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New MJ Shirts at Walmart!

I had to make an evening run to Walmart for a pair of moisture gloves because my mits are so cracked and dry from the winter weather. As I was coming out of the isle, I noticed a neat and tidy rack of MJ totes and 5 <strong>NEW</strong> Michael Jackson shirts. 3 in junior girls and 2 in Men, all for $9. The company name in the shirts: Bravado. I bought one tonight. I took pics so you could see them if you haven't. Be sure to check your local Walmart for them. I found them in the handbags/accessories area. I don't know where they would have them in yours.

<strong>Shirts & Totes</strong>


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I'm wondering if our WM will get the accessories too. So far all we have are the bags and shirts. But we were way after the other neighboring towns getting any of the MJ stuff so maybe if I close my eyes and click my heels together it will happen and we will get the other goodies too. I want one of those little bracelets.
Oh and for any of the Georgia ladies in here our Thomaston, GA Walmart keeps the Rolling Stone totes for 7 dollars at all times or at least they have a good amount of them now until they are sold out.

porcelain im with ya on that one..but im not lucky enough in the chest area to fit the smaller sizes lol...i think if they come in i'll be getting some and making pillows or something or i'll get the ones i love for my lil sis..she will definitly fit..for now anyways lol...

lol the enablers..i have one big one mom tells me all the time to get what i want..probably because she couldnt do that for us when we were growing up..but not too much help in the decision making lol... i cant be pretty indecisive lol...i want more mj stuff but i shouldnt spend the money

I notice the junior girls run much smaller than the women's shirts on Bravado. Luckily, a junior Medium is always the route I go. I hate super tight shirts. I like them loose, but yet still fitting.

@nelly: What IS up with the sizes? My husband told me they looked very small, and I said, well get a large. I wear a size 6. The large is TIGHT on me- if my boobs were any bigger, that would be it for me (first time EVER I thank the Lord for a smaller size- well, and when I run or ride...)

I have the black siluette one, the white with the BJ outfits, and the black TII. LOVE them!
Yeah, my husband might complain about my addiction, but he is the first one to enable it. Of course, I told him to get a male version Michael shirt so I could see MJ in bed.... Weirdly, he drew the line at enabling me there... Smiling

lol diana.. i can fit in some..but then they hit the wash and thats it...sometimes even when i hang them to dry...i like to wear them a bit bigger for comfort and just in case they shrink but it sounds like these ..the large is like a small...but i have a lil sis to pass the OMJD to..shes just beginning lol.. they'll definitly fit her shes a tiny little thing...i just hope thier not going to be short, im not the tallest but im definitly not short....the accessories as long as they come i'll be all good.... i only have a few buttons Sticking out tongue

lol Green eyed monster. I'll tell you where that monster rears it's head with me. I am a big girl. I had ballooned to 200 lbs at one time and I am down now to 172 and still losing but I am still too big for the Jr./Miss T shirts. I can remember when I was like 135 lbs and I still could not wear Jr. clothes. I have always been fuller figured even when I was not fat so I have to pass up a lot of the nicer MJ clothes, T shirts etc....and get mens or larger ladies shirts. But I do ok and I am honestly happy that so many gals can wear the smaller shirts and give the MJ items good homes.

oh here comes the green eyed monster...i my trip to 2 walmarts today wasa bust...i even checked out the accessories just in case..nope nothing...oh wait i didnt check the accessories in town...dang it...but all that one had was knock off shirts that where the brand 725..and where crap... i got a bit excited to when i thought i found them....ah im really thinking us canadians get the looked over when it comes to the good stuff ....we dont even have the TII book with all the good pics in it Sad... ahh tooo many trips to WM in my future.... i knew i should have checked out hmv just in case to maybe get my spirits up but i was rushed and couldnt Sad.... i really want the TII one too with mj and his arms are up and his head it back.. i love that one...and the accessories definitly !!

ahh come on now walmart !!!!

Woooooo, I got 2 of the shirts and one of the bags today when I visited Warner Robins to take Wylie his Valentines flowers. Our own town Walmart did not have any MJ stuff at the time we left for Warner Robins this morning but once we got home I had to run to our WM for something extra and lo and behold they had got their shipment of the bags and shirts as well. So today I got new Loafers with brand name "Michel" of france on them lol and the 2 shirts and the one bag, so a very Michael day for me and no issues with the crypt or the sconce today. Soon as I got that flower arrangement set and the little MJ lyrics and butterfly on there, hubby nailed it the first try. He found the best catch pole in the mausoleum and I was standing there hugging him so tight afterwards. I talked to Wylie a bit about being in a field of flowers with me and Michael chasing butterflies after we are all together in heaven. Michael was with us today because when we started home Billie Jean came on the radio when I cranked up the car at the mall lol.

I wish I had ur hubby. LOL.

There's only two shirts I like. I got the one, I just need to get the shadow sillohette tee and i'm good. i want to get the pins, buttons, and bracelets. Laughing out loud

The MJ accessories are really nicely priced. $5 each. Can't go wrong.

My husband went to Walmart today and I told him to look at the shirts for me (his shopping list said something like: Look at MJ shirts for addict). He called about 3 times from the store to give me his observations.
He brought back 3 shirts!!!! How lucky am I?

I also am going to post pics the accessories I found. I didnt realize they were behind me in the same isle with the MJ shirts til someone on here mentioned it...just in case everyone needs to know what they're looking for. Smiling

I went on a little adventure myself. As soon as I was done work, instead of heading home, I walked over to our local mall to go to Wal-Mart. I looked for about a half hour to find goodies, but to my disappointment, they didn't carry ANY of that awesome stuff Sad I just kept hoping and hoping I would come across some of those things, ESPECIALLY the TII shirt, I REALLY wanted it Sad So I had to come home empty handed unfortunately... I will make up for it tomorrow though..I am gonna go over to "Detox", a clothing store at our mall tomorrow..They sell all kinds of graphic T's, and they have a nice selection of Michael shirts Smiling I only have two, but that will change by tomorrow. Can't wait! Laughing out loud

OK! So I just got back from my Walmart run after hearing about hte MJ goodies from Porcelain last night...

...and I have to say this-- I just came back with the Pose on the Toes t-shirt, the TII grey t-shirt, and a tote that is smaller than the others pictured but has the 'neon' Beat It image on it....they also had the other shirts Porcelain posted, but then an extra one that shows him in his oversized leather jacket in the famous Billie Jean single cover shot. I couldn't take photos, unfortunately...but I have a feeling different Walmarts chose different ones to sell....

ALSO! When I first arrived there, I was wandering the womens' clothing aisles looking for the stuff Porcelain told us about, but I couldn't find it yet. Then all of a sudden I heard the unmistakable "Billie Jean" bassline from an aisle....I was pulled as if by a giant magnet, LOL, and discovered the MJ goodies, but not before I noticed they had a television screen and speaker system set up in the aisle, and were playing his music videos on loop with a special TII featurette!! I sat there in a trance until I was SURE I had seen the whole thing, twice. lol. I was so happy! People stopped by and watched some of the Billie Jean video, but pretty much were probably scared off by my trance-like state.

Does anyone else's Walmart do this? Are any other Walmarts playing his videos and music in the MJ goodies aisle?? I feel like going back there just to watch the TII featurettes, LOL....

seriously I'm gutted we don't have a walmart in the UK, I want that rollin stone bag x x

I have the black tote. I got it for Christmas. I NEED the white tote now. lol. I'm going to check the Walmarts by me. Thanks for posting.

GREAT POST Porcelain! Thanks!

For those who don't have them at your WalMart.. go to

If you put Michael Jackson in the search, you might want to shorten it to apparel-- or you'll get everything (including stuff that isn't MJ's)

Thanks again Porcelain!

*runs off to WM*

ok....I am so not done walmart did not have that last tote bag you showed....oh no..

OOO, I need to go to walmart now, Like I need to spend more money after the Holidays, lol, anything for honoring MJ ;P

Oh I want everything but we dont have Walmart in sweden Sad

Barbie..I already had 7 other shirts and 1 tote....I saw what you said and I bought some large to sleep in...oh sweet Michael dreams...

Ha Ha DJ, way to go, if you cannnot make up your mind, just buy them all, which is what I am going to do after work tomorrow....enjoy your haul, lucky girl!!! Smiling

ok...just got back from walmart...don't laugh at me...I was not going to decide I bought one of each....(9 shirts..4 tote wardrobe....ALL MICHAEL JACKSON.oh my ..heehee

On my way!!!!!

Porcelain, thanks for posting this. I'll have to take a trip to Walmart to check them out. I have the one in the 3rd link you posted. Instead of white, mines is black and the black one looks much better. I want one of those totes.

Michael, I love you most!

unfair none of these are at my local wal-mart

barbie...I have that tote bag also...I have had this bag and 7or8 shirts for and JCPenny...for 9 dollars each.....

Oh...My...God..... I want ALL of it!!!!! I wonder if my Wal Mart would carry all of that?! Holy chicken balls!!! I am gonna have to go have a look tomorrow as soon as possible...I am off tomorrow after all Laughing out loud

Thank you so much Porcelain....I have 4 accessible Walmarts in my area and will check them all out. My daughter bought me the Rolling Stones tote with MJ on it for Christmas, I love it...I want all of the shirt to sleep in, I buy them in extra large so I have moving room in them. Smiling I sent you a pm about two weeks ago hon, didn't hear back from you so I didn't know if you received it or not....Hope you are doing well sweetie. Smiling

Walmart always seems to have special edition dvd's that you can't find anywhere else. I wonder how this one will be different from the others that are being sold elsewhere.