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Michael Jackson’s Kids Spent Christmas With Surrogate Family

I thought the children spent it with Janet,but not so,according to The Hollywood Reporter. All I can say is: who are these sources, and I just don't know who I can believe anymore...but of course,the Jackson children are entitled to their privacy...
"I can tell you something now that I knew a couple of weeks ago: Michael Jackson’s three kids didn’t spend the holidays with the Jackson family at their Hayvenhurst Rd home in Encino, California.

Even though Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, has custody of Prince, Paris and “Blanket,” the three kids weren’t with her on Christmas or New Year’s.

Instead, nanny Grace Rwaramba arranged to take the kids for an extended visit with family friends. This is contrary to reported stories that the three were with their aunt, Janet Jackson, in New York. That was a decoy story. It’s amazing how every blog from Perez Hilton to the most insignificant picked up that story on Christmas Eve and ran it without checking a single fact. Imagine what that means for other celeb blog “exclusives.”

“They were extremely happy and they had a great time,” says a source of the no-Jackson holiday. “It wasn’t a big deal Christmas with elaborate gifts. It was very humble.”

The reason? Katherine Jackson, a Jehovah’s Witness, doesn’t celebrate holidays. If the kids had remained with her in Encino, they would have been deprived, a source says, of their annual Christmas celebration. Katherine, they say, was wise enough to sign off on the visit, and allowed Rwaramba to make the arrangements.

And the word on the kids? “They seemed fine, well adjusted, they’re doing their school work. They don’t talk about Michael’s death but they do mention him.”"

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Well,we agree--it's like what I wrote in the introduction to the story: who are these sources and who can we believe? I just don't know who to believe anymore,there are no really reliable news sources these days.

I agree with musicbizgrl........we dont know for real, that this is true!! Smiling .......Only believe if its coming from a reliable sources.

well i dream they was with his daddy this christmas ....Smiling

Janet said in an interview, that even with Katherine, they'd still have Christmas so I don't know how much stock I put into this story...And depending on the "source", Grace is either in or out of sorts with the family so who really knows?

It seems like people just want to talk about Michael and his kids and will say anything to get people to listen.

Bottom line, however those three beautiful children spent their first holiday season without their father, I hope that it was filled with love and support and that they felt their daddy's spirit with them.

ohhhhh thanks you for that! Smiling phew! ...i thought they were adopted or had different parent or something LOL! stupid me!! = /

Surrogate means a substitute for,a person who acts in place of another person. Grace has been described as a surrogate mother to the children before;I wonder who the other people were.They must be very close family friends of Michael's and the children's,someone well-known to them
I hope Janet was one of the people present,though.
There are so many differing reports about the Jacksons that it is hard to believe any story these days.I just don't know who really is a trustworthy fount of knowledge and facts .

surrogate family?? can somebody please explain/.........Puzzled

@purplekisses I really agree with you, its like even though i don't even know them, they're still in my heart, and it really pains me to see what their going through. Its crazy

aw. that touches me somewhere. i mean even though idk those babies. they somehow holds a special place in my heart. i guess its through michael. wow that kind of stuff makes me think of my dad.

The only thing we can do is to pray for Michael's children and for their happiness. To be an orphan is a sad fate and the poor kids have suffered so much having lost their beloved daddy.

Thats interesting. I'm not gonna go a whole lot into it, but the thing is, is that since he died there have been so many stories, and i am sick of it. I just don't know what to believe anymore, unless they have reliable sources and good proof

That's really interesting. Lots of comments I'd like to make, but I've got a headache and am not in the mood for arguments, so I'll keep them to myself. Thanks for posting this. Again, very interesting.