find something that echo's my feelings.

I love you all so much, those reading now and those that are no longer coming in, and those we lost along this journey together. I cannot tell you how much coming in here brightens my day. that I'm thinking about our dear Vandy, and the fact that it's been two long sad years Sad since she left us, it's got me thinking about all of us, here and no longer here, and I just wanted to shout out to you all, one by one, to say that I love you, I miss you, and I hope all is well with you. Maybe one day we can all be together again, if only even for a brief moment. So...:

blttrox, Lonnie38, tammydee, Angelsmile, MissSunshine AppleBlossom, dreaming2dance, Venay, pakeeza, darlingdear, birthdays, magnetladi, mjjgirl, .... (there are a few of you who don't post here anymore, and who's screen names I've forgotten...Sad and I'm sorry about that!) Of course, VANDY95TH, we miss you and we love you, and you are here with us always.

If I've forgotten anyone, it's not on purpose. It's Hashimoto's Disease's fault! LOL

So...just saw this post again, from back in the day with our beloved Vandygirl. This was four years ago, can you believe it? So missing her.

Vandy95th Fri, 04/09/2010 - 05:56
K, Golden sisters, sounds like a lot of emotional turbulence going on in everyone's personal world, so I'm first going to send hugs to all of you other mothers who are struggling with your kids. You ladies are all great mothers and I know you all are doing the best you can. And to have as many kids as you have, OMG I had just one and that was trying enough! I am so thankful that my one and only daughter is grown up, married, and has her own life to attend to, because we have such a better relationship now that she is not under my roof. How do you ladies do it? How do you have the time to devote to your kids and still have "michaeling" time? I am finding my personal time is more important to me than it used to be and is still way too little for me. I have all these different forums to participate in, writing my story, working on my drawing, viewing Pak's GOLD goodies, responding to other MJ fans's e-mails, tweeting, and reading Michael stories; and don't have enough time to do it all. With Spring upon us my husband and I have been doing alot of gardening and by the time we get back into the house, I fix dinner, and get dishes done I am just so tired to even get on the GP thread and write something, but I have to agree with Lonnie, that we all need to "report feveryday for duty" here even if it is just to say hi or send hugs so I am going to try to do better. On another note, I agree with all of my Golden sisters that we owe this newfound friendship we have found in each other, even though it is long distance; to Michael. He has brought us all together, plus other MJ fans that I am sure all of us have made from other MJ forums. It is comforting to know that even though our spouses and family members don't undertand our obsessions with Michael, other MJ fans do. I love all of you and I can't wait till the first weekend in June for our MidWest LoveFest. Say, Suz, Tia, Tammy, Golden, and Dreaming are you ladies also going to try to do the "Skype" thing when Lonnie, B, Venay (are you coming to that?), and I get together that weekend? I know Pak and Angel were going to be a part of that but I didn't know about the rest of you all. I sure hope so because that would be awesome. Lonnie & B, keep us posted on what goes on during your tito time. I haven't had any luck on twitter yet, but I'll keep on trying. Let Poppa T know all of us GPAS sisters love him and his family! OK, enough of the serious stuff, it's time for some GOLD, so I'm going to lurk around YT, find a good vid for us to watch and get it posted tonight. Love all of you!

Hi, ladies. How's everyone? Hope you're all well.

Birthdays, girl, missed you around here! Hope Simon gets the place and you get your room back. Don't you worry, girl, I bought lotto tickets for tonight, I'll get you that new couch and tv! LOL You know I will if I win, too. You know we'll all do lots of visiting, too.

I've been thinking about our dear Vandy girl, too. MIss her so much. Sad Hope she's dancing all over heaven, giving everyone orders! LOL

Hope everyone's well. I'm working tomorrow during the day, but I'll try to be on here at night.

Hugs and love.

Evening goldies hope everyone is ok been one of those weeks but when is'nt it. Lonnie I know you will come through with flying colours proud of you girl. Suz so sorry to here about the young girl such a shame that she thought that it was the only way. Hope your friends mum is ok with her pacemaker. The weather here has been changeable but at least got my back lawn mowed and the recycle garden bin is full to the top glad they empty it on monday. Tammy the ring is gorgeous love rings and earrings . Can't wait to hear your cat story teddy has been a chatterbox today as he watched me doing my seedlings in the diningroom. Lonnie think you need a hell of a lot more information before letting James take wyatt anywhere near there. So finally got to preorder xscape imported deluxe can't wait for that. Need to get mircosoft office but everywhere seems to be asking really crazy prices so that will have to wait. Mum went to see the dr he seems to be settling in now as he was'nt supposed to be staying long say's she can use both inhailers has'nt made a lot of difference yet but keeping my fingers crossed. Had to own up that I dropped the spacer she takes them through and cracked it and please could I have another one made him laugh as I put on my most contrite face lol. The BIG NEWS is Simon may actually be moving out in july. His boss has cash in a new build of apartments all white goods (washing machine etc) included pics look good so here's hoping. Then I have to totally redecorate buy a new sofa bed and a new tv need that lottery win SOON lol Have been thinking a lot about dear Vandy now 2 years gone I hope she is still chasing Michael up there we love you girl.
Those gold pant's sure took a lot of punishment and gave us a wonderful view lol
Take care sister's Love you all.

Hi, ladies. Sorry I've been absent a few days, but lots to do around here. Possibly refinancing our mortgage, so...paperwork, etc.

Dorothy, thanks for the video to show me what your weather has been like, LOL. Hope all that rain brings lots of beautiful flowers to to along with it. Laughing out loud

Lonnie, hope all is well with the kids. How is James' friend that was hurt at the plant...who's name I can't remember right now? Hope he's doing well.

Tammy, good luck with the rest of the membership drive. Look forward to having you back here.

Birthdays, that birdie sounds fun, and I don't usually like birds, but yours I think I would. Hope Simon finds a place soon, and hope Mum is better soon.

Off to do a few chores before work. Have a great night, ladies. I'll be back tomorrow.

Hugs and love.

Hi girls! Hope you are all doing alright. I love you see you tomorrow sometime.

Hey girls,
Wow Tammy that is a beautiful ring. So glad to hear your settling down at work, sure do miss seeing you.

So I am sure you have heard of the Westboro Baptist Church people who protest at military funerals and such. This week end they decided to come to Moore Oklahoma. This was the anniversary of the day the tornado went through there last year. Such destruction left in its wake. However, I am so happy to report they were ran off by members of the town. I guess they thought this state would lay down and take their nonsense, but see Okies do not care if beating your ass sends them to jail (legal protest permits or not). In fact many already have their bail bondsmen on speed dial. Sometimes it makes you proud to live near so many hillbilly rednecks.

Anyway I love you all. I will see if I can pop back in the morning after I get the kids to school.

HI, there, ladies. I had a great time at the baby shower, but I'm TIRED! So just a quick hello from me until tomorrow.

Lonnie, I'd be a little worried about sending him to Georgia, too. He needs more details to be able to up and move. Some reassurances would be nice. Sorry about the internet. Hope it's fixed soon.

Tammy, WE MISSED YOU! Glad you're slowing down some, too. Ok, that ring is GORGEOUS! So excited and happy for you. Your man is a definite keeper.

Dorothy, how are you? How's the weather up there in Canada?

I'm off to bed. I'm tired. Be back tomorrow. Hope everyone's well.

Hugs and love.

Good evening everyone, Tammydee, wow i never saw something so beautiful, i am very happy for both of you♥

O yea - and I'm totally excited about the new album!!!

Hey ladies! Work is slowing a bit and I hope to get caught up with you soon! Just spent the weekend at my parents with Rob and Emma. Rob bought me a new wedding set from a small family owned jewelry store in Cadillac. I became allergic to white gold a few years after we got married so I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for several years. Rob surprised me a few weeks ago telling me he has been saving up for a new ring for me for quite some time and he thought he had thought he had enough saved to go ahead and do it. Here is what it looks like but in platinum since I'm allergic to gold and a diamond instead of the moissanite.
I cant wait to get it!!

Lonnie I have heard doctors prescribing pets for depression. It's definitely worth a try! Sending Wyatt to Georgia sounds a little scary to me but you know how all us mom are - we just want to keep our kids in hugging distance. Good luck with the debate.

Suz sorry your feeling crappy - if the stinking weather would turn to spring I think that would help us all out. There was actually a blizzard at my parents house on Friday night. So sick of it!! The upcoming week it is suppose to be in the 50's and that's going to feel like heaven. I hope your co-worker gets some help. One of my co-workers, a young woman who is bipolar, was in a mental institution for two weeks a few months ago for a breakdown as well. She is much better now.

Birthdays Teddy sounds like quite a character! I have a great cat story that I'll have to share later when I have more time - dinner is ready!! Hope you get Simon outta your hear soon!

Waving to Dorothy Smiling