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Evening goldies Suz so glad you raised a lot of money hard work but sounds fun. I hate pumpkins was cleaning one out when I was expecting Simon and had to dash for the toilet the smell was awful never been near one since lol. Lonnie not a lot of people do it on the road where I live have things in the window which can be seen because we have a street light outside. Last year a little boy came with his dad who told me I was the only one to answer the door to them felt sorry for him. Know older people don't like to do it and one year my elderly neighbour had her gate taken so can see how they feel. Like Suz get the things we like as sometimes don't get many trick or treaters lol Simon has phoned says he will be arriving wednesday morning more for his social calender than seeing us I suspect as he has a girl to see everyday as friends unfortunately one is my cousin's daughter who is getting married next year. Still he is staying for the sunday roast never passes that up lol. Suz Teddy tolerates Simon I think but he is the Boss loves to dive bomb people he picks up things been doing chicken noises to him and the other day he did a perfect imitation lol Have to go to the dentist on wednesday have lost a crown and not looking forward to the bill to come always something.

Just a little something to brighten up the golden house lol take care sister's Love andHugs

Hey, there! Lonnie, I still put pumpkins and mums out, but that's about it now. I miss having little ones to decorate with. Well, my younger son was always my go to guy for that stuff. Plus, he was always souped for Halloween! He still is, even if he's 21! We haven't had a kid stop at our house in like four years, even though I always have candy. Hey, I buy what we like, then if we don't get any little ones....Laughing out loud We get to eat! LOL

I spent the day helping out at the golf tournament in memory of my nephew Justin who passed away in 2003. It was an awesome day, and they raised a lot of money for the fund that helps the families of kids with cancer at the children's hospital. Over a hundred golfers, lots and lots of raffle prizes...a great day for all, and a lot of money raised to help a great cause. I'm tired, but very happy I could be part of it.

One of us will win the Powerball soon, I know it! I'm hoping it happens soon, so all of us sisters can meet. That will be awesome!\

HOpe everyone's doing well. Working a double tomorrow, so if I'm not here till Monday, that's why.

Hugs and love.

Hello lovely ones,
Boy this has been a busy week. I have been decorating the outside (with Cyaira's help) while keeping up with all the inside work as well as my work commitments. I am beat up lol. I left pictures on FB to see and it looks great. Every time we are outside some kid (mostly girls) from the college across the street tells us how awesome it is. Wyatt said if he knew that would happen he might have been out there helping lol MEN.

Birthdays not everyone passes out candy or decorates here either. A porch light left on on Halloween tells the kids to come get that candy. Do you have to mark the house there to pass out candy? I started decorating and passing out candy after Dalton became too old to go tricker treating anymore. I will have the porch light on and the decorations are a big HEY WE HAVE CANDY marker as well. Plus it is fun to do. Cyaira is my helping buddy and it gives us some mother/daughter time alone. She is my go to child who always is willing to hang out with me. Dalton will if I play games with him, Wyatt will if it involves something he wants to do (watch a movie or tv show, eat (he loves my cooking). Liz is my complainer so I am her ear. I just sit and listen and offer advise to her. Its funny the degrees there are to being a mom.

Suz I am doing the powerball thing as well, cause some way one of us has got to hit that thing lol. I am glad you are feeling better. The girls just got over some cold thing last week. They had to get a sinus spray to do it. So far I am still doing well and I am surprised cause these little kids forget to cover those mouths and wash those hands. Maybe I have overexposed myself and therefore cannot caught anything lol. No I doubt that, my time will come.

Okay off to grade some papers, fold some laundry, and have a easy weekend (I hope). I pray James shuts his mouth and does not provide the comedy show this tonight. I might have to harm that man if he does. I love you.

Hi, there, ladies. Sorry for being absent this week. Haven't felt too well, honestly. But I'm fine now.

Lonnie, don't worry, you'll get things all settled soon. It takes a bit to get used to, but you'll do it. Tell James to keep his fan club quiet, LOL.

Birthdays, I was hoping to win that big Powerball prize the other day, but ... Sad Oh, well, I'll win big one of these days, right? Then we can all meet and spend some time together. Laughing out loud Glad Mum is doing well. Do Simon and Teddy get along? I'm not a bird lover, but Teddy sound fun.

I'm off to do some laundry. Hope everyone is well.

Hugs and love.

Evening goldies hope everyone is well. Lonnie Halloween is'nt celebrated as much over here we have trick or treaters but not many people decorate especially on your scale will look forward to seeing those pics. If you really feel energetic have some work over here lol Suz everyweek I hope for a win but nothing so far would love for all of us to get together. Hope you did'nt get to close to those alpacas they have a dirty habit spitting lol Well am on strong antibiotics for a week I have a cyst that has got bigger and he dr said it was infected checked me for any lumps tha should'nt be there and thank god there were none. They knock me off my feet a little feel tired but am still standing lol Simon is coming to stay again next week for the goose fair there are no geese now lol just over priced rides and stalls. When he was little we used to take him and with all the noise there is he went to sleep used o be able to sleep through anything but now he lives where it is quiet so he has trouble sleeping when he is here. Mum is ok still the same but she keeps going. Teddy is his lively self again thank goodness and making everyone know he is the boss lol
Take care sister's Love you x

Hi Girls,
Suz that sounds like fun. We never have block parties here. I would not know how to go about organizing one. Did you get to pet the Alpaca? I was having trouble with that verification for awhile there but so far it is working well for me. I do not understand why it started doing that, because it did not always. I have to apologize myself there are many days I just do not have the energy to get in here. I think I am starting to get my groove back a bit now. At least I do not feel as tired. It is a beautiful morning so I am going for a walk, then heading off to the store so I can cook out today.
I woke up early due to James having a loud conversation with his PS4. He was using some program called Ustream. It is where you talk and people come watch you. They can type to you and other than that you just sit there lol. Crazy right? However, he was in true comic mode and had quite a following. I got a good laugh out of it, and it got me going so I picked up, started laundry, and washed the dishes all before 7 a.m.
I love you all off to get some walking in.

Hi, ladies. Sorry I haven't posted much. It's been a busy week, not to mention that I am having trouble posting sometimes. I always get the captcha thing, but a few times it kept telling me it was wrong even when I knew it was right!

Birthdays, maybe I will win the Powerball, which is at like $200 million or something crazy! I'll fly over to pick you up so we can travel around and see everyone of our sisters together! Wouldn't that be nice?

Lonnie, I was at our annual Harvest Block Party working today, and we had to set up all the corn stalks and hay bales and pumpkins! I got to meet some Alpacas, which you all know I was stoked about! I got hit in the head with a flying EasyUp Tent, too! It was very windy so things were blowing around, and at one point, a few tents were flying. Of course it was the "Friends of Rehoboth Animal Shelter" tent that I was at (shocker,, I know) that blew away! Had the ambulance guys check me out to make sure I didn't have a concussion, but all is well. Just another clunk on this old hard noggin! LOL

I miss everyone, too. it would be nice to have everyone back here (or somewhere else) again! I do hope everyone's well. I'm off to bed, as I'm very tired after that long day on the field.

Hugs and love.

Hey Girls,
I sure understand the missing everyone thing. I just hate they let everyone get to them. Well here Cyaira is driving me crazy with all the "let's decorate for Halloween" talk. I told her to wait till the first week-end of October (because I am still buying new pieces to add to our old ones). Last year we started doing this so I do not have a lot of them yet. So I got this idea online to cut out these fabric bats and use them on the house. So it looks like a herd of them are flying behind the porch. I bought 2 yards of this thick waterproof fabric (almost like a leather) and today we have successful cut out around 100 bats in different sizes. I quit at 71 and she is still cutting. Under $10 dollars for a large amount of bats I think that is pretty good. Next week-end we will go to Joplin and find some bigger new pieces for the lawn. I am making a graveyard as well. Hopefully these few projects will calm that girl down a bit, and get her through these last two week-ends. I will show you what we wind up with when we are done on FB.
Anyway I love you all so much. I will see you later on.

Evening goldies Lonnie know everything will go well for you girl. Suz you can come and do my painting if you want lol Got some of the gardening done but the weeds are relentless am back painting the woodwork on the staircase. I miss everyone as well keep remembering back to when I first came here and hoping it will be like that again some day. Hope Venay and Darling are ok and Tammy feeling sort of lost these past days don't know why maybe it's my age lol the weather here is really changeable drives you crazy need a BIG win and we can go and party would love that.
Take care sister's Love and Hugs

Hey, there. Lonnie, that's cool when James hears it, too. Good luck with the last class. I'm sure you'll do fine. I'm glad you're liking the job, too. Makes all the hard work worth it, I'm sure.

I'm off to do some painting of my husband's shed that he's been building. I can't wait until it's done. I'll try to be back later, but I have Council on Aging meeting tonight, so I'm not sure. If not, I'll be back tomorrow. I miss having our daily chats with everyone. Sad I just miss everyone, I guess. I hope everyone's well.

Hugs and love.

Hope you are all well. I love you.

Hi Girls,
Suz I love your Michael moments. James had one the other morning. I go pick him up at 7 and drive him home. AT 7 on Friday morning "Beat it" started playing. He had forgot to check the time so hearing Michael made him look at the clock and realize he had to come out quickly so I could get to work. I laughed and said Thanks Michael.
I am officially done with this class so last class starts Tuesday. I am so thankful this last one was a challenging course. However, very informative since it dealt with special needs children and the paper work involved in getting them the help and accommodations they need in a classroom. I still have to go back and answer my classmates replies to my posts but that is easy.
I love you all see you tomorrow sometime after I finish mowing.

Hey, there! Lonnie, I'm sure it's hard now, but just think of the rewards once you accomplish that degree? I'm so proud of you, and I'm sure you'll get some peace and rest. Tell that family you're ON STRIKE! See how long it takes them to get it once they're all out of underwear, snacks, etc. I did that a few times. It doesn't last, though. Sad

I have had a couple of "Michael Moments" over the past two days:

FIRST: I went to a show in Boston last night. It was a band from Tammy's neck of the woods. Kalamazoo, MI. They're a bluegrass band who are billed as "newgrass" and "jamgrass" and a mix of rock, rockabilly, bluegrass, country, etc., called Greensky Bluegrass. I was SUCH a good show, and such a mix of ages, too. The club was one of the best clubs to see music, the Paradise Rock Club. A small, intimate venue to showcase great talent. The Paradise is the first place U2 played in America, along with lots of other artists over the years. So, here we are waiting for the opening act, and they play "I Want You Back." Obviously I'm excited, right? Then in between sets they play "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough." STOKED! After the show, as soon as the house sound came back on, they played "Burn This Disco Out!" HOLY SCMOLEY! I couldn't help dancing a l'il bit, singing my heart out!

SECOND: As you guys know, I do a lot of sewing, fiber arts, etc. Well, one of my passions is fabric dyeing in lots of ways, including shibori and tie dyeing. On one of the fb pages I belong to, a guy posted a hoodie he died, which he folded one sleeve toward the center of the hoodie. The hood itself was tilted slightly down, too. He said it was set in "MJ Pose" and he liked the big huge heart on the back of the hoodie, so he was calling it "Thriller!" Isn't that cool?

Anyway, I'm off to put laundry away, then head to the gym before work. I hope everyone's well. I'll be back tomorrow.

Hugs and love.

Hi Girls,
Good morning. We got a nice turn of weather today highs in the 70's and tomorrow 60's. Oh how wonderful. However, Cyaira and Liz have come down with bad colds and coughs. I have to take Cy in this morning since she cannot sleep well. Got to get her checked out due to that respiratory illness going around in our area. I told Liz to go but she hates to spend money at the doctor's office.
Birthdays I love running into Michael fans. That feels just so wonderful. I just put zombie decals on the car (Liz bought them for me last Christmas). Since I am known as the MJ fan here everyone keeps asking where my MJ decals are. I got to get a new one lol can't let the people down.
Suz school is going well. I am loving it. I am feeling a bit stretched to thin but 7 more weeks of college and that Master's degree is finished which will clear up some time. Last night I brought home papers to grade and it felt like it took forever to get through them I was so worn out. It is hard taking care of the needs of the family and the house along with my commitments. It would be nice if someone around here would pitch in and help. It feels like they are trying to make the biggest messes they can, some days I just want to explode at them all.
Anyway I am off today to it is catch up day. I love you all.

Hi, girls.

Lonnie, I don't remember when, of if, they filed those down. Maybe his are just looking so big until he gets the braces off? I don't remember. I hope school's going well.

Birthdays, how cool to meet a young MJ fan. What did Mum have to say? Or was the there with you? I'm glad you got that project done. On to the next one! LOL Hope Mum's breathing gets better soon.

I'm off to relax, then hit the sack. Long day at work today. I'll be back tomorrow. Hope everyone's well.

Hugs and love.

Evening ladies just a quick drop in Happy Birthday to Dalton hope he has a good day. Simon had to wear braces he hated them. Suz don't overdo things girl. Have finished mum's room now and can get some gardening done before the next project lol can't believe it is september already where has the year gone. Had to go to the bank this morning the guy we saw was so young thought they were taking from the nursery lol must be getting old. As we sat talking about mine and mum's account he said you're a Michael Jackson fan I told him yes he had seen the keyring on my purse he is an MJ fan as well said he wished he could have been born when MJ was doing Thriller said it was inevitable I was to become a fan being born on the same day 2 yrs apart lol was good to see that a young person was into Michael's music. Mum is still out of breath but they don't know why as her heart etc sounds good but she keeps going I'm glad to say. Hope everyone is doing ok Venay Tammy Darling missing you all.
Mega Hugs and Love x

Hey Suz,
Do you remember how long until they file those canines down? I giggle every time he smiles. Just sitting here watching School of Rock, I adore these little kids in here so talented. Anyway I am a worn out lady but I had to stop in and leave my love. I think I am going to bed now.

Hey, there! Lonnie, that boy is 14 already??????????? OMG, he's growing up so fast. I remember when you could see the braces start to work, and you're like WOW!
The canines will look better once the braces are off, trust me. We went through the whole "junior vampire look" too, LOL!

I'm off tomorrow, so I'll be back then. This old gal is TIRED! Hope you're all well.

Hugs and love.

Hi Suz,
Don't worry hun I answer when I see you have found the time. I totally understand busy and lack of time. Not like you miss much anyway.

Tomorrow is Dalton's 14th birthday. I cannot believe my baby boy is going to be that old. It went by too fast. He talked his father into a laptop because he broke his tablet by dropping it too many times. Seems like a waste of money to me, but nothing that boy wants does his daddy not make happen. Instead of a fancy one I did find one for a little over $200 we will see how he treats this one. Anyway his new set of braces really have pulled the teeth together, what a difference these past 3 weeks have made. Looking pretty good now except for those pointy canines being very visible. He looks like a baby vampire lol.

I love you all. See you later on.

Hi, ladies. Or, Hi, Lonnie! Laughing out loud

Sorry for my lack of posts this week. Crazy week, followed by some extra shifts. I hope everyone's doing well. I'll be back on Monday to catch up. Love to you all.

Hugs and love.

Hi Girls,
Just a quick note before I head off to school. I am off tomorrow so I will catch up. These thunderstorms sent us over to the college next door for safety. While there I comforted these two sweet little girls. It seems their school mother was not so much motherly. So I showed them where I lived and invited them over when they feel scared. It was sweet. Cyaira of course found it funny, I go over there and adopt two new strays. I can't help it I just hate to see someone cry, it breaks my heart. Anyway storms all night so very little sleep here. I am not looking forward to this day but it will go quickly once I get started.

I love you all, see you tomorrow.

Hi, ladies. I've been busy the past couple of days, so I haven't been on here. I hope you're all doing well. I see that they had the final show of Immortal yesterday in Guadalajara. I can't believe it's been going for three years already! Michael would have been so thrilled and felt so proud to see all these young dancers interpreting his music in such a positive, delightful way. I'm glad I got to see it.

Birthdays, I posted on fb to wish you a happy birthday, but I'll say it here, too: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I bet you wish you could have shared your day with Michael for real, huh? I don't think he'd be happy with all the unrest and unhappy things happening in the world these days. Not to mention the things happening with all the people he thought were his friends! Backstabbers, liars and thieves, the whole lot of them! I'm glad Teddy is doing better, and it's good to hear Simon is doing well in his new place. LOL, comes home for food.

Lonnie, don't work too hard, girl. I would love to be planning back to school today, as this would be the big day for us to do that. Sad Miss my little ones! Miss the feeling when they're all back at school, too! Laughing out loud Hope the kids have a good year.

I'm off to watch some TV before bed. I'll catch you ladies tomorrow.

Hugs and love.

Evening goldies hope everyone is ok another year older wiser well maybe lol Simon came friday night and went back yesterday evening after his sunday lunch of course that boy can eat so long as someone else cooks it lol He is doing a lot of overtime and I worry because he walks home 5 miles and has to walk a cycle path with no lighting keep telling him to take care all he says is I'm 24 not 4 but you hear so many bad things happening these days. Afraid my birthday was the same as any other day lol always something to do Simon got me my favourite perfumes and mum got me credit for I tunes. Did a lot of thinking about Michael would have been 56 wonder what he would think of the world cruelty and war on the rise in the 5 years he has been gone. Teddy went back to the vet's today he is still a little itchy but he is ok and had his mite solution again although the vet was not good had to ask all the things the other vet had done let him get away and the poor baby went straight into the wall save us from just qualified vets. He is ok now loves his taxi rides bless him. Am on the last leg of decorating mum's room got the lawn mowed yesterday she say's I do to much but it has to be done.
Oh well got to get better right we are supposed to be having a heatwave this month but all it has been doing is rain hope you are having better weather.
Take care sister's LOVE and HUGS xxxxxxx

Happy Birthday Michael Darling, you are always in my heart.

Happy Birthday Birthdays sweetie. Hope you had a great day.

Ahhh Suz a double on Sunday, that would be so hard to go out before. It is so hard to tell them no since it does not happen that often.

I love you all I have got to run and get some groceries before it gets much later.

Hey, there.

Lonnie, enjoy your day off. My housework will never get done, LOL! Yeah, it stinks not having the whole back to school commotion and excitement around here! But...they have to grow up, right? Much as I wish they didn't. I hope you enjoy your weekend, too. I'm working tonight, Friday night, and Sunday double. Off Monday, so that's cool. My husband is off Monday and Tuesday. We're supposed to go out Saturday night, but I kind of wish we would stay home. Every Saturday we've had something for months, and by the time it's time for my Sunday morning double, I'm wiped. He on the other hand can sleep in on Sundays, so he doesn't care. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Oh, well, we'll see waht happens.

Yes, we are once again at that sad time of year when we remember Michael's birthday. I hope his family and his kids find ways to celebrate his life on that day. I know I always do. Birthdays, you're having a birthday, too. What will you do on your special day? I hope it's fun, and I'm sure it will involve Michael at least for part of your day. <3 Laughing out loud

I'm off to finish some chores, then relax before work. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great one.

Hugs and love.

Hi girls,
JUst relaxing this morning since I have the day off. I needed it my housework is suffering.

Suz I bet it is hard when they get older and those little things like going back to school are over. Like you said those grandkids will be soon enough. I am sure your kids would appreciate the help since it gets more and more expensive every year. I saw that this year Wal~Mart had a back to school bundle (it contained everything an elementary student would need). However, for the older kids nothing in there was useful.

What are you all planning for labor day? Do you have to work? We are off so it will be a nice long week-end. James' birthday is Friday, of course so is our sweet Michael's and darling Birthdays. We are cooking out but staying home. I refuse to head to the lake.

I love you all. See ya later I got to get started on this house.

Hello, ladies.

Lonnie, I'm so glad you're enjoying your new job. This is what you've been working so hard for, right? Makes it all worth it.

I'm kind of wishing I had some back to school things going on around here! Sad Miss those days, actually. I miss when my boys were little and we'd be filling back packs and hanging up first day outfits! LOL I guess I'll have to wait for grandkids to enjoy that again, huh? Oh, well. I'll wait. Laughing out loud

Hope everyone's well. I'm off to take my brother to two different doctors. I'll try to be back later. If not, have a great one.

Hugs and love.

Hi Girls,
Yes Birthdays I am loving this job. After I get through this week I will only work Mon. Wed. & Friday. They are assuming the kids will be more on track then. It was only supposed to be part time but I didn't mind helping out until a routine was developed. I also agree with Suz please take it easy and the black pants are just as wonderful as the gold ones.

Suz I sure wish it would cool off at night it stays about 80 degrees. Our central air has been going out every week. So today I came home to a hot home, not something I wanted to come home to. I am just going to run down and buy window units I am so fed up with it all. This is its 4th break down. You would think the work was covered but every time they replace something new (according to them anyway).

Well I have to go pick up Wyatt from work. Poor kid has to do 5-12 hour days this week. I love you all.

Hi, ladies. Hope everyone's doing well.

Lonnie, we have had pretty cool nights with dry, warm days, but I hear that's about to change. We're going back to HOT weather this week! Why couldn't we have summer when it's summer, and etc.? Oh, well. I'm glad you're enjoying your new job. Keep cool and don't overdo it.

Birthdays, you, too, no overdoing it! I'm sure the house will look awesome when it's done, though. Hope the vet bill isn't too steep.

I'm off to relax before bed. Double shifts on Sundays kind of kick my butt! LOL I'll be back tomorrow.

Hugs and love.

Double post....sorry!