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Hey ladies! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a great day with Emma and later Rob took us out to eat at Smokey Bones. Great food and company.

So I have not watched news or been on a computer till just a few minutes ago and I wish I would have just stayed away. Another school shooting? Ebola in New York? Sometimes living in the dark is a peaceful place to be. This world is just so sad.

Suz glad your brothers surgery went well and I'm praying for no chemo. Sucks that you took all that time to prepare for your meeting and no one showed up.

Love to all of you - BBL Smiling

Good morning, ladies. First of all:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAMMY! Hope you have a blast today with your favorite girl. {{{Hugs and <3 Love}}}


Lonnie, I'm so glad you're feeling better, and finally getting some rest. Keep resting and you'll be back to new in no time.

I'm off to do some chores. Hope everyone is doing well today.

Hugs and love.

Hey Ladies,
I am feeling so much better today, bout time. Lord I am so tired though.

Suz I am glad the surgery went well. I hope he does not need the chemo. Still saying prayers.

I love you all but I am done dropping people off so I am going to bed early. I love you all.

HI, ladies. So nice to have an almost full house again! Laughing out loud Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for my brother. I went and spent some time with him today. He's doing well, and the surgery went well. Now it's a wait for the pathology, but we already knew it was malignant anyway. Just waiting on the doctor to let us know it was all removed, then he can get on with the healing. The hope is that he won't need chemo, but we're waiting on the doctor's report on that. Keep the prayers coming if you would.

Not happy about all the ebola nonsense, and not sure who or what to believe, honestly. I refuse to live in a cave, and of course I work in the public, but I won't cower. I also don't know if I want to know that there's some sinister shenanigans happening. It's hard enough knowing it's out there, so if I knew someone was purposely causing hysteria, etc., it would make things WAY scarier! I'll just sanitize and sequester myself away from the sneezy people! LOL

Not thinking I would like an impersonator, honestly. I did, however, see that play that was made by a Boston group about Michael's life, called The Case For Michael Jackson. Michael Bearden produced it. It was a chronicle of his life, and was good but .... not great. No one can play him, be him, act him. It just needs to be him or it isn't worth it, right? Thank Goodness there's so much amazing things for us to watch all the time. Speaking of watching: I'm off to watch that video you posted, Tammy. I hope you have a fun birthday on Thursday. Sounds like a great day you have planned.

Birthdays, that bird is hysterical. I'm gonna win tonight's $200 million MegaMillions drawing, so we're covered for our trips. Laughing out loud Venay, glad you're able to post. Lonnie, glad your computer is working, and you're feeling better. HOpe this is truly the road to recovery.

I'm off to relax. Had two meetings today, one at 10:30 am, which I prepared three months' worth of minutes for, and only three people (including me!) showed up, so we had no quorum, and one tonight at 7:00. Plus the hospital visit to see my brother, the grocery store, and the chores, and I'm one tired momma! I'll be back tomorrow. Hope you're all well.

Hugs and love.

Lol Venay - I just popped back in to watch the vid too and added a bit of a time line to it in my last post! He is just so amazing to watch. I get lost.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow Tams! It sounds like you have an absolutely lovely day planned. Enjoy! Smiling I hear ya, everybody here seems sick with something too. Ugh. Getting the bleach. OMG, if Ebola can live that long on surfaces .... sheesh what hope is there of obliterating it? Sad Evidently there are carriers, both human and animals. Scary World War Z scenario ... a carrier has Ebola and a mosquito bites them/it then just HAPPENS to visit and get to you next. So much for staying away from public places. Shocked

I knew motel rooms were filthy and I've always slept in my own sleeping bag on top of the sheets...LOL. Lonnie, I think I remember you talking about having that job, it was quite awhile back right? Glad to hear the lung is improving! But yeah, not out of the woods yet. I wonder why it is that some illnesses get worse at night. I know with my kids and grandson, their fevers would always start raging once the sun went down. Weird. Glad your computer is healed too! LOL. Gave me a big smile to know you got happy reading....worth every bit of the frustration getting back here. Smiling

Off to watch Tams vid. XOXOXOXOXO all!

Hey ladies! Today is my Friday - YAY!! I don't work Wednesdays as most of you know I'm with my niece and nephew who happen t have a 1/2 day tomorrow - then Thursday is my B-day so I took it off of work and then thought heck with it, I'm taking Friday too! Emma is hanging with my parents for a few days then she's coming home tomorrow to spend a few days with us. We have already decided that on Thursday we are going to a local bakery for pastry and fufu coffee for breakfast, then go back home and read and nap then get up and go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Sounds like a perfect birthday to me!

Lonnie glad that you are feeling better. At work today actually for the last week - I feel like everyone has some form of sickness. Constant sneezing, coughing and nose blowing. I am flying through hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes. Today at work we did some test runs on how to deal with ebola and what code words we will use to not alert the media and public if it happens to try to avoid a panic. It's just down right scary! I pray we never need to deal with it. We are very use to taking extra precautions for AIDS and even the flu but this is totally different. I thought that that was your take on impersonators. I feel the same way. I'm pretty sure I'd just be pissed at him. Immortal was an AWESOME tribute and I liked that there wasn't anyone play acting Michael. I want to see ONE. Las Vegas anyone? Glad your new computer is healed as well. That was really strange!

Venay I'm not above spraying people with bleach, LOL! Ahhh ebola - there are just no straight answers. I've heard it's not airborne but if an infected person sneezes and some of their spit gets on you and ends up in an eye or ear or nose you can contract it. Also I've heard that "dry" ebola can live up to 50 days on objects like airplane seats so if an infected person sneezes on a plane it's there for awhile. Then i heard it CAN"T live on surfaces. I wish someone would tell it straight! Don't even get me started on hotels! I use to clean rooms too and people are just gross. On the rare occasions I stay in a hotel I bring my own pillows and call the front desk for fresh sheets and extra blankets. I completely strip the bed, remake it with the stuff I know is clean (at least cleanER) and put the bedspread in the closet or somewhere out of the way. Then I clean everything with my disinfectant wipes. One of my favorite hotel cleaning stories: someone but a used and full condom on the outside of the doorknob of their room when they left. I worked at a nice hotel too. What the H is wrong with the human race? It sounds like we are all on the same page when it comes to impersonators. I'm so glad Rob didn't buy the tickets!

Birthdays my fingers are crossed that one of us wins the lottery! It would be so amazing to be in the same room with all of you. I hope Simon behaves himself and if he does go on a shopping spree hopefully it's Christmas shopping. I haven't even had a slight thought to start that nightmare. Teddy sounds like a riot. Hopefully he doesn't end up with a fishy sibling. So a full tank for a goldfish? That's a new one to me! Glad your hives are doing better! Sounds like Mike has been passing some healing around.

Suz hope all is well with your brother. Thinking of you!

And lastly - there is just no impersonating this. The live part starts at 3:46. The first 3:45 are definitely worth a watch too of course Eye-wink

Love ya sista's

My new computer has been healed and I did not do a thing about it. Praise the Lord.

Gosh it warms my heart to come in here and have to play catch up.

I woke up feeling pretty good today but as soon as the sun went down I felt crummy again. However the x ray today showed improvement on that fluid build up so I just have to keep taking it easy.

First off I said many prayers for your brother Jim today Suz. I hope the surgery went well and you let us know that soon. I was reading the post just to lazy to respond.

Tammy that would be so scary and I saw that on the news too. We forget how much emergency service workers, nurses, and doctors are exposed to in the line of work. I saw that some major airport were checking for fevers before allowing people to board planes. It seems drastic but if they are not smart enough to stay at home with a fever they deserve to be sent home from the airport.
Yes I did go see a Michael Jackson impersonator, I was not impressed at all. I like the guy doing Elvis more than the Michael one lol. At least he made Elvis a little more sexy, Michael should have been sexy to me but moonwalking is not all he did. Still love the while eyebrow and fake cigarette thing Michael used to so, now that was hot lol. I did like the immortal cause it was a tribute, I do not really like those trying to fill the loafers. I found the one walking around Forrest lawn that year we went to LA just pissed me off more than anything. ooops I am ranting now lol.

Venay hotels are filthy (I should know I used to clean them). Take a black light with you, turn off the lights and check the room. I do this when we stay in one. If the room is dirty demand another one. Sheets and pillow cases are changed but not the bedspread (unless there is a stain that is visible) or the pillows. I have caught maids not changing the sheets to get done faster. Remember they are given so many rooms to do in a certain amount of time, they do cheat. Most bathrooms are the nastiest: Urine on the walls behind the toilet (and on it), shower stalls not cleaned completely, sinks half-assed wiped down. The chairs and sofa in the room are never cleaned and always test negative. Don't get me started on the rugs lol. Just black light check it and demand it be taken care of, they might comp it if you complain enough, so free hotel room lol. I have found the more you pay for the room the cleaner it is, Hilton's (or Hilton owned) have passed my black light tests. I did not take it to LA Lord know what we slept on there lol.

Awe Birthdays you put a smile on my face all the time. I am truly blessed having you all as my sisters.

I better try to lay down, this cough is acting up tonight and laying flat does not work at all. So I am going to prop myself up and try again. It truly made me so happy to come in and read your posts. I love you all.


Hiya Deej, yup I cracked the code. Hee-hee here I am. Smiling

Tams, it's so good to hear from you! Well all except for the frickin' Ebola scare! Sheesh! Ugh! What is scaring me is that it is not known how this is spread. Is it airborne like the flu? Some say no, others yes. IF it's airborne, it makes it much, much more contagious and FREAKING SCARY! On the other hand, bleach kills it as it does many viruses but one can't go around spraying bleach at people...LOL. Or can one? Hee..hee. All kidding aside though. We were thinking of going out of town and stay in a motel except one of my sons used to be in the motel business and he says the rooms are filthy no matter where you stay, the bedding nearly always contaminated with *ehem* bodily fluids (gag) and not sanitized so that is soooo definitely OUT. Also no salad bars, no buffets, no movie theaters ... pretty much as little "public" anything as possible until Ebola remains in the past for a good long time, hoping and praying that is soon.

You know although Michael himself gave thumbs up to some impersonators, I'm just not crazy about them and it feels disloyal to me in a way. But like you Tams, if I can see a tribute show without anyone attempting to out and out mimic him and using his vocals and music, that's awesome, otherwise just not something I would want to see.

Birthdays, it's good to be able to post again. For so long I really didn't want to have anything to do with this place and then when I really wanted to, I couldn't. Well THAT ticked me off! LOL!! I'm just glad what I hoped would work, did. Hope your mum's breathing gets better and Teddy sounds like a riot! Laughing out loud I think we all hope to win that big one sis and ya never know, one of us just might. Eye-wink

Suz, hope your brother's surgery went well today, will be keeping him in my prayers for a speedy recovery. Hope your double goes by quickly. Just don't know how you do it.

Lonnie, hope you're recovering too and staying in bed. Prayers for you recovery as well sis!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))) 'n samooooooches! Be blessed. <3 <3 <3

Venay, You got in Laughing out loud HI goldies! ((((((((Hugs))))))) and much Michael Love ♥ Smiling

Evening goldies oh it's so nice to see everyone here hope everyone else can get here now. Tammy that virus sounds really scary. Lonnie get well soon sis and please take it easy let everyone else look after you for a change. Suz will keep Jim in my prayers and hope everything go'es well. Hope you are looking after yourself hope everyone is. Stay healthy ladies you never know one day might have some big news lol well can hope and dream can't I. Really though would be the best christmas present ever to meet all of you. Mum is rather breathless as the weather here is changing day to day and some days it feels like there is no air. Yesterday we had bad winds and today it is mild and overcast just go'es from one extreme to another. Simon is busy doing overtime hoping when he is paid he won't go on one of his shopping sprees buying things he does'nt really need then not having money for what he has to pay out. Think the weather is sending Teddy crazy the past 2 days he has been screeching say it's budgie swearing lol he has become so demanding may not say it but makes known what he wants. Have started my christmas shopping if I don't start now think I will never start as am fed up with it already being in the shops. Venay ((((((HUGS))))))) glad to see you back girl.We had goldfish but in a glass bowl the one Simon has it has a tank with everything it needs just hope the novelty does'nt wear off and he brings it to me Teddy is more than enough. The spray under the tongue I had for the hives really helped. Lonnie am going to put a smile on your face soon that's all I am going to say lol
Take care goldies LOVE and HUGS

Hay ladies Smiling Made a huge batch of corn chowder today. Suz I always think of you when I make this since I didn't even know it existed until you mentioned it here! I will definitely say a prayer for your brother Jim.

As most of you know I'ma germ-a-phobe so Ebola is driving me crazy. Since I work in the health industry we are getting bombarded with myth vs truth about it and safety precautions. I know it's good to know but still not sure who to believe about certain things. As we all know the gov't lies to us on a regular basis so why not now to stop a wide spread panic? Friday a plane from Dallas was stopped at the Gerald R Ford (Grand Rapids) airport and surrounded by police and medical personal (US!!!) due to 3 people showing flu like symptoms. I almost had a panic attack in my living room. They were checked out and transported (BY US!!!) to the hospital where they were not even tested because they did not meet the criteria. They were on their way home from a Guatemala mission trip. I think if people would just use common sense - like not getting on a plane and flying across the country when you have a fever and you had treated a person with Ebola and a fellow nurse has contracted it. I don't give a f*** if the CDC said it was okay - it would just be common sense to NOT endanger,not just strangers but your family, and wait a few days to make sure you're okay!! WOW - I really didn't mean to rant but there is is!

Lonnie sorry you are so sick! Suz is right - you need to get some rest! If it had to happen at least it was when you have a week to recover. Make sure James and the kids don't pester you into doing stuff you shouldn't do! I know being in the hospital sucks but at least you could get some rest and good meds Eye-wink

Venay I even created a new account a several weeks ago with my ReneeDee personality from FB and I still couldn't post. I wonder what the deal is? Does this mean there will never be any new members because they can't post? The site - something like MOLLOM - that I reported being blocked to is useless. B reported herself being blocked several times too. It looks like the MJ site has an acct with MOLLOM and pays for their services and they apparently do nothing. For all the times I reported being blocked I never received one email from them - they should have access to my email from my acct here - asking the issue or even acknowledging it. I'm thankful for FB as way to stay in touch too but I've never been as comfortable there as I am here - I would never write and post this novel there, LOL!

Birthdays it's been gloomy here for several days too. Today we finally saw the sun! It's cold but at least the sun was shining. Friday I cut all the remaining flowers out of my garden and some of the decorative grass shoots and made the last bouquet from my garden for the season. Sounds like you've got some hungry birds! Good luck with the goldfish.

So I have a question. How do you feel about MJ impersonators? This show called "Moonwalker: The Reflection of Michael". I tried to post the link but that triggered the SPAM filter - surprise. I don't know if I would be okay with seeing someone pretending they were Michael - dancing and singing. In fact I got surprisingly upset about it when a co-worker brought this show to my attention and told me what it was. I was nervous about IMMORTAL until I know that there wasn't someone acting out Michael and it was his voice with a live band backing it. I'm kinda torn though - it might be cool or it might be terrible. Thoughts? Lonnie I think it was you who saw impersonators somewhere didn't you?

This is way too long! This is what happens when I can't post for months Smiling

Love ya ladies! Good to be back.

Hey, there, ladies. Glad to see you're able to post again. Hope that continues.

Lonnie, I'm so sorry to hear about the pneumonia! But girl, you are always GO GO GO, and it maybe finally caught up with you. Your body is telling you that you need all that rest, so listen to it. You have the week off, which is awesome, and I hope they kids and James make you get all the rest you can. Pneumonia knocks you on your azz, I know that firsthand. I've had it really bad, but my Dad had it once where he was hospitalized for like a month, and on oxygen for three months. Of course, he had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer, so his system was already down, but it wiped him out. Please rest and get those fluids, and the housework and chores be damned! It will all wait. You are too precious, girl!

Speaking of prostate cancer, I have to bring my brother for his surgery Monday. Hope it goes well, and any prayers would be appreciated. His name is Jim.

I'm off to bed, since I have another double tomorrow. Hope everyone's well.

Hugs and love.

YAY!!! ((((((TAMS))))) it worked for you too! WAHOOOO! Smiling I did the same, reported being blocked to Mollom day after day, week after week, month after month to no avail so I got to thinking (and reading around), seems quite a few are blocked while REAL spam threads just keep reproducing.

Yeah I made a test thread Lonnie, it's around here somewhere. LOL. OMG Lonnie, please hon, stay in bed, pneumonia is nothing to take lightly (I know you already know this but Imma preach anyway)! Seems to happen more often as we get older. Not saying you're OLD, but nobody I know has ever grown younger. Smiling Sleep and more sleep, doctor Venay's orders. Smiling Time for your family to take care of you for a bit. Keep being a "good girl", drink your fluids and hope you get better soon!

Suz, we all feel like this is our Michael home and although I'm so grateful for other places such as FB to stay in touch, nothing will ever really replace this site, it's just too fundamental and I find myself seriously annoyed with the overload of intrusive advertising on FB. Gets my goat actually. Ebola is horrifying and has everyone freaked, myself included. I keep jumping on and off conspiracy trains wondering what is going on with the left hand while all focus is on the terrifying right hand you know? Hoping and praying a vaccine becomes available and that all my Goldies are kept safe.


OMG!!!! Thank you so much Venay! I never would have thought of this! I'm BAAAAACCCCKKKK! LOL Eye-wink

Okay - lets test this out! Love you ladies!

Hello sweeties,
Well there you are Venay so glad you found a way around the system. Does this mean you have another thread running around? I have not made one in forever but I found using the old computer works for me. I am still looking at the new one to see what program has messed it up. I hate automatic updates.

Suz I sure wish I could say I was better. It is Pneumonia on my left lung. No wonder I had no energy. So I spent yesterday in the hospital were they gave me lots of fluids and drugs and allowed me to come home today with more drugs. I was so dehydrated Friday they made me go straight to the hospital which made Friday a perfect day for me since I had a flat that morning going to pick up James from work. Guess I should have went sooner but it just felt like a cold with a cough and I was not running a fever. James thinks I should have stayed there, but they gave me the option and I took it. I don't want to be in there I need to be here. It helped though cause I slept all day from 9 this morning until just a few minutes ago (4 pm) and I slept all night there before leaving. I honestly think I can go back to bed truth be told. plus side I am off work for another week to rest and recover. Which is good since I have another x ray Monday morning to check that lung out. I do feel much better right now though and I am being a good girl and forcing myself to drink more water.

Well I am thinking I am going to lay on the couch and watch a movie now. I will see you all tomorrow sometime. I love ya!


Apparently if you make a thread, then you can post replies!!

Awww........leaving ((((((((((((((((((((((((GINORMOUS HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))) to all my lovelies here!

Have a two mile long list to get done but will BBL!


OK, testing, testing, seeing if I can post now that I made a thread. *crossing fingers*

Hey, there! Lonnie, I'm so sorry that you're still sick. I know what you mean about everyone bugging over ebola, as they're doing that here, too. Although there has been at least one case confirmed in one of the Boston hospitals. Not that that's down the street, but it is in my state.

I wasn't trying to upset you ladies. I just wanted you to know that you don't have to worry or feel obligated to post here. I know the site is difficult for you to get on, but for some reason I don't have any problems. I just trigger the captcha thing, which is kind of annoying, but really no big deal. I will continue to post here because I feel like this is my Michael home. I understand that things get busy and this site is a PITA! LOL

Birthdays, we had goldfish once. What a stinky dirty mess they were. Did you know a goldfish pees every three seconds? Or something along those lines. I always hated fish anyway, but they sent me over the edge! How are the hives? Hope they're better.

Hope everyone else is well. I'm off to watch tv then hit the sack. I'll be back tomorrow.

Hugs and love.

Evening goldies Suz I still think of this place as the home where I found my sister's I like Lonnie check in everyday if someone has posted. Lonnie hope you feel better soon know how a persistant cough can be. Maybe you should get a mask like Michael in your favourite colour saying not contagious being careful not to catch your germs lol. Simon had friends over last weekend and they brought him a friend called dave who is a goldfish lol it has a tank with all the accessories just hope he remembers to feed and clean out his tank. Lord knows how you can tell the sex of a fish just hope you have it right lol It is raining here again 4th day in a row looks like any sunshine is gone now. My wild birds are eating me out of house and home have a lot of big birds come crows magpies wood pigeons and grey doves don't know where the smaller birds are this year.
Take care sister's Love and Hugsx

Okay so what ever problem I am having posting here is connected to my new computer/tablet. The old computer triggers the spam filter but entering the password allows me to post. Now what in the world do I do to fix that? Any ideas? I like using the newer one cause I can assess it when I am bored at school.

Let's see I came in yesterday but it told me I was blocked but did not even give me the spam filter password option. I thought maybe there was some maintenance going on since when I logged out to re-log in the the site was unavailable. The old computer was my only hope and it worked so awesome.

Suz I love coming here it is my home. No I am not as present as I used to be, I do check it everyday but I comment when I see you have. I did not Sunday because of my illness that is still hanging on. Got a doctor's appointment Friday for that. I have been a walking zombie here lately. A few hours of sleep each night due to the sore throat and cough.

I am off the rest of the week due to Fall break. The other teachers are doing parent conferences. I do not have to this time but I will help out the next one. This one I learned how to get all the info ready for them, next time I get to sit in and then I will help give them after that. I didn't care though since I feel so bad. I would rather meet the parents when I do not scare them with the coughing (I am not contagious I swear lol). Everyone is freaking out about that eboli thing and it is not even in our state. You should have seen the looks I got at Wal~Mart this morning buying cough medicine. Sure I cough from time to time but I cover my mouth and I am not running a fever.......stop staring at me lol.

Anyway I love you all. Hope this woks again cause I do not want to have to remember all I said just now one more time lol. See ya laters.

test on the old dinosaur

Hi, ladies. I hope everyone's well. You don't have to post here, Birthdays or Lonnie. I know the site is difficult, and I don't want anyone to feel obligated.

Have a great day. Hugs and love.

Just seeing if I can post

Hi Suz just checking for Lonnie as she can't get in here.

Hi, there, ladies. Hope you're all doing well.

Birthdays, I'm just trying to work out in a slow and steady get fit way. Not trying to go crazy, just feel better going, you know? There are lots that go to the gym and take things way too serious, but I'm not one of them! LOL I want to be more fit, that's for sure, but I just want to feel better in my skin. I'm not saying "I will lose ... pounds!" or anything like that. Just going to feel better and work my muscles, so hopefully they don't hurt as much. It helps because I'm on my feel a lot at work, and my disease does a number on my joints, so the workouts help, too. Sucks getting old, doesn't it? LOL Thanks for the gold delivery, btw. Always gorgeous, but especially in gold! Sticking out tongue

Lonnie, I you're feeling better.

I'm off to relax after my double today, and another one tomorrow! Hope everyone's well.

Hugs and love.

Evening goldies Lonnie poor Dalton Simon only had to keep his for a few months although he had to have teeth removed before it was put in and used to catch the inside of his lip on it. Suz sounds like you are going to be busy. What are you doing at the gym feel tired just imagining it. Some of the hives have gone down the arm it started on is still itchy especially when I get warm. The thing I have is homeopathic have to spray under the tongue but it is helping thank goodness. Did'nt want to go for pills take enough of them. It's been raining here but not like where you live Lonnie. Thought I would decorate the golden house with Mike lol

Gotta love those jeans lol Take care sister's Love and Hugs

Hey, ladies. I've been busy with my Council on Aging stuff this week. Our director is leaving, and we've had interviews for her job, and now we're sorting through the 44 applicants we received for the Assistant Director's job, since we hired her as the new Director! We closed applications on Wednesday, and we're still getting them! My friend the Director is moving to Florida. Sad I'm happy for her, but I sure am going to miss her.

Lonnie, I hope Dalton feels better soon. My son had a lot of problems, but eventually they worked out. Good luck with the meds. Hope your cold is better soon, too. Lots of that going around here, but not for me YET! Hope it stays that way.

Birthdays, I hope the meds work soon for the hives. I hate being itchy! You can go insane scratching, or at least I can. Hope you feel better soon.

I'm off to the gym. I'll be back tomorrow. Hope everyone's well.

Hugs and love.