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Hi Girls,
I know I have been MIA just felt like being a bit lazy. I have been just relaxing and reading some books lately. However, today I have to get back to homework and that makes me feel sad. I quite enjoyed the reading time. The weather here has been so humid and hot. Had some rain show up yesterday afternoon with some really strong winds. Since I had to go pick Wyatt up at work at 3 I left my window down on the car and it so a little wet inside lol. Lucky for my the winds were blowing from the side I did have up. It gets so hot in that car I can't even stand to touch the steering wheel if I don't allow some air in there. Oh well not like it didn't dry fast.

They say school is going back on the 14th of August, it seems like it happens earlier every year. I got ahead of that this year gathering school supplies every week. So we are ready physically but mentally these kids are not ready to end that summer vacation. I do not blame them.

I still have not come up with my new FB name. I am making sure the old one is completely gone. Can you all still see the old one on FB? I think I will start a new one around the 1st if I can figure the name out. I think the old one is supposed to be gone on the 29th.

I love you all and I will pop back in tomorrow. Off to work on some homework now even though I still want to read some more. Cyaira got me hooked on this True Blood series since we watch the show on Sundays.....I am now comfortably ahead of her on the 9th one lol.

Hello, ladies. Hope everyone's doing well. I have had a busy couple of days, and it's been really hot here, too. I think the rain last night broke the humidity, at least for a bit. I went on a bike ride on my new (old) bike. I did pretty good for an old girl! LOL Probably go for another short ride today. I don't want to overdo it, since I'm still getting used to it, not to mention that I have to work tonight. My legs will be screaming at me if I do too much!

I hope Simon likes his new place, Birthdays. It has been a little bit, hasn't it? Have you been there in person to see it? Hope things go well for him now.

I'm off to do some chores, then go on another bike ride. I will get back into better shape soon, I swear!

I hope you are all doing well. Hugs and love.

Evening goldies have been trying to juggle mowing the lawns and painting my free room finally got the lawns mowed and am shattered but need to get the painting done so I can get the wallpaper up then it's cleaning the carpet. I really hope Simon likes living where he is as can remember how good it looked before he moved in and how it looked when he moved out. Have to go get my eyes tested tomorrow I hate getting old I only have to wear glasses to read and watch tv and drive but the last one does'nt happen very often lol We have had thunderstorms and heavy rain but the sun is out again and getting hot so watering the plants is back on my list again. Been thinking of Vandy as it would have been her birthday today guess she's smacking those gold pants so Michael better watch out lol Hope everyone is ok miss having all the sister's together but I hope one day we might all meet up and everyone better watch out as the goldie sister's are going on the town.
Take care Love and Hugs

HI, ladies. Sorry for my absence, but it's been a long family-filled weekend. Had a birthday party for my great nephew on Saturday, plus all the getting together and cooking for my sister's party on Sunday. It was a great success, too, and she was totally surprised, too. Lots of fun and I'm so happy it's over, too! LOL

Lonnie, good luck with the homework. It's never ending, this "get it all done" stuff, is i t? I would love to have a day to just "be" and not have anything on my list, but .... then the next day would be worse, right? Sigh.

When you create your incognito you, let us know what the name is, okay? I'll add you on there and we can talk.

Hope everyone's doing well. I"m off to bed, cuz I'm tired. Have a great one.

Hugs and love.

Hi girls,
Trying to get my homework done for the week here. Hey Zackery wish I could have seen those gold pants in jealous you did.

Birthdays I will say a prayer for you all. I will be back with a new name after a little break. Just need to focus on my family and school work for a bit. Might need a suggestion for that name however. I do not want even my family to know it is me. What do you think who shall I be this time?

Suz I bet the party is going to be a blast have fun. I am passed the whole get me anything as well. I am just happy they remember around here. I have been edging out the sidewalk. Lord this has not been done in a long time, but it keeps me busy and what I have done looks good. I lost have my flower bed to Nova and Michael they found digging it up a blast. I could have killed them but I guess plants are doomed around me those poor things.

I love you all see you sometime tomorrow.

Morning, ladies. I've been busy planning and preparing for a surprise 50th birthday party for my sister Kathy. It's this Sunday, so we're in the home stretch. Hope it stays a surprise. She's gonna be pissed, because she didn't want anything, but ...she'll enjoy it. I hope, LOL!

Birthdays, no need to apologize, I was merely mentioning that it's usually just Lonnie and I on here these days. I understand busy, believe me. If you create an "alter ego" like I did, let u s know Lonnie. It was a good choice for me, but I'll be honest, I don't go on there under that name much, for mostly the same reasons you listed. Too much junk, non stop game requests, no one posts much of anything anyway, so .... it's just another time suck in my day that is frustrating. If people posted more, maybe I wouldn't mind, but I can get ads and commercials anytime I want, I don't need to add more.

Birthdays, I'll keep your uncle in my prayers. I'm off to get the stuff for the party. Have a great one.

Hugs and love.

I'm the gay dude on board. All I can say is that I saw Michael live in Auckland, New Zealand in 1996. He looked very hot in his gold pants ladies!

Evening goldies Lonnie please make an fb page that just us knows about understand why you deleted. Heard tonight my uncle who has cancer is in the hospital they think this time for good as it has spread to his kidney's and other organs. He has been in so much pain lately wish we could have gone to see him at home but my aunt and those 2 dogs who are not under control would'nt have done mum any good. In some ways when the end comes it will be a relief that he is out of pain now but will miss him as we both had a love of crime books and he would often give me the books he had read as my aunt told him they were cluttering up the place. As you might remember I don't get on with her she is so far away from being like mum thank goodness. Please say a prayer for him that he go'es peacefully and without pain.
Hope everyone is ok LOVE you all x

Whew I just got done mowing and weed eating. It was a cool 67 degrees just perfect weather to get it done before the rain moves in today. Now I have to wash Michael and the kitten. I have no idea what they got into together, but at least they look like they had fun doing it.

I love you all.

Hey girls,
Yes Suz I do want to try them Michael loves peanut butter I can see these being a big hit with him. Please share the info on the amounts to use in a recipe or point me to the site.

Birthdays I have already deleted my FB account it goes into effect at the end of the month. It is nothing against any of my golden sisters I love you all so much. I might create a small account for just you all like Suz talked about. I keep blocking people and posts but it is just impossible to read. If I decide to do the small one only my golden sister will have that account. Maybe I can keep up with one like that. Right now call this my FB break.

I love you all got to get James up for work.

Evening goldies and I know I know I should get here more and I will try honest. Please don't delete your accounts Mike's Babes do'esnt want to lose you ok. Suz can imagine how scary it must have been with your doggy and you feel so helpless. Lonnie I hear you sister Simon used to text from upstairs sometimes the only way I could get through as I ran out of breath from shouting. He seems to have settled in ok probably the only time I get a text now is when he want's something lol Teddy is back to his loud self thank goodness vet bills even for something as little as he is a large. Mum is still about the same I am trying to juggle garden jobs with decorating. Have stripped the walls in my now vacant room paper and paint next then on to mum's room have to do that in stages as there is a lot of heavy furniture to move and the lawns need cutting but I'm not telling you ladies anything you don't know right.
You gotta love those tight jeans yum
Take care sister's Love you (((((((((( HUGS )))))))))

Hey, Lonnie. I here you on facebook. You know I have two accounts, and the one I share with you guys, I have the same problem. I go on there, nothing but junk, game requests, and blah blah blah! So I hardly even go on there anymore. It's too much, here, there, everywhere, only to find no one's posted anything anyway. Or, if they did, I'm too tired once I get there to do anything more than like. So I guess it's you and me, right? Well, that's okay. We'll leave a light on in case someone wants to visit. As for your family....LOL Tell them if they do that again, you'll go on "Mom Strike" with all the things you do! See if that won't get them talking instead of facebook messaging! Laughing out loud

The treats are pretty easy to make, and you can freeze them so you don't have to use all at once. Whole wheat flour, old fashioned oats (I grind them somewhat in my mini chopper), chicken stock or broth (no sodium), baking powder and peanut butter, plus some grated parmesan on the top. Cut into whatever size pieces you want, bake, store. Dogs love them, they freeze well, and they are so much better for them than the crap ones. If you try it, let me know and I'll send you particular amounts, etc.

Doggie is doing better today, so let's hope we're out of the woods for now. I'm doing a home visit tomorrow morning for a family that wants to foster a rescue. It should be fun. I'm off now to do some chores. Hope everyone's doing well. Have a great one.

Hugs and love.

Hi Suz,
Yup you and me babe. If you wrote it I totally missed that poor baby puppy. That would scare me to death. I have never tried to make my own dog treats. What do you put in one? Are they easy to make? My dogs love treats so I spend a lot of money on them, if I can make them cheaper I would, cause they are so worth it.

So I logged into FB this morning and all I see are those stupid ads, I had to scan down forever to get to real posts, then most of what I see is share stuff from people I used to know and I do not care to read anything from them. They are not on my friends list but still there they are. So I decided to delete FB, I am sick of it. I am hardly on there and it has gotten to the point my own children ask me questions on there instead of just walking in the living room to talk to me in person. My golden sisters know I come here so I can always talk to you all here. My family can walk to the living room or call me on the phone. I just get sick of searching everything out.
Anyway that is my rant for the day, I love you all. See ya later.

Hi, ladies. Or, Hi, Lonnie. Seems like it's back to you and me again. Sad I know this is a busy time of year for everyone.

Lonnie, I thought I posted about Gunner's episode last week. He was on his way to go outside when he started to get sick. He got sick twice, then stiffened up and fell over sideways twitching. I thought it was a seizure, but turns out it was a vagus episode, which is a nerve/vein that goes down to the digestive tract. It was compressed by his vomiting, so he passed out. Very scary!, and I hope he never has another one. But at least now I know what I'm seeing if it does.

Good luck with the new kitten. I've never been a cat person, but they are cute. I just made some doggie treats, along with a doggie treat "cake" for a friend at work. Her friend's dog is 2 today, so she wanted to surprise him with it. I think it will be a big hit.

It's been so nice the past few days, but we're back to crazy hot humidity again! Tonight should suck royally in the hot kitchen. I hope everyone else is doing well. Off to do some laundry.

Hugs and love.

Hi Ladies,
Suz I hope Gunner is doing okay now. What do you mean episode? Did I miss something. I need to go back and look. I took James to work last night and the rain was pouring so bad I could not even see the lines on the road. It was so scary. It has been so hot here lately I was happy to see some rain but it happened on the day before I was going to mow. Figures right?

Cyaira got a new kitten on her birthday and that thing has become a spoiled little brat around this house. Now she leaves her bedroom door open so he can get out because he wakes her up out of boredom lol.
I took our evil cat to the vet a few weeks ago since she was losing hair. Turns out she was allergic to the flea bites. He gave her a pill for fleas instead of that stuff you put along their back and of course an allergy shot. Her hair is growing back now and she has taken to me. She is my shadow now, follows me all over the house. She hates the kitten but then she hates everyone lol. Oh the things we do for our pets.

Okay going to go and post this. I hope it takes I am using the laptop instead of the tablet. I think that might be the problem. I love you all.

Hello, ladies. Hope everyone's well.

Lonnie, we've had some crazy weather around here, too. There was a freak storm on either Monday or Tuesday, and it dumped a ton of rain in the Boston area, but we were spared, Thank God! No, I was going to take in a second dog, but I'm gonna wait until I know Gunner is doing okay. He's feeling better, but I'm watching to make sure he doesn't have another episode.

I'm off to relax for an hour before work. Have a great one, ladies.

Hugs and love.

Hi Girls,
Hope you are all safe this morning, there were some horrible storms roaming around last night.

Suz I have not seen the commercial but it figures they would. Not sure why that song for a jeep. In the RTT book they talked about Michael saying he did not want those gambling machines in casinos and after his death they did it anyway. I am sure there was a fair amount of money for them both. Did your first foster doggy not work out or did it get adopted already?

I love you all going to go do some dishes and then clean the bathroom.

Ok, so I guess it should have been expected, right? The Estate has allowed "Love Never Felt So Good" to be used in a Jeep commercial. Not a cover, but Michael singing, too. I don't think he'd want his song used to sell Jeeps, no matter how much money they paid him, right? What do you all think? I think it sucks!

Hey, ladies.

Lonnie, I've been getting the word verification, but it's letting me post. I'm sorry you're having such trouble. Yes, I feel like this is such a crazy time. Hope I can relax some time soon, LOL. This week is crazy, too. Today I'm moving an AC for my in-laws, plus piles of laundry. Tomorrow is dentist for a filling, then work (with more piles of laundry, probably!) Wednesday, I'm bringing my brother for surgery, which will be an all day affair. Thursday, I;m going to watch my niece in a dance competition, then work. Friday, I'm going to meet another dog to possibly foster, then work! Bring on Saturday! LOL

Tammy, hope things are slowing down for you soon. I know the joys (and aches and pains!) of home renovations quite well!

Birthdays, hope the move went well, and you're not too sad.

I hope everyone's doing well. Off to get to it!

Hugs and love.

Hey Girls,
Going to try this real quick.

Birthdays I hope you are feeling a bit better about your baby leaving the nest.

Suz sounds like you are super busy as well.

I love you all going to try to post and test it. I will check back later.

OMG this site hates me. I tried to post and it wiped it out. I forgot to copy. I am so pissed right now. I hurried and typed just to post something and it still got me.

I love you girls I am watching and reading but there is something going on here on my end I guess. The site says I am triggering the spam filter and it keeps blocking me. WTF.


Hi, ladies. Hope you had a great 4th for those who celebrate. We got rained out on the 4th, but I got to go to the family cookout today, and it was fun. Weather was windy but nice and sunny, so it was pretty fun.

Birthdays, I'm sure it's a happy/sad kind of day for you. I mean, I know you wanted him to stand on his own, but when they leave, it's pretty sad, isn't it? Good luck with that.

I'm working a double tomorrow, so I'll be back on here tomorrow night or Monday. Hope you are all doing well.

Hugs and love.

Evening goldies Happy Indepenence day hope everyone is well. My baby leaves tomorrow know I said I wanted the room back but now all his things of which there are many are packed up the room looks so bear. Am going to miss him loads but hope that he settles in his brand new place. Sunday the work starts on going through the stuff he no longer wants to give to the charity shop and am scrapping the walls and putting up new paper which when he stays at christmas he will probably have a moan about lol.
Stay safe sister's Love and Hugs x

Hi, everyone. Happy 4th of July. Be safe.

Hugs and love.

Hi, ladies. How's everyone doing? We're experiencing some hot weather here, but they say the tropical storm should take care of that. Hope so.

I am off to put laundry in the dryer and watch some tv. Hope everyone is dong well.

Hugs and love.

Hey Girls,
I hope everyone is doing well. Not much to report that is going on here. Just getting geared up for the 4th of July. Looks like everyone but Liz is going to be home so go to cook out. I love you all.

It's called "Hollywood Tonight" from the first posthumous album simply called "Michael".

Just got a question. The song "She's Going Hollywood". Is this song off of an album/disc? If so, what is the title.

Evening goldies hope everyone is ok Lonnie hope cyaira's

birthday went well sweet sixteen. Suz have'nt seen any of those quizzes usually stay clear as I start to growl if it's negative about MJ lol Well my one and only offspring is moving out on saturday as long as the guy whose van he hires sorry about the gap don't know what happened. Have seen pics of the place looks nice it's in a village but a larger one than the word conjours up. His boss has brought it and is letting Simon rent it so I hope he pays the rent on time. Am going to leave some pics of it on fb and Suz I could'nt get on with the downstairs up and the upstairs down.
Take care Love you all xxx