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Earth Song

November 27, 1995

"Earth Song" music video featuring Michael Jackson walking through a burnt down forest singing. Includes footage depicting pollution and suffering of people around the world.
© 1995 Optimum Productions

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im 12 yrs old and Michael I luv u with all my heart and will never forget about you you were and still are a kind loving hearted person ~MJ7Alive~

eu te amo Michael.Quando você se foi me senti como se tivesse perdido alguém da minha própria família,afinal passei muito
bons momento ao sons de suas musicas,sinto muito sua falta I love you Michael !!!

eu amo esta musica,a letra questiona o que o homem esta fazendo com natureza!!!

My name is Abraham. This is a real heart touching song...........

/review ten out of ten

ha finally a commenter btw ya i like this song too but really changed dthe world exageration anyway i give micheal jackson a 10

I love all of Michael s songs, but by far this video, the music and what his message is, is one that makes humans with a good heart cry. His emphasis on what the suffering is and even the clothes to wear tattered and torn is such heart retching! He put so much into his songs from his heart, as he always does. There are more people donating to his causes of Heal The World. God knew he was to be special and put him into this world when needed. Michael, you are so loved in every part of this God given world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart along with many others, YOU MADE a difference and you CHANGED our world. My love to you, 2 hearts in one, Sandy