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Hey, Lonnie, I'm so glad you're feeling better, or getting there, anyway. It sounds like you've got a whole lot more going on than me, but I'm glad the medicine is working for you. If you don't feel like cooking, order it. If you have a place available, maybe get some stuff and do a few things. It's a lot of work, that's for sure. I just came back from three supermarkets, which I hate going to on a Saturday, and I had already done a bit of shopping. I'm not even cooking the dinner, either! Yikes, but it's a lot. Take it easy on yourself, though. Make the family peel, chop, simmer, stir...while you sit in the chair directing! LOL That would last about 5 minutes around here though. But I hope you do try to take it easy.

I'm off to get my chores done so I can shower and relax. I hope everyone's well.

Hugs and love.

Hey Suz, I think these new meds are doing the trick things are losing up finally. I got a great nights sleep last night and I am looking forward to tonight's as well. I love Thanksgiving as well but I am waiting till Monday to make the call if I will cook it or have it prepared. Right now I cannot stand to fold laundry without having a hard time catching my breath. It's really scary at times and I feel worried for myself. I do not remember when I quit smoking I did not want to count for fear of backsliding. Two years seems too long (has the time went by so quickly with out them?) Now I got to look back and figure that out (a mission I accept) lol.
It is funny I have never had the pleasure of the snow blower. Heck I did not start buying shovels until 5 years ago. I think that was the year we got a larger amount. Even those go to waste around here. I wind up forgetting it outside and someone walks by and steals it. Which means I have to buy another one cause what if "this snow" will be the one I get to shovel. At least you all know when your getting snow your getting some snow, here it is unpredictable.

Lord poor Michael is in need of a hair cut right now so bad, It has been over two months, since this sickness for me began in October. He has not been since September, looking pretty scruffy. Sounds like Gunner is in doggy heaven with you. I glad it is working out (yes?no???). I better go and watch Z Nation Liz is waiting on me. Love YA.

Hey, there!

Lonnie, I'm sorry you're still sick, too. This is a keeper, this cold! Of course, I get the same response: well, you used to smoke, so...! I quit almost 8 years ago! Speaking of, how long has it been for you? At least two years, right? The second hand smoke probably doesn't help, but I think this is a really resilient cold strain we've got, no matter what else is going on. Although my son's lasted only a few days and wasn't as bad as mine. Every time I think I feel better for about half a day, I fill right back up again! I just hope it goes away by Thanksgiving, because I hate being sick on my favorite holiday. I hope you're feeling better soon, too. I think it's funny you've never seen a snow blower. My husband loves his, and would love to get a new one, because of course the new models are so much better~! But that's an "after Christmas" decision there!

I hope everyone is doing okay. I'm off to take Gunner for his spa treatment: mani and pedi and spa bath with towel dry. This dog gets things better than I do! LOL If I don't get back, have a great day. Hope everyone's safe, too.

Hugs and love.

Okay so I still have some fluid on that lung that is being very stubborn and not clearing out. Of course the doctors blame it on my passed smoking history and still being exposed to the second hand smoke from James and Liz. So today I got another Z-pak, steroids, and an asthma inhaler. The inhaler has been my best friend all day since any little activity had me struggling for air. Two puffs and I am good to go. I can honestly say tonight I feel really good. Suz I sure hope you are feeling better at our age these colds can turn bad so quickly when we try to fight them off at home.

Tammy I have never seen but news footage of a snow blower but it looked like it was a life saver for large amounts of snow. I thought men loved to buy machines to play with. I was surprised he has waited so long. James would have got one the first large snow if he had to do that lol.

Birthdays we get rain as well, I am expecting that tomorrow evening. Here we like it to warm up before the rain hits or it all turns to ice. This time it is going to warm up to 63 degrees so no ice. I am thankful for that. Your Teddy stories always make me think of my grandmother. Her "Pretty Boy" would fly around the room like that from head to head. However after his fight ended with him in my grandfathers eggs he had to be watched closer and his wings clipped. So he would sit in his cage hitting a silver balls with his beak saying "jew jew jew jew". I think that was his way of cursing at my grandfather lol. Oh they are delightful, I could never have one due to the children's love of these cats (they are hunters).

I love you all got to go in tomorrow for half a day. I am so glad they have been so nice about my illness. I do understand it was better that I get over this than spread it around the school, but I sure have messed those kids.

So Sorry I aided Cyaira through her cold over the weekend and it came back to me (I just got over being sick). This one is so much worse when right into the lungs. So back to the doctor's tomorrow. James said it could not have been completely run out to come back so quickly. Either that or I am faking the whole thing just to get out of sex with him..........(like I need an excuse to say F.O.) This one got Liz as well this time and we are both running a fever, but Cyaira is back up and running around no problem. So hurray back for more medication.

I love you all just checking in I will read you all in the afternoon.

Hi, ladies. Just a quick hello, then back to my couch to try to sleep this cold off. It won't go away!

Birthdays, I'm glad someone is getting some purging and cleaning done, cuz it sure ain't me! LOL Hope Mum is doing well.

Off to nap again. Hope everyone's well.

Hugs and love.

Evening goldies hope everyone is well. Seems some of you ladies are having the white stuff was complaining about the rain here but think I will keep that and let you keep the white stuff but stay safe sister's. Been busy painting the living room and will start my big clean at the begining of next month so looking forward to that not. Went and started my christmas shopping today it was awful as my shopping centre has decided to do major changes and it is chaos half of what they have done is'nt working and they are working round the clock which is really going down well for the people who live above it. Mum is worn out but she can stay homewhen I brave it next time. Suz glad your hubby took you out for dinner well deserved. Lonnie the guy with the mattress what an idiot can't trust a man to tie things down lol glad you were ok. Suz get well soon girl. Tammy all men like their toys lol you could well do without the white stuff I know. Simon has been doing a lot of overtime and am hoping when he gets his wages it won't burn a hole in his pocket and spends without budgeting his rent etc. Teddy is getting more affectionate want's to land on my hand but so far always veers off but he gives beak kisses now like my other bird. He still has his crazy flights and you watch out when he dive bombs lol
Thought I'd leave a little decoration in here.
Enjoy sister's LOVE and HUGS.

Hi, ladies.

Tammy, so glad to know you're okay. It looks like you're in for a nasty winter, but at least Rob will be prepared, right? My husband loves his snow blower! He has one of those one piece suits like construction or mechanics wear from back when he used to service gas pumps, so he wears that with his long johns, a tuk for his face and a pull over jacket and wool socks. He's all set out there. Hope you don't get hit too bad, though.

Lonnie, I hear you on the "chaos" factor when people think they're gonna be trapped in. Around here, just the threat of snow seems to send everyone to the market to buy up all the milk and bread. Why, though? I've never understood what those two items could do that a box of crackers, some bottled water, canned fruit, etc. couldn't.

I'm battling a horrid cold, but I think I'm winning. This morning I might have had another opinion, LOL. I'll be back tomorrow. I hope everyone else is well.

Hugs and love.

Hi Ladies - well winter is here and it looks like it's here to stat for the long haul. Rob's been talking about buying a snow blower for about 10 yrs now but after last winter and the terrible winter they are predicting this year he finally did it. It will be delivered on the 20th. I'm sure he will be sick of shoveling by then. I made a huge batch of goulash and an awesome cat house out of boxes and duct tape for my cats who are driving me crazy in the house all day since they aren't too excited about the snow. Building the cat house was a fun creative outlet and they seem to really like it. The are both passed out inside it right now.

Suz eating out is quite a treat isn't it? We get take-out once a week and that's my favorite night. We have Kyle and MJ over night Friday and they wanted Chinese. Kyle loves Sesame Chicken and MJ loves plain white rice. She ate a huge bowl. I watched Frozen with Morgan and Rob watched X-MEN with Kyle. He's determined to turn him into a comic book geek. Between me turning them into MJ fans and Rob with the comic book stuff I'm amazed my sister still lets us hang out with them.((((HUGS))))) to you and your family on the sad anniversary of your nephew passing.

Lonnie I remember he ex being a loser but I didn't realize how much of a loser! Thank goodness she isn't with him any more. I hope she finds a nice stable guy but you have to have that chemistry too! The mattress story almost made me choke on my grapes, LOL! Now that's something that doesn't happen every day thank goodness. What an idiot for not tying it down. Glad you don't have to drive James all the time anymore!

Off to eat dinner. Have a great Monday Smiling Love ya...

Hi Girls,
Poor Tammy are you done with WINTER yet? Bless your heart. How buried are you?

I figured I better get in here and post. We are expecting 1.9 inches today. I know not a big amount but remember I am in Oklahoma and that might as well be 12 foot. Before long my internet will be down due to the weight on a line. I got up early gassed up the car, bought some groceries. I just unloaded the last of the bags when the snow began. Sounds like it has some ice mixed in as well. Great timing on my part though.

So everyone stay warm and safe and I love you all.

Happy WINTER ladies Smiling I'll be back soon. Love ya!!

Hi there,
Suz I agree we could be "those" kind of parents lol. Did you just get some good snow? I thought I heard it was in your area as well.

Well we hear some sad news this week. Liz's high school friend died in a car wreak. She was Patches to them all. She was the mother of two (3 years and 18 months) with another on the way. Luckily both kids were fine and survived the accident, It is so tragic. I just hate hearing these types of stories. Prayers for this sweet young lady's family.

I love you all

Hey, there! Sorry I've been MIA, but it's been a bit crazy around here! Well, more crazy than normal! LOL

Lonnie, I'm so glad she's done with that DOG! He sure sounds like a total loser! I wish my Andre' would get out more and find someone. Too bad you didn't live closer, or we could hook them up! Laughing out loud

I hope everyone is well and safe from these storms. We're having our boiler serviced today to get ready for the winter. It went down to the low 20s last night. My drive home from work was chilly! I'm off to the market. Take care.

Hugs and love.

BTW when I tried to post that this page told me I was blocked. So I went and said hi in the Rita's thread and came back and pasted my post and it popped up the verification thing. So if you have trouble posting try that first. Maybe we are supposed to be more active in other threads as well lol.

I forgot to mention that ex of Liz's. Let's see a few months after they broke up the girl he left her for was pregnant. Then he "claimed" it was not his left her for another girl and had another kid. His first baby momma is getting that DNA testing done through the courts and if he is that father she will be nailing him with child support. He is claiming the new one and they are still together for now. He is a dog. I am just glad Liz was not left pregnant (even though there was a time we thought she was). All he gave Liz was an STD which she had to be medicated for to clear up.
Her date went well although she said this guy was not someone she was attracted to. I am not sure what that means since she has only been with her ex and a BF she had in high school. I asked her to keep an open mind. He took her out to a nice restaurant with an expensive menu, seems he has a good job. I have no idea what she is looking for but she needs to find someone to hang out with instead of playing World of Warcraft all the time lol.

Gosh I did not think about Tammy being in that area, I hope she is coping well. B had said on FB that it took her 2 hours to get home the other night when it moved into Colorado. Going to say a prayer that all is well and that this weather stays tolerable to us all this winter.

Okay time to wake James up. I love you all.

Hey, there. Yeah, we're getting some colder weather coming, too. I guess it could be worse, we could be getting all that snow that's happening in some places. I wonder if Tammy is getting hit now. Hope things are okay.

Glad you don't have to drive so much anymore, lonnie. I know how that feels. I've hit a deer, and it's not fun. My husband has, too. Of course in my car! Liz' ex had a baby with a new girl? He's a dog, huh? I hope she's not wanting him back, and she's just going to rub his nose in it? But you're right, they don't listen, do they?

I'm off to do some more organizing in my craft/workshop space. It's a MESS! LOL

Hope everyone's well. Hugs and love.

Well I am ready for the temperature drop later tonight, I don't want it but nothing I can do about that. The wind was so strong today it blew all the leaves out of my yard (thank you mother nature). I see the bright side in all of it lol.

Yes Suz I am so happy I no longer have to take him. There will be some nights their overtime day will not be the same, but this week 2 of the 3 are so I am only driving one day and he will have a ride home. Which is a relief because I almost got me a deer Saturday night.

Well I got to go and pick Wyatt up from work then it is wait until Cyaira is done with musical practice. Liz is out on a hot date, they went to the casino her ex boyfriend is working at tonight (not a smart idea but she never listens anyway). I guess she is getting back at him for having a baby with his new GF. Oh so crazy it all is. I love you all.

Hey, there! Yeah, anytime I don't have to cook, I'm all for it! I've been trying to do the same thing, Lonnie, clean out! So much stuff, I have no idea where it all came from. I'm glad to hear James will be getting a ride. That will be a load off your shoulders, huh? No more worries about flying mattresses! LOL

I'm in cleaning mode, so I better get back to it. Hope you're all well.

Hugs and love.

Hey Suz woo hoo dinner out with the hubby. That sounds nice and I love that restaurant such good food. James took me and the younger kids out a few weeks ago but we had not been out in forever before that. He forgets how nice it is not to have to cook sometimes. What type of furniture were you shopping for? I want some new stuff but I am not to my "time limit" yet. They just do not build it like they used to. Between pets and kids rough housing it is looking pretty rough. James says I still have to wait another two years till it is at least 5 years old.

Well I have cleaned out the garage got rid of some old bulky things through craigslist and took out all the window AC's and stored them. Now I am ready for the cold weather to hit come Tuesday. James found a new buddy to ride with that lives here in town so things are going pretty good. I love you all off to vacuum.

Hey, there. Lonnie, I'm glad you were okay! That dude deserved to lose his mattress if he didn't bother to tie it down! Good think it didn't flip up over your windshield! I'm glad you and the tow driver got some laughs.

Hubby and I actually went out to dinner tonight! We went out furniture shopping after I went to do the supermarket shopping, and I told him I wasn't gonna cook anything if we went out, so we went to dinner at Chili's. Which was cool, since I love it when I don't have to cook.

I'm off to watch some tv before bed. I have a double tomorrow starting with breakfast, so I am heading to bed early. I'll be back tomorrow night or Monday. Hope everyone's well.

Hugs and love.

Hello Ladies,
Made it to the week end woo hoo.

Wow Suz I cannot believe 2 years has already passed for your family on that tragic event. I will add you all to my prayers tonight. Time is supposed to make it easier but anniversaries just remind us how much we missed those who have passed. I feel your pain.

Not to change the subject but perhaps lighten the mood and maybe make you smile. I ran over a queen sized mattress in the mustang last night taking James to work. Since it sits so low to the ground something on my front end caught it and it just rolled right up under the car until I was high centered on it. It was so dark I slammed on the brakes but it was too late to stop. Have you ever had to call road side assistance for something like that before lol? Lord they thought it was so funny. "Ma'am are you alright" _yes I am_ "When we get it out you want to mount it" _no thank you_lol. The guy who owned the offending mattress screamed at me "you couldn't see that in the road, did you have to hit it"? Lord I got so mad and yelled back Sure I saw it that is when I hit the gas peddle so I could ram it faster. Needless to say by the time we got the car up high enough to get the mattress out I could fit it in my small trunk lol it was mangled so bad. The guy had just bought it and was heading home. Not my fault he did not tie it down.
I did not realize how fast seatbelts activate. I did not feel it last night but this morning I woke up and my left shoulder was so sore from the impact. Other than that I am fine from the whole ordeal. This is the second thing I have hit in the road these past three week. I got a possum three weeks ago and it took out my tire, but I never expected to hit something like a mattress on a dark road at night. At least my car was fine and God bless that road side repairman (Dennis) who kept me laughing and made sure my car was fine.

Anyway I love you all. I will see you later.

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Hi, ladies. Hope everyone's well.

Today is a sad anniversary for our family. It's two years today that we lost our nephew. I can't believe it's been two years already! Actually, today is three years that my son went to boot camp, two years for my nephew, and one year since my son returned from deployment. So this day never gets forgotten.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm off to get some chores done before work.

Hugs and love.

Suz that is funny here they say "If you don't like the weather hang around it will change". I am hoping that was the last time I would have to mow, so far so good on its regrowth. I just hate rude neighbors. The ones that have the old tree filled with bees had a large limb fall into my yard right on my patio table. Broke the frame and shattered the glass top. The good part there was it was the limb that the bees live in during the summer. So I got rid of it, an extermination would have cost more than that table lol. It all comes around if your patient.

Well I love you all I must go figure something out for dinner here.

Hey, there! I am feeling better today, thanks. Our weather is doing the yo yo thing, too. It's windy today, but the temp is around 60. We had snow the other day, though. But this is New England, and our old adage is: don't like the weather? just wait a minute! LOL

Your cranky neighbor sounds like one of mine here. I say pile that snow and let him grumble! He'll have to dig through it to get to you, right? Ha ha! Serves him right for being so crabby.

I'm off to make some dinner and relax. Hope you're all well.

Hugs and love.

Oh Suz I hope you are feeling better now. We are looking at rain starting tonight and most of the day tomorrow. No snow around us yet, I am curious what mother nature will hand us this year. Today it was windy but 65 degrees so it was still nice. Our temps are a yo-yo from 70's to 30's (no wonder I got sick). I am ready to shovel snow I am throwing it all on the side of my house lol. My neighbor behind me thinks that this side of my house should be left clear for him to walk through and bring his trash can and check his mail. He threw a fit because my spider web got in his way and demanded I move it. So I let Michael dig holes over there and I am going to shovel all snow over there as well. My landlord thinks all this is funny, so let's see what she says when he complains to her lol.

I love you all.

Hey, ladies.

Lonnie, I'm glad you had fun on Halloween, but I bet you're glad it's over, huh? I would be!

I'm having an "off" day health wise, and it's very cold here. Well, not in the scheme of how cold the winter will be, but it's in the 30s and very windy, and I'm not feeling too good, so... Yeah, I better toughen up, cus the winter is long here in New England. Had a small bit of snow yesterday, but not enough to stick, as it was mixed with rain,too. They got over a foot of snow in some areas of Maine, though. Not ready for a foot of snow yet, LOL.

Hope everyone's well.

Hugs and love.

Hi Girls,
Yes Halloween was a blast here. Visitor's took pictures with my graveyard and zombies. Some little kids were scared of the zombies but some were really brave. Everyone loved the decorations, and I spent all day yesterday taking it all down and mowing up the yard. By myself might I add, Cyaira is gun ho to put it up but would not step one foot out there to take a piece down (so much with waiting for her next year). Now I just have to clean up the garage so I can get these boxes all back in there and off my porch.

I love you all.

oh. 21 and up. the damage is done so i guess i be leaving...

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